Author's Note: Here's the first entry of my William Walter Wu series as part of my Dimension One stories, folks!

This story is essentially a revamp and re-title of William's First Case, which is part of my revamping of my William Walter Wu character.

William Walter Wu is basically the D1 counterpart of my mainstream character Garfield Stephenson Wu, only that there are some deviations.

First, while the two shares the same birthday, William is born in the year 1995 while Garfield is born in the year 1953.

Second, their families are largely different, where details of William's family are going to be revealed in the coming chapter.

And third, unlike Dimension Four, the world of Dimension One is largely similar to the real world with several differences:

First, Ottawa, Canada is part of the Canadian Capital Territory (Like its D4 counterpart) instead of Ontario, and there are several deviations from real-life.

For instance, Ottawa still has its streetcars running today (In real-life, sadly, the last streetcar terminated services in Ottawa in 1959), and Union Station is still active as a railway station today (Sadly in real-life, Ottawa Union Station was closed down and replaced by the Central Station located in Ottawa East in 1966).

Second, East Asia is largely different than in real-life, where the People's Republic of China and North Korea never existed (As a result of a different outcome of the Chinese Civil War, which dragged out longer than in real-life and spilled into the Korean Peninsula, resulting in the Korean War).

That being said, although the Republic of China in this world is the world's largest democracy and welfare state and possesses the largest standing military, in terms for foreign relations, China is at odds with the United States.

In fact, it can be argued that relations between Nanjing and Washington in this world are more tense and strained than relations between Beijing and Washington in real-life, strained relations that is the product of a failed CIA-backed military coup in China in 1956 in this world.

For readers who understand Chinese:







The world of Dimension One is part of the shared universe of my Coolsville Central series on FanFiction.

In the meantime, in addition to English, this story also features dialogue and thoughts in Chinese and Japanese, all of which are accompanied by English translations.


中文 (Chinese), 日文 (Japanese)

Another disclaimer: All events and characters presented in this story are entirely FICTIONAL, while all real-life locations are FICTIONALIZED.

Chapter 1: Prologue and on the way to school

September 7, 2010

It was a warm morning in Ottawa as the alarm clock sitting on the short cupboard right beside fifteen-year-old William Walter Wu's bed went off at the usual time of 7:30.

William groaned as his radio-alarm clock began going off and, being tuned onto CBC Radio Two, the radio started playing popular music.

"喔,該起床了。(Oh, time to get up.)" William muttered under his breath as he struggled to get up from his bed and turn off the alarm clock.

After that, he yawned and stretched before sitting up and putting on his slippers and proceeded with his usual morning routine.

His clothes were hanging in the nearby closet, and after he returned to his bedroom, he immediately changed into his favourite attire of a green polo shirt and a pair of casual cream-white pants with a belt before proceeding to the dining room of his house, where Jonathan and Sandra Kudo, his Japanese foster parents, were preparing breakfast.

"獷勝,你對上十年級的第一天有感到興奮嗎?" (Guang-Shen (William's Chinese name), are you excited for the first day of grade ten?) Mrs. Kudo asked as William sat down to have his oatmeal with raisins.

"是的,伯母。" (Yes, Auntie.) William replies before starting his breakfast.

After the short conversation with his foster parents, William finished his breakfast and went to put the bowl into the kitchen sink before taking his lunch box.

As William made his way back to the washroom to do his business, his foster brother and foster sister, named Patrick and Jessica, made their way to the front door.

"Have fun in your first day at Glebe, Billy." Patrick said to him.

William nodded. "我會的。" (I will.)

Patrick nodded as he ruffled William's hair before following his sister Jessica.

After finishing his business in the washroom, William then made his way to the house door to put on his shoes before saying, "我要出門了。" (I'm heading out now.)

"好的。" (All right.) Mrs. Kudo replies as she gave her foster son a hug. "Have fun."

William nodded before he opened the door and stepped into the warm late-summer day in Old Ottawa South and made his way towards Bronson Ave.

Although William and his foster family only recently moved into Old Ottawa South, he was actually familiar with the area.

William Walter Wu (Chinese name: 吳獷勝) was born on June 23, 1995 in the Riverside Hospital in Ottawa, Canadian Capital Territory, Canada and spent the first six years of his life growing up in the nation's capital.

