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The floors creaked with any attempt she made to step towards the door. Her face cringed with each stride; the floor did not seem to take pity on her today. The heels she wore the night before were clutched against her chest, her hair tousled slightly, some hair strands caught on the fabric of her chiffon blouse. It was a strange day for her to wear jeans, but she was immensely thankful as she could not locate her underwear. The journey to the door seemed inevitable, the sun beginning to peak through the curtain. That was her sign to just dash through without care and leap towards freedom.

She knows it's not the greatest feeling, the walk of shame, but in her life it is more of a necessity. She can't be bothered living a normal life like those normal people, working a normal 9-5 job, and wearing her normal pants suit while driving her normal Nissan sedan. Honestly, this was the only thing in her life that seemed normal, in her mind at least.

She never once thought of living a conventional life, of having a white picket fence, with 2.5 kids and a golden retriever named Lucky. The only "ordinary" subject of her life was her friends. The gathering of these "female companions" seemed to revolve around bar-scenes, clubs that had more flashing lights than a gay pride parade, and the persistence of the "girlfriends" to drag her sorry ass to the next "girl hangout" which of course meant the new Italian restaurant that opened up down the block, curiously owned by a Chinese family.

Her rules were the only thing set in stone, whether the subject was work related procedures, or her sex-life, which at this point meant finding a guy once a month and having him ravage her all hours of the night. Sometimes a month would skip, sometimes she would need 2, but it was never really anything more than stress-release.

Granted, some may say she's a "slut" for having a go at a guy just for sex, but it worked for her. There was no strings attached, no commitment to engage in, no baggage to bring to the table, and no need to stay in the morning. It was a cut and dry deal.

Her sex-life was far from crazy. She rarely engaged in anything concerning oral stimulation, nor did she want a phallus making its home in her ass. So needless to say it was a very easy way of satisfying something which is quite human, sexual desire. And no, there was never any money involved, or trading goods for sexual favors. It was merely one-night stands that aided in releasing tension from her professional life.

Riding the elevator down the apartment building, she reminisced as to when was the last time she actually had sex, thinking that maybe last night was greatly over do.

Maybe she should keep a calendar, just to track exactly when she should find a new boy toy to play with?

"Yeah, alright. That's the last thing I need, a sex calendar," She uttered out loud, relieved she was alone in the elevator. Exiting in to the new day, the sun's rays seemed to make a straight trajectory for her eyes, blinding her momentarily in the street.

She knew she had to get home to at least attempt to change in to new clothes. The morning streets of Greenwich Village were calm, no discernable arrangement of people throughout the walkways, exactly what she needed this morning, the fewer eyes that see the better. The honk of a car horn grabbed her attention, as she turned to glance back; her feet kept the same forward pace, her concentration taken by the loud noise.

A body collided with hers, sending her tumbling backwards towards the hard pavement of the sidewalk. She was able to catch her footing, stabilizing herself, glancing quickly at the person who rammed his body against hers.

A man well over 6 foot 2, he had the build of a professional athlete in a business suit, his hair black as coal, gelled slightly up to create the illusion of volume, his grey eyes shimmered against his earthy ocher skin, wide staring at her in shock, as she watched the hot cappuccino from his paper cup making an interesting mosaic on his white dress shirt, his suit jacket soaked in the foam from the beverage.

She did not have time to deal with this unpleasant misshape.

"I am sorry sir," She uttered in his direction, seeing his eyes glare at her with malice. He seemed unwelcoming to her hasty apology.

"Sorry doesn't get this stain out," He shot her a look of rage. His tone was most unappreciated at this time of the morning; her level of bother seemed to disappear instantly.

"Well that is a lesson for you to not drink while walking outside." She strolled past him, not caring about his response as she hailed a cab quickly, uttering central park west before throwing her head back on the seat, wanting today to just end already. It hasn't been more than an hour and already it started off with a nuisance.

It was the same glass doors staring her in the face, her body refreshed from a quick shower, the smell of new clothes wrapped around her body gave a calm she desperately needed. A pants suit seemed too uptight and a skirt seemed improper for her tastes today, so she went for the sure clothing choice, tight dress pants coupled with a button down silk shirt of no particular color choice and heels that could pierce the tires of a bicycle.

Clothing is not really her forte, or her prerogative, as her concerns lie in her job, not the attire. As the founder and CEO of GeoTech Enterprises her job can get really hectic. Managing a company as massive and global as this one comes with many sacrifices, including that "normal" life.

