Before the civilization of man eons ago, before recorded time, there were creatures spawn out of chaos. They resided in our world, they are what the humans call the dinosaurs but these were just large reptiles these were beings know as the nether creatures. They saw humans to be one thing only prey and they reveled in the notion of being our predators.

Thus 10 gates were created to hold back the most powerful beings of the demonic race called nether creatures. If any of these gates were to be opened, it would mean the end of our world. If all 10 gates opened up, then our world and yours will fall into Armageddon.

Ash DeLaDracroness


Well guys today the world is ending. The destroyer has gone ape shit as you can see. Germany was wiped out continets are being uprooted and nuclear blasts are erasing all there is. Am sure your wondering "Why is she telling us the world is being destroyed. We can all bloody see it!"

Well that's true but you see, there's only one way too stop the destroyer. Stop a primordial god? Now that was funny. Nope just delay it actually, maybe a week at best. But for you to understand why and how the world is being destroyed? Well then you guys must first know this. I fell in love with the destroyer of worlds. This inst a story of blissful romance. This is a chronicle of blood and war.

Let me tell you a story...

Mt Olympus

Deep with the heart of the great palace was the throne room with eleven seats made from gold and silver lined with swirling jade carvings. At the helm of the throne room was a throne carved into a hand with its palm as a seat. The throne was made from gold and platinum a throne fit for no one less than a king amongst gods.

Zeus wore silken white robes and his white hair falling at his shoulders along with his grey beard growing from his chin falling at his chest."Wing" Zeus boomed, his voice stretching throughout Mt Olympus.

Immediately the ancient warrior appeared in matter of seconds fully dressed in ancient golden armor, with a short sword strapped to his side. He had a helmet under his right arm kneeling on one knee his brown hair falling over his eyes.

Wing had one large brown feather like wing, like that of an angel. He was from a warrior race called the Ariel nu Tim in ancient language which meant "vassals of power of the air"

They were created purely from the gathered life forces of the gods. Undying creature with the strength, to lift a truck on their backs. These majestic creatures could tap into the ether energy which they could generate to poison all life forms. They were the virus of the supernatural world. They were created as an army against any force who rose up against the gods. Their most devastating attribute was they could replicate the weakness of any creature by a single touch.

"My lord..." Wing said. The Ariel had lost one of his own wings in a fight with an alpha werewolf long ago hence everyone even his king Zeus, took to calling him Wing.

"News has reached us that an army of zombies are moving to create even more of their kind infecting the populace of Hong Kong city. We have reason to believe they are controlled by one of the Vraken lords, Vortex" Vraken was the term for 'dark being' in the forgotten tongue Soloxio.

"Also he seems to be in cohorts with Eclipse as a lieutenant I believe." Wing finished.

Zeus chuckled. Perhaps this was a sick joke Dionysus was playing. "Vortex Armstrong, a Vraken lord having control over another Vraken lord. Including a flesh eating army. A single bite from those fowl beings and in a matter of moments a human would die and be resurrected as one of the undead. Why would two demon lords form an alliance or even worse one bow to the other? We cannot allow soon as they appear I want you leading 200 of your kind and vanquish them immediately "Zeus said

"yes my lord but sire...why would Vortex wish to move against you with such a force he must realize that before he could accomplish such a plan we will arrive an surely his aware that no zombie army can stand against us?"

"I have no time to understand. The reasoning of a nether creature should you find Eclipse summon the Arch Ariel's. Capture him dead, defiantly not alive. If he wishes to break the treaty...then so be it"

Chapter 1-M.A.T.H: Metal Abuse To Humans

Tretra, high school.

Ash sat in math's class wondering why after 400 years he hated the subject. He was 6ft tall an extremely handsome with bright crimson eyes but he wore blue contacts as to not alert humans to his nature. He had silver hair that fell at his shoulders and sat quietly with a majestic demeanor. Ash was a vampire a nether creature that was stronger and faster than any human, he virtually as fast as a speeding bullet, could survive almost any injury except for a missing heart or head.

Rays of sun light shone through the window, unlike the rest of his kind he wasn't affected by its rays due to the nature of his blood. Well that was how his brother explained it to him but his brother refused to explain any further all he would say concerning the matter was " when the times right, I will tell you what you really are. We are unique clan of our race. There's eternity for us to find out."

For hundreds of years they hid in the nether world. A place or rather a dimension were the majority of nether creatures lived. Now they had emerged escaping from that demonic hell realm. Keeping a low profile was paramount so he pretended to be a high school student while his older brother Vincent, was a teacher in the school.

