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"It's about time, Suzu. I was starting to think you were avoiding me."

The first sight that met Suzaku's eyes caused him to cringe so much that he almost wanted to go back into town. Unfortunately, all of the books he wanted to read were at home and a certain blonde girl just had to greet him as he returned.

"Why are you still here? I thought you would've gone home since I wasn't around for you to 'watch so closely'." Suzaku did not openly hate Alex for doing her duty, but that didn't mean he couldn't tease her sometimes.

"Nah, I've got some business with you still and I wanted to see Kira anyway. It's a good thing you're already dressed today because you and me are going on a date-" Alex held her chest out triumphantly before being pushed out of the way by an oncoming Suzaku.

"Wake me when dinner comes around, okay Kira?" Suzaku merely ignored Alex as he started to climb the stairs to his room. Had he not been tired, he could've easily dodged the outstretched hand that seized the back of his shirt collar. Unable (more like unwilling) to resist, Suzaku let out an audible sigh and turned his head back to Alex, who wore a smug grin on her face as she basked in her minor victory over Suzaku's refusal.

Kira simply looked on passively while her emotions were mixing in a storm of general worry. She admired Alex for how direct she was at expressing her feelings, but disliked her at the same time. Alex would probably confess to Suzu first, but Kira wouldn't give up. After all, she lived with Suzu, so their already-strong bond can only get deeper from this point on. Ever since their parents had left them, she had always felt a tinge of loneliness, especially when they were at school and even now when she would be denied a perfect Saturday with her beloved brother. Despite all of it, Kira remained calm in her expression and kept thinking about how much of an advantage she has over any girl that her brother might encounter.

"Kira, want to come along?" Suzaku's voice jarred Kira out of her thoughts.

"Suzu, you understand what a date is, right? This is only for the two of us." Alex raised an eyebrow at Kira's attempt to win Suzu over, but continued to drag him towards the door.

"Wait, I'll come; it would feel really lonely by myself without you here, Suzu." Kira's response stopped Alex in her tracks as she delivered a dark glare from behind Suzaku. He felt the evil intent, but chose not to address it as he flashed a smile at Kira.

"I'd be lonely too, so that why we need to spend time together. Even if it's with a violent stalker girl who never seems to get enough of me..." Suzaku smirked at Alex, who silently stared back at him.

"...Fine, let's all go together; you're treating us, Suzu." Alex let loose an unnerving smile, which oddly made Suzaku's smirk grow.

"Where do you want to go, Suzu? I'm happy as long as it's with you..." Kira fastened herself to her brother's arm and looked up at him with adoring eyes. Unfortunately, he took her statement as a show of love for him as a brother.

"I've got the perfect place for us to go." Suzaku smiled as he led the girls to the center of town, where he first met with Ev for lunch.

"What was your name again?" Suzaku asked to the girl sitting across from him.

"I told already, it's Stella! S-t-e-l-l-a! You know, Ana's friend and Galen's lover?" Just as Stella finished clarifying her identity, Alex inhaled too sharply and accidentally took in some of the juice she was sipping. Her sharp breaths continued as Kira tried to calm her down and stop the straw from getting sucked in as well. Galen only gave a brief snort in response while Suzaku laughed quietly.

Alex recovered shortly, only to burst into a blush and trip over her words as she looked between Galen and Stella, occasionally sending a glance at Suzaku, who sat next to her. Suzaku and Kira simply looked at her with slight surprise.

"L-L-Lover!? W-W-When did y-you two d-d-do it!? You know it's against school, no, moral codes to be doing that kind of stuff at our age!" Alex swayed slightly in confusion before starting to feel faint.

"Didn't we agree on this after you stayed over my house on the first day of school?" Stella asked Galen, oblivious to the huge misunderstanding that her question would cause.

"Hmm, yes. I believe we did." Galen did nothing but further the confusion, despite knowing what was going through everyone's, mostly Alex's, mind.

"Okay, could you two knock it off? Alex is about two words away from fainting and it really sounds creepy the way you both are saying it." As amusing it was for Suzaku, he didn't feel like having to watch over an unconscious Alex.

"Stella, was it? When you called yourself Galen's 'lover', what did you mean by that?" Kira tentatively asked.

"I'm his girlfriend, of course! We agreed on this date today when he stayed at my house after getting hurt from the fight." Stella's bubbly mood continued on.

"Fight? What fight?" Alex fully recovered after the mention of a fight on school grounds.

"Suzaku and I fought. I won." Galen took a sip of his iced tea as he looked on with apparent interest.

"Then I took poor Galen home to nurse his pesky scrapes~" Stella chimed in musically.

"Don't make it sound like I'm some stray puppy you just took in from the streets..." Galen raised an eyebrow, both at Stella and the fact that he was starting to speak in more than 2-3 words at a time.

Must be from hanging out with her too much. Not that I hate it or anything... Galen thought to himself as he resumed his silent sips.

"Suzu, why were two fighting in the first place?" Alex turned to the boy next to her, a dark tone in her outwardly calm voice.

"No reason, Galen just asked me to have a friendly spar with him. It just got so serious that he couldn't help but get hurt." Suzaku gave a glance to Galen, who shrugged in response.

"You got a nasty cut though, plus a bruised cheek." Galen countered with his own comment, further backing Suzaku into a corner.

"How are those ribs feeling?" If Suzaku was getting into trouble, at least he would drag Galen in with him.

"Healed barely, thanks to her." He gestured towards Stella, who simply hugged Galen's arm, oblivious to everything around her.

"How did all of this happen again? How did we all meet here, today?" Kira asked aloud after a few minutes of casual conversation.

"Now that I think about it, it is really weird how much of a coincidence this was." Suzaku wondered as well.

"Wasn't much to it, really. I asked Stella out today and we just happened to be coming to this cafe at the same time as you three." Galen explained.

"What else have you two done? Have you made out yet?" Kira pressed Galen.

"We haven't-" Galen started to answer before being cut off by Stella.

"Of course, we made out great at my house! My parents and my brother approved of him instantly after that!"

"You two...made...out..." Alex flushed, but held her ground knowing about Stella's vague details.

"We both got permission for this date, is what Stella is saying." Galen calmly interpreted for Alex's sake.

Suzaku drank the rest of his ice tea and waved his hand to the nearest waitress for a refill. His face fell as soon as she came by, and both met in a gaze of familiar faces. His shocked green eyes fell upon shrinking hazel ones as his jaw dropped open at the one person he had least expected to see on a Saturday afternoon: Ana Cieri. What's more is that her waitress uniform looked quite cute on her. Ana trembled lightly under her crush's look, but stood firm so that she would not drop the tray of drinks she carried.

"Would you like a refill, sir?" She asked warily.

"Uh, sure. Take your time, I wouldn't want to rush you." Suzaku averted his eyes slightly without fully looking away, a soft blush appearing on his face.

As soon as Ana moved on to take other orders, Suzaku's attention was directed back onto Alex. She leaned her body against his gently, just enough to feel him without looking too romantic to their friends. Galen looked on indifferently, but said nothing since he had to worry about Stella first. He put his hand on her shoulder, silencing her from anything else confusing and pull her close. Stella visibly steamed as she felt Galen's hand and in that moment of her confusion, she did something that no one expected from the two of them: as soon as Galen touched her, Stella whirled to face him and kissed him with all of her passion.

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