Walking through the transparent doors, she was greeted every day by the same fake white grin that accompanied those brown bitter eyes staring at her in an attempt to show respect, but it always has the same effect on her, loathing. It seems all she does is attract those eyes, gazes of antipathy towards their boss. She has come to accept those glares, realizing just how trivial that mindset is. Their performance is the only thing that matters in the long run.

The only person that she can count on to give her a genuine smile, a sincere laugh, or a meaningful gaze is Seraphine Duran, her personal secretary, and honestly her right hand. The elevator reached the 62nd floor to her office, and as she walked through the circular waiting area, Seraphine greeted her with that honest warm glow.

"Ms. Psomas, good morning. How was your night?" She asks with a hint of intrigue. Out of everyone who she employs, Seraphine is the only one who knows about the monthly dalliances, the rendezvous are Seraphine's greatest intrigue, always asking for more details. She has known Seraphine for so many years that it doesn't seem to be a bother spilling all those dirty little secrets to her. Seraphine is the only one who doesn't judge her, who has never told her that her behavior was improper for her age, risking safety in pursuit of indulgence. She always admired Seraphine for that.

"It was satisfactory." She gave Seraphine a smirk walking past the front desk towards the door with the name Kaia Psomas scrawled in gold letters. Kaia's office overlooked the bay, the sun constantly illuminating her office.

Seraphine noticed Kaia was rubbing her temples with her fingertips walking towards the office. She immediately dashed towards Kaia entering the office right behind her.

"Would you like something for that?" She inquired, a look of worry spread across her face. She was a worry-wart, always trying to pick up the mess Kaia created, trying her best to erase any damage in her wake.

"Actually I wouldn't mind some Aleve." Kaia watched Seraphine exit the office, hurriedly towards her desk, where she kept a full pharmacy of drugs. As she rushed back with a bottle of water in her hands, she handed over the pills and Kaia vigorously gulped the drugs down with the liquid, thinking the quickness of the flow down the throat will aid in bringing relief to her throbbing head quicker.

"You actually have an interview scheduled today at 12. Will you still be able to have it?"

"Interview?" Honestly, Seraphine was also her mind when Kaia came back from the monthly engagements. It usually took her a few days to get adjusted again to the responsibilities, having Seraphine has saved Kaia's ass on more than one occasion.

"Yes, for the assistant position. Adriana left over a month ago and there has still not been anyone to replace her."

"Ah yes, that. Alright. I think I will get my mind together by noon." With that Seraphine left her alone in the office, as Kaia slouched on the leather chair behind the bamboo desk, her head fell back on the chair.

"Dude, I need to stop back home right now." The frustration behind his voice was evident through the phone as the person on the other line uttered a quick alright before hanging up. The one day he decide to buy a cappuccino right before an important interview he had to bump in to some bimbo on the street who knocked the cup all over his shirt.


He would rather just go to this interview looking like a total mess and get rejected right away then having to try and impress this meaningless person with some meaningless bullshit about his utterly unimportant job skills and contribution to the company. It's all an act that makes him sick to his stomach.

To make matters worse, not only was he disinherited by the old folks, but was also kicked out with only a $50,000 severance to help get him on his feet on his own.

Who do those old crows think they are, disowning their own son?

It's bad enough he only had $50K in the bank, but they took his townhouse, his beloved Carmen - the Pagani Huayra they so gratefully gave him for his 21st birthday and his condo in the Upper East Side was sold in a matter of days. He had to resort to living with a friend until he found a place suitable for living, which would be nowhere near the train-wreck of an apartment his friend let him crash for a few weeks.

He entered the apartment, exhaling in annoyance at the walls he had to live under. In his friend's defense, the apartment was standard for a bachelor living with a six-figure salary in Greenwich Village, but he didn't even take a second look at a building with less than 20 levels.

"Dude what happened? Forgot your bib Zaid?" Tamru scoffed rolling his eyes. If Tamru wasn't sparing his extra bedroom for a few weeks for free to Zaid, there would definitely be knuckles to cheek bones by now.

"Shove it up your ass," Zaid's hand was itching for some bones to break. He was not usually an aggressive type, but this morning could not have started shittier.

