I had to get away. Away from everything and everyone. Too many days of feeling numb. I need to feel something again. I can't wait to try out my new motorcycle. I thought finally, this is going to be great, to get away for a long ride. I got off early this fine Friday. I had my bike checked out and before I knew it, I was gone.

Was it a good idea? Just taking off like this on a long deserted road. I don't know but this is exactly what I needed. Or so I thought. All was going well. Out on the road, music in my ears filling my soul. A couple of hours into the ride, it happened.

My bike started to slow. I looked down and my gauges seemed fine but I was losing power. Damn I didn't bring my tools with me. How could I do this? I pull over and get off but cannot see what is wrong. I squat on the ground and just breathed.

I hate this, now I have time to think again. Damn. I wonder how long it will be till someone drives by. I hadn't seen many people out on the road today. Of course there are no bars on my phone here. Just lots and lots of trees. I pull off my jacket and just sit on the ground. Too far from where I came from to think of walking back. Not sure on how much further to civilization. Thank god for my music. I close my eyes and listened. I didn't even feel the truck pulling up near me. I just felt and then saw the dirt rise. I looked up and there is a man getting out of his truck already.

"Wow, Hey, hi" I say to him.

"Hey there" was his only reply. He walks up to my bike and begins to examine it. "Hmm, looks like you're out of gas," he says.

"I checked the gauge before I left and it is reading ¼ full right now." I exclaimed.

"Yeah, it must be faulty", he tapped the tank. "Ya hear that?" He was right I could hear the hollowness of it. Damn. "Well let's get this up on my truck and I can get you to a gas station."

"Oh you don't have to do that. If you can bring me some gas back that would be great, I know it is an imposition still but I don't want to have you pick that up for me" I said.

He looked at me and started moving my bike. "Ma'am, it's going to get dark soon, we have a big coyote problem and I couldn't in all good conscious leave you out here alone. It is still an hour till we get you some gas and another to get it back out here to you."

"Well… uh….thank you" I said. He moved the bike closer to the cab. I was real lucky, he had all kinds of straps in the bed of his truck. Suddenly I was both happy then slightly uneasy. Sigh…but I didn't have much of a choice. He was quite strong and together we lifted it and he had me hold it while he strapped it down securely.

We got in the truck for the hour long drive to the gas station. We left at a great time. I had been getting darker and not only that, very gray and windy.

"Looks like a storm coming in" he said. It was a nice ride. He wasn't necessarily chatty but he did answer some questions about his work and this city. He only asked me how long I had been riding and I had to admit not long but that I had taken classes in riding and motorcycle maintenance.

"Well, I guess you couldn't actually see something like this coming but I could check it out for you, if you like." I thanked him for the offer but I am sure the place I bought it from would take care of it. "I would never trust a dealership. I would just as soon take care of it myself," was his reply.

Not long after that the storm set in, we were still about 15 minutes away from the gas station. He said he didn't live far from where it was and it would probably be better to just stop at his place till the storm let up. I wasn't completely comfortable with this. I told him he could just drop me off at the gas station and I would just wait there till the storm was over.

"I understand you don't know me but it is going to take a while for this storm to be over and I don't feel right leaving you there. You're safer with me Miss" he exclaimed. He turned off the road. Apparently he made the decision for me.

When we got to his house, he opened his garage. We took my bike down in the rain and put both vehicles in the garage. He led me inside his home. I stood in his kitchen cold and wet. He left the room. A minute later he called out to me from the other room. I followed his voice and found him in the living room.

"Here is a towel and some clothes. You can shower down in this bathroom, it has a lock."

I looked at him warily. I stood there thinking what to do. I was already in his home alone and dripping on his floor. He must have noticed my trepidation. He put the clothes down for me on a chair nearby. He walked over to a desk opened a drawer and pulled out a lock box. He opened it and pulled out a gun and some bullets. I was startled. While he loaded the gun, he asked me if I could shoot. Still stunned I nodded yes.

"Good" he replied. He walked over to me turned the gun with the butt towards me. "Here, take it" he said. My mouth dropped. "Go ahead, take it," he repeated. I did, I took the gun. "There, now you got some protection, go take a shower, dry up and I will make us something to eat."

He walked off to the kitchen. I stood there with my mouth open, not sure what to do. He yelled from the kitchen, "Hurry up food will be ready in less than 20 minutes and I like to eat while it's hot!"

I walked towards the chair picked up the clothes and went to the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and put the lid down on the toilet and sat there for a minute. Wow, that was not something I expected but I was cold and shivering. I took the shower. I wondered if he lived here alone. Bathroom was nice and cleaner than I would expect from a bachelor. The shower felt good and warmed me up. When I was done I checked the clothes he left me. A t-shirt, a flannel shirt and sweat pants. No underwear. Oh well, it would work I thought.

When I came out he was still in the kitchen. I had the gun in my hand when I walked in on him. He was dry and had on dry clothes. "Everything okay?" he asked.

"Yes, thank you, do you want your gun back now?" I asked.

"Do you feel safe yet?" he asked not turning his head to look at me. I hesitated. "Just hold on to it a bit longer. My washer and dryer are there to your left if you want to get your clothes taken care of." He said.

I went into the little wash room. I put in my clothes and looked around. I saw a basket of clothes on the side and yelled out, "Would you like me to throw this load in with my clothes to get it all done in one load?" A few seconds later he yelled back, "Yeah, actually that would be great, if you don't mind."