"Sir Ash, may you tell us what you find so fascinating about the sun's rays? Or perhaps you have children that you're thinking off how you will provide for?" Mr. Sheikh his math teacher said.

Sarcasm was not becoming of any math teacher. There was something about trigonometry that just sucked away humor.

Ash drawled his voice lazily "Uhhhhhh no sir I do not have babies but I do find something fascinating about the suns rays it. I feel as if it brings joy back into class." The class room erupted into burst of laughter.

Mr. Sheikh growled in annoyance.

It was the last day of school so he had nothing to fear of detention. He could have flunked school with a group of his classmates but since smoking had no effect on him he declined. Plus being a vampire and alone in the woods with a bunch of humans wasn't safe. Ash always feared he might lose control with human kind if in private. Ever since Jennifer he had cut of friendship with humanity.

Just then his super hearing picked up several screams miles away in the forest. No one in the class seemed to know what was happening except him.

Ash recognized the screams to be students from his school the ones who had invited him to skip school and have what they called a 'drink in the woods'. Of course he declined they were a bunch of humans who took life as their own play ground and whatever danger was befalling them they deserved. But the panic was evident in their screams. Someone was dying. Or dead. He should sit down act normal blend in with humanity. Unfortunately he was born with a compassionate heart. This heart of his was becoming tiresome.

Yet Ash rose to his feet. "Excuse me sir I don't feel so well may I go to the infirmary?" Ash asked

Mr. Sheikh practically spat the words out "sniveling brat ... you may not"

As if that would stop him, he walked out ignoring Mr. Sheikh's protests. Ash walked out of the class heading for the exit. Why was he going to save them because of that young girl her scent was beautiful it reminded him of Carmel dipped biscuits. He thought nothing of her but just as food. Well what else could it be. Most girls threw themselves at him but he brushed them off. So what made that Carmel honey smelling girl special? She was the very girl who invited him. . she was attracted to him no doubt after all was 'Ash' but her shy nature always made her timid in expressing herself but she always kind to him her name was Jessica.

As soon as he opened the doors of the school building stepping into the court yard, Ash blurred running at super speeds leaping over the school fence in a single bound. Blurring within the forest, leaves whipping across his face he came to a stop at the site of 13 students dead on the floor their throats ripped out.

Ash heard a scream to his left he saw Jessica screaming surrounded by grey skinned walking corpses. Zombies. He curled his nose in disgust at their repulsive smell. The fleshing eating monsters danced around the human but seemed to be waiting. Ash appeared in their midst startling the creatures "Hi" he said plunging a fist into the skull of an undead.

There were only two ways to kill all undead decapitation and fire. Ash went into action ripping of their heads in matter of seconds crushing wind pipes before removing the head. It was quick and clean not a stain was on his leather jacket.

Jessica stayed motionless as she sat on the floor resting on the tree bark in confusion. A few seconds ago these...things were about to digest her all of a sudden the hot guy had just appears next to them and another second later the zombies were missing their heads. What was it she was going to do?

Ash turned around with blood red his fangs protruding from his mouth. "You seem okay?" He grunted.

Jessica let loose another ear piercing scream "GET AWAY FROM ME"

"Am not going to hurt you..." Ash said forgetting he had lost all human appearance. He retracted his fangs. "Relax…I came to save you."

"You heard the lady step away "A voice said from behind him.

Ash turned around to find a pale looking man standing behind him dressed in a black tuxedo with jet black hair. What really piqued his interest was the symbol on his chest. There was a pin with the insignia of a sword piercing a heart. It was the symbol of someone who belonged to the council of vampires.

"I am Baron...this is council business, step away from the girl and go..."

"Let me cut you off there...she's going nowhere " Ash said sternly. Any other normal vampire would hear the word "council" and run. But he was mentally defective like his brother would say. Ash stood his ground.

"If I remember correctly defying one from the council is a serious crime I have the authority to end your existence" Baron said his fangs elongating.

"Question is do you have what it takes" Ash said walking towards Baron.

"Was that ever in doubt "Baron said green aura radiating from his body.

Ash blurred his blows striking from all angles. Baron blocked with his feet kicking Ash's fist apart then blurring with a super fast round house kick to his face sending Ash airborne crashing into a tree.

"I am over 1000 years; you do not have a chance." Baron said.

