Chapter 0: Prologue

"The Future is History Re-written."

"Do you think it will work?"

"I do not see, why it wouldn't."

"Well, I mean so many things could go wrong. Imagine if…"

"I'd rather not imagine all the things that could go wrong to be honest."

"Besides! If it works, you'll finally be able to rest in peace."

"Ha! I am at peace, there are just things that I have to finish is all."

"My bad, allow me to rephrase. The rest of us will finally be able to rest in peace."

"True. I suppose I will never be able to thank you lot enough for all the trouble you have gone through on my account."

"Tss. It's worth it, I am sure that you will agree."

"Very funny. Very funny. Hopefully I will not be such a klutz."

"Can we start already?!"

"Jeez! You're so impatient!"

"Well I am, Enperadoreak."

"That is inaccurate, you are no longer Enperadoreak. You are Ex-Enperadoreak."

"Same thing!"

"Hurry up, you brats! The timer's ticking'!"

"Yes, yes, Eskuak Sendatzen."

"Don't call me that, Liburuzain!"

"Wow, you two will never change…"

"Oh, please do not start, Errege Guardia!"

"To be accurate it is Kapitaina Errege Guardia. If you wish to refer to that way, kindly use my full title."

"Argh! You're… you're a wet blanket, did you know that!"

"Would you children quit bickering?"


"Children? It is you who is the child here!"

"Would you runts can it? I am King and I demand it!"

"Enperadoreak tromps King!"

"Not when you're in my homeland it doesn't!"

"You are both inaccurate and incorrect. We are in Zeru's homeland."

"You're being a wet blanket again!"

"I am not being a damp garment."

"Yes, you are!"

"Enperadoreak! Do you mind? I'm trying to think over here!"

"Ye thinkin'? Is tha even possible?"

"Gona? You made it!"

"As if, I would miss tha end of tha world fer anything."

"It's technically not the end of the world. Not even a new beginning, its just a choice that has to happen so that the world can continue to exist, you get?"

"Aye, aye that is what they all say. The Dictators that is."

"I'm not a Dictator! I'm not … Right?"

"Course not, Gona's just joking."

"True, to us and to everyone that has fought for our cause. You're a hero, Zeru. Someday they will write and sing tales of you."

"Yes, and I only hope that we can always be if not friends then allies in this."

"Geesh, don't go getting sentimental on me now. I'm going to press it and it won't do if no-ones smiling."

"Just press it already!"

"Okay! Okay! Here's to a new Dawn!"