It was all men's clothes. I walked back to the kitchen. "Can I help?" I asked.

He turned towards me this time and said, "I got it, thanks and I really don't want you walking around in the kitchen with that gun in your hand."He laughed then told me to have a seat.

I sat and put the gun down on the table next to me. "I hope you aren't a vegetarian!" He said with a smile.

"No, actually I'm not." I replied. He put down a plate in front of me. A piece of steak, some home fries and corn. I was surprised.

"My favorite meal and basically the only thing I am good at. I hope you like it." He smiled and sat across from me.

"Looks great" I said, "Actually this is pretty much my favorite meal too."

He smiled again. We ate in relative silence. I finally asked him if it bothered him that we were eating dinner with a gun on the table.

"As long as you feel safer, I'm okay with it." He said. We finished dinner and he got up to clear the table. I got up to help then remembered the clothes.

"I am going to go put the clothes in the dryer and I will be right back to do the dishes, it is the least I can do after you made that great meal" he just nodded. I went to the wash room.

I came back to the kitchen and noticed the gun was still on the table. I had forgotten to take it with me. I left it there and proceeded to the sink.

"I don't have a dishwasher by the way" he said.

"Now worries, I think I still know how to handle doing dishes by hand" I replied. He smile and left the room.

There wasn't much to do, so it didn't take long. I grabbed the gun and walked into the living room. He was on his computer on the desk where he kept the lock box. I walked over to him. I opened the box, release the bullets from the chamber and placed everything back in the box. He didn't turn. He had a weather site up.

"It's gonna be a long night" he said. I looked over his shoulder at the computer screen.

"Damn, where did this system come from?" Red and purple waves of bad weather were rolling in.

"I think you better stay here." He said. You can sleep up in my room and I will stay down here. "You can take the gun back and take it up with you if you like."

"No, I'll be fine and about the room I would feel better just staying down here if you don't mind" I replied.

"It's getting pretty cold now. How about a fire?" he asked.

"Cool" I replied. "I love fires."

He got up and went to the fireplace. I sat legs crossed on the sofa. In only a few moments, he had the fire roaring. Gosh it was beautiful. He came back and sat on the chair next to the sofa. We just stared at if for a few minute and I started doing my twenty questions with him. I know I shouldn't have been so inquisitive but it is just in my nature.

I found out he did live here alone. He was married once but they were young and it just didn't work out. He bought this little house for them but apparently living out in the boondocks didn't suit her. The longer we talked the more comfortable I felt with him.

There was a lull in the conversation when I notice him wince and grab his shoulder.

"Aw, you strained something didn't you?" I asked.

"Nah, just getting old" he snorted.

"I saw you wince when we took my bike down" I told him. "C'mon, the least I can do is rub your shoulders for you" I said as I walked around to the back of the chair that he was sitting on.

When I reached him he told me that might not be such a good idea. I assured him it was fine and again, for all that he has helped me with today that I would be most grateful if he allowed me to do this for him. I proceeded to rub his shoulders and he tensed at first then a few minutes later he moaned lightly.

"The thing is though" he muttered as I rubbed large shoulders. "I haven't been with a women about a year." I stopped suddenly, surprised by his admission. I took a deep breath and started up again.

"Okay", I said.

"it's just that, you touching me, I can't say how my body is going to react to a woman's hands on me….I just thought you should be forewarned."

I continued to rub his shoulders. He felt very muscular and his muscle felt tense. "Well, I guess the faster you loosen up the faster I can stop touching you if this makes you feel uneasy." I said.

"No…uh…um….I'm okay…. Thanks." He replied.

I continued to massage him. I rubbed his shoulders, arms and his oh so tense neck. He moaned lightly. I could tell he was trying to hold back but he was beginning to loosen up. I didn't want to stop so I continued. I began to move my hands towards his chest. He stiffened up a little but I just kept rubbing him till he relaxed again. He seemed to really enjoy my ministrations and oddly enough I really enjoyed doing this for him.

I continued my massage. Leaning slightly into him. He put his head back leaning it against my chest and he let out a heavy sigh.

He grabbed my hands in his. "Please, it may be better if you got some sleep," He said with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry. Is this bothering you?" I asked.

"I'm loving this. I really am." He said with his eyes still closed. "Too much," he added. He rose from the chair and began to walk away. He ran his hands through his hair. "I tell you what, you can take my bedroom and I will sleep down here."

"I couldn't do that to you. You've done so much for me already. I will be more than comfortable down here."

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair again. "No, I'm not having that" he said. "C'mon, I'll show you to the bedroom." I didn't want to push it so I followed him upstairs.

It was a beautiful bedroom actually. Right off of the bedroom was an upstairs living room. Very cozy with a huge over stuffed couch. The bedroom looked like it was decorated by a woman. A bit messy but nice but a bit too flouncy for my tastes. He began picking his stuff up off the floor.

"Oh, please don't bother. Hey, this is a really nice couch!" I walked over to it and plopped on it. He laughed. It seemed like the only thing not picked by a woman. Very manly, in a deep brown leather.

"That is usually where I sleep." He exclaimed. "You can take the bed."

"I really don't mind it right here." I told him.

"Nah, I'm kind of used to sleeping on that couch actually." He said.