"You know that I would in a heart-beat." Tamru raised his eyebrows, giving that oh-so-clever smirk. Tamru's comfort with his sexuality made him extremely easy to get along with. Zaid never once felt uneasy around Tamru, even with all the strange men that entered Tamru's place over these past few weeks. Knowing him for so many years has really help understand his world, and respect him even more for his honesty.

"Give it a rest Tamru. It's way too early." Zaid exhaled in annoyance heading towards the temporary bedroom, wanting this day to fly by.

"Zaid…" Tamru knocked, not waiting for Zaid to allow him access to the bedroom as he walked in, gazing at Zaid's bare torso, his smirk evident of the wonderful scene before him.

"You know, a knock means you are willing to wait for an invitation." Zaid glared at him, seeing Tamru's eyes dart around his exposed chest.

"Well I am glad I didn't wait." He displayed that mischievous smirk whenever he sees another morsel of man meat to grab a hold of.

"What the fuck do you want? I am already running late."

"Seriously? I thought the interview wasn't until noon?"

"It is. I was just going to a few showings for condos in central park west."

"Ah. Getting sick of this impoverished living are we?"

"You have no idea." Zaid wanted to end the conversation just as quickly as it had begun. Talking to Tamru was like getting your head dissected by a shrink, knowing in the end there will be some form of drugs he recommends to keep you sane.

"What did you want?" Zaid needed to get out of the apartment if he was going to accomplish anything today.

"Just wanted to say you should soak that shirt before washing or that stain will not come out."

"Yes mother, will do that." Zaid shook his head towards Tamru. He was like the mother Zaid didn't need. Grabbing the stained shirt on the floor he chucked it in to the waste basket near the dresser.

"Dude, don't throw it out." Tamru reached in the bin grabbing the shirt before glaring at Zaid with a scowl only a parent would give to a child.

"You know I don't do laundry. I don't have time to take it to the dry cleaners so it's trash."

"I'll wash it for you man." Tamru took the shirt walking out of the bedroom. Tamru has saved Zaid's ass numerous times and Tamru still has the energy to do more for him without Zaid even asking, even something as trivial as washing his clothes. He is a god-send. Perhaps Zaid will take him to his favorite bar to scope out a young male ass for him to have at. He laughed at his own thoughts; living with Tamru has brought to mind just how much he thinks about men.

Finally Zaid got out of that wretched hole of an apartment and was ready for the showing.

The condo was immense, just how he liked it. White walls opposite floor to ceiling windows looking out on to Central Park, the floors glistened from the marble. The only issue was the price. The realtor said it was $ 5.5 million, which would make him scoff back in the day, but now made Zaid exhale in annoyance. How the hell is he supposed to live with $50K in a city where a studio apartment goes for at least $300K? This was cruel and unusual punishment, and he vowed to show those parents of his just how well he can do without them, after of course he gets this job.

Fuck…the interview.

He was so preoccupied with finding a place to live that it slipped his mind to prep before the interview. Zaid had no fucking clue what that company was about, or even what the available position entails. He never had to worry about interviews, his parents always landing him a job in one of the companies they own. This is going to be troublesome.

Zaid arrived at the office on foot, the building only a few blocks away from his potential condo. Getting this job will secure that luxurious place for Zaid, and honestly, he needed that place. He needed to feel some semblance of the life he had, not this poor excuse for a living.

For a business owned by a woman, it sure looked professional to Zaid, no unnecessary pink walls, no overabundance of flowers, and the women employees are not wearing matching skirts and blouses that made them look like school girls. Yet they all look as if they have not seen a man walking through those glass doors, their stares seem to linger on Zaid, inspecting him. He nudged his head in a "manish" greeting walking up to the secretary near the entrance.

"Hello sir. Welcome to GeoTech Enterprises. How may I help you today?" She spoke as if those lines were rehearsed, Zaid saw the annoyance plastered on her face at the constant uttering of those words on a daily basis to strangers she would rather claw at then smile that unmistakably false grin. Her simulated contentment was amusing, and he will sure have fun with that later.

"Yes, hi. I'm here for a noon appointment with Ms. Psomas."

"Name?" She turned her attention down to the screen in front of her, uncaring at this point what name he will utter.

"Zaid Bey." He immediately saw her eyes focus intently on him, as if she was baffled by his presence.

Yes, yes, I am THE Bey son from the infamous Bey Towers family, and yes you are humbled by my presence, I know.