It was during this time that he started attending kindergarten and first grade in public school and take piano lessons before a tragic event took place when he was six, a tragic event that that will change William's life forever.

Before getting on the event in question, it is essential to be introduced to William's biological family, as it will be complicated to explain the tragic event than needed if William's biological family weren't introduced.

His father Winston (Chinese name: 吳光源) is a mechanical engineer who, at the time of William's birth, was finishing his doctorate studies in the field at Carleton University.

He first came to Canada in 1988 as an international student, and it was during his master's and doctorate studies at Carleton University that he became acquainted with a fellow international student who's also studying mechanical engineering.

That fellow international student is Jonathan Hideki Kudo (Japanese name: 工藤秀喜), who is the older brother of a famed Japanese author renowned for his mystery novels, and Winston shared a very good friendship with him.

Their friendship continued upon graduation from their doctorate studies, and it was Jonathan that introduced Winston to his future wife Laura Lee when they returned to Japan and Taiwan together during the summer of 1992.

Laura (Chinese name: 李宜竹) is a chemical engineer who is good friends with Jonathan and his wife Sandra, and both Sandra and Jonathan were happy to introduce Winston to her.

Anyways, William wasn't the only one that Laura gave birth to at the Riverside Hospital on June 23, 1995. She ended up giving birth to a set of twins, consisting of William and a twin sister named Martha.

William was quite happy with his family, but unfortunately, that happiness wouldn't last long.

William's life was changed forever in the summer of 2001, when during a calm summer night, the family house in the South Keys area was engulfed in flames without warning.

Response from the Canadian Capital Territory Fire Service was swift, though the fire was very intense.

William remembered being picked up by his father, who left him on the front lawn before heading back inside to find Laura and Martha.

That was the last time he saw his father, though. Later that night at the police station, William was given the devastating news.

His parents both perished in the fire, but rescuers were unable to locate Martha's body in the wreckage.

Jonathan was devastated by the news, and after going through a series of arrangements, William was adopted by the Kudos.

The fire's cause was later determined to be from arson, though police were unable to find evidence pertaining to the perpetrator of the fire, and the case has gone down into the books as unsolved.

Not long after the house fire, Jonathan decided that it was best that the family leave Canada to give William room to recover and move on, and together, the family moved back to Taiwan, where Jonathan had taken up a new job with Wayne Enterprises as a researcher.

William's three years in Taiwan were uneventful, though it was during this time that he began taking up violin lessons on top of the piano lessons he was taking.

After William turned nine, the Kudos moved to Kyoto, Japan following Jonathan's transfer to the Warne Enterprises office there.

Over the course of his growing up in Taiwan and Japan, William became fluent in Taiwanese Hokkien, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, in addition to the brief level of English introduced to him during kindergarten and the English classes in school.

After William graduated from elementary school in 2007, a week after turning twelve years old, Jonathan was given an offer to move to Vancouver for a three-year tenure as the director of the Wayne Enterprises office in Vancouver.

Jonathan and his wife Snadra debated on the offer, and eventually the family decided to move back to Canada.

Arriving in late-August, the family settled in a large apartment in Vancouver.

By this point, Patrick, who is six years older than William, has graduated from high school and has accepted an offer of admission from the University of Waterloo, studying civil engineering.

As the family settled in Vancouver, William and his foster sister Jessica were enrolled in the neighbouring public schools, with Jessica attending the nearby Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, a school William will start attending a year later.

It was during that time that William also joined the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, a youth organization that promotes interest in aviation and joining the Royal Canadian Air Force, and his joining of the RCAC contributed to his crawling out of his shell.

He also made plenty of friends while attending Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, and it was a sad feeling for him when Jonathan was promoted to head the new Wayne Enterprises regional office that opened up in Ottawa in 2010.

One thing worth mentioning was that William has a huge passion in trains and anything transportation-related.

As a young boy, while living in South Keys, he will often drag his parents to the nearby O-Train South Keys Station to watch the streetcars, buses and light metro trains go by.

