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A low female groan emanated in the room as a body shifted slightly underneath the sheets. Kaia grabbed her pulsating head, her eyes refusing to allow any light in as her body shuttered from the pain.

"Oh god…" Kaia uttered as she continued to stir in the bed, the plush covers keeping her body warmer than she cared for. Her body was severely dehydrated, her hangover seizing her entire form, gripping her close to unconsciousness. Kaia dealt with hangovers on an almost weekly basis but this morning was more than she can handle. Her hands put pressure on her temples to attempt to halt the throbbing, her body tense with pain.

"Shit…" Kaia shifted her body, trying to pry her eyes open, which refused to listen. The blur continued in her vision as any attempt to stabilize her sight failed, Kaia feeling exhaustion surge through her with a force she could not protest. This was more than unbearable for her, as she remained in the bed, feeling the sheets around her endeavor to comfort her in any way. As she lay there, allowing the sheets to nestle her, an unfamiliar sense engulfed her body suddenly. She did not try to raise her body but her mind was clearing slightly, the throbbing still prominent across her body. The bed felt strange, the sheets had a heaviness to them Kaia did not recognize. The fog in front of her eyes began to clear as her vision focused on her surroundings, her mind snapped in to a state of reasoning.

"Fuck!" She exasperated in panic, her body maneuvering out from the covers, landing on her feet almost buckling over with the pressure against the floor. Kaia fell back on to the bed, realizing the fabric that shielded her body was not her own. A loose fitting grey shirt that hung down towards her knees kept her upper body hidden as she felt only her underwear grip her hips. Her eyes adjusted to the dim light in the room, locating her scattered clothing across the wooden floor. She hastily grabbed every item of her own clothing, changing as rapidly as she could with her almost debilitating hangover still looming across her body. Her shoes were placed neatly near the door; Kaia clutched them against her chest twisting the door handle open and peered out the bedroom.

The apartment was not immense, but it was immaculate. The modern feel of the furniture coupled with slight hints of color on the walls and décor made this apartment seem like a million bucks.

Kaia could not wrap around whose apartment this was, trying to recall any information as to what happened last night, or who she went home with. Her usual routine began to kick in as she tip-toed towards the exit, seeing her escape within reach before she heard the sound of a spoon clinking against glass.

"Leaving so soon?" Kaia recognized that voice in an instant, praying it was not him. Oh god don't do this to me.

Zaid stood there, his earthy ochre skin in plain view as his torso was bare, Kaia seeing his pants hanging lower than she cared to see in the morning against his hip, the bones of his hips were visible and Kaia lost her breath for a moment, following the diagonal angle of his groin muscles. In that moment Kaia did recall seeing Zaid at the bar, sitting with her, chatting briefly before the night became a blur, Kaia unable to recall any information after the bar. In that moment she grasped the situation, Kaia yearned to escape from his presence, her mind screaming at the wretched woman in condemnation.

Before Kaia could utter any words, make any movements towards the door, Zaid placed the glass against the counter, walking in her direction, Kaia wondering how many steps he will take before his pants casually fall to his ankles. He reached Kaia calmly, his body an arm's length from her regarding her in a manner Kaia did not welcome.

Zaid inspected her face, saw the complete agony on her features from what he first thought was her reaction to seeing him, but then his eyes darted around her body, noticing a slight shiver in her limbs as her skin was paler than milk.

"Kaia, you look awful." Zaid smirked wanting to illicit any emotions from Kaia, seeing her back to her old self, instead of this shell of a woman.

"You're such an asswipe." Kaia uttered, her eyebrows furrowed from the pain in her head.

"Have some water or something. You look close to death."

"Oh shut up." If Kaia's body was not lacking water at the moment, she would have smacked him across the face, but seeing as her limbs were barely keeping her upright, that act of violence would have put her to the ground.

"I have to go." Kaia turned quicker than she wanted, her head spinning uncontrollably as she lost her footing, Zaid leapt forward to catch her before she collided with the ground.

"Whoa, slow down a little." Zaid straightened Kaia as she turned to glare at him, a glance she wished she could reverse. His grey eyes were dissecting her, moving slightly tracing the angles of her face.

Kaia immediately pushed him off her, not wanting any more contact between them that isn't necessary before turning to walk towards the door.

"Kaia?...Kaia…" Zaid uttered her name but Kaia refused to answer, she could not answer. Her hastiness was her own way of dealing with the guilt surge through her body. She could not come to terms with what happened, but what did actually happen? Blackout drunk was not her most graceful of moves and now she paid the price severely, as she slept with her assistant.

Kaia got out of the building as fast as her legs would possibly carry her, hailing a cab to take her home.