"Oh, sorry." I said sheepishly and sat up Indian style. He walked over and sat on the other side.

"No need to be sorry." He told me. "Long story but really, take the bed. I insist."

"Actually I am a bit wired still." I told him. "That is a nice big screen on the wall, you think I could watch an old movie?" I asked. He just looked at me.

"I'm sorry, I know you must be tired, never mind, it's okay" I said.

"Old movie sounds pretty good if you don't mind me joining you" he added.

"Cool, do you by any chance have any hot chocolate?" I inquired.

"I'm pretty sure I do" he muttered. Before he could move I was on my feet.

"Great, I will make the Coco and you find us a good old movie" I said excitedly. He smiled and let out a little laugh.

"On the top cupboard left of the stove!" he yelled out. I dashed down to the kitchen and found what I needed. I felt comfortable here. He had everything in the places I would put them. I stood there in his shirt and sweat pants and felt like I was at home. Getting everything done, I looked for snacks and found some Oreos. Wow, how lucky could I be! I thought. I made my way back upstairs after finding a tray for our treats. By the time I returned there was a great old movie on, 'Marty' with Ernest Borgnine.

"Great" I exclaimed. "One of my favorites!" He had changed into just a t-shirt and jammies. He finally looked comfortable in his own home. Though how could he have been comfortable earlier with a gun in my hands, I don't know. He pulled out a wooden T. V. tray and put it in front of him. I put the snack tray on it and sat near him so we could share the cookies and started watching the movie.

I loved watching this movie but I think the long day was getting to my new friend and saw him starting to dose off. He fell asleep and I was feeling so guilty for keeping him up after all he did for me. I was finally able to get a really good look at him. He was really a handsome guy. Broad shoulders and a large chest. Not a muscle bound freak but a really nice chest. A slightly larger tummy but what do you expect with eating meat and potatoes all the time. He began to fall towards me till his head bumped my shoulder. He awoke with a start.

"God, I'm sorry. I didn't meant to do that, I really do like this movie…it's just that…" he said, looking shy and embarrassed.
"No, I'm sorry, keeping you up like this" I replied. I scooted over to the other side of the couch, grabbed a small pillow and patted my lap. "C'mon, get more comfortable and we can finish the movie together."

He smiled a shy smile and nodded his descent…"Please, I hate watching alone and I would feel much better about keeping you up if you would get some rest while keeping me company" I pleaded. The fact is, I did indeed like his company but also the rain outside was turning into a loud storm with much thunder and lightning. And being in a strange house….well, I wanted didn't want to be alone. A clap of thunder boomed and made me flinch. I think he figured out that this was probably more for me than him, so he stretched out his body putting his head on the pillow on my lap.

It felt good having him so close to me and we continued with our movie. I began rubbing his shoulder and arm again. I'm not sure that I did this to try to please him or to just calm my own nerves. He didn't tense this time and nuzzled his head further into the pillow. But this time he wasn't falling asleep. The two of us enjoying the movie and each other.

I continued my ministrations. I looked down. Admiring his face again. He was quite handsome with dark brown hair down to his neck. I couldn't help myself. I began playing with it. His eyes closed. I asked him if it was okay and he just mumbled an "Uh huh." He slowly shifted his body towards the TV, moving his leg further over the other. I mindlessly began slowly using my fingertips over his arms causing goose bumps to rise on his skin. I smiled but he said nothing but squirmed again just a bit. I don't know what was driving me to do this but I moved my fingers to his chest, rubbing small circles over it and slipped my fingers further down his stomach.

He suddenly grabbed my hand and said, "Girl, I feel I should warn you again. I haven't been with anyone since my wife left and if you continue with that, Well, I can't promise you I can continue to control myself." He looked up at me as he said this. Then released my hand and returned to watching the movie.

I stopped and thought. I thought of all the things that happened today. His kind, helpful, courteous and brave actions he exhibited. Brave, for allowing me to hold on to the gun when my senses finally came to me and I wondered how I ended up allowing myself to get into this situation. I thought of everything he did for me. Picking me up. Taking care of me. Making me dinner. I liked this man and I have to admit. I was seriously attracted to him. I looked back down on his face. I hadn't even noticed the movie was over and a new one started.

Enough! I know what I wanted. I returned my hand to his hair, then his arm. And when I reached his chest again, he let out a heavy sigh, but said nothing. My hand was now on his stomach when suddenly he turned but this time he turned on his back allowing me to finally see the full erection struggling against his jammies. He closed his eyes again and just smiled. I returned to my fun. Running my hands over his body with one hand and playing with his hair with the other. Playing with him was a thrill in its own. How long could he take this till he….lost control of himself. I wanted to test him. I slowly ran my fingers further down his body till my hands were at the edge he pants. I slowly slipped my fingers under them till I reached his cock. I rubbed it slowly as I kept an eye on his face. He blew out a breath, then bit his lower lip, but he didn't stir. I rubbed around his cock along the base. Around his pelvis, then I reached his balls. He let out a heavy sigh as I squeezed them lightly. He felt quite good to me. I caressed his balls and thighs and decided to go for broke. I grasped his cock firmly and stroked him. He didn't stir but his cock did. I could feel him harden further. He reached back and with both hands grasped the edge of the couch.