His parents will also take him to downtown at times so he can watch the trains pulling in and out of Union Station and he enjoyed watching airplanes taking off, landing and taxiing during air trips when waiting for their flights at the airports.

Most of his toys were buses, tractor trailers and trains, and his drawings typically consists of buses, trams and trains, and he also enjoyed collected model trains, mainly in the N-scale.

He also had the pleasure of taking a ride on the Shinkansen in Japan when he accompanied his foster father to a conference in Tokyo in the winter of 2008, and as a souvenir, he bought a N-scale model of the 16-car N700 Series Shinkansen trainset.

Anyways, the family eventually moved into a small house in Old Ottawa South and William was enrolled in Glebe Collegiate Institute for Grade 10.

By this point, Jessica had graduated from high school and has started attending the University of Ottawa, studying bio-medical science.

It was also over the summer that William's transfer from his old air cadet squadron in Vancouver to an Ottawa-based air cadet squadron was approved. His new squadron is at RCAF Station Uplands, right near Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport.

Prior to his transfer from his old squadron in Vancouver, William had passed his Level 3 training test and, like his colleagues, received a promotion from Corporal (He and a few had the appointment of Flight Corporal) to Sergeant.

As he crossed the Bronson Bridge over the Rideau Canal, William looked towards Dows Lake on the west side of the bridge, where he thought back about the past summer.

During most of the two months that past summer, he was attending cadet summer training in RCAF Station Cold Lake in Alberta.

That came not long after his foster family moved out of their Vancouver apartment, and prior to his departure for summer camp, William had made arrangements so that on his last day, he will join the cadets that are returning to Edmonton.

Once he arrived at Edmonton, with the VIA Rail tickets his foster family had pre-booked for him months earlier in hand, William then made his way to Edmonton's CN Tower, which is where Edmonton Railway Station is located at.

At the station, William made his way through the ticket doors and proceeded to the LRC platforms, where he then boarded the Calgary-bound Wild Rose.

(Note: Unlike real-life, the railway lines that went through downtown Edmonton never got torn down in this world, nor was Canadian National Railway completely privatized.

Instead, Edmonton Railway Station remains at the basement of Edmonton's CN Tower as it was prior to 1998 in real-life, and the basement also houses an Edmonton Light Rail station, while CN Rail remains a Canadian Crown Corporation like VIA Rail is.

That being said, this world's version of CN Rail is a majority stock owner of a completely-privatized Air Canada, while CP Rail acquired majority stock of Canadian Airlines, which never merged with Air Canada like in real-life.

Also, the Wild Rose is a fictional passenger train service operated by VIA Rail, named after Alberta's provincial flower and connects the province's two major cities.

In addition, the LRC is the fictional high speed rail service also operated by VIA Rail, where the LRC name is derived from the high-speed Bombardier LRC trainset that entered service in 1981.

Unlike real-life, to date (2010), there are four versions of the LRC train sets that has entered service with VIA Rail and are all electric-powered with the following:

LRC I: The original LRC train set that entered service in 1981 with push-pull formation and a service speed of 220 km/h

LRC II: Entered service in 1989 with a service speed of 250 km/h. Features an identical-looking cab car at the other end of the train instead of two locomotives used for the LRC I

LRC III: Entered service in 1996 with a service speed of 270 km/h. First electrical-multiple unit (EMU) train set

LRC IV: Entered service in 2005 with a service speed of 300 km/h

All LRC train sets have tilting capabilities.)

After the 45-minute train ride, William arrived at Calgary, where he then transferred onto the Montreal-bound Canadian.

He could've flown directly from Edmonton to Ottawa, but William decided to take the Canadian to Ottawa, as he doesn't feel the need to be in a rush, plus he wants to take the time to enjoy the scenery.

It was a decision which his foster family agreed with, and so they booked the VIA Rail train tickets prior to their moving from Vancouver.

Thinking back on the train ride he made last month, William was sure glad to have made the decision to take the train to Ottawa. It was a good way for him to get the adjustment he needs, not to mention that he doesn't have to worry about jet lag.

As he watched a Canadian Light Rail Vehicle speeding down Bronson Ave., he was thinking what kind of interesting people will he meet and befriend in Glebe.

Those thoughts continued to cloud his mind as he approached the school building.

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