Though out the history of Athens, Athena's family had always ruled supreme. No one ever dared to try and overthrow them. Until 10 days after she was born. An old wrench kidnapped her from the crib and left a not that read...

"You will not see Athena again. If you try to find me, you will face many soldiers and many poisonous creatures. Nothing can face my magic and I will forever own your child.

~ Meridian"

17 years had past and nothing had been able to face Meridian's magic. Many have tried, all have failed, just like she said.

Nolan Peters. The next to come and try. He was different though. He had powers that no one else before him had. He could immune himself to anything. Even tough most poisonous creature couldn't phase him. The only problem he faced was the army that stood before the forest. They had a force field around them.. One that can only be destroyed by The Magic Knife of Justice. It was hidden somewhere in the castle. No one wanted to use common sense and look in the one place to Athena got kidnapped. No one was allowed in her room so that is probably why it was hidden in there.

"I have searched high and low for The Magic Knife of Justice. I can't help to think of the one place i didn't search." Nolan said to the King of Athens.

"NO! I WILL BANISH THEE WHO STEPS FOOT IN MY LITTLE GIRLS ROOM!" The king shouted. It could be heard for miles.

"But kind sir, if you wish to have your daughter rescued after the 17 years she has been missing, I need to the in the only place I hadn't looked before. In her crib." Nolan begged.

"Oh Mikan, I think we ought to let him. I mean he has been looking for years. " The queen told the king.

Nolan was then taken to the forbidden part of the castle and into Athena's room. He flipped her mattress and there it was. As silver as a nickle and as long as a dictionary.

Athens' army was lead by Nolan out to the forest. Holding The Magic Knife of Justice, the pushed right through the force field and defeated the Meridian's army in less than 7.689 minutes.

Pushing on through the forest, they lost many soldiers due to the poisonous creatures. But most made it through and defeated Meridian. Athena was going home at last.

When they returned home, there was many celebrations that lasted for about 2 weeks. Nolan and Athena spent a lot of time together. Lets just say, we all know who the next king and queen may be.