That would have been so satisfying to say. Zaid always got a kick out of seeing people's reactions to realizing who he was. She did not utter anything though, did not ask him if he was THE Bey, all she did was smile cautiously, pointing towards the elevators around the corner. Zaid could not help but wink at her, the corner of his lips rose in amusement as he proceeded to the elevators. Let's get this shit over with.

This headache could not have lingered at a worse time, Kaia's temple pulsing from the relentless drone of the nerves in her head sending signals of pain all throughout her brain, granted the brain doesn't actually feel pain but at this point she was almost positive her brain did.

The phone rang on her desk and today the ring seemed 10 times louder than usual, making her cringe from the sound waves. Maybe she should just head home. Kaia was worthless after her nightly adventure, and this morning proves that she honestly had more to drink than she cared to admit. Honestly, she even barely remembers the night or the man's face.

Do I even feel any sense of satisfaction from last night?

Kaia has been working like a dog for weeks trying to get the shipment of the GeoTech Lapidary Core Drill System Model GT-03 to the universities in England, and of course there was a problem, a huge problem. It seemed that the shipment arrived only partial, 3 of the drills missing, and when she asked the man in charge of that shipment his answer was brief and the least helpful. It was a mess getting that order right, getting the shipment of the drills that her company assembles to the right locations. Kaia had to terminate the contracts of some shipping companies because their half-ass way of dealing with the problem was not cutting it for her.

Just thinking about that mess brought on pain to Kaia's neck, her shoulders tensed from the thought of endless hours on the phone with those jackasses who decided that her complaints were unnecessary.

Hesitantly, she answered the phone, Seraphine on the other end.

"Ms. Psomas, your 12 o'clock is here. Should I let him in?"

"Uh yeah I guess." Kaia spoke hesitantly; her body slumped over the desk.

Oh the pain would not cease.

Seraphine knocked opening the door leading the man through to the office. Kaia lifted her head to greet the stranger with an ever-so-lovely smile, but her lips suddenly sunk like the heavy side of a see-saw.

No fucking way. This had to be the worst luck on the face of the planet.

"Right this way sir." The secretary on the 62nd floor was leaps and bounds more genuine than that excuse for a woman down in the lobby. Maybe if this interview goes well Zaid will take her out for a drink, and maybe fuck her brains out later tonight. God knows he could use a good fuck.

Zaid followed her to an oversized door with the name Kaia Psomas displayed unnecessarily wide on the door. He can just imagine what a relentless demon woman she could be. The secretary opens the door, leading him inside the office. This is an office that he could get used to, maybe one day see himself behind that bamboo desk, throwing his millions around the office watching-

Oh you have got to be shitting me.

"Uh hello. Hi. Uh-please, please take a seat. Thank you Seraphine." Seraphine throws Kaia a reassuring smile as she exits the office, closing the door behind her, leaving Kaia staring at the same grey eyes from this morning, her head continues to pulsate from the pain.

"I, uh, see you got a clean shirt." She honestly did not know what she could possibly say at this point, gazing at him, trying to read any cues from his face as she displayed agonizing pain on hers.

"If I knew I was going to see you again I would have just kept it on as a reminder." His smirk was evident of his enjoyment out of seeing her again. For a second Kaia felt as if she was the one being interviewed, her nerves got the better of her as she felt herself become uneasy from his gaze.

"Well send me a bill and I will surely reimburse you for the cleaners."

"Will do." He kept those grey eyes on her, as if trying to dissect Kaia from the outside, but she could see the frustration as he could not get a solid read on her, all he saw was a woman in dire need of pain-killers. Kaia shuffled through some papers in a folder, glancing at some random words before reverting her gaze back to him, seeing his glare try to pierce through her skin.

"I must say I never thought I would see a Bey interviewing for jobs, let alone have one in my office. I thought your parents just give you whatever position you desire?"

"They did. It's a bit of a mess right now. I am seeking opportunities elsewhere at the moment."

"Are you implying the Bey Towers is going under?" This was news she could not believe. The Beys owned the highest grossing insurance and manufacturing companies in the world. If they were going under, it would spell homelessness for Kaia undoubtedly.

"Not even a little. It's more personal things. Not really at liberty to discuss the details." He avoided any eye contact for a moment, Kaia sensed a genuine hesitation from him and she backed off immediately. It was not her business what goes on in his family life, nor does she honestly care.

"Alright so, why are you interested in working for GeoTech?" It seemed like a straightforward answer but he seemed overwhelmed by the question, his answer took an inordinately amount of time to escape his mouth.