A one on one vampire fight was generally decided in seconds or minutes because of a simple rule the older you are. The stronger you are. Usually if they were similar in age then it would come down to that's more skillful but in this case it was different. Baron wasn't just older but there was 300 year gap between them

"Hey fights not over I do have an ace you know" Ash said rising to his feet.

Baron vanished appearing in front of Ash and plunged his talons into his chest but instead of feeling flesh he felt air. "Humph" Baron said then realized the image of Ash began to fade before him. "An illusion?"

"No its called an after image" Ash said blurring behind Baron punching him in the square in the face sending the vampire sprawling across the floor. Ash grinned blue lightning bolts flowing and crackling around him. He had managed to catch the older vampire off guard but his blow hadn't seemed to have an effect.

"Ah I wondered how you could use such a speed technique you're a master vampire "Baron said.

Master vampires were a rare breed who wielded a 'Gift'. The gifts are special powers that were bestowed special powerful Vampires.

"Even then you cannot beat me in your current state" Baron said.

Lightning spheres covered Ash's fists blurring he threw a punch at Baron "lightning fist!".

Baron lashed out with a kick clashing with Ash's blow causing a massive shockwave of energy to rent the air. A cloud of dust billowed the forest like a volcano spewing ash.

Jessica couldn't keep up with what was going on. How was it Ash was glowing with electricity and he wasn't being electrocuted? Her eyes could barely register what was happening before her. She could see her class mate Ash and The Man in the suite glaring at each other. One minute jess saw they were talking the next they vanished. A massive explosion went off and now, Ash was shooting bolts of electricity at the other guy in the suite. It was amazing yet terrifying.

"What kind of monsters are these?" Jessica said to herself.

Ash shot lightning bolts firing straight into Baron, blast after blast but Baron waded through the bolts unaffected his body glowing with green aura.

Baron strived forwards brushing off each lightning bolt as if they were mere sparks of lights. His thoughts were focused on one thing. The killing blow he would meet out to this silver haired vampire. "I am of the blood mind clan...our trait is the more will power the harder our body becomes. This voltage of yours isn't enough to stop me" Baron said

"That all?" Ash said vanishing.

6 after images of Ash flashed around Baron blurring zigzagging around him, the faster the images moved the more their numbers seemed to duplicate.

The images flashing around Baron were too fast for the normal eye to see. So he carefully focused catching Ash's scent, then heart beat. Like a pouncing lion he struck, Barons hand caught Ash's ankle

"Enough of this" Baron said pulling Ash's foot up with him. Baron leapt through air spinning Ash in circles like a raging tornado then slammed him straight into the earth. The earth gave way to the impact , Ash broke through the earth with so much force his mangled body left a crater.

Today definitely wasn't Ash's day whatsoever. Several bones in his body had been broken Ash couldn't even move his legs. Despite how fast he moved Baron had gotten a read on him. He needed to get up fast or he was dead. But the impact of hitting the floor had practically broken 4 bones in his body. From the heavy breathes he kept taking a bone might have punctured a lung. One vital organ down. Not that he needed to breathe but not breathing was definitely a bummer.

Baron stood over his body smiling in satisfaction immediately his expression turned serious, sensing tremors of energy in the air. He felt it before he heard it, a fiery flare heading his way he blurred a few paces back avoiding the blast.

A pillar of fire shot down were Baron was standing moments ago.

"Hey that's my little brother I don't like him getting picked on." A man said levitating in the air.

He looked like Ash with the same silver hair across his face with silver stubble along his chin. He wore a white collared shirt with blue stripes, with brown tie and a brown waist coat. He tossed a piece of chalk in his palms.

Jessica stared at her history teacher whose hair was normally black haired but was now silver. "Mr. Howard your flying"

"Vince?" Ash wheezed in agony one of his bones had punctured a lung.

"Well, well, well you didn't tell me your surname boy" Baron said looking at Ash."The DeLaDracroness brothers...Vincent it's been so long."

"This is my territory leave or burn" Vincent said his body igniting in flames but his clothes seemed unaffected. Ash wasn't glad his older brother had shown up to rescue him because with the heroic gesture would come an ass whooping.

Baron stared up at the encroaching sun, it was already mid afternoon. Although he wouldn't burn straight away, the sun was weakening him drastically. A prolonged fight with Vincent wasn't going to pan out in his favor. So he went for the safer option. "You are going against the council. It's your funeral" Baron said sternly racing of in a blur into the woods.

The last thing Ash saw was an angry look from his brother. "Hey bro" he said wearily.

Vince cocked his fist back slamming Ash's jaw, knocking him out.