Kaia decided to go in to the office late seeing as it was Friday. It would not be too crucial when she came in and she wanted to make sure that she does not bump in to Zaid at any point. She was still not ready to face him, and she knew if she saw him her mind would begin its slow trajectory towards denigration. She phoned Seraphine to ask her to hand out the current paperwork for process to Zaid, so she did not have to interact with him. She left her condo four hours later than she planned, seeing that it was well past noon, and she did not have any work done.

Walking through the elevator, seeing Seraphine on the phone calmed Kaia down slightly. Seraphine's face had a calm effect on her; her aura seemed to brush off on Kaia whenever she was not in the best of moods. The next few hours Kaia remained in her office, away from any visitors, no clients to see, no employees to speak with. She kept her mind calm as the pills she took this morning were keeping her body steady, her mind just slightly pulsating from the dehydration.

The phone went off, Kaia glancing at it with her head still leaning against the back of the chair. With a grumble, she motioned towards it, leaving enough room between the phone and her ear to not cause any damage to her already fragile ear.

"Ms. Psomas…" Seraphine spoke on the other end of the line.

"Yes Seraphine…"

"Mr. Bey would like to speak with you."

Kaia's head shot off the chair, her body straightening when she heard his name. Kaia was not ready to interact with him; she did not want to face the ugly truth of her activities from the previous night. She did not speak for a few seconds, contemplating whether she can handle a conversation with him at the moment.

"A-alright. Let him in." Kaia almost threw the phone down, exhaling, trying to think of what to say to him when he walks in. She was not given enough time as her office door opened, Zaid carrying a stack of papers against his side, seeing Kaia half-alive in her chair. Kaia could not help but appreciate the sight before her, his radiant black hair styled to one side, with a lift that accentuated his facial features, his grey eyes glued to Kaia with intensity, a force Kaia seemed to welcome, even in her state on uncertainty. His black suit was open, displaying the white shirt underneath that Kaia was able to make out some form on his torso, and his pants clung gently to his thighs, allowing for just enough to paint a pretty picture in Kaia's mind.

She was losing it. Instead of behaving like the boss she supposedly was, she was admiring the man who came through her office, her mind beginning to paint a portrait of the man under the fabric. He walked right in front of her desk, a smidgen of a smirk evident on his lips as he placed the papers on Kaia's desk.

"These are the files you needed looked over. All the signatures are there."

"G-good." Kaia needed to wake from this nightmare, be back in her bed, snug against her sheets, and knowing that she never slept with Zaid. It was too much to ask for.

"Uh-Zaid, can you sit for a moment?" Kaia gestured to the chair across from her, Zaid more than obliged to sit as he fixed his suit slightly, his fingers intertwined slightly, and waiting for Kaia to speak.

"Look, what-uh-what happened last night was…well, my behavior…"

Zaid began to chuckle under his breath, Kaia slightly puzzled by his action.

"Kaia…Kaia…please don't." Zaid waved his hand in front of her, trying to stop her from proceeding with her words.


"Whatever you were going to say, just don't." He continued his laughter; Kaia's nerves began to show as she glared at Zaid.

"What the fuck are you talking about?"

"What do you think happened last night?" Zaid questioned, leaning in closer towards Kaia.

"We had sex…"

"Yeah…no. We didn't." Zaid said with calm on his face.

"Wait, what do you mean we didn't?"

"I mean we did not have sex. I took you to my apartment; you ended up practically passing out on my couch. When I tried to get you up, you kissed me. We made out a little…" Zaid grinned at Kaia in victory. "…and then you immediately passed out."

"Are-are you serious?"

"Yeah." Zaid shrugged his shoulders. "What? Did you think I would have sex with a woman on the verge of alcohol poisoning?"

Kaia exhaled loudly, throwing her back against her chair as she could not help a wide smile spreading across her lips in relief.

"Oh thank god."

"Uh-huh. Well I have more paperwork that you so graciously bestowed upon me so I will head out-"

"Zaid wait."

Zaid glanced back at Kaia, moving back to his chair.

"I think that you are more than capable of seeing this client today. Can I trust you will get the deal?" Kaia had an overabundance of joy and she knew she had to show her slight appreciation for the situation at hand by finally giving Zaid something more than menial paperwork.

Zaid grabbed the paperwork in haste, sporting a grin that even Kaia could not help but be entertained from.

"You can count on me boss!"

Tamru once again dragged Zaid to The Gate. Zaid was reluctant to go but Tamru was more persuasive than Zaid could deal with on a Friday night. They situated themselves in the same spot as always, having a perfect view of the entire bar, Tamru already spotting a few potential play-mates for tonight.

"Tamru promise me you won't have an orgy tonight. I am way too fucking exhausted to deal with constant moaning coming from your bedroom."

"Ha! It was one time Zaid, and no. Tonight I want to take it lite."

