Opening the Door of My Heart.

It has been a long time

Since I felt this way

I have kept the door closed

And locked myself away.

I did not seek for

A relationship of any kind

I needed time to heal

Heart, soul and mind.

Then one day into my life

You strolled so casually

I saw you and I knew

You would set me free.

I wanted to keep that lock on

I was afraid to let you in

I could not bear to be hurt

Or rejected ever again.

Slowly I began to open the door

To my heart and soul

I was peeking through

Wanting again to be whole.

Gently you stole across

The threshold of my heart

And entered into

The very depths of my heart.

Now my heart is full of love

My mind thinks only of you

My soul has found its mate

In the one who is you.

Traversing the narrow road we find

The paths are sometimes rough

But know this my love

Our love will be enough.

You had your own keys and locks

I found the way too.

I am yours forever now

And you are mine.

We have opened our heart doors

We have exchanged the keys

Forever I entrust to you

And you to me.

Hold it gently in your hand

Never let it go.

I am holding yours as well

As if it were made of gold.