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The morning started off on a regular note, nothing too unusual about the Sun, the clouds seem sparingly in the blue sky, and the temperature was moderate for the first Tuesday in September, yet it was a day of dread for all.

First day of the semester.

Dorm rooms and houses shuttered with running students brushing their teeth, trying to get next in line for the bathroom, or stuffing their face with any semblance of a healthy breakfast meal, that was of course an Eggo waffle or the left-over pizza from last night. This madness was common, more common than need be. The first day of classes seem to be the most hated day of all, because it meant the end of summer vacation.

For these girls however, it meant no more working their menial minimum wage jobs that had them working all hours of the day to make scrap cash for their necessities at school. The sigh of relief emanated through the apartment as 2 girls populated the living room and kitchen, dodging past one another for the sake of not starting an argument on the first day of class.

The apartment was substantially larger than a dorm room, and having a small strain on their wallets. The university owned the buildings 5 miles away from the campus, and had cut the price severely due to the unmistakable fact that no buses actually stopped right in front of the building. If a student was willing to living in these 10 story apartment buildings they had to walk almost half a mile to the nearest bus stop.

The apartment had 4 separate bedrooms with a jack-and-jill bathroom for the pairs of bedrooms. The living and dining rooms were connected leaving enough space for a moderate kitchen with the basic essentials, a stove, microwave, and refrigerator with a small granite counter-top island and enough storage space for a few dishes and cups.

A young girl stepped across the living room, her coal black hair tied up in a bun, rushing to get to the bathroom. As she approached the bathroom door through her bedroom, she turned the handle, the lock clicked, and causing frustration to emanate from her voice in a low grumble that resonated throughout her bedroom.

"Hanna! Get the hell out of there! I need to put my face on!" The black haired girl screamed beginning her relentless banging on the door, a constant thud sounding throughout the bathroom as the girl inside shifted towards the door.

"Can't you put on your face in your room Eeva?" Hanna snickered behind the door, exaggerating her stride away from the door, humming as she walked towards the mirror in the center of the bathroom. "I still have to brush my teeth." Hanna gazed at the reflection staring back at her, her hair moderately tamed for the first day of classes. Her dirty blonde hair was always a bit lighter in the summer, creating what appeared to be highlights in her hair and emphasizing her mantis green irises. She had always thought her hair was too unstable, always had to somehow manage it with either a straitening iron or some form of confinement like a hair band or in worst case scenarios a hat, but today, it was straight enough for her to be happy with the outcome.

Before Hanna could reach her toothbrush on the bathroom counter, a turning of the knob on the other side of the bathroom caught her attention immediately.

"Damn it!" Hanna lunged but was too late as Eeva burst through the door, pushing Hanna aside.

"Ha! Knew I could get in through your bedroom." Eeva felt triumphant as she proceeded to her side of the bathroom counter, opening up the drawers and throwing carelessly all the content from the drawer on to the counter, some of the items falling in to the sink.

"You seriously need to organize your makeup." Hanna muffled, hastily maneuvering the toothbrush around her teeth, trying to catch every little corner.

"What I need is a less annoying bathroom buddy." Eeva rolled her eyes towards Hanna as she proceeded to open up a jar of face lotion, ignoring Hanna at that moment and falling in to her makeup-artist trance.

Hanna knew that was her cue to finish up and leave immediately, Eeva putting on makeup was like a sandstorm waiting to happen; knowing in the end there will be some particles of the makeup making its home in Hanna's eyes and lungs.

Escaping the inevitable blast of minerals in the air, Hanna strode out of her bedroom and in to the kitchen, where she saw Birgita sitting on the couch in the living room, watching the morning news. Birgita was a tall girl, well over 6 foot, with her silky smooth and jealously long brown hair, her caramel colored skin that glistened in the sun, and her hazel eyes that made any man drown in them. She turned her head to gaze at Hanna; a small smirk trailed her round lips as she scoffed at Hanna.

"Eeva began her usual morning ritual?"

"Yeah…the usual. It totally slipped my mind to lock my door." Hanna reached over the counter to grab a banana from the fruit bowl on the island.

"I thought you learned your lesson after the whole Easter debacle. I mean she must have seen everything." Birgita had to stop herself from chuckling, her hand pressed firmly against her voluptuous lips.