Zaid chugged the beer in his hand, relieved to hear Tamru's statement. Zaid skimmed the bar for a brief second, immediately noticing a head of hair on a woman he almost assuredly knew. His eyes did not falter as he kept recalling all the backs of female heads he had seen throughout the years, but he could not pin point the face. The woman turned around spotting Zaid instantaneously. Her mouth fell open slightly as a hungry gleam in her eyes caught Zaid by surprise. She practically trotted to him, her drink gripped by her fingers swished with her motion.

"Oh my god! Zaid!" She ran over, her arms swung around his neck in an embrace that even made Tamru uneasy.

"Hey Nita. It's been a while." Zaid patted her softly on the back, wanting to pry her off him, before she pushed back, gluing her eyes to his.

"Hey Tamru. Shouldn't you be throat deep in a cock by now?" Nita winked, Tamru grin widely at her.

"You have not changed one bit Nita. Once a cunt always a fucking cunt." Tamru laughed with derision walking away from Zaid and Nita, making his way towards a group of overly flamboyant men.

"Gosh I missed you Zaid. It has been so long. How are you?" Nita grazed her perfectly manicured nails along Zaid's arm. He could feel the twinge of arousal pull against his pant leg with the motion of her fingers. It was safe to say Nita was as close to his kryptonite as any woman can be for a man. They had been on and off for years, but she never disappointed when he needed a mouth to fuck.

She was the symbol of a sex goddess, with her hip length brown curls and her hourglass figure that she always accentuated in her form fitting halter-top dresses that reached just a smidgen below her pelvis. Every time she bent over, men everywhere would howl from the show, and she loved every minute of it.

"Can't complain." Zaid did not want to get in to much detail with her about his current situation. Nita was the only woman he had ever slept with that knew exactly when he lied. She had a sixth sense when it came to lying men, and he was no exception.

"Uh-huh…How's the new job?"

"Fine." Zaid saw what she was playing at. She wanted nothing more than for Zaid to break his stoic nature and give her the control back she knew she had over him. Zaid tried to compose himself, but he knew a few more questions from her and he would be in the bathroom ramming her brains out. Shit…

"Really? I heard your boss is a woman…" She deliberately traced her fingers along her jaw, the slight condensation from her glass that lingered on her fingertips made her skin glisten underneath her jaw, and Zaid wanted a taste of it.

"Yeah…But for a woman she's not too bitchy-"Zaid's eyes casually shifted to the bar, seeing the all too familiar figure sitting at the counter twirling her tumbler filled with whiskey. He could not help a smirk erupting on his features. Kaia was there, in the same seat as yesterday, drinking the same drink, and Zaid craved to occupy the seat next to her.

"Zaid?" Nita questioned, annoyance resonated in her tone.

"Yeah…right. What have you been up to?" His eyes played around from Nita to Kaia, every time he would focus on Kaia, a slight smirk broke on to the sides of his lips. Nita continued to drone about her life, Zaid only hearing the parts he wanted to hear, before he saw a man situating himself next to Kaia, her attention seemed to be wrapped on him.

Zaid felt this urge to go over there, frighten the little man-boy away, before Nita grabbed his attention with her hand gripping to his bicep.

"I've thought about you last week Zaid." Nita grinned, drawing circles with her fingers on his jacket sleeve. Zaid's expression had changed from the moment that man sat with Kaia, seeing how he engaged in a conversation with her, how she laughed and casually would place a subtle hand against his arm. The motion that made his blood boil was when the man leaned towards Kaia, whispering something in her ear, Kaia biting her lip ever so lightly as he straightened his back, swiftly shooting down a shot of alcohol.

"To be honest Zaid…I haven't had a more enjoyable fuck since you."

Zaid turned his focus to Nita, hearing those words from her mouth, but he was too smart to play in to her games tonight, and yet his anger was fuelled by this man, this random man gently gliding his hand up Kaia's thigh. Why did he care so much to see Kaia fondled by another guy?

Before Zaid could begin to contemplate these thoughts he saw Kaia and the man leave their seats, both walking out of the bar, a moment of complete jealousy surged through his body. He was acting insane. As much as he will admit that he is attracted to Kaia, he doesn't get jealous over women, ever, and especially a woman he had never even fucked. What was he thinking acting like a jealous boy?

"Zaid…are you even listening to me…"

Zaid's thoughts were broken with Nita's hand gliding down his torso. He saw the lust in her eyes, the obvious need for him, and as much as he said he would never sleep with her again, tonight seemed like a good excuse to break his rule and blow off some steam. Before he would drag her back to his place he needed a quick release in the bar.

