Luna sat perfectly still and waited. Nana was braiding his long black hair into beautiful intricate knots that started on top of his head to then gracefully drape down his back.

"Do you think he will come today?" he asked impatiently he'd wait forever if he knew there would be a happy ending to look forward to but as it is he isn't sure.

The old woman smiled gently and said; "He might, and if he does you will look gorgeous."

He sighed but did not shift determined to do exactly that.

When she finished he turned and helped his friend to her feet and walked with her to the door of his room where the guard could help her back down the stairs.

"When will you come back?" he asked hugging her gently. His best friend, well only friend and also his only link to the outside world, was getting more and more delicate she seemed to shrink and curl into herself more and more every time he saw her, her skin gaining more lines and her hair now completely white.

"Oh as soon as I am able I could send up some more books if you're bored?" she said kindly as she walked through the door.

"No I'm fine for now, thank you" he smiled. And Nana nodded before turning to lean on the guard.

When he saw she wouldn't fall over he closed to door and went to sit on his bed to admire her handy work.

Luna was gorgeous with his long ebony hair and large black eyes that seemed to sparkle on their own. He wore simple white clothes just a tunic and lose pants but he wasn't sure what was in fashion now if ever so he figured simple was best. Done with his inspection he stared at the clock the only part of his room that was subject to the passage of time. Maybe today, maybe tomorrow these words meant nothing to him anymore so he didn't mind waiting as long as his prince arrived at some point.

Sooner or later Nana said he would when she first came here to work for his family. She was hired to keep him company here up in his tower of solitude. As the rest of his family were too afraid to do so and orphaned at the tender age of 9 she really had no better options than being his friend. At first it was hard to get along but he was desperate and she was determined so she told him stories to pass the time and he loved her for it. As an 8 year old the blank walls and sterile white of his room would bore him to death so the life she brought with her was good enough, but one story in particular really sealed their friendship, he remembered it like it was yesterday because for him it might as well have been yesterday.

"You know Luna you're as pretty as a princess!" she gushed after dressing him up like a doll in a dress he'd given her and with rouge from her on older maid.

Luna smiled happily and watched himself with his mind's eye, a way to see from every angle. "why would I need to look like a princess" he laughed finding the effect kind of disconcerting since he really did look like a little girl.

"ummm well you do live in a tower you need to look good so that your prince will take you away!" she said grinning slyly. "You see there was this princess Rapunzel that was locked in a tower by her adopted mother the witch!" she lowered her voice for effect and he sat down happily thinking that this dress up was worth a new story.

"oh my! Was she dangerous?!" Luna asked leaning backwards fanning himself like he'd seen Nana do.

"Not too dangerous" she said after serious consideration. "Just a mean old bat who didn't like anyone! Anyways she locked Rapunzel up in the tower and wouldn't let her out ever, and Rapunzel just grew out her hair waiting sadly for some kind of rescue that never came. Until one day a prince rode up to her tower having heard of her beauty from the villagers and decided to make her his wife. So when he got there he said 'Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair! So she did and he climbed right up!" she mimed this last bit energetically and Luna laughed, where does she get these stories?!

"And so how did they both get down?"

"Well he used his sword to cut her hair and tied it to the window and they used it like a rope. The witch never knew where they went and Rapunzel lived happily ever after with the prince! The end."

That made him laugh even more cuz that means she could have cut her hair and climbed down whenever but she decided to wait for someone to leave with. "Why do you think she didn't just leave on her own?"

She shrugged and started to help him out of the intricately laced dress, "maybe she was scared."

And that even more then the story was what stuck with him.

Luna knew that he couldn't stay in his room forever but his family would become enraged if he even did as much as step outside of the room. He understood that his power was scary but he was not crazy like they seemed to think. So as he grew older and his dominion over time more and more complete he decided that he would wait like Rapunzel for his prince to arrive to live with him when he leaves, so when he turned 18 and Nana told him that that was the marrying age he chose to stop the passage of time in his room so he would not age a second more until he'd the time to leave arrived. And like that 70 some years have passed around him.

But that didn't matter to him until Nana passed away.

He really did love her.

One morning there was a letter placed next to his breakfast on the little pulley system that connects him to the rest of the house so that no one has to come up here. Curiosity peeked since this has never happened before he opened the letter, it was from Nana.

