Chapter 21: decimation of chaos.

Vincent incinerated the mages surrounding him and blasted the the vampires too smithereens. "Roaring heavens flare. 80 percent" his flames became so hot that the buildings began to melt and drip like molten magma. A simple touch from him vaporised them. "I thought the blood mind clan where supposed to be stronger than this? Show me the power you used to drive my mother to her death show me the power that you and your council vampires used to betray my clan," he said lunging for Amon. The council vampire was the only one able to survive a direct onslaught of his flames.

Amon chuckled "Vincent you killed my mages and my clans men before you die I will show you the fear your mother felt before she died," he said a blur before stopping from the menacing aura that poured from Vincent. "The aura levels rivalled that of a council level. How can this be?," he thought to himself.

" I was just going to stop your plans defeat you using my base power and use your life to strong arm the council. But you spoke of my mothers fear the woman who sacrificed so that I and my brother can live?," Vincent said laughing hysterically.

"Have you gone mad? He said shooting a demon bolt. Vincent knocked it away like it was a nuisance. The blast went of course and destroyed a far away neighbourhood.

Jessica's restraints melted off. "Go outside and wait I will be done in moments," Vincent then turned to Amon, "the thing about being a mongrel is we where not born of human form we are a mutated race of creatures so we can also attain a high level of power not by ageing like vampire just sheer rage. Let me demonstrate "

"Beast mode" he said, Vincent's aura turned bright golden as he sprouted golden wings that blazed with red fire his skin turning molten red. A spiked horn grew from the back of his head. "Do you now see the difference in power?, do you feel fear," Vince said taking a step forward. The surroundings shaking from the power emanating from him. His aura coursing throughout the entire country.

Amon knew even if he focused all his will power he would not stand s chance not against this entity before him. " your existence is an abomination no vampire can mutate and use a form such as beast mode no nether creature of human origin or decent!,"

"I am not off human decent my body is evolving always. I will tell you another secret vortex never took the black stone we came to an agreement. I absorbed its power directly into myself and made a bargain with him. I am a living god weapon," Vincent said his flames turning pitch black. He grabbed Amon's neck lifted him off his feet. I have so much power it's unimaginable.

"Kill me and the council will wipe you and you family out let me live and I will make you one off the-"

Vince smiled "shut up and die in agony," black flames blazed from his arm covering Baron and incinerating reducing Amon to nothing but dust in a few seconds. "Hmmn cooked him too fast?,"

The council arrived to the burning rubble that was Amon's City. The council had sent 6 of their most powerful master vampires. Ren of the blood flesh clan. His cropped brown hair swirled in the wind, burnt ash filling his nostrils. "Our kind has perished here today several of them," he said to the others

"There are two humans over there" a female vampire called Tomoko.

Jessica helped Seph too his feet as they walked past the rubble. She spotted six vampires clad in black armour like that of medieval Knights.

"Run. council vampires," Seph wheezed

Tomoko blurred creating a violet energy needle. She stabbed the pin into Seph's skull he slumped to the floor. Tomoko grabbed Jessica's neck and looked into her eyes "do not move do not struggle and do not use any ability," Tomoko said extracting recent events from Jess's memories,"

Ash appeared next to Jess swinging a right fist. Tomoko erected a red shield blocking the blow. Needles shot out from the energy shield. Ash moved to protect Jess as a hybrid of and Ariel he had skin stronger than steel so it was a shock when the energy needles pierced his skin. Pain reverberated throughout his body.

In that moment of hesitation Tomoko created a dagger of violet energy lunging with the blade. Ash blocked with his right arm the blade pierced it but no blood came out even his flesh wasn't broken. Ash lost all sensitivity in his arm instantly it became paralysed.

Tomoko swung the dagger at his neck. Jess grabbed Ash and lunged back.

"Thanks Sam," she said to the ghost. He had taken control of her motor skills while she was under compulsion not to move. Sam was always within her.

"Your safe? Ash your brother his-"

"His fine. Focus on the opponent before you" Ash said unusually cold towards her.

