To you, the reader, and everyone out there
There are a few things of which I'd like to make you aware
You're stunning, it's true, and one of a kind
There's not one person on this earth like you, you'll find

You see, there's something about you that's simply unique
Maybe it's the way you walk or the way that you speak
You're you and that's amazing, don't you see?
The person you are is someone no one else can be

Don't think you're not good enough, or that everyone else is better
I hope you realize you're amazing, as you read this letter
After all, everyone has a beauty of their own
Something you possess, and you alone
And only you can make others see
What a wonderful person you can be

Don't hide, embrace the true you!
Remember this when you're feeling blue
You are who you are, you were born this way
Born beautiful and special, no matter what people say

Your looks, your personality, and your memories are the reason why
You'll never find anyone like you, no matter how hard you try
So, why not just be who you are?
Show others that you, yes you, are a star
Don't try to be someone you're not, it's all pretend
You're not gaining much by just following the trend
Why try so hard to be someone cool
When being yourself is less like a fool

Don't you see that being yourself is the best?
You're unique, so why just follow the rest?
Don't hide, don't blend, don't go with the flow
Why not just go wherever you want to go?

Be yourself! You're amazing! It's the truth, don't you see?
Look in the mirror and say, "This is beautiful me!"

Because beauty is more than what most people know
Beauty is more than being the star of a pageant show
Beauty is not a hundred likes on your selfie
Beauty is not about popularity

Beauty is something so much more
Beauty can be quiet and it can be poor
Beauty is confidence in your identity, in the real you
Beauty is following what you think is right, what you think is true

You're amazing, and now that you know
Go out and set the world aglow
Show others how brightly you can shine, show the world your fire
And while you're at it, teach others that they should admire
Themselves for who they are, not what others think they should be
Teach them to say "I love me as me!"

And here my letter will come to an end
But I have spoken the truth, my dear friend
We are all unique and brilliant in our own way
And that is all I have to say

From a poet who wishes that everyone could love themselves for who they are
And know that they're Be-You-Tiful, because you are a star!