His hand gripped her wrist, pulling her towards the back of the bar, finding the bathroom before closing the door, turning the lock and shoving her against the door as his lips crushed hers in a fervor Nita was more than happy to accept. Her hands did not dilly dally as she made the most of the next few seconds to undo his pant zipper, already feeling the growth of his erection against her hand, her palm motioned against the fabric of his boxers, Zaid nearly losing his control.

He growled under his breath, feeling her tease him with her hand, her palm massaging around his erection, traveling down to fondle his pulsating balls.


Nita purred against his ear, hearing his breathing escalate slightly as every few strokes she could hear him groan with expectancy, but Nita wanted to have a little fun, which she knew would drive Zaid up the wall.

"You like that babe…Mmm…Yeah…" She continued to toy with Zaid, feeling his body begin to press against her with a force she knew she could not fight back for much longer. Her hands pressed against his chest slightly, pushing him back enough for her to crouch down eye level with his crotch, her eyes darted up to him in an effort to relish in the look of this man succumbing to her touch. She knew she was the only one that could break him this way and it was the most fun she could have with a man.

Nita bit her plump lip, her fingers grabbing the band on his boxers before sliding them down enough to allow his throbbing erection to bounce out of the fabric, Nita marveling at the precum dazzling the head.

"I always forget how big you really are…" Nita licked her lips keeping her focus on Zaid's eyes before she wrapped her hand around the shaft, Zaid almost buckling over. His hands slammed against the door, keeping him level as his abdomen trembled underneath his shirt from the motion of her hand along his entire length.

"Shit…get the fuck on with it…"

"Patience Zaid…" She smiled deviously, her hand keeping a steady pace back and forth along his entire erection, her other hand beginning to fondle his sac. His groans elevated as he parted his lips to allow a greater intake of air. His eyes were no longer on Nita as he shut them to marvel the sensation pulsing through him, his hands retained the pressure on the door as his legs kept him upright but Nita's stroking was sending a slight tremble through his thighs, making it difficult to continue his upright position.

Nita marveled at his facial muscles contorting to her touch, seeing his eyes shut as his chest expanded rapidly with each stroke.

Zaid had begun to slip in to a state of complete ecstasy, and though Nita was the one putting him over the edge, the only name that came to mind was Kaia's. His mind replaced Nita's presence with that of Kaia, and Zaid was losing all control over his body.

Nita saw this difference in Zaid, a disregard for her that she needed to fix. Her hand released its hold along his shaft as she did not allow for a single second to be wasted as she enveloped his fullness in her mouth, her tongue massage the underside of his erection, her other hand still keeping a tight grip on his balls. Zaid buckled under with the sensation, feeling the warmth from her mouth, her tongue dancing along his erection overwhelmed him, but the thought of Kaia still lingered.

Nita continued to pump, allowing for not a single inch of him to not be enclosed within her mouth as he was far down in her throat, Nita increasing her motion, feeling Zaid grip the back of her head as he thrust himself in a few times, breaths turning in to muffled groans before he felt the wave of completion entering his core. He thrust with his hips once more with a force that even Nita was having difficulty with as he came straight in to her mouth, the motion carried his cum down her throat as his abdomen vibrated with the sensation, and his hands gripped Nita's head to keep her in place as he rode the waves of his orgasm. Zaid kept Nita around him, murmuring fuck…Kaia under his breath but his whispers were too low for Nita to hear. She pulled her head back, composing herself before rising up to glance at the crumbling man before her.

"I forgot how rough you can be…" Nita grinned in triumph seeing the breathless Zaid fixing his clothing, zipping his pants up before glaring at Nita with a look she did not recognize. It was not a look she wanted to saver as he looked almost repulsed that she was the face he was glaring at.

"And I forgot how good you are with your mouth." Zaid said that in a blatant tone that made Nita cringe. He had never acted so indifferent towards her and she did not care to stay if this was his attitude towards her.

"I think I should go." Nita wondered if he would stop her, take her in his arms and say he wanted to fuck her properly, the way she expected him to every time they met.

"Yeah I think you should."

"You fucking piece of shit." Nita pushed him back as she stormed out of the bathroom and left the bar immediately.

Zaid did not care to go after her, or try and comfort her. He knew the kind of person she was. She would quicker throw him to the curb in a second if she got bored with him, and that was how she would always trap him, but the one time when he clearly had the power over her she knew she was defeated. He would not even blink an eye towards her again if she even begged on her hands and knees to have him fuck her.

Zaid did leave the bar not as satisfied as he had hoped because there was one thing that loomed over him that he could not understand. Kaia.

He had replaced the actuality of Nita wrapped around him with the image of Kaia, and he marveled in it. He had never wanted a woman so abruptly, and as undeniably as he did Kaia, and it all came in a wave of fury the moment he saw her leave with that random guy from the bar. How was he to deal with the onslaught of these fresh and unwelcomed emotions?

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