Corporeal things don't really translate well in shadowed dimensions. Its the thought drifting through her mind as she struggled to keep whatever the hell made her herself together and not drift off into the surrounding haze.

She'd quickly lost track of time as she floated? Walked? Moved? Amongst the twisting shadows. They weren't shadows as one thinks of them in the solid worlds. A dark patch caused by a solid object blocking the light. There was no light.

But how could she see colours? Was she even seeing at all? Had her eyeballs actually just dissolved and floated away. Her eyes were (had been?) blue and that was an awful familiar colour disappearing into the murk.

Everything was starting to blend into the surrounding darkness.

What was she doing here?

A mission wasn't it? They had to fight something?


Who are they?

A group of people. Solid people. Who could touch and talk and breathe...

Breathing is important, isn't it? Was she breathing? Was there even air to breathe here?

There must be. Because they'd been sent on a mission. And they are not supposed to die on missions.

From the lighted corporeal world. They had to fight. Against something.

It was a bad something. She was sure of it. Maybe?

She was a fighter. She was fighting right now? Can't let it get her.

Can't let what get her?

The thing she'd been sent to fight. Was she fighting right now. She's sure she is. It wants her and she has to keep herself together so it can't get her?

Does that mean she was protecting something? Yes. Yes she was. It's an important something. She knows this but can't for the life of her remember what it is she fighting for.

She feels amused, but nothing is funny about what's happening. She can't remember what her mission was. What is it that she needs keep to herself.

And its still funny.

No, it isn't.

What is happening?

Who is laughing?

It's not her, is it?

Perhaps it is.

Maybe she not quite right. You know? In the head? Does she still have a head? Who cares.

She doesn't.

Ah, that's the joke. That's what all the laughter is about. She keeps thinking she's real when she isn't. Real things have bodies that do stuff, like breathe and have heads and eyes and names...

Didn't she have all of those once?


Pulling on the writing pants and attempting NaNoWriMo. Maybe I'll actually finish this :D