I stroked him firmly but slow. Increasing my rhythm and force till I was pumping him with all my strength. I felt him building. I wanted to make him cum right now, in my hands and he let me. I felt his cock pulsating hard and he let out a deep, "Oohhhh!" He did it, he came all over my hands and in his jammies.

I was so proud of myself. His body trembled for a few moments and I smiled down on his beautiful face as he came down off his high. He smiled up at me while I pulled my hands out of his pants and put my fingers to my mouth and licked his cum of my fingers. His smile broadened and he jumped up.

"That's it!" He exclaimed and he pulled me up of the couch and threw me over his shoulders. "We are going to break in that bed."

I gasped in surprise. Stunned and giddy at the same time. He marched us into the bedroom. Pulling down the comforter and throwing pillows off the bed. He plopped me down on the middle of the bed with my head at the top. He moved to the foot of the bed, grabbed a hold of my sweats and yanked them off. I didn't have panties and his smile was ginormous. He pulled me further down and went straight for my pussy. He kissed and fondled as I squirmed and moaned. His tongue, hungry and desperate for a taste of something he was missing for so long. I loved it, he was nonstop. He had a hold of my ass with both hands as he ate me whole. My legs were over his shoulders quivering. My hands running through his hair. I was already building when he moved a hand and began pushing a finger inside me as he continued with his hot tongue licking my clit furiously. With two fingers now inside of me I couldn't contain myself any longer. I pushed my hips into his face. My hands pushing his head down into my pussy, while he finger fucked me and licked my clit, I came in a rush of liquid. I was squirting! And he was just licking it up!

I screamed. I trembled. I couldn't catch my breath. He began crawling up my body. I could see him licking his lips. Licking his fingers and licking my body as he rose. Stopping at my breasts. He cupped them softly and I groaned again. Putting his mouth around them sucking them. Softly biting my nipples as I began to squirm and trembled more….I thought I was going to hyperventilate when he finally reached my face and said softly in my ear, "Breathe baby…..Breathe." He kissed my cheeks softly, then my neck, still with his hands firmly on my tits.

I slowly came down off my orgasm as he spoke gently to me. Kissing my lips softly. I could taste me on him and I began to lick his lips. Kissing more deeply letting me taste me in his mouth. It went from pure sex to love making. My hands were on his face as he kissed me passionately. My arms enveloped him as much as I could. I could feel his cock begin to come back to life.

"Thank you" he whispered in my ear.

"No, thank you," I replied. We held each other closely. Kissing and holding each other.

"I want to make love to you now. Are you okay with that?" He asked.

"I would love you to" I said as I continued kissing his neck. He used his knees to part my legs and looked into my eyes. "Are you sure? I know I didn't ask you before but…" I put my fingers to his lips.

"No, it was obvious I wanted to be with you. I wanted to share this experience with you."

He smiled and kissed me again. Lowering his body onto me. He took his hand and rubbed his cock against my slit. I was so wet it took no trouble at all to slide his engorged member into me. Slowly his arms returning to the bed on the sides of my arms. He pushed in all the way, all the time staring deeply into my eyes. My breath hitched up as he started to move. He kept it slow. The both of us enjoying every push in and out. He breathed heavily near my ear and his breath was hot on my neck. I lifted my hips with his rhythm.

"You're so wet, so sweet, I need more friction with you. I feel like I can't get enough," he said in murmurs as he continued kissing my neck and shoulders slowly fucking me.

I pushed up on his chest and he stopped his hips. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked.

"No I want you to do me harder. I want you to get what you need. Because….because I need it too." I pleaded.

He looked at me as if in awe. Pushing my hair from my face. He kissed me again gently and pushed his body off me. Releasing his cock from inside me. I groaned in objection. He got off the bed.

He took my hand kissed it and he pulled me off the bed. He timidly said. "Turn around, put your knees on the bed." I smiled and complied. "Spread your legs further apart for me baby." Again I did exactly as he said.

He positioned himself behind me. Rubbing my pussy with his hands. I lay my head on the bed as his hands relaxed me and excited me simultaneously. He grabbed my hip with one hand and used the other to tease my pussy with his cock. I found myself pushing back into him wantonly.

He eased himself in. Now with both hands grasping my hips. "Once I get started I am not sure I will be able to stop. Are you sure about this?"

"Yes," I murmured. He did one good, hard pump into me, then stopped.

"I need to know for sure that you're okay with this my love." And then he pumped into me again.

"Aww, yes, yes, yes…I'm fine. Please, I'm ready!" I yelled

Then he began. Fingers deep into my flesh. Slamming into my pussy. I grabbed at the sheets, holding on for dear life as he pounded into me. It was hot and hard. The friction was….incredible. I kept my ass up for him and head down moaning into a pillow as his relentless fucking continued. Finally he began to tense and tremble and he pushed balls deep into my throbbing cunt. I pressed into him as he came deep inside me. He reached forward and grabbed my breast as he came. Pinching my nipples with his thumb and forefinger sending shockwaves through my body.

His mouth was on my shoulder and he bit my flesh softly. A growl escaped his throat. I was in ecstasy. His cuming inside me just turned me on further. But he wasn't letting go. He held me so close to him. We stayed like that for a few minutes, till he finally moved carefully off and out of me. I stretched my body across the bed and he climbed up on the bed beside me. Exhausted. I was tired as well but there was one more thing I wanted to do.

I turned towards him and as before, I ran my fingernails over his body.

