"Richard, we got her! We are getting Polina!"

King Richard dropped a count's proposal on the library table and removed his reading glasses to see his sister scramble into the room with a spirited smile. "Pardon me?"

"Remember when I said that Adrianne mentioned a girl she was concerned about getting a home back at the orphanage? Well, she has a home now – with us!"

"Good," he praised.

"My one concern," Queen Julia sobered suddenly and seated herself in an empty chair beside her brother, "is that she has severe anxiety. I learned that her parents were missionaries in Madagascar. Tuberculosis killed them and her infant sister. She was sent to live with her grandmother in the Royal City, close to The Valley of Providence. The woman was a dear, but she could scarcely help the girl manage her anxiety. When she was still small, her grandmother started to develop Alzheimer's and she was sent to the orphanage."

King Richard gave a low whistle. "That is some story. What is the source of her anxiety? A sense of abandonment, or fear of a disease, or something else?"

"Could be all of the above. She is scared to go anywhere aside from the orphanage and the school. She is borderline agoraphobic. And that is what concerns me," she continued with a trace of sorrow. "I cannot let anyone except the two women who run the orphanage know that we are the ones adopting her. So she will have no idea where she is headed when she comes here."

King Richard considered this. "Are you sure to adopt her is the best course of action?"

Queen Julia dipped her chin in a contemplative nod. "Yes. God seems to be opening the doors. I just worry that the transition will not be an easy one for her."