Verse 1

Your name spells out such frustration,

And I decided to write this song,

Without pausing to think so I get it all out,

And I promise you it won't take long.

Chorus 1

So hear me out while I still speak,

Cause good luck chasing me when I'm done.

But I know you're not the type to chase,

You're just the type to run, run and run.

Verse 2

Your name spells out irritation,

And I decided to let you go.

But had a hard time doing that,

And I thought I should just let you know.

Chorus 2

So hear me out while I'm still here,

Cause I don't think I'll be tomorrow.

But I know you won't care if I'm not,

You don't do emotions like sorrow.


And that's why you're so annoying,

Sometimes it'd be nice to know I matter.

But I bet this song that I don't.

Don't worry, darling, my heart won't shatter.

Chorus 3

But hear me out while I still care,

Cause I'm just about starting to stop.

And I know you don't mind if I do,

So be a dear, make the curtains drop.