"Why did you get it? What does it mean to you? She stroked the tattooed deathangel on his back gently. The song "After Midnight" by Blink-182 was playing softly in the background.

He turned around to face her and grinned "That's for me to know and for you to figure out"

She gave him a crooked smile "Don't make me hate you, I'm not a fan of guessing"

"You could never hate me" he yawned confidently, pulled away the fresh white sheets that covered them and lay down his head on her naked chest. She caressed it affectionately and squinted when the huge panorama windows filled the white bedroom with sunlight.

She felt his fingers caressing her inner thigh tentatively.

"Don't you ever get enough?" she laughed cordially and rubbed her nose against his before kissing it.

"Nah" he answered simply and added with a wink "And neither do you"

She smiled coyly and leaned in for a kiss. They started kissing deeply and passionately and one thing led to another.

When they were finished making love, she climbed up on top of him with parted legs while he was sitting up. She stroked his face and he caressed her back with slow movements.

"We look so misplaced in a place like this" she burst out laughing and buried her face in his strong shoulder.

"What do you mean?" he kissed her lustfully on the neck.

"You and your tattoos, me and my sucicidal tendencies and us and our penchant for alternative rock music. I mean, we're not exactly like the type of people who usually reside in beach houses or whatever they call it"

"Yeah, we're totally emofying this place…if such a word even exists" he chuckled and twirled one of her pitch-black hair strands around his finger. She had let her straight, glossy hair grow to her waist. It suited her much better than the trendy bob hair cut. It made her look more wild, free and alive.

They fell silent. She loved the smell of her citrus perfume mixed with his aftershave.

"You never answered my question"

"Which one of your zillion questions?"

"Ha-ha. But in all seriousness, I really want to know why you decided to get this tattoo" she stroked the deathangel on his back.

"What's in it for me if I answer your question?" he grinned playfully. She loved his cute, boyish smile. She couldn't resist giving him a kiss.

"Well, I'll find a nice place for you to hide your weapon for starters" she stroked his hardened crotch and grinned back just as playfully.

His grin widened "Sounds good, Alice"


Her eyes snapped open. Her heart was pounding fast as she sat up. A nightmare disguised as a dream come true, that's what it was. She sighed dejectedly.


Well, at least someone is calling my name, she thought to herself bitterly. No matter how insanely annoying that someone is.

"Wake up you sleepyhead! Y is waiting!"

She sat up straight, her hair looking like a bird's nest.

"Isaac, you cackling rooster, will you do me the honor of shutting the…!"

But before she could ask him to shut the censored up, she was cut off by Hedwig who was leaning against the wall beside her "It's transformation day today, remember? Hurry up, he hates to be kept waiting"

Ivy felt the urge to tell her off aggressively. The nightmare had turned her into a nightmare. But, to her misfortune, she had obligations. Who knew being dead could be so much work?

She heaved a sigh and got up from the corner where she'd spent the night.

Back at Y's place (that's what she called the empty room behind the last door in the hospital hall, a room which didn't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever), Isaac was the first one up.

"Just…don't make me look too hideous, eh?" he requested and added with an unexpected and uncharacteristic wink "I still want to be able to attract potential female mates….christian potential female mates that is"

As if there's going to be any time left for that.

If she was able to see Y, she could've sworn that he was rolling his eyes this very moment.

Isaac was transformed into a skeleton dressed in a leather jacket and ripped black jeans. His fiery red hair had turned flat and raven.

"What the heck? Who is this? Marilyn Manson's cousin!?" he exclaimed in dismay.

She tried to keep herself from exploding into laughter.

When Y was done with her transformation, she stared back at her own new reflection in amazement. The girl who was standing in front of her was at least 5 inches shorter than the original Ivy. She was also more voluptuous but absolutely not chubby. She had shoulder-length, light blonde hair and wide, blue-grey eyes. She was pretty in her own way.

So this is what an average girl looks like? It would certainly be easier for her to blend in with average looks, but she wasn't sure that she was over the moon about the transformation. She missed herself, for once.