"Okay then?, if I had to suggest something I would say she uses some sort of psionic ability. Probably what even she cut or stabs feels tremors of pain or loses motion and you can block against it because it's psionic turned into matter," Jessica said

"How do you know this?,"

"I read? There are several types of energy in the world. Besides She gave Seph quite a headache before he passed out,"

Ash tried producing lightning but he had run out of energy. There weren't going to escape the council. No one did. Ever.

Shin and Cassidy misted next to Ash and Jess. Ice armoured up and two swords drawn out. Paige flew from the sky punching Tomoko into the earth creating a massive crater. Her eyes where blood red and fangs where out she let out an animalistic screech and bounded on all fours towards the group of vampires.

"She's succumbed her revenant nature. She could turn the tide for us,"

Ren snapped his fingers and all four limbs of Paige vanished leaving her torso to hit the floor.

"Ohhhhh shit did you guys just see that?,"

"Her limbs just vanished no cut or blood spilt just simply vanished," Ash said.

"Stop stating the obvious," Vincent said blurring in his beast form. His fiery wings beat heavily against the wind. That's Ren son of council woman Cassandra. 300 years ago he could send something the size of an apple into some other dimension. You grew stronger kid,"

"You're the one to talk, your using beast mode," Ren said.

Vince flew into the sky creating a massive ball of black flames. " I figure I should wipe you all out in one go,"

Ren senses the chaos energy the flames where enough to vaporise all of them and then some but he remained calm. "It's been decreed that we come and collect the hybrid as per your agreement. We know we can't defeat you so we did not come to fight. But we did have to asses the situation. We did not know the human was one of yours," Ren knew if he phrased his words wrongly Vincent would wipe them out in an instant.

"Ren always the polite one," a vampire said from behind Vince.

"Council man Leo!" The six vampires bowed.

"Hmmn I wanted to see how you would conduct yourself once you faced the man who killed Amon,"

Vincent said nothing not bothering to acknowledge the threat behind him. Why should he? When he could do this. Vince swung a back fist removing Leo's head in a single blow.

Ten thousands clones of Leo's appeared in different directions. And all spoke in unison, "I am a whole lot stronger than Amon at least twice the age of that pathetic simpleton. Never the less fighting your could prove fiery. The state of power you have achieved is impressive. But you entered an agreement for backing you against NAS we have come to collect,"

Vince powered down reverting to his human like form. I just wanted an excuse to kill more council A few more council vampires. But my word is my word," Vince said

"You are not the hybrid we want you see. You have defeated Amon and taking over this city. You may rule his territory now. The council has decreed we collect Ash deladracroness.

"Over my dead body," Vincent said

"No way," Jessica said

Leo's illusions disappeared. And the real ones eyes flared with green aura. "That can be arranged but remember Ash human casualties" he said blurring grabbing Jessica and misting away with her in an instant. "Is part of war,"

"Kill her for all I care I will just avenge her and burn your corpse,"

"No take me," Ash said

"Ash no you-"

"Shut up Ash snapped I am not doing this for you I am doing it for myself," for the first time since rescuing her Ash locked eyes with her. "I am a monster remember? It's time I find out what my kind is truly like,"

The illusion Leo had cast disappeared. Jessica was still next to Ash. And Leo was still standing yards away silently with the other Council vampires. Vince was still levitating in the air in his beast mode state.

Vince chuckled he even made Vince believe he had changed forms. Leo was truly formidable. He blurred to Paige and fed her his blood. "Only if Paige is allowed to go with my brother to Gracidonia,"

"She is a revenant she will be killed," Ren said.

"Not if she feeds once a day from Ash and she doesn't have to fight her revanant impulses will be put in check,"

"Goodbye brother. There is something I would like to ask the queen of vampires," Ash said walking towards Paige lifting her up and walking to Leo. "Stay alive brother and keep Jess safe Cassidy,"

"Sure whaterver,"

"Don't do anything rash we will come for you," Shin said

"Bianca will be mad," Vince watching the back of his brother as they left.

"You don't have to leaveā€¦"Jessica called out.

Ash stopped and turned around he looked at Seph then back at her, "but I do,"