Among The Mist

For others its just a scary tale or a myth, but to me it's my life. I come from a long line of travelers. People also call us gypsies. They just think we show a lot of skin, get married young, talk in a funny accent, and move around often. And I will be honest, we do, which is why most of us live in campers and trailers. But what they don't know is our abilities. And I am not talking about getting into fights and caught by the police all the time. I am talking about magic. We have the ability to cast spells, enchantments, and curses. And that is where our story begins...

One day I was walking through the forest and it was unusually quiet, until I heard the bloody cry for help. I walk past the fence and into the pasture to see a wolfe, and not just any normal wolfe, being fought by a mundane. And for those of you who don't know, mundane is another word for human or normal person. I cast a warning spell that creates a mist-like fog. And I thought myself into the bystanders mind and told her to run away and never remember that any of it had ever had happened. And she left. After she was out of the field I start to walk over to the wolfe and person that continue to fight even among the mist, and find a slaughtered cow

I snap my fingers and the wolfe flies back. Then I look at the person. "What on earth and hell is wrong with you?!"

He just stares and waits a couple of seconds to start talking. "Do you know what I am capable of little girl? And what is your name? Your face looks oddly familiar."

"Your abilities are obviously not normal. My name is Kali Cortez. I am NOT little. And would you like to know my abilities?" And I stare back.

"Your a traveler. I knew your grandfather, he showed me pictures of you before I saved his life. I, on the other hand, am a Hybrid. That means I am half wolfe and half vampire. And that is an actual werewolfe. Nice mist but its been used on me before. My name is Luiz Morenno and I was trying to stop that thing before he destroyed this cow."

"You were the one that saved my Papa?! Were you the one running away quickly from the street?"

Yes. Now you see it wasn't a seizure that your grandfather had. He had been hit by a car that had been speeding and didn't in particular like your 'papa'. Me and your grandfather go wayyyy back. We met in the fifties. And we didn't keep in touch really and then I'd been the one to find him. Then save him. Now you have to understand I was a doctor and we were school buddies. I even help deliver your uncle and your mother. I'm sorry to hear about your father."

And then I saw that I could trust him. "Okay and thank you. Any clue to were the wolfe went?"

"Not a one ma'am."

"So I guess I'll see you around Luiz?"

Yes you will Ms. Kali. Might not be tomorrow or even a week from now. But don't be surprised if a look the same" then he gave me a wink and walked away.

And thats how the girl survied the mist.