A/N: Hello there and welcome to my second story to be published on FictionPress! If you have not read my first one, please look for it on my profile. Both stories are completely different from each other, but they are enjoyable. This story is in the setting of a typical high school anime, so keep that in mind when reading to avoid confusion. If this is like any of the thousands of anime out there, please send me a message about it. I may very well watch it at your suggestion since I loved working on this so far.

Our story begins in Evergreen City, at the opening ceremony of Twin Hearts Academy. The school is nationally acclaimed for its high marriage rate among the graduates, creating a whole wave of specially determined workers called 'Twin Hearts' who seem to work at their best no matter what. Everyone is chatting away the morning under the oak trees when suddenly, a red-and-white sports car pulls up along the sidewalk and a handsome young man steps out with smooth brown hair and dashing blue eyes. He kept his white school uniform neat as he wore it casually. Though he was not known for his natural charm, the girls still adored him and the men simply ignored him. His name was Caso Nova and not only was he popular, he was also the highest scorer in the entrance exams for the freshman year. He simply walked up to the girl of his choice and said,

"Will you accept my love?"

However, this is not the real story. Let's go back a bit to the real story...

Our story itself takes place in a small neighborhood within a rather noisy house.

A stray practice arrow, seemingly flying through the air at random, seemed to be traveling to a high window on the house at high speed. Unaware, one of the two residents of this house, got a rude wake-up call.

"Ow! Ouch! Ohh! What the hell!" The formerly sleeping boy screamed in a voice loud enough to stir the city awake.

The boy quickly got up in pain, cradling his now struck loins while cursing loudly towards his open window.

"Why?! Why?! What did I do to deserve this!?" He shouted, before being overtaken by a louder voice.

"Suzu! Wake up! You're gonna be late for school!"

"Okay! Okay! I'm up!" The sleeping person responded.

The louder of the two voices was obviously in a hurry.

"Honestly, I'll just leave right now if you're not coming..."

That was Kira, the little sister to our sleepy hero: Suzaku. She's always been with him in his class at school, making much higher marks and generally bothering him. Both siblings are just about to start their freshman year at Twin Hearts Academy and sadly for our hero, they are to be in the same class. It's about time he got to school, so in a whirlwind of clothes and a wolfed-down breakfast, he hurried off after his little sister as she walked out of the door on the road to their new school.

By the time they got to the opening ceremony, they saw their close friend Vash be violently rejected by a girl as he usually does. It appeared to happen like this:

"Hey baby, if that skirt gets any shorter, I might just snap a pic."

Her response was fiery.

"Back off pervert!"

At that point he got slapped in the face and after seeing Suzaku, came crawling to him.

"Hey Suzu! How's it hanging? And who's this cute little angel?"

Suzaku never could understand his sarcasm.

"Don't act like you've never met her. Or else I'll have her reject you like last time."

He instantly dropped the matter and scurried off to find more girls. Kira never liked him for his obsession with girls and asked Suzaku,

"Why do you still hang out with him?"

Her brother told her the same thing he does every time.

"Because he's nice once you get to know him."

About a minute later, a red and white sports car showed up and a handsome guy stepped out and tried to flirt with a random girl. His line was clear and simple:

"Will you accept my love?"

Her response was a surprising and burning "No way ever!"

He, along with his confidence, quickly collapsed after that, but Suzaku didn't care. He just stood by and laughed his heart out with Kira. After they had their fun, the siblings proceeded to the main entrance of the school to receive their ID badges, just so teachers can recognize the new students. Everyone was lined up next the second-year line who was doing the same and waited for about 15 minutes to get badges. The man giving out badges was a tall, handsome, and kind man, who didn't even look like he belonged in a school.

"Here you go, sir." he said as he handed Suzaku his badge with his outstretched hand.

"Thank you." Suzaku politely responded.

Right after he took the badge from the kind man's hand, however, the beginnings of a fight were starting to break out. A freshman seemed to be challenging a junior. The siblings overheard the argument before the fight.

"Hey old man! Make way for the real deal." The troublemaker shouted.

The junior, having dealt with this on more than one occasion, was not angry, but instead tried to show his authority.

"Watch it freshman. Keep quiet before you get hurt." He spat.

The new freshman was eager for a fight.

"Oh yeah? And how are you gonna handle this?" The freshman taunted.

Before Suzaku knew it, the man from behind the desk was already on the scene, holding back both students as others calmly walked by.

"Hey Suzu, we should be friends with that guy. You could learn a thing or two from him." Kira told him, teasingly.

There was no way Suzaku would be friends with that man. His skills in mediating were nonexistent at best and his fighting skills were sub-par as well.

"Sure, Kira. We might as well have him as our home room teacher." Her brother said in a sarcastic tone.

And at this point, fate has a cruel way of working. They did have him as their home room teacher. Once they walked into the class, that kind man from the tables was at the teacher's desk. Before that though, some unexpected things happened in the noisy hallways. Vash was hitting on yet another girl when a female student council officer appeared out of nowhere to begin lecturing him about respecting girls. Luckily the pair bailed him out but as Suzaku explained things to the officer, he started to get an odd feeling; it was as if he had known her for a long time. He dismissed it and soon the officer let them go. Soon after, the three friends hurried into home room.

"Thanks for bailing me out back there, I couldn't have done it without you man, or your little sister's charm if you know what I mean."

Suzaku really didn't feel like telling him off, so he just gave Vash a warning.

"Easy there, you wouldn't want your 'girlfriend' to know you're cheating…" Suzaku retorted.

He grimaced at that answer because he knew what would happen to him if 'she' found out.

"Oh, that's low even for you. But I guess I'll stop, at least for a while. I've gotta preserve these looks for the real prizes." he finished with a wink to Kira.

"For the sake of all girls, I should just tell your girlfriend about all this." Kira threatened, determined to make Vash's life miserable.

"Eep!" was all Vash could say as he hurriedly took his seat at the near the windows at the front of the classroom. Looking at the time, Suzaku noticed there was only 5 minutes left until the start of home room at 8:00 AM.

"We'd better take out own seats before home room starts, Kira."

"Okay, sure thing Suzu."

Kira walked to her seat in the back near the classroom door while her brother sat next to the windows in slight pain from the morning's events.

A/N: So, it is a typical start to the new year with the same cast of characters in a high school anime. This was intentionally done so that it is easy to follow and because I love watching anime! :) As you can guess, this school is pretty normal as far as high school goes, but watch out; I've got a few minor plot twists to jam this machine with.

*Points to a machine labeled 'Twin Hearts Plot' while holding a jar labeled 'Plot twists'*

But don't worry about it, they won't have a huge effect on the story at that moment, and I'm a very benevolent author, so just keep reading on and I'll keep updating this story.