"Oh god. Just shut up." Hanna peeled back the banana and devoured it with ferocity. All she could picture now was Eeva walking in to the bathroom seeing her naked getting out of the shower, and if that was not bad enough back then, it was made worse by the fact that Hanna slipped coming out of the shower the moment she saw Eeva in the doorway, causing her to be rushed to the emergency room on Easter Sunday for a bruised rib. It was a day Hanna has hoped to erase out of the pages of her history.

The morning proceeded quickly, Eeva finally emerging from her makeup studio, her tight jeans and pink blouse offset by her subtle yet noticeable dark eye shadow and bronzer, Birgita wearing the same clothing choice as always, bell-bottom jeans and an amusing t-shirt, this one stating "Too Bad Bitching Doesn't Burn Calories". Hanna always got a kick out of the t-shirts that Birgita wore, they were either very clever or down right hysterical, but she always got a laugh in the morning.

As for Hanna, her clothing choice was always simple, leggings or skinny jeans with a simple top or a sweater, in the case of the weather having such a mild effect on the temperature on this day, Hanna decided to go for a polka-dot top and a short sleeve cardigan.

The bus ride to campus had a different effect on the girls' every day, depending on their schedules. Morning classes would spell disaster, due to the overcrowding of the buses, and the occasional "accidental" groping from a fellow male passenger, which always resulted in Eeva setting the man ablaze with her ferocious eye-contact. Numerous occasions Eeva lost her cool and ended up getting the girls kicked off the bus because of disorderly conduct. They did not mind, seeing as usually they got kicked off only a few blocks away from campus.

Other days, when their classes did not begin until noon or later, they had first dibs on the perfect seats at the back of the bus, where there were 5 seats against the rear, 2 of the seats were occupied by their bags.

Tuesdays were nuisance days for the girls, having to cram their bodies in between people to catch the bus that would get them to the campus early. Otherwise, they would catch the next bus, meaning they would miss their first class.

Eeva made it very clear she wanted to make the schedule so that they had at least 2 classes together, one of which Eeva knew Hanna would be her personal tutor, Advanced Precalculus. Seeing as Hanna is a science major it meant that Eeva could take advantage of her knowledge in mathematics, and the reverse for Hanna. The three girls decided to take a history class together, which was more than exciting for Eeva as she was a history major and this class, Ancient Egypt: Art, Myth, and War, was the class Eeva had been waiting for for 2 years, and the class Hanna dreaded.

Hanna had a scientific mindset, and she constantly read everything there was to know about science, but the one topic she could not comprehend more than art, was history. Her mind shut down when dates, and names, and events were spewed out from the professor's mouth towards her brain, and of course she could never retain the information, so this would be a 50/50 deal, mathematics help in exchange for history lessons.

This day started off in disaster, as an elder man decided that his hand was more than welcome to glide down Eeva's hip, her fist firmly contacting the man's cheek, as his body motioned backwards on top of a young couple who had a look of total fear towards Eeva. Eeva was aggressive, that she knew, but she was also fair, and this was the right response to someone blatantly violating her.

And of course that meant Hanna, Eeva, and Birgita had to depart from the bus.

"I am so god-damn fuming with rage!" Eeva's erratic breathing was sending shivers down Hanna's and Birgita's backs, they knew she was on the verge of a homicidal rampage.

"Eeva, we are off the bus. There is no one here to grope you. Besides…" Birgita glanced at Hanna before continuing, "You most definitely scared the shit out of that guy and half the bus…I mean if anyone was thinking about doing that…now they won't." Birgita was the tallest of the girls, Eeva being the shortest at 5'3'' and Hanna at 5'5'' but Eeva was the fiercest, and both girls knew not to piss her off, at least not to that extent.

The first day started off tedious, the Precalculus class they had together was tough for Eeva to follow but Hanna was there to keep her on track. In retrospect, Hanna can see being a full-time tutor for Eeva in the fall semester, considering how math-challenged Eeva actually was.

The rest of the day the girls were on their own, only meeting up for an hour dinner break, where Birgita did nothing but complain about how strict her philosophy professor was, Eeva mentioned her growing fondness of this boy in her art history class, and Hanna geeked-out on both of them with her astronomy professor's field research.