"Babe, your killing me," He smiled took my hand from his chest and kissed it.

I pulled my hand away and reached down and grabbed his cock. It was wet, hot and sticky and I knew it was full of his cum and my juices. Again, I couldn't resist myself. I bent over and began to lick him up.

He groaned and put his hand on my head. I didn't stop. I lifted his cock, licked it and sucked it gently. Tasting OUR sex all over him. I took his balls in one hand and squeezed them softly. I licked them as well and took them into my mouth one at a time. I was cleaning his balls with my tongue. Making love to his manhood.

At this time he had both his hands in my hair. And just whispering. "Your hair is so soft. What you're doing to me…it's so, so lovely."

I kissed the tip of his cock and it twitched. I smiled and kissed it some more. Flicking my tongue across the slit. I kissed and licked him clean. Then kissed around the shaft of his cock. I took it all and I sucked him hard. Pushing my lips up and down his entire cock but I only lasted for a few minutes. Sadly, I was feeling tired from the excitement of the day, so I kissed the tip of cock…..up his stomach…..his chest…his lips and collapsed beside him.

We were laying sideways on the bed. He got up and lifted me up and helped me lay on the bed properly. He grabbed the covers off the floor and covered me. He then grabbed his underwear off the floor and proceeded to put them on and grabbed a different blanket.

I asked what he was doing and he said he was going to let me get some sleep. "But you are leaving me here alone?" I asked.

"I think I prevailed upon you enough for today" he said.

"NO….please…stay with me" I begged. He threw the blanket on the bed and walked toward the door, shut off the light and got in bed with me. He laid on his back. I moved towards him and he put his arm around me and pulled me towards him. I lay in his arms with my hand on his chest and my head at his shoulder. He kissed the top of my forehead and squeezed me tighter.

In only a few moments we were both sound asleep.

The next morning I awoke. Our bodies were intertwined. I tried to quietly pull free but he stirred and only pulled me closer to him. I have to admit, it felt good. I tried to move again and he turned over. I found my way to the bathroom. I looked in the medicine cabinet and found a new toothbrush and used it. What I really needed was a shower. I found the clean towels in another cabinet and decided it would be okay. I was sticky and sweaty from being so close to his body.

I started the shower and got in. I actually felt a little sore, achy. I let the warm water flood over me. Thinking of how things developed yesterday. I felt someone walk in. I stood still, then the curtain opened and without saying a word he stepped in. He embraced me from behind. We stood together in the shower, he held me tightly kissing my shoulder.

"You weren't next to me when I woke up" he whispered sadly. "I can't believe I felt so scared when you weren't there." He kissed my shoulder again. He reached over and grabbed his shampoo. "Is this okay for you?" I nodded and he began washing my hair. I enjoyed his hands in my hair and him massaging my head, but was wondering why he was scared I had left.

"Why were you scared that I left?" I asked. He stopped momentarily.

"Just past experience," was all he said. I could feel how sad he was so I left it alone. He continued washing me. Soaping me up and kissing me the whole time. He even washed my private parts for me. He was being so gentle and loving. But this sadness I felt in him was making me feel afraid for him. I turned to face him.

"I wouldn't have left without telling you" I finally said. He looked into my face.

"Sorry, it just that…it has been long time since I connected with another human being…and last night" he trailed off. I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. I took the soap from his hand and began washing his body. Soaping up his chest and arms.

I asked him to turn so I can wash his back and he obliged. We did this in silence. I finished his back and asked him to turn again and his sadness turned to passion as I got on my knees to wash his cock and balls. "You don't have to get on your knees for me" he said grabbing my arms to try and get me to stand, but I looked up at him and said.

"I know I don't have too but I like doing this if you don't mind" I told him.

He released me and allowed me to wash his lower body. I Finished washing his manhood and his legs. His cock was getting hard as I squeezed, I then stood up and he grabbed my face and kissed me softly. Passionately.

"I need you again" he said with his lips on my neck.

After another round of love making in the shower I reached out to grab my towel and dry myself off. I got a towel for him and he started to dry himself off. I walked into the bedroom and stood there. This room is really atrocious. Flowery and flouncyness everywhere. This room was definitely put together by a woman and definitely not my taste. Actually it was the only room that looked like this. I sat on the bed and took it all in. There was even a chaise lounge in a garish pink color.

He walked in and saw me gawking around the room.

"This is the room I haven't changed since my ex left" he said matter of fact manner. He sat on the bed next to me. "So, can you spend the day with me?" he asked in a sad but hopeful tone.

"Uh… actually I am pretty free this weekend. I expected to spend the whole weekend riding and staying in a motel last night and today." I replied. A huge smile came to his sad faced demeanor.

"Great. We can go fill up your bike and I will get mine out and we can ride together and you can stay with me again tonight…If you'd like of course" he added in a rapid fire of thoughts he said out loud. I looked at his face. He seemed so ecstatic by the thought. The thing is I was looking forward to some alone time. But the thought of being with him all day. Well I couldn't think of anything I would want to do better.

"Yes," I replied. I think that would be great. I would love to." He jumped up off the bed.

"Yes!" he yelled out loud. "I have some gas in the garage. We will put it in your gas tank and then go fill it up. I know some of the best long stretches of road around here. We will do curves when you are better accustomed to the bike." He rambled excitedly while pulling clothes out of his dresser. "Hey, do you have extra clothes?" He asked.

