A/N: Please read All Work and No Play first or else you'll be quite confused. Happy Halloween!

All Play and No Work

(Sequel to All Work and No Play)

I felt the buzz tingle in my head as I stumbled up the stairs leaning on Drake, my boyfriend. Well, technically he's Jessica's boyfriend but the world believed me to be my twin sister while the Alicia rotted in her grave.

My thoughts went around the globe but at the end of every day they always found their way back to Jessica. With her gone, I felt as though half me was missing. It sounded cliché in my mind but I supposed that's how any twin would feel.

"Do you think your mom's still up?" Drake asked me as we reached the room to our apartment.

I pulled away from him to open our door but then toppled backwards and hit the door across from my home.

"Jessica, are you alright?" Drake asked as he helped me up.

"Yeah," I said, putting my hand on my head. "But Mrs. Frey is bound to hear that."

Sure enough, just moments later, our cranky white-haired neighbor stormed out, her lips purged. "What are you doing making so much racket out here? It's the middle of the night!"

"Sorry, Mrs. Frey," I mumbled. "Just tripped, that's all."

"This is the second time you've woken me up this night," Mrs. Frey went on. "I will have a talk with your mother first thing tomorrow."

I looked at her, befuddled. "Second time? That's impossible. We just got back."

"Oh, so now you're going to deny it," she squawked, "even though we were both there when I came out and yelled at you then!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked her still feeling confused. I know I had a little bit to drink but I would still remember if I came around here and got hollered at by Mrs. Frey.

"Never mind you. I'll talk to your mother tomorrow." With that, Mrs. Frey slammed the door.

"Well, it looks like someone's getting a bit senile," Drake commented, kissing my forehead. "Don't worry, I can tell your mom you were with me the whole night."

"Yeah, instead of making noise in the hall, I was out partying with my boyfriend," I commented. "I'm sure mom will be thrilled."

Obviously, she will not be pleased but she will accept it because this was typical behavior from Jessica.

I kissed Drake goodbye and then entered our apartment, hoping Mom had already gone to bed. Unfortunately, I found her sitting at the dining table with the light on when I went in.

"Mom, what are you still doing up?" I asked startled.

"Well, one of my daughters was shot to death just two months ago and the murderer still runs loose," she reminded me, sternly. "Forgive me for being concerned when my other daughter continues not show caution."

I huffed. "Mom, Drake was with me the whole time. We were fine. He even walked me all the way up to our room. It's better to be in groups, right?"

She sighed, looking down. "Jessica, did you even start your homework this weekend."

"I'll get to it, Mom," I said, starting towards my room. I turned back and added quietly, "I'm not Alicia."


I returned home from school by myself the following Monday.

"I'm home," I called out but got no answer.

I noticed light drawing from the kitchen so I walked that way. "Mom? Are you there?"

When I entered the kitchen, the first thing my eyes fell upon were legs with blue puff slippers dangling in the air. I looked up and saw my mother's body hanging from the ceiling fan, a torn sheet wrapped around her neck.

"Mom!" I wailed rushing over to her, grabbing her legs.

My eyes moved passed her body to the refrigerator. On it, this brown liquid painted the words, 'I'm back.' The lights started flickering. I ran out of the room. When I glanced back, I saw everything appeared normal. Mom's body was gone and there were no words on the refrigerator. I blinked several times to make certain of what I was seeing.


I gasped and whirled around. "Mom!"

"Are you okay, darling? Did I startle you?" she asked calmly, looking concerned.

I tried to slow my breathing. "I'm okay. Just a bit tired, that's all. Maybe I should get some rest."

She raised her eyebrow. "You're not going out again, are you?"

I shook my head. "No, definitely not."


Later that night, I stood by the mirror to wash my makeup off. I dabbed the damp cotton ball on my eye to get my purple eye shadow off. When I glanced down at the cotton I saw red liquid instead. It looked like blood. I gazed back at my reflecting and saw blood draining from my eyes. I screamed and tried to wipe it off but felt nothing there. When my eyes moved back to the mirror I saw my face appeared normal. The only unsettling thing was when I turned she did not turn with me.

"All work and no play," a voice croaked from my closet.

I knew I should be more startled, but this was less scary the second time. "Not you again. Are you the one making me see things?"

The creature man who once visited me, popped out of my closet. His eyes were just as swollen as the last time I saw him. I still did not understand why he bothered with his thin glasses.

"All work and no play," he repeated.

"Why are you still saying that?" I demanded. "I've mostly partied since your last visit after I… Well, are you making me see these hallucinations or not?"

"Oh it's too late for you," he fumbled his words. "Anyway, I'm not making you see anything. It's all her."

"Who?" I asked him, though a part of me had an idea.

He did not answer. "All play and no work now, it appears. Your life is cursed to never have balance. She will get you."

"Who will?" I demanded, but I then saw he was gone.

I walked over to my mirror above my bedroom, dresser. This time when I looked in my reflection, I saw a figure wearing the very same mask I wore the night I shot my sister to death.


If it was her, she did not answer. Instead, she reached her arms out to me, grabbing my neck and yanking me towards the mirror.

"I want my life back!" she shrilled.

"Jessica, let go!" I desperately tried to pull away but her grip was too strong. "Please, let me go! I'm sorry!"

I grabbed her arms and continued to try to break free. Her arms turned to dust between my fingers and I fell back. When I stood up and looked in the mirror, I found my reflection was normal. I felt a chill of the breeze from my open window. She will never go away. This much, I knew for certain.

I picked up my phone and pressed the button that said, 'Drake.'

"Hey Jess," he answered after a few rings. "Were you looking to go out tonight?"

"I'm not Jessica," I said, staring at my reflection that was not holding a phone. "Jessica is dead."

I hung up, not giving him a chance to answer. I then thrashed my phone out the window and demanded to the reflection, "Is that what you wanted? Are you satisfied? Will you leave me alone now?"

Without moving, she stared blankly into my eyes. I picked up my lamp and threw it, shattering the mirror. The lights began flickering.

I held my hands up to my face. "Leave me alone! I'm sorry, you can't come back! It's too late."

She would never be gone. After all, she was half of me and I destroyed that half for my own selfish desires. Now, there was only one thing I could do to end this. I slowly walked over to my open window and peered my head out. I then stepped on the windowsill.

"Jessica?" Mom knocked on the door. "I thought I heard a crash. Are you okay?"

When I did not answer, she opened the door and gasped when found me at the window. "Jessica! What are you doing?"

I turned around, my hands holding the wall to hold my body up. I looked my mother in the eye and said simply, "I'm Alicia."

I let go. The last thing I saw was my sister's face with a smiled curled on her lips before my body slammed against the concrete.

The End