"I mean if her research really does provide evidence to categorize exactly how much hydrogen is being fused during certain stages of hydrogen-burning then this will surely-"

"Hanna…..pleeeeease stop. My brain cannot take another science word. Please. I feel like I am back at math class." Eeva placed her palms against her temples, squeezing lightly to put enough pressure to keep from developing a headache. Eeva was always the least tolerant of Hanna's geek modes, when Hanna shuts the world out and just starts spewing facts and figures from astronomy, geology, and even chemistry, Eeva makes it known to Hanna abundantly, just how much she cannot endure another second of Hanna's "science talk".

"Yeah….yeah. Sorry." Hanna exhales, knowing full well just how impatient Eeva has grown of Hanna in the past 40 minutes.

"Oh stop it Eeva. Let her ramble. It won't hurt anyone." Birgita stuffed the last of the turkey sandwich in her mouth.

"The hell it will. I am the one being hurt by her science mumbo jumbo."

"Excuse me? Mumbo jumbo? This 'science' has brought in to this world so much knowledge and understanding, and that 'science' has created that phone that seems to be attached to your palm as if it was surgically sewn on, to prevent you from ever being more than a minute without it." Hanna was not as upset as how her rampage sounded. She knew Eeva since they were in middle school, and to her, this was who Eeva really was. She was a history buff, an art admirer, and had abhorrence towards the sciences.

"Oh did I upset Ms. Einstein? I am so incredibly sorry for my ignorance and I do hope that you will forgive me for being so frank…" Eeva fluttered her hands around clasping them in a gesture of sarcasm, trying her hardest to infuriate Hanna.

"You bitch…" Hanna uttered throwing a packet of salt at Eeva, Eeva throwing her head down in exhaustion.

"All right you two. We have 10 more minutes until we have to be off to our classes. Let's not fight anymore." Birgita took away any tools that Eeva or Hanna could use to cause some form of bodily harm on to one another.

"We are not fighting Birgita…" Eeva stated grabbing Hanna's hand from across the table and clutching it between her palms. "We are simply having a little debate. Nothing violent." Eeva glanced in Hanna's direction giving her a slight smirk that portrayed determination as she squeezed Hanna's hand tighter between her palms. Hanna nearly burst out of her seat from the pressure, motioning towards Eeva's arm to give Eeva a proper whack.

"You whore!" Eeva protested, Hanna could not contain herself as she burst out in laughter, the other girls joining in readily.

They all had a different night class and ended up meeting each other at the bus stop close to 9 pm, fatigue evident on their faces, especially on Birgita's. The bus arrived shortly after, whisking them home.

The morning started off fairly similar to yesterday, except for one glorious difference. Their first class was not until 12:45. It was as if they all woke up in a heavenly state, well rested and ready to proceed through the day.

For Eeva it was an anticipation she could not keep to herself, Hanna and Birgita seeing the level of excitement Eeva had woken up with.

Oh the other hand, Hanna dreaded the upcoming class. This was a course that was part of her general electives list but she knew Eeva would not let her live it down if she did not take at least one history class with her. So unwillingly she did, and now she was beginning to see the mistake she had done.

The bus ride was calm, no extra bodies occupying space on the bus so the girls were able to relax slightly in their seats. Eeva was preoccupied with fixing her makeup, Birgita was reading the latest blog updates on her favorite bloggers, and Hanna was peering out the window, wanting to just jump out of the bus and run home. Her reluctance to sit through a 2 hour lecture twice a week on the history of Egypt was beginning to creep throughout her mind, her nerve-endings pulsating slightly from the nuisance this class will give her. The one thing she was anxious for more than the actual lectures were the inevitable reports she would have to write in regards to Egyptian history.

Hanna began to contemplate whether or not she should sprint to the registration office when they get to the campus and drop the class before Eeva or Birgita can stop her, but she realized if she did not take this course now she would have to take it later, and that was even more unsettling.

Eeva's watch read 11:45 a.m. as she pulled Hanna and Birgita with such haste that both girls feared that their arms would be ripped off from their sockets. She was in such a hurry to get in to the classroom that the other girls did not realize the exact time it was.