"Actually I do in my side bag" I replied. "I can't believe I didn't think of that last night."

"Well you were kind of stressed out last night, anyway…you looked pretty great in my clothes." He said sheepishly. He went to the garage to get my clothes and see if they stay dried in the saddle. He returned with my clothes. I was relieved because I forgot I left our clothes in the clothes dryer last night.

I dressed and came down to him starting in the kitchen. He had already put some gas in my bike and started it. "Steak, potato and eggs for breakfast?" he offered.

"Uh, how about I do breakfast?" I giggled. He smiled an agreed. I found ingredients to make French toast and some huevos rancheros and cooked while he got his bike ready for our ride. When he came inside he was surprised.

"Wow, I can't remember the last time I had French toast" he said. I was about to ask if his Ex cooked, but thought I would leave that subject alone. We ate and he told me about the trail he was taking me on and that he called and ordered the part I needed for my bike and that we could pick it up on the way back. I was stunned. "It was an easy fix and it shouldn't void your warranty. I called to let your dealership know and they said it was okay" he said.

He seemed to say this to not only answer my questioning face, but also left me with another question but before I could ask he answered that question too. "Uh I saw the dealership card in your saddle bags and I gave them a call. And the guy was probably so relieved that you weren't going to cause a big stink that they said it was okay for me to take care of it for you without any warranty problems."

All I could do was to say, "Thanks" and smile.

We finished breakfast and we were both so itchy to go on the ride that we just piled the dishes in the sink. He pulled me close to him and thanked me for breakfast and gave me an appreciative kiss.

The ride was thrilling. Long roads with beautiful trees till we came up to a lake. We stopped and just sat there staring out at the water. Sitting close together taking in the quiet and the serenity. He asked me if I fished. I admitted that I really hadn't but that it was something I would love to try.

He finally turned and asked, "I really enjoy your company but I don't know much about your life and if you would be willing to come be with me here."

Again he just left me stunned. "I know this is fast and I of all people….. I should know better about moving too fast but I also know life is too short to not take a risk. I understand you probably have a life, a man, a family or a career….It just that….. I have never felt this comfortable with another human being in my whole life. You don't have to answer me now. Just please…think about it. We can go as fast or slow as you want. And if it isn't something you are interested in, you can just kiss me, say goodbye and that will be that. Just please know it is an option….….think about it." I only nodded my head.

"There is a cute little diner in the town. How about it…you hungry?" He asked.

"Sure" I said. We got back on our bikes and road into town. First we picked up my bike part and of course he wouldn't let me pay for it. Then we went out to eat. We had a pleasant meal and he didn't mention his "proposal".

"We better stop by the store and pick up a couple of things. What would you like for dinner babe?" he asked. I smiled at his calling me babe. He was acting like we were a couple.

"I'm way to full from that good lunch to be thinking of dinner" I replied.

"Okay how about we stop at….." I stopped him suddenly.

"We kind of had a long ride this morning and I am a still kind of new to this" I told him. "How about we go ahead and stop at the store then go home….uh…..I mean to your place for a quiet evening. Maybe another movie or something."

"Great idea plus I still need to fix your bike, yes we got a plan. A quiet evening at home" he exclaimed.

He looked so happy. He paid for dinner, grabbed my hand and we left the diner. We got on our bikes and made for the little grocery store. "So movie night at home…Hot dogs and popcorn?" He asked a bit gleefully.

"Sounds great!" I said, sharing his enthusiasm. Back at his place he began fixing my bike being careful to show me exactly what he was doing. He was so much in his element and I loved that. I helped him put his tools away and we went inside. I checked on my clothes from the dryer. I apologize about how wrinkled everything was and he said not to worry. I even offered to iron his clothes but he told me it wasn't a big deal.

He walked up to me again and put his hand on my face. "You're beautiful, you know that right?" Again he caught me by surprise. He pulled me closer and kissed me again. "Come back with me to the bedroom…please?" he asked. I nodded my consent and he led me to the bedroom. At the door of the bedroom I stopped.

"I have to ask you something, you changed your place when she left. Why haven't your changed the bedroom." I asked. He took a step back.

"I just couldn't bring myself to do this one room. I got rid of all the knick knacks and crap she had all around the place but I always thought I wasn't ready for that, yet….. I couldn't bring myself to sleep in here." He answered.

I moved close to him and held him. I took his head in my hands and looked into his eyes and kissed him. "Are you sure you're ready now? You want me to stay with you but, are you sure you can let go of the past?" I asked.

He put his arms around me and said, "I'm ready to move forward. I know I don't want her to come back. We were two different people. We wanted two different things. I… I…"

"Shhh, it's okay." I kissed him again. "How about we take a little nap?" I asked.

We went to bed. He sat on the bed and pulled me towards him with me standing before him between his legs. "I've had so much fun with you." and he began to kiss me.

We kept it slow this time. He nuzzled my chest and kissed my neck. Slowly lifting my shirt off. Reaching across undoing my bra. I had my hands on his shoulders as he kissed and squeezed my breasts, pinching my nipples with his thumb and forefinger. One hand moving to my ass as he squeezed hard. I held my breasts to his face as he kissed and softly bit my nipples and then using both of his hands he began working to unzip my pants. Pushing them off me, grabbing my ass with both hands squeezing my cheeks and slipping his fingers between my legs.

