Me: Thank you for coming to meet me, my Michigander friends. I'm so glad to see you guys again! I can't tolerate the idiots in my school anymore. Those monolingual, xenophobic, ignorant Honkas who make up the majority of the student body have caused me a LOT of pain. Especially the ones from Go-Kumi; they've got some nerve trying to have me cooperate with them for that damn sports festival after oppressing me for almost five years. The worst parasites from that class are these two bastards whose respective first and last names can be translated as "Blue Leaf" and "Island Field" and the bitch whose last name can be rendered as "Short Grass Plain". There are also other Honkas I have an ax to grind with like the fatass and the ugly bitch from the Aikidobu. Joining that club was a big mistake that I only did cause I like the sport. In short, for too long I've suffered from all those evil Japs!

One of my friends: Why're you using "Jap" when you're also Japanese?

Me: How many times must I say this: I am NOT Japanese! I am a Kikokushijo! We're DIFFERENT! That's why those Japs from Go-Kumi and other Honka classes bully me all the time. Kikokushijos are different: by our very nature we're multicultural and more likely to be polyglots. A stark contrast to those monolingual conformists who think Japanese culture is the best and believe that their standard is the only one applicable to Japanese people as Japan is still a primitive and savage society where everyone must be the same hence Kikokushijos like me are ostracized and bullied. That's why the Go-Kumi and many other Honkas discriminate against me and other people in the Inter class, use their numbers to oppress us Inters, and do all sorts of horrendous acts to me!

But what can you expect from such reprehensible cockroaches? What can you expect from those filthy Japanese Honkas? What can you expect from those monolingual conformists?

(starts singing)
What can you expect?!

From those Go-Kumi demons?

Their whole disgusting class is like a curse!

They each have nothing in their heads
They're better off all dead
They're vermin as I said...


Me and my friends: They're...Parasites!

My friends: PARASITES!

Me: They're not even human!

My friends: Parasites! Parasites!

Me: Let's wipe them out for sure!

Those single-cultured freaks
Have caused me years of grief

We must punish them through genocide!

My friends: They're parasites, parasites, monolingual savages!

Me and my friends: Let's punish them through genocide!

Blue Leaf: いったいなんだこれは?!



Island Field: 常識知らず、日本の文化には合わない。

Other Honkas: 排除するべきだ!あいつらは。。。

All Honkas: 寄生虫!寄生虫!

Fatass: 人間ではないわ!

All Honkas: 寄生虫!寄生虫!

Ugly Bitch: あの日本語できないバカ!

Island Field: 生意気なインターに対しての、唯一の解決法は。。。

Short Grass Plain: 集団殺害!

All Honkas: 寄生虫!寄生虫!



My friends: Parasites, parasites!

One of my friends: Let's go kill them all my friends!

All Honkas: 寄生虫!寄生虫!

Me: Now I'll need your help my friends!

All Honkas: 寄生虫!

My friends: Parasites!

Everyone: Are they even human?/人間と言えるか?

集団殺害!/This will end with genocide!

Me: This will be the day!

Come, comrades!

Blue Leaf: 戦の時だ!


Other Honkas: 完全に消しちまい!

Me and my friends: We shall make them pay!

Short Grass Plain: 彼を削除しよう!

Island Field: あのくそ帰国子女を消そう!

Everybody: 全員殺せ!/Let's kill them all!

They're just a bunch of undesirable.../あいつらは存在が余計な。。。

Honkas: 寄生虫!

Me and my friends: Parasites!

Honkas: インター!

My friends: Honka!

Me: Kill them!

Honkas: 寄生虫!

My friends: Parasites!

Everyone: What are we waiting for?!/何を待ってんだ?!

Me: Erase their evil class! We'll shatter them like glass!

Me and my friends: We'll punish them with genocide!

Honkas: 集団殺害!

Me: Now I'll punish those bullies...

Island Field: この日本語できないバカ!

Me: ...for making me seek suicide!

Everybody: This will end with genocide!/集団殺害!