The classroom appeared as normal as a college classroom could be, 6 rows of 5-6 desks each, windows on the far end of the classroom, a whiteboard expanding the length of the wall perpendicular to the windows, and hardwood floors that desired to be waxed within this century.

Eeva knew in classes like this, Hanna preferred to sit towards the wall, right in front of the door. It was a calming effect it had on Hanna when it came down to any subject dealing with history or art, where she had the option of a quick escape from the madness that would ensue. Eeva always sat in between Hanna and Birgita, and Birgita always preferred the left side. So the girls situated themselves in the first available desks near the door, Hanna at the wall, Eeva at the desk on Hanna's left, and Birgita on Eeva's left.

It took but a moment for Hanna to realize something was not right.

"Um…Eeva…when does the class start?" Hanna asked, her eyebrow twitched slightly.

"12:45." Eeva speed through her answer quickly, as to not call to attention the actual time.

Hanna glanced down at her phone, clicking the button on the side of the device, and the screen illuminated quickly with the time in bold numbers.

11:50 a.m.

"What the hell Eeva? We have almost an hour before class?" Hanna shot Eeva a look of aggravation, wanting nothing more than to smack her in the arm. Eeva was known for going overboard when it came to her history classes, but this was border-line ridiculous.

"Oh shut up. At least we won't be late." Eeva exposed her brilliant white pearls, making Hanna exhale in exhaustion and shake her head in derision. As for Birgita, she was too enthralled with her blogger status to care about what was happening between the two rage twins.

The next 55 minutes seemed to pass by quickly, Hanna reading astronomy news on her phone, Eeva diving head first in to the required textbook for the history class, and Birgita continually checking the posts of her favorite blogs. Before the girls knew it, the class had practically filled up with students, none of them seemed particularly excited about the course, each of them whipping out their gadgets and immersing themselves in their Facebook statuses or tweets.

12:45 p.m. rolled by, and the professor had not arrived. Eeva was beginning to fume from the disrespect she conjured in her head from the lack of appreciation this professor had for the students or the class in general. Hanna spotting the subtle hint of rage in Eeva's eyes, knowing she was already overreacting to a professor being late to the class.

"Eeva, relax." Hanna uttered in a hushed tone. She did not want to aggravate Eeva anymore than she already was but there was no getting through to her.

"No. No I will not relax. This is an injustice on us, onto this institution. How dare the professor be late to the first day of class? I mean seriously? This is college. And then they bitch to us that we are late but we can't-"

Eeva's rant was cut off by the sound of the handle turning, the door swung open to reveal a sight no one in the entire class was prepared for. This man walked calmly through the front of the room, a messenger bag slung around his back. Hanna, Eeva, and Birgita froze from the shock this man had brought on to the classroom, just complete silence filled the room, and Hanna could just imagine how many female eyes were gazing at the figure in the front of the classroom.

The man had an aura about him, something that was almost calming, yet mysterious, and yet he oozed sophistication and poise, without seeming like a man on the brink of retirement.

He swung the strap from his messenger bag over his head, placing the bag gently on to the desk near the whiteboard, before turning to face the class.

"Please forgive me for my tardiness. I got in to a heated debate with another professor from the History department." He smiled; his dazzling white and perfectly straight teeth illuminated his features tenfold.

Hanna uttered a silent holy crap in her mind, her breath nearly escaping her body forcibly. She turned slightly to glance at Eeva who was in tune with Hanna's thought process as she turned to Hanna and mouth a discernible oh my god before turning back to gaze at the wonder that was their history professor.

He did not seem to be an older professor, but he was at least, in their eyes, in his very early 30s, but the subtle grey streaks in his dark mahogany hair made it more difficult to pinpoint an exact age, as there were no wrinkles on his face, not slouching of his back, or any other "feature" deemed as elderly.

It was his smile that entranced Hanna. She had never seen a more genuine grin on anyone before, his face adjusted with his lips, creating a marvelous sight before the class. His eyes squinted slightly, but the glow from his turquoise irises made Hanna shutter. His facial features were so symmetrical that it was as if he was carved from stone, his jaw not over exaggerated with the right amount of angles and curves delicately concealed by his facial hair that matched perfectly with his dark mahogany hair, his facial hair extending from the sides of his jaw down to his chin and around his upper lip. The hair that occupied his face was more abundant than a five o'clock shadow but not so much to diminish his facial features. His nose was straight but round on the tip, giving his face balance.