I gasped as he slid a finger inside me. I looked down on his face as he looked up at me. I bent to kiss him. He stood without letting go of my ass. Kissing me again as he rose. He released me as I grabbed for the bottom of his shirt and lift it off him. I kissed his chest as I reached to undue his jeans. I slid down his body pushing his jeans and underwear down. His cock popped out of his jeans to greet me and I smiled and automatically took him in my mouth. He held my head softly to his crotch as I made love to it.

He pushed his hips towards me as I took in his full length. Holding my head and pulling back to only push into my mouth again. He was slowly fucking my mouth, breathing heavier and heavier. He pulled out and lifted me to stand in front of him. He lifted me and placed me on the bed. He crawled over my body and readied himself to enter me. He was staring into my eyes. I could feel his engorged cock at my entrance and I closed my eyes.

"No, please, I want to see you. I want to watch you enjoy this. Your beautiful" he said so sweetly. I was about to turn my head and say no, but he grasped my jaw. "Look at me. You're beautiful" he said.

He entered me slowly, achingly slow and I could feel him inch by inch as he watch my expression closely. He pushed in all the way, holding his position for a moment. Then he began to move. I groaned with pleasure and he just kept moving. In and out and, then he would swirl his hips. He kept this pace up and I matched his thrusts with my hips. He held my hands above my head and continued the rhythm. I finally could no longer keep my eyes open. This was hot, sweet and sensual. He kissed me as swirled his hips again, giving me a new sensation. I was building. I could feel the orgasm rising again. He was tensing as well.

"Let me see you babe, I want to watch you as you cum," he asked again. I opened my eyes and the expression on his face pushed me over the edge. I came hard, my breath catching and I gasped, while staring into his eyes. He pushed in hard and held his body so close to me we felt like one. Both of us quivering, convulsing even as we stared at each others faces. He began kissing me again. My legs wrapped around his waist as to not let him go. One of my arms wrapped around his neck and the other with my fingers in his hair. No I didn't want to let go.

Finally he whispered in my ear, "It would be so lovely if you stayed here with me." Then he gave me another kissed and rolled off of me. I turned away to think and he just got closer and held me tight. "Again…..just think about it. You can tell me tomorrow" he whispered.

We fell asleep for a few hours. When we woke, we washed up and went down stairs. It was dinner time, or movie time for us. We got our food together and made ourselves comfortable again on the couch off the bedroom. We had another lovely night, eating hot dogs and popcorn and discussing the film. When we finished eating he went downstairs to put the dishes in the sink and came back and sat next to me. Wrapping his arm around me.

After the movie he turned to me and asked me. "When do you have to head out tomorrow?"

"Uh….I….uh…would like to get home before it gets to dark. I have work first thing Monday morning." I replied

"Do you enjoy your job?" He asked.

"It is okay…I just have been feeling a bit conflicted. I'm not sure it is something I want to continue doing." I added.

"Hmmm, maybe I can help you find something close to here," He seemed to think out loud.

"Anything you care to do tomorrow morning?" He asked

"Actually I would like to try my hand at fishing. I don't think I can handle another long bike ride tomorrow before I ride back home." I said.

"I could take you home in my truck if you like." He said somberly.

"I couldn't possibly put you out like that. I can ride home. I just would like to relax at that beautiful lake we ate at today." I said

"Good, then we better get some sleep so we can get an early start to the day. C'mon, let's get to bed." He ordered.

He offered a hand and pulled me up and led me into the bedroom. We changed our clothes and got in bed. He again pulled me close to him, gently kissed me on the cheek and told me goodnight.

I didn't have a completely peaceful sleep. He wants me to stay. And live with him? Marry him? I am not sure what he means. I do know I feel great when I am with him. None of the stress I have at home, with my job and people who seem to want so much from me but give so little in return. No matter what I need to take my time and think about this. I finally slip into a peaceful feeling, hearing him breathe heavily beside me.

Another beautiful morning. He seems to be up already. I get up and take a quick shower to catch up. He is already downstairs, efficiently packing food and fishing equipment.

"Good morning! He says brightly. You ready to go?"

"Sure" I reply. "What can I do?"

"Not a thing, we're all set. There is a heavier jacket on the chair there. It is going to go be chilly this morning but I thought we would get an early start." He said eagerly.

We were out of the house in minutes. Loaded up in his truck and on our way. I found myself oddly excited. I never did this before. The thought of touching fish kind of had an ick factor to me but I knew I could handle it.

The lake was beautiful. Clean, quiet, picturesque. I helped him unload and we set up near the lake. He helped me to hook my own bait. Yes, I was quite proud of myself. He was so cute, he brought coffee and hot chocolate so I can have a choice. He brought breakfast snacks. Muffins, fruit and of all things, pop tarts…

"Don't worry lunch will be so much better" he laughed.

"No, this is great" I smiled. We had a great morning fishing and talking. I told him about my job and the problems I was having. He gave me advice without trying to sway my decision of whether I should come live with him or not. And he told me about his ex. He wasn't bitter but just said they were too young though and that he should have known better.

We caught a few fish then took a break. We talked more. He was so good to talk to. He grabbed my hand and told me that this would be nice to do again, soon, even if I decided to not to come live with him. I told him that even if I do decide to come live with him, it couldn't be anytime soon. That we didn't really know each other very well and that what happened between us, never happened to me before.

