I write this poem for those who are lost.

I write this poem for those who have decided their fate.

Although I beg to differ.

Our fate has no end.

We are woven in eternity.

Back to my lost words.

(The ones that someone will read

And one will die with subconsciously)

I write this poem for simple reason

But simplicity is a bold lie.

And complexity makes the world spin

Until it is dizzy and all returns to a stop.

I write this poem for dead stars.

That had once stood in the midst of the universe,

That are now polluted by light.

And so I give kudos to those

Who have the courage

To let their breath wisp out the light

Of a single candle

And stand in oblivion so they may see the stars.

I write this poem for the brave.

Who let their hearts free so they may feel.

Feel night's ebony crawl down their back

In eerie tendrils,

That make us scream with dread

Instead of deft adrenaline.

Have you decided your fate?

Or will you stay in the maze

And wait.

I will wait.