"Well…I needed to branch out…work in something unknown to me…to…uh…get a perspective as to the kinds of services other companies provide. Knowing how to market various products is a skill I aim to master." His brow rose, showing confidence and a little smugness. Kaia could not help but smirk at his sureness as she slowly rotated her finger tips against her temple.

"Alright…Since you seem to want to market products try and sell me this." Kaia pushed a magnifying glass in front of Zaid, her eyes glaring intently at his grey eyes.

"Uh…yeah sure…" Zaid cleared his throat shifting slightly in his chair grabbing the magnifying glass hastily, his lips contorted slightly before he attempted to speak. "Well, this particular magnifying glass has features tha-"

Kaia snickered under her breath, lowering her head to try and calm herself before looking up at the confused expression Zaid was sending her way, almost as if he was insulted by her actions. She instantly forgot about the almost debilitating headache she had been experiencing for a few hours, her amusement at Zaid overwhelmed her senses.

"Stop. Stop…" Kaia giggled slightly, motioning her hand towards Zaid. "No more."


"Sorry. I always do this to people. I didn't think you would actually try."

"The fuck?" Zaid had never met someone as bizarre as Kaia, and a CEO of a major company at that.

"Just an innocent joke. You should laugh a little." Kaia saw the stoic expression on his face.

"Oh…ha." Zaid uttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes at Kaia. She was already becoming more of a nuisance to him and if this keeps up he was contemplating leaving immediately and groveling to his parents to give him back his trust fund. He did not realize it would be this tedious to get a job.

"Well…" Kaia glanced down at the resume he sent last week, looking over his past experience. He was employed in some of the most successful insurance companies and Kaia knew his experience would be stretched to its max in GeoTech. "…do you have any questions about GeoTech?"

"Yeah. One. What the hell do you sell here? My parents never really had an interest in your company so I honestly could not care to look in to it."

"Well aren't you the honest one." Kaia scoffed at Zaid, his demeanor quite snarky but it was something Kaia knew she could whip out of him with the proper work-load. "GeoTech is the world's leading manufacturing company of Geological and scientific laboratory equipment. We design, create, and package everything a science lab needs, from drills, to microscopes, tumblers, and even seismographs."

Zaid knew very little about the science world, but he was sure he could master it in no time.

"Should I go in to detail what the machines do?"

"Not necessary. I was able to follow." Zaid countered her sardonic tone with his own brand of sarcasm.

"Good. So if you don't have any more questions…" Kaia paused waiting for anything else Zaid wanted to throw at her but he sat there motionless, his gaze directed at Kaia intently, not breaking. "…then thank you for coming. Seraphine will see you out." Zaid's eyes shot open slightly more than normal, wondering as to the outcome of this interview. He really thought he was getting to her, guilt tripping her slightly then throwing in his genuine brand of sarcasm, wit and charisma, making it difficult for anyone to deny him a position. All Kaia seemed to do was smile briefly and glance behind Zaid, watching Seraphine enter and ask Zaid to follow her out the office.

Zaid proceeded towards Seraphine's desk, complete dismay at what happened in the office, glancing at Seraphine in confusion.

"So…I guess this means I didn't get the job?" Zaid questioned. Being this was the first real interview he had ever been a part of he was not sure as to what it actually meant when Kaia said thank you. Was she not convinced he was right for the position? Or did she just want him out of the building?

"What? Oh no sir. You got the job." Seraphine smiled those brilliant white pearls at Zaid, his face displaying complete bewilderment.

"Say what?"

"Oh, yes, Ms. Psomas already set up all the paper work a few days ago after reviewing your resume. This was just a formality to make sure you weren't a complete…oh how did she put it…a complete 'dick-wad'. Ms. Psomas has never had a male assistant before but your resume was more than impressive so she figured why not."

"Dick-wad?" Zaid chuckled loudly in front of Seraphine, making her giggle with him. "She is something isn't she?"

"I think you will really like it here Mr. Bey." Seraphine began to hand Zaid a stack of papers to fill out.

"Oh please call me Zaid."

The first few weeks being the assistant of Kaia Psomas had Zaid face first in paperwork, nothing but invoices day and night. Kaia was pushing more and more paperwork on him and he felt trapped by all the work. He had never worked this much in his life, everyday working over 10 hours just on invoices. Zaid could not help think that Kaia was giving him menial labor, as if she felt he could not handle any proper job. She did hire him for his experience did she not? So why was she giving him the tedious tasks that interns are supposed to take care of.