He said he understood and he realized it was a rash request but he never felt this way about anyone ever before, and yes…he is aware that sounded like a line but that is his how he truly felt. He pulled me in to kiss me and that was all the encouragement we needed. I was back in his arms kissing him passionately in return.

"Hold on" he said pushing me off him. He went to the truck and took out a weird package and blanket. He walked back towards me and flicked out the package. "OMG…. A pop up tent!" I exclaimed. I turned and hugged him.

"After you M'lady" he said motioning me in. I kissed him giggling and crawled in and laid on my back as he followed right after. He came straight in for the kiss. My arms enveloping him automatically. Our tongues eager for each other. Hands everywhere. We were pulling at each other's shirts frantically trying to get all these clothes off. We turned with me on top. I knelt up and he helped me with my bra and sat straight up and commenced worshiping my breasts. Squeezing them with both hands. Kissing them, sucking them and biting my nipples in an ever so delightful way.

My pussy was so wet from his worshipping but I didn't dare stop him. I wanted…I needed him to get his fill of me, as I wanted my fill of him. I had my arms around his chest holding him tightly to me enjoying every bite, lick, suck, pinch and squeeze. I moaned loudly.

"Oh God I need you. I need you so bad!" I yelled. He moved us together.

"Your wish is my command" he exclaimed.

He stood and took off his pants swiftly as I bent to relieve myself of mine and in only a moment, he was on me, in me….just like that. I gasped in surprise. He was getting his fill. He fucked me hard, like it would be our last time. He was relentless but I loved it. He had my hips up in the air as he pounded and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. I held on for dear life again, as he thrust in and out so hard my tits were bouncing everywhere. He held my hips and continued the pounding. I grabbed a hold of my breasts to get control of them, but that just pushed me further into my orgasm. I came hard and he wasn't stopping.

I screamed "OH GOD" out of pure pleasure, grasping at the fabric underneath me. Finally he began to tense and pushed in, balls so deep I thought they would go into me too. He let out the sexiest guttural groan I ever heard and let his cum go deep inside me. Holding my pussy to him as close as two people can be. I reached up and held him to me as well. Both of us sweaty and clinging to each other. He kissed me again. Moving his hands to my back. Me, pushing my pelvis into him as to not lose the precious force between us. Both of us clinging to each other, breathing heavily. It took several moments for us to finally loosen our grips. He slowly laid me down. He laid down on his back next to me and I turned my body into him. My arm on his chest. His arm around my shoulders pulling me towards him.

"We can't be this good together for nothing. This isn't just lust. What we have, we need to try and keep. We have to work something out" he said. Then we just held each other close for a long while.

We began to dose off in our utter exhaustion when we heard a noise outside. I grabbed the blanket to cover myself as he jumped up to put his pants on hurriedly.

Outside the tent was a hungry puppy digging into the back pack that carried food. He yelled out that everything was okay and he grabbed the dog and was holding it as I crawled out of the tent.

"Way to kill a mood Killer!" he said to the dog, black and white puppy that looked like a border collie.

I walked over and took the dog from him. "Oh don't be mean to him he didn't know he was interrupting the greatest sex I ever had" I said laughingly. He looked at me stunned with his mouth hanging open.

"Hmm maybe we should just leave this dog here and get back to it" he said.

"No", I exclaimed cuddling with the puppy. "He is right, it is time to eat and to be honest I am pretty hungry and exhausted."

He agreed and unpacked the food, being sure to feed the poor puppy first. We enjoyed our leisurely lunch and enjoying the puppy as well as one another's company. But little by little we became quiet, knowing the time for me to leave was coming soon. I helped him clean up and load the truck. I asked him what we were going to do about the puppy.

"I guess I could put up posters and ask around town" he said. "Unless you would like to take it with you?"

"I would love to but I can't keep him in my apartment" I said sadly.

"You like him?" He asked.

"I love him" I replied as I nuzzled the puppy.

"Then I will keep him", he said quietly "It will give you another reason to come back to me" he added. I looked at him and smiled sadly.

We got in the truck and had a quiet ride back to his place. We unloaded the truck and went inside. I know I had to be leaving soon so it wouldn't be too dark when I got home.

I got all my clothes together as he waited in the garage with the puppy. When I entered the garage he stood up. I put my clothes back into the saddles.

I kissed the puppy and then kissed him. He didn't move to hold me and I was glad because I knew I couldn't handle it and I would start crying. This was so hard. Leaving was so hard. But I had so much to think about. Could I handle this country living? Not sure if there would be a job for me here. I didn't want to come to him empty handed. Though I thought to myself that I didn't think he would care if I only came to him with the clothes on my back.

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you home?" He asked

"No, I need the time to think and you need to take care of our puppy" I told him.

"Our puppy?" He asked.

"Yes, what will we name him?" I inquired.

"Hmm, probably after our first dessert…..Oreo" he replied.

"I love that! Goodbye Oreo…I will see you soon and you too babe" as I kissed him again.

"Soon" I repeated. He leaned in to kiss me again and this time with a beautiful smile.

On that smile, I rode off with a smile of my own. It felt right to say I would be back. And I will be back with new sheets and curtains for that room. Hmm maybe some polished slate gray. I will redo his bedroom for the both of us.