The clothing choice was flawless in Hanna's eyes as it was ideal for his body shape, a light blue dress shirt that clung to his torso for dear life, it contoured every curve of his unbelievably muscular form, his sleeves ending around his elbows, exposing the rest of his arms to the happy female population in the classroom, his skin seemed tan, but in no way did it take away from the strength his arms radiated, a few random veins protruded from his arms.

The dress pants that so elegantly hung from his hips gave appreciation to exactly the right features of his legs, the fabric curving slightly to wrap itself around his hips and upper thighs, showing just how tone he is, before loosely hanging down to his ankles, where his black shoes seemed an impressive size 12.

He glanced around the room, scanning how many chairs were full when he finally got to the three girls at the end, his eyes lingering in that area of the room for half a second longer than his other glances.

Hanna was immediately startled by the direct eye contact between the professor, her eyes widened slightly from the moment. She felt her hands become clammy, as her heart-rate increased immediately. It was a brief instant, a millisecond it seemed his eyes lingered on Hanna but that was enough to send her hormones raging throughout her body, her breath quickened as she had to avert her gaze from him, even when his eyes were no longer on her, she still could not control the thumping of her heart, which at this point Hanna was convinced the room could hear the pounding.

He turned to his bag, taking out a Mac Book and a text book before turning his back to the class and grabbing a marker to write on the board.

Hanna glanced up at the professor, watching his arm move as he scribbled something on the board, his biceps and back muscles that so elegantly contoured to the fabric of his shirt flexed slightly with every stroke of the marker, causing Hanna to shudder from the scene. She could not control her actions and she was becoming enraged with her own body. He was a professor. She needed to calm her brain and her heart before it would become obvious just how flustered she was just with his presence. She was expecting Eeva and Birgita to have a cool head on their shoulders, but when she glanced to her left, she felt defeated. They both exhibited the same reaction she was undergoing, and she thought it would make it harder for her to relax but she somehow fell in to ease at Eeva's and Birgita's response to the professor.

"Well if you all already don't know, my name is Krisztian Mowry. You can just call me Professor M, or Professor Mowry. Everyone make sure you are in the right class, Ancient Egypt: Art, Myth, and War." He gave the students a brief moment to double check whether they were in the appropriate class before proceeding. "So, good, everyone is in the right place. Alright then, I do not see any faces I recognize so I will assume none of you know who I am." He shot a quick smile throughout the room, the girls all leaned their chins on their hands watching the immaculate man shine his dazzling smile at the students once more.

"I have been a professor at this university for 10 years, and just over 4 years ago received a full-time tenured position. Please, please hold the applause." He raised his hands trying to calm down the quiet room as Hanna could not control a snicker escaping her mouth. He quickly glanced at Hanna, giving her a reassuring smirk before continuing to speak." I am originally from Washington State, and moved to Massachusetts just over a decade ago. So yeah enough about me, all of you must be dying to know each other. Why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselves to the class." Krisztian gestured to the boy sitting at the desk closest to the windows as he leaned back against the large oak desk, his hands gripping the edge of the desk lightly.

Hanna knew she had to try and concentrate on the boy's introduction, muttering something about being an art major, but all Hanna could do was keep her focus on the way the professor's pants were tugged slightly against his legs as he leaned his hips back against the edge of the desk. Hanna made the mistake of glancing up at the man's face, seeing gentleness to his features but his eyes displayed a more captivating mien, a demeanor that emanated eagerness or a pull that was not so much directed at anyone, but it was there, escaping those turquoise orbs like a thick aura that Hanna could almost touch.

As the introductions proceeded throughout the room, her breathing escalated once more, and she could barely control the intake of air to her lungs. This was the first time in the 2 years she has been at the university that she has felt like her neck was being compressed for all the possible air it can release, making it difficult for Hanna to concentrate, let alone try and listen to anything the students were saying.

Eeva was the next to introduce herself, her joyful demeanor not lost on Krisztian as they engaged in a brief discussion on their shared interest on the mythology of Norway, Krisztian revealing his dissertation was on the Ancient Norwegian folklore. Hanna gazed at Eeva who was ready to scream from joy at his words, but she held her composure, her hand fiddling with the ends of her notebook paper as the person behind her began to speak. Hanna knew that there were only 3 other student behind her and then she would be put on to the spotlight, all eyes, including Krisztian's would be focused on her, and honestly the only pair of irises she felt kept her lungs from functioning normally was Krisztian's.