Not to mention he was not getting exactly the pay he hoped for, so moving out of Tamru's place was not in the cards.

The days began to drag and he knew that he was getting nowhere with this workload. He left Kaia's office again for the third time today, another stack full of papers in his hands, glancing at Seraphine on the phone by her desk. He unintentionally dropped the paperwork on her desk; the force echoed a loud thud through the office, Seraphine jumping in her chair.

"Yes thank you." Seraphine finished the call, gazing up at Zaid in wonder.

"Sorry. More fucking paperwork."

"Do you not like the paperwork?" Seraphine questioned sincerely. She adored paperwork, filing, getting signatures, faxing things. It was in her nature to be organized and on top of documents.

To Zaid, he wanted to be out with clients, drinking, promoting products, not stuck behind a desk going through documents and making sure every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed.

"Oh it is just a joy to work with this paper, constantly." Zaid exhaled annoyed at the world at this moment. He was becoming more aggravated with his parents now. He needed more money, buy that condo, and show them just how successful he is, before he buys out half their shares in spite.

"Don't worry; this is just how it begins. Ms. Psomas needs to know you are willing to do the nitty-gritty before she sends you off to meet with clients. As an assistant, you have to know how to do everything." Seraphine quickly answered an incoming call, her eyes towards the computer screen in front of her.

Zaid spent the rest of the night finishing up all the documents that needed revising, all the contracts that had to be renewed, and terminate any old clients. It wasn't until he glanced at the clock that he saw just how late it was.

"This is a fucking first, working till 9 p.m. on a Thursday night. This needs to be recorded." Zaid arranged the paperwork to finish the last few in the morning before his phone began to ring.

"Yeah?" He answered, swinging his jacket over his shoulders.

"Zaid, you free?" Tamru was on the other end, music resonated in the background, and Zaid furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

"I just finished. Are you at a bar?" Zaid walked to the elevator, waiting for Tamru to respond. Maybe he'll lose connection in the elevator and won't have to deal with an invite to a gay bar. He did not want to start fending off guys this late at night.

"Yup. You should come. Sei is here. We are at The Gate. Be here soon." Tamru disconnected, leaving Zaid frustrated. The Gate was a lounge that housed both hetero and homosexuals, meaning Zaid will surely get hit on by at least a few men. He use to not mind, because men are quite picky when it comes to finding other men, so Zaid always took it as a complement when guys hit on him, but tonight he was too tired to deal with their advances. On the other hand, if he did not go Tamru would have his head in the morning. That and Zaid has not seen Sei in over a year so perhaps tonight won't be that tedious.

Kaia sat at the bar, sipping on Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey, her eyes staring at no particular object in front of her, watching the bartender occasionally pour others a drink. The Gate was a lounge Kaia frequented often, when she was on the prowl for another man-booty to capture. Tonight was different. Kaia usually never went two weeks finding more than one guy for the night, nor did she feel she wanted one tonight. Her work was becoming more hectic by the week and she needed a drink to just drown the day away.

The bartender shifted towards Kaia, pouring her another serving of whiskey, watching as she rubbed her temples, looking down at the glass filling with the liquid.

"Rough day?" He spoke in a British accent, sealing the bottle before leaning in slightly towards Kaia.

"Rough week." Kaia answered glancing at the man before pouring the drink down her throat in an instant, feeling the alcohol travel down her throat, a warm sensation migrating throughout her stomach.

"Week? Wow, you must be knee deep in bullshit then?"

"You have no idea Grant." Kaia pushed the tumbler towards Grant, her cue for another drink. He did not hesitate as he poured again, glancing at the woman across from him.

"So I am guessing we need a body to find?" Grant smirked, watching Kaia giggle under her breath. Grant was Kaia's scout; he would seek out potential boy-toys for Kaia, making it easier for her to choose. Since he owned The Gate, it was much easier to trust his judgment when it came to the men, as he knew who regulars were and who were not.

"Honestly, I don't know. Right now I just need to drink."

"I will have to cut you off soon Kaia. Last time you really had more than your fair share, and I was worried."

"Oh stop. I had just the right amount to still know what was happening. Don't worry about me. You should worry about yourself. Found any male ass to man handle lately?" Kaia smirked watching Grant narrow his eyes towards her.