Dear Luna,

If you receive this letter that means I am surely dead, I doubt anyone would even try to inform you since my son is out to war and my grandchildren are in boarding school. And you more than anyone else would know that your family haven't contacted you in decades.

So don't expect any more visits.

From anyone.

Honestly Luna no one is coming for you, no one will save you, and no one knows you exist.

Except your family and I suspect your nephew who is now running the household might either try to use you or kill you as he's been asking about your power a lot since he inherited and seems to think he is entitled to your obedience. I tried to scare the little prick off but without me I don't know what he's capable of.

So my dying wish is that you stop waiting for prince charming and go get a life.

I love you Luna, I'm sorry.

Now leave.

Luna sat there in his white room with only the ticking of the clock to fill the silence. To put it lightly he was shocked.

She was probably just trying to scare him away so he'd nephew won't be able to kill him. But if he leaves how will his prince find him?

He sat there and waited. Eventually the pulley was lowered. Then raised again.

Maybe he could find the prince instead? But where would he look?

A new tray was raised. And lowered again as panic and fear started to swell inside him.

What if his prince was dead?

Suddenly or maybe not so suddenly the door swung open and a man walked inside.

Startled Luna looked up. "Are you my nephew?" the man had dark hair and dark dusky skin like Luna, but that was where the similarities ended he had brown eyes and a larger rounder build compared to Luna's slender if a bit feline build, wearing elaborately embroidered colorful clothes and seemed to be in his late 40s with a finely trimmed mustache.

"You haven't been eating your meals." The man said instead of answering, he stared at Luna for a moment seeming to examine him with a dark look that Luna was surprised to see was lust.

Remembering Nana's warning he backed up against the far wall and said, "Nobody comes here. If you have something to tell me send me up a letter."

Eyes widening a bit his… nephew? Shook his head. " I see the old crown has not cured you of your lunacy." He went to sit heavily on one of Luna's white chairs. "No matter, it seems you have more magic then we thought, how is it that you don't look a day over 18?"

"They didn't tell you?" Luna asked carefully, Bewildered and defensive he was not crazy! There is nothing to cure, but of course the more he says that the crazier he seems.

"I know you have power of prediction over the future and power of change over the past but nothing was said of you being able to change yourself, what are you hiding?" the large man gestured widely as he spoke, fear creeping into his eyes as the lust changed into the kind of disbelieving disgust saved for monsters.

Luna ignored him wanting to go back to grieving for Nana, he stopped watching the intruder and favored re watching the past, their last hug. He lifted his hand and was glad that his hair was still done up pretty.

"Answer my question." The man said angrily peering into the darkness of Luna's eyes, seeming to have abandoned the room to reflect stars instead.

Luna clicked back to the present and glared at the big man, who had interrupted his grieving again.

Luna did not like this man. Being his estranged nephew didn't help to begin with but he's visiting so that would have balanced it off. It's the quick movements of his gesturing hands and the loud hard voice he uses to ask questions that disturbs the peaceful stillness of the room that was grating on Luna's nerves and interfering with his concentration. For the last 40 some years all Luna was used to seeing was the slow movements of an arthritic old woman and the gentle voice of a friend.

"Please leave, no one comes here." He insisted considering turning back time but then he'd just live through this again.

The man stood up his face seeming to turn red with irritation, "you will obey me! I am the head of the household." He took a step forward towards Luna.

"I'm sorry" Luna mumbled and his nephew stopped, "I stopped time." He said as he stopped his nephew's time. Now even the clock was silent.

Luna went back to where he left Nanas letter on the ground and read it again. If she was right about anything she was right about that man.

Now leave.

"Alright Nana." Luna sighed and packed away the lunch that was still on the tray in the levy, along with a few changes of clothes and his jewelry. Then he spread the time freeze throughout the whole house and descended the stairs for the first time. The house underneath was nice, as what is expected from a successful merchant family home.

In the house he found a bag to hold his things, a large purse of money, shoes and a dark cloak. He didn't feel like he was stealing since he has done his fair share helping to build up the family wealth with predictions.

When he felt ready he left the house and walked off the estate only unfreezing the household when he was safely in the city. Looking around at the large hustle and bustle of the city with his minds eye he was overwhelmed by the hugeness of the world.

Where should he start looking for his prince?

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