"Chin up," Gray said. Anna lifted her chin up again as Gray did her hair. Gray did hair very well, and she was considering actually being a hairstylist when she was older. That is, until her mom stopped telling her to get a job. When her mom stopped doing that, then she'd get a job.

Anna looked beautiful so far. Her makeup actually reminded her somewhat of Katniss from the Hunger Games, when she first deemed herself the Girl on Fire. Well, Anna was going in to deem herself Most Popular Girl there. And hopefully, she'd succeed.

"You look like Jennifer Lawrence," Jacob stated. "That's what I was thinking!" Anna exclaimed. Gray applied a bit more eyeshadow. "Well, this is just Anna at her best," she said, grinning. Anna noticed Ky roll his eyes as he flipped through his magazine. Anna frowned. She was so done with him and his constant attitude and mood swings. Girls were emotional? Yeah, no.

Gray made the boys turn around so Anna could put on her dress. Wow. She looked amazing!

The red dress seemed to shine, and Anna was really glowing! The color of the dress made her hair look a slight red color. It was strange, but beautiful. Anna had never thought she could look like this!

It's amazing what a simple makeover could do.

Anna knew the boys were shocked too. When Jacob turned around, his eyes widened. "Damn! You look... great!" he cheered, clapping his hands. Ky glanced at her, "Pretty," he said, quietly.

Gray bowed. "And that, my friends," she said, "Is the work of a true artist!"

Anna looked in the mirror. Gray was right. Her work put Leonardo Da Vinci to shame! Gray was an amazing artist on paper, but what she could do on people was stunning, and took Anna's breath away.

"Who's ready to go party?" Anna asked. She earned a few whoops and claps from her friends.

To The Party...

They started hearing the music from a block away. And Anna wondered how the hell the neighbors weren't complaining.

Jacob seemed to sense Anna's confusion, "Jonny uses his mom's money to buy every neighbor their silence. The neighbors either leave, or just put in headphones or something," he explained. "Strange," Anna pondered. It was amazing how manipulative the popular kids could be. And how stupid adults were, of course.

Anna, Gray, Ky, and Jacob all walked up to the giant mansion.

"Holy shit," Ky mumbled, looking up at the huge house. This was bigger then any of them expected it to be. Jonny was lucky.

Anna knocked. Gray rolled her eyes. "Yeah, knock. They'll definitely hear you," Gray said sarcastically. Anna shrugged, "Just being polite."

They walked in. Anna could barely hear herself think over the shitty pop music. Gray covered her ears and said something. Anna didn't hear her.

"Jacob!" Monique squealed. Anna's ears had gotten used to the music, and she could finally hear.

Monique flung herself onto Jacob. "Baby! You came! With your weird friends..." She trailed off, looking at Gray and Ky. Anna wanted to defend them, but she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

"Anna!" Ashur said, hugging her. "Want some wine? There's plenty," she asked. Anna looked to Ky, who was flipping through his magazine, and was obviously no help. Then to Gray who was arguing with some popular girl. And Jacob, who was smothering Monique with kisses. She was all alone...

What should she say?

Ashur still stood there with a bottle of wine. "Do you want some?" She asked, again. Anna nodded, "Hell yeah!" She said, and took a sip.

The night was spent dancing and laughing. For Anna, anyway. Gray was somewhere on the balcony, sharing beer with some other skater and emo guys. And Ky, well, Anna didn't know where Ky was.

Anna felt a hand on her hip and turned to see the most beautiful boy ever. He had blue eyes, and brown hair that had the perfect flip. He was toned and tall, and just downright handsome. Like, Eleventh Doctor Who handsome. She sighed.

"Hey," the boy said, "I'm Jonny."

So this was Jonny. "I'm Anna," she replied, trying to sound as sexy as possible. "Why haven't I seem you?" He asked, stroking her cheek with his hand. "You haven't been looking hard enough," she said. He chuckled.

Wow, Anna thought, I could have some fun with this!

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