This is an original work of fiction meant for entertainment purposes only.


By LJ58


"You're alive," Ben almost screamed, "And holy crap, did you miss it!"

"Amp down," Jody groaned, shaking her head as Adam showed up in class four days after the monsters tried to turn them into fast food. "He's probably still not feeling too well just yet."

"Well, I'm still a bit…," Adam sighed, obviously feigning to her eyes. "All those stupid tests. And all it did was prove that I was…..reasonably healthy."

"So, what was it? Cancer? Brain tumors? Brain cancer?"

"Boy is obsessed," Jody told Adam as they headed for their home-rooms.

"He always was. And, Ben, I had a mild case of gastro-esophageal reflux."


"He had heartburn," Jody smirked.

"You went to a hospital for that?"

"It was pretty bad," Adam admitted. "Mom overreacted, and I got stuck by dozens of needles, and swallowed lots of medicine. It wasn't much fun."

"But you had cute nurses," Ben grinned, "Right?"

"Fifty year old women."

"Man," Ben moaned. "That's not right."

He winked at Jody, and paused at the door to his home-room. "See you later?"

"Count on it. I want to hear about those nurses, too."

He chuckled, and waved her off as he walked into the class.

Handing his note to the teacher, he gave her a faint smile, but noted her own expression was still a little haunted.

He could understand.

"Okay, Adam. Take your seat," the woman said quietly.

He sat next to Ben, as usual, and looked around.

A lot of the kids were still looking anxious, and uneasy. Several seats, he noted, were vacant.


"I've noticed the freak-out factor is amped to like way past ten, lately," Jody asked as she sat next to Adam as he ate his sandwich while waiting on them as usual while they got their own lunches.

"I've noticed," he replied quietly.

"Dude," Ben said, sitting his tray down to look at him as he arrived just then. "You know, I thought about that stomach trouble you had, and it's probably all those crappy sandwiches that put you in the hospital. Sure you don't want to try something else?"

"I'm a creäture of habit. I can't seem to change," Adam remarked, and took another bite of his simple fare.

"Like someone else," JJ said, sitting down just then. "You have to be the only kid that isn't tweaked by what happened last week," she told Ben.

"Oh? You weren't worried," Adam asked his friend.

"Dude, heroes! Real heroes! I mean, besides the big guys. You guys were awesome!"

"Look, I went and got checked out," JJ told him. "I doubt I can be a hero."

"Really? Tell me you're kidding?"

"No," he told Ben. "I glow, and it makes me a little harder to hurt, but that's it. I'm not strong, or anything else like that. On the minus side, I also got benched, because Powereds can't play with Norms," he sighed. "Never mind my power only works when I glow."

"It had to come out," Adam told him. "And you," he asked Jody as Alice came over.

"Well, the guy that assessed me said I'm just really strong now. But only when I'm….you know, really excited, or something. Kind of leaves me lacking, too, because I am not looking for that kind of thrill," she lied smoothly for Alice, and those around them she knew were listening more closely of late.

"Still, you're Powered," Ben grinned.

"Talk about a fan-boy," Alice smiled at them, pointedly eyeing Adam. "I heard you were in the hospital, Adam. I hope you're all right now."

"Almost normal," he smiled.

"Good," she smiled.

"As opposed to him," JJ nodded at Ben. "Who I doubt will ever be normal."


"So, did Guardian really show up here?"

"See the new roof," Jody pointed up in response to Adam's innocuous query. "Super-hero insurance companies work fast."

"Oh, okay," Adam said, looking up, and seeing only fresh paint on what looked like the same ceiling.

"I also heard Mr. Martinez….."

"He was a hero," Jody said quietly, looking more somber again. "He saved another student, and without any chance of stopping that….thing."

"Did anyone ever find out what they were," Alice asked, eyeing Adam again.

"I've heard a lot of speculation on TV. Had a lot of time to watch, and the nurses always left the station on the news," he told them. "Apparently, they came from some other dimension beyond our own, and were trying to invade. From what the Immortals said, they were able to stop them before they all crossed over, or there could have been millions of them."

"Millions," Alice shuddered.

"But they were stopped," Adam smiled at her. "And they won't be back."

"How can you be so sure," JJ asked, looking serious, too, now.

"You didn't see the interview with Guardian," he asked innocently.

"Homework," JJ sighed. "My old man says my grades slipped last month," he grimaced. "Or so he claims. I think he just wanted me staying home until he was sure nothing else wonky was going on."

"Maybe," Adam nodded. "Anyway, Guardian said they were able to set up a sonic shield that destroyed the dimensional rift joining our two worlds, so there's no way they can return in the future. End of threat," he smiled, nodding curtly.

"That's….pretty smart," Alice murmured.

"Yes, it is," Jody said as she eyed Adam knowingly.

"So, you off grounding yet," JJ asked.

"Finally," Adam asked. "My near death experience," he chortled, "Kind of relaxed my mom."

"Near death," Alice asked.

"He had gas. His mom freaked," Jody laughed, knowing that was the rumor Adam purposely spread himself to diffuse his absence.

"Probably all those peanut butter sandwiches," Ben shuddered. "Who knows what they put in that stuff," he said, gulping down a second hot dog.

"Yes, he's really that weird," Jody nodded at Alice, who only stared at the boy.

Adam only rolled his eyes.

Which let those that knew him know everything was back to normal.


Some Time Later:

"Take out the generator, and make sure no one gets out the back," Feral said, leaping from his jet car as he headed for the front door where two men in dark gray uniforms had just fled carrying the stolen electronics they had grabbed earlier.

This time, Feral had let them take the plunder, intending to track the obvious lackeys to their lair.

"Right," Adam nodded, and raced around the crumbling brownstone even as he worked on something he pulled from his coat pocket.

Frankly, after that recent genuine alien invasion of killer lizards that had followed that near dimensional invasion, he was ready for some plain old criminal masterminds for a change.

Feral burst through the door, raced down the hall, eyeing broken doors, then spotted the open basement door, and saw a flash of movement.

Shifting to a cat form even as something flashed just ahead of him, he leapt straight up, sinking hard claws into soft plaster as someone shot behind him. He leapt again, landing on the lackey whose weapon went flying even as he went tumbling down the stairs.

"Too late, hero," a man in gray spandex, wearing a gray cape laughed as he threw a switch. "When I activate my shadow field, only I, and my men will be able to see. The rest of the city will be as blind as a bat, and ripe for the picking," the felon cackled as he pulled a long lever on a humming machine the size of an industrial washer.

"I can still see, moron," Feral growled, and lunged, kicking the man aside, shoving the lever up again before snapping it off, and then turning on the remaining lackeys.


"The device is neutralized, Feral," Enigma declared, stepping into the basement. Through a wall. He dragged a lackey with him, and let him fall from his hand as he eyed his mentor. "Need anything else?"

"Who are you," a lackey swore as the mastermind only gaped at him.

"Enigma," Feral smirked. "Glad you could make it."

"Enigma," the felon moaned, and flung up both arms. "I give up!"

"Well, that just tanks," Feral growled as the cops dragged the men away later. "And I thought I was the scary one."

"I didn't realize I was," Adam admitted.

"Well, let's go, kid. We still have to get to the Intern class," Feral sighed. "Any more ideas to keep those kids on their toes?"

Adam smiled blandly, and Feral had the sense to cringe as Adam declared, "Funny, you should ask."

Before either could speak, the transceivers crackled, and a voice spoke in both their ears over their transceivers.

"Enigma, this is Guardian. You're needed. Special case."


There was a hesitation, and then the alien hero spoke grimly, "Camelot."

Not the End….