"I am way too busy for that right now. And you know my rule; I don't sex up my customers." Grant left Kaia, serving other customers with glasses of wine and beer bottles, as they approached the bar, ordered their drinks and walked off towards the booths, talking and drinking.

Zaid arrived at The Gate, immediately spotting Tamru and Sei, seeing Tamru already buzzed. Sei was worse off than Tamru, his face was slightly pink in hue, and his smile was so wide he came off as creepy. This night would be irritating for Zaid, he just knew it.

Zaid knew Sei from childhood; their parents were partners together before Beys Towers exploded on to the business world, crushing any competition. Zaid managed to keep in touch with Sei, even after both families had a falling out. It was purely business but Zaid always regretted not trying to get his parents to patch things up with the Fukunagas.

"Shit Sei, it's been a while." Zaid approached Sei, swinging his arms around Sei, giving him a stern pat on the back before turning to Tamru, giving him that distinct "sup" nudge.

"Too long. How've you been? Heard about your folks, what the fuck did you do?" Sei clutched his beer bottle, the condensation dripping on to his fingers. His suit was tight around his torso, the material contouring slightly to his body. His almond shaped eyes widened in intrigue gazing at Zaid.

"Nothing that bad, they just over-fuckin-reacted."

"Well shit, you must have done something really bad for them to take your trust fund away." Sei gulped down the rest of the beer, his face reaching a slightly darker pink hue.

"It's all bullshit. Let me go get a drink first. You want another?" Zaid asked, Sei handing him the bottle. Tamru requested a bottle of beer as well, Zaid rolling his eyes in bother. "I am not your goddamn butler." He scoffed walking towards the bar.

Zaid leaned on the bar, placing the empty beer bottle in front of him, calling the bartender over for 3 more beers. He glanced on his right briefly and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.


Kaia glanced up at the mention of her name, seeing Zaid standing right beside her, her jaw nearly tumbled to the ground.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She questioned, not wanting to deal with him tonight.

"With friends. I can see you're having a blast." Zaid mocked glancing at the empty whiskey tumbler, before the bartender placed three ice cold beers in front of Zaid. Kaia gazed at her glass, gesturing for a double this time after seeing Zaid.

"That one's on me." Zaid smirked at Kaia, leaving Kaia at the bar. Kaia grinned at his gesture, watching the liquid pour in to her glass.

"Friend?" Grant asked placing the bottle on the counter.

"My assistant." Kaia swung the tumbler back, the whiskey traveling straight down her throat, her face contorted slightly from the amount she ingested.

From the corner of her eye she saw someone situate themselves on the chair to her left. She quickly glanced in that direction, seeing Zaid sitting beside her, ordering another drink for her and a shot of tequila for himself.

"What happened? Friends leave?" Kaia asked looking at her tumbler as she poured all the liquid down her throat, the sensation causing her eyes to shut for an instant.

"Nah. They just found some ass to chase, and you seemed so pathetically lonely that I had to come keep you company." Zaid smirked widely, shooting the tequila down his throat in a second.

"Oh how genuinlly sweet of you." Kaia whispered dick under her breath turning to gaze towards Grant who was coming over to the both of them.

"Is this kid giving you trouble Kaia?" Grant asked throwing a small white rag on to his shoulder, flexing his unmistakably toned arms towards Zaid as he poured Kaia another glass of whiskey.

"Oh please, I can handle him."

"Oh can you?" Zaid tilted his head glaring at Kaia before he pushed his shot glass towards Grant. "And who you calling a kid?" Zaid furrowed his eyebrows at the bartender. Grant smirked, placing two shot glasses and filling them with tequila.

"Oh shut it." Kaia took one of the shot glasses of tequila, pouring the clear liquid down her throat, cringing at the burn coursing to her stomach.

"Yeah right…whatever…" Zaid took the other shot glass and gulped the liquid with vigor.

Grant poured another round of drinks before walking towards another group of individuals. Kaia did not speak for a few minutes; she just rotated the liquid in the tumbler around, her breathing steady and deep. Zaid glanced in her direction, watching his boss, this woman look vulnerable and exhausted in front of him.

"Come here often?" Zaid questioned, his eyes glaring at the shot of alcohol in front of him.

"More often than I should." Kaia huffed at that response. She did frequent bars and lounges more than she cared to admit, but this was the only bar she ever came to find a guy for the night. She was beginning to regret coming tonight, wanting to leave and sleep off the inevitable hangover.