The girl behind Hanna had completed her introduction and Hanna knew it was inevitable to glance at the professor for a brief moment to introduce herself. As she shifted her eyes on to the professor, the air hitched in her throat briefly before she was able to expel it from her nose to speak.

"H-hello. Hi." Hanna made a quick gesture with her hand waving to no particular person, but the motion of her hand was level with her chest that the only eyes that caught the little gesture were Birgita, Eeva and Krisztian, and Krisztian's lips spread slightly in an amused smirk as his eyes kept their focus on Hanna's. She could not keep her focus on him, otherwise she would keep stuttering so she turned towards the students, looking mostly at Birgita and Eeva.

"My name is Hanna. I'm a junior and my major is Geochemistry." Hanna's eyes darted towards Krisztian to show that she was complete with her introduction but immediately saw Krisztian's eyes beam at her with purpose.

"Geochemistry? Honestly, you are the first student I have had who was majoring in geochemistry, must be a demanding field to study in?" Krisztian's eyebrow rose slightly, his gaze never leaving Hanna's as she could not understand why instead of just smiling and lowering her head she had to allow her mouth to utter more words.

"If it's something you love to do then it's never demanding. It's always rewarding." The moment she uttered those words she wanted to capture them from the ears of everyone in the room and shove them back in her mouth. Hanna could not contain herself as she gawked at Krisztian and the expression that he sent her way, a mixture of both shock and elation filled every feature of his face as he pushed himself from the desk to straighten his body.

"Good answer." He grinned walking towards his desk, opening his computer, his fingers typing so quickly that it was almost a blur to watch his fingers press the keyboard.

"So everyone is here on the first day so let's begin with the ever-so-dreadful PowerPoint presentation." He made a gesture of a frightened man, his hands rose towards his face. Hanna was picturing Krisztian doing the iconic "The Scream" pose and she could not control herself as she burst in to a hushed laughter, her hand gripping her mouth to contain any squeals of laughter.

Krisztian glanced over at Hanna, the edge of his mouth pulling against his skin as his gaze was back on his laptop, plugging in all the required cables to get the projector to display the images on his computer screen on to the board.

The class was riveting for Eeva, her hand was up more than necessary, and Krisztian could not get through the entire lecture with everything Eeva had on her mind. It was no nuisance to Krisztian though as he had the occasional glance at Hanna as Eeva was uttering her inquires, his eyes trailed Hanna's face and shoulders hastily before turning to re-engage Eeva. Hanna did not notice Krisztian's glances, as she was constantly captivated by Eeva and the words that she uttered.

The 2 hours seemed to fly by, Hanna more than surprised by the quickness of the time as the students began to rise from their seats and stride towards the exit.

"Don't forget class read chapter 1 through 3. There will be more riveting lectures by Eeva on Friday." Krisztian scoffed at his own statement, glancing towards the girls as they left, Eeva was the first out the door waving an enthusiastic goodbye to the professor, followed by Birgita who threw Krisztian a gesture of "later" before exiting the room.

Hanna managed to gather her bag quickly and as she left, she felt a glare on her back. She did not want to turn around to utter a polite goodbye but before she could leave, Hanna heard his voice in the background.

"Have a good day Hanna." Krisztian uttered in his low voice, sitting back in his chair watching Hanna pace towards the door. Hanna knew she had to turn around to politely give him a "bye" but when she did her eyes caught Krisztian's, her body in total shock.

He sat there in his chair, one arm on the desk fiddling with a pen, while the other rested an elbow on the arm of the chair, his back seemed relaxed against the wooden back, but his eyes were anything but relaxed. There was a determination in them, a force that Hanna felt was drawing her in, and she could not think of any way to snap out of her daze.

"Hanna!" Eeva called from the hallway, Hanna's body was shocked back in to a state of normalcy as her lips rose slightly to give Krisztian a hesitant smile as she uttered a quick and hushed bye before nearly tumbling out of the classroom towards Eeva and Birgita.