Anna Cartlike sat in the white hospital chair. She supposed this was a good hospital. She hoped it was, in the least. Because if her best friend was going to a shitty hospital, she'd have to break some noses. Well, she'd never do that. She'd probably be charged for assaulting a doctor, then it'd be on her permanent record. Then she wouldn't be able to get into a good college. Most of Anna's life revolved around getting into a good school, marrying a good person, and having three beautiful children! That's what she wanted, so she was going to get it. And the way she was right now, she was right on track.

"Miss Cartlike?" A nurse called.

Anna stood up abruptly. "I'm here!" She exclaimed, walking up to the nurse.

"The patient wants to see you," the nurse said, leading Anna to an elevator.

Anna followed the nurse. She really hoped her friend was okay. She had to be okay!

"This room here," the nurse told her, pointing at the door. Anna walked in and saw an old man on a breathing tube. "What the hell?"

"Not that room!" The nurse scolded, pulling her out of the room, "This one," she said. Anna nodded in understanding, laughing slightly, "I knew that," she said and walked in.

Anna instantly recognized the red hair and the big blue eyes.

"Ray!" Anna exclaimed, rushing up to her best friend.

"How have you been? Is everything okay?" Anna asked. Ray shrugged, "I guess. I need to tell you something, though," Ray admitted.

"What?" Anna asked. What else could go wrong?

Ray took a deep breath, "I have lung cancer," Ray admitted, finally.

Anna looked at her friend, "What?" But that's impossible. You can't!"

Anna couldn't imagine losing Ray. They were like sisters. Always together. They had an infinite bond. Something that would never end.

Ray shrugged, "If they can treat it in time, then I'll live," she said.

Anna felt the tears stinging her eyes. She couldn't cry. Not now.

"But why? How?" she asked. She mentally scowled at herself for acting so pathetic. She pushed her glasses up.

Ray sighed, "Cigarettes."

Anger bubbled up inside her. What? This was why? Why did she have to smoke? Didn't she know the risks?

No, she didn't. Your the only one to look up the risks of every little thing, her inner mind said. God, she hated her inner self for being so judgmental.


That was all she said.

"But Anna," Ray said, "If this is my last night, I want you to do one last thing," she said. "What?" Anna asked, sniffling."I want you to exceed. Not in academics, but in the social ladder," Ray said. Anna looked perplexed, "Huh?"

Ray sighed, "I mean, get more friends. I'm not gonna be around much longer. So you need more friends," Ray said.

Anna scowled, "What do you mean? I have friends!"

Ray shook her head, "Papers, pencils, and Doctor Who fanfiction doesn't count," she said.

Anna pouted.

"I mean, get some tips from your sister. Be somebody. Get some friends," Ray said.

"But what if I can't?" Anna asked, sniffling.

"Try your best," Ray told her, "And of not, just remember, Infinite," Ray held out her pinkie. Anna smiled, "Infinite," she murmured, and interlocked her pinkie with Ray's.

That was the last thing she ever got to say to Ray Robinson.

Because that night, she died.

So, this is my new story! I hope you guys liked it! I'm only 11, and have never experienced lung cancer, so sorry if anything is wrong. Thanks for reading! :)