"You know what; I think I am just gonna head on home." Kaia took the last sip of her whiskey, before twisting off her seat. She did not realize just how much alcohol was in her system, as she misjudged the height she was sitting at, her feet hitting the floor far too vigorously, Zaid jumping out of his seat to grab a hold of Kaia.

Grant shot Zaid a look of rage, but Zaid stabilized Kaia, giving Grant a reassured look as he grabbed Kaia's waist.

"You are in no condition to go home on your own."

"Oh please. I am not slurping my worms; I think I'll be koala…" Kaia could not keep her feet stabile as she leaned on Zaid to keep herself from falling over. Zaid rolled his eyes, making his way out the door with Kaia.

"I'll take you up to my place. Make you some coffee or something at least before you go."

"No, I need to get home. Call me a cab." Kaia spoke in between breathes.

"Are you fucking stupid? You are way too drunk to get in a cab by yourself. I'm making you coffee." Zaid forced her down the street, towards Tamru's apartment. Zaid knew Tamru would be at the bar till 3 a.m. stalking some male ass to revere. Zaid got to the apartment, practically dragging Kaia with him, until he entered the apartment, Kaia throwing herself on to the nearest furniture, which was a couch near the doorway.

Zaid exhaled in exasperation, dragging his feet to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee for both of them. He glanced over at Kaia, seeing the back of her head against the arm of the couch. Once the coffee was done brewing, he grabbed two cups filled them to the brim and sauntered over to the couch.

"Come on get up….You can't sleep here….shit….come one Kaia….drink the coffee." Zaid pulled Kaia to a sitting position, judging whether or not she would be able to hold a hot cup of coffee in her hands while having consumed this much alcohol.

"I said I don't want cola." Kaia grabbed her head, her veins pulsating throughout her head.

"Kaia stop…goddamn it stop…" Zaid tried to pry her hands from her head, standing up to get more leverage on her as she pushed her body back, his grip still on her wrists, the motion carried him with her. Zaid hovered above Kaia, his hand now propping his body above the couch, glancing at Kaia sitting below him.

Kaia did not have full control of her body or a steady head on her shoulders tonight but the one thing she knew was when she felt a stirring in her stomach, and she could not pin point why. Her mind began to clear slightly as she stared in to Zaid's grey eyes, biting her lips ever so slightly.

Zaid's focus traveled down Kaia's neck, to her collar bones. Her shirt had a moderate neck-line; a smidgen of cleavage was evident from the angle Zaid was gazing at. Kaia's breathing increased, her chest rising quicker with her longer gaze toward Zaid.

Zaid knew he could barely control himself as he gazed at Kaia. He had not had sex in over a month and this opportunity was staring straight at him, but he felt a bitter taste in his mouth, his stomach churning slightly. Was he feeling guilt or was the tequila not settling well with him?

Before he could make an informed decision about the state his body was in, Kaia gripped Zaid's neck with her hands, bringing his lips on to her own, and her insatiable thirst for human contact evident with the erratic movement of her lips against his own. Zaid could not rationalize whether to stop her or continue. She tasted so good, and he wanted more. A last second decision and he plunged his lips harder against her, her mouth opening slightly to allow Zaid access to her tongue. Zaid pressed his lips harder against Kaia's, the force sent her body in to the couch slightly, his fingers digging in to the plush material of the sofa as he broke their kiss slightly for a breath before proceeding with more vigor, Kaia slid her hand behind his head, gripping his hair between her fingers.

He could not proceed. He had to stop this, and it had nothing to do with him not wanting to. He craved for nothing more than to throw her down on the couch and rip her clothes off but he couldn't. She was intoxicated and he could not take advantage of her in this state. He pulled his lips from hers, Kaia's hands still gripping his neck as she opened her eyes to gaze at the man a mere hair length from her face.

"Kaia…" Zaid exhaled deeply, trying to catch his breath. "….I…we shouldn't….I mean you're-"

He could not finish his thought as he saw Kaia's eyes widen slightly from shock. Kaia did not break her stare with Zaid, her hands squeezed Zaid's skin firmly, and a small hitch escaped her lips as she opened them to speak.

"I might not have the clearest head right now…." Kaia paused searching for the right words to say as Zaid lowered his eyes on to her lips once more, feeling the need to crush them against his own. "….but I know I want this."