Santa's Sleigh Crash (and a Computer Problem)

On December 24th, Santa filled his sack with toys. For some reason, he didn't know he left one elf behind. The elf was doing work on a computer, making sure the toys didn't get mixed up, like another elf had mistakenly done once before.

All of a sudden, the computer told him that Santa's sleigh had crashed. At that, the elf zoomed out of the workshop, forgetting he had not shut down the computer properly. He found Santa stuck in the snow. He had fallen out of the sleigh, which was upside down. He was so strong that he turned it over. Santa continued his journey.

When he got home and turned on his computer, it said, This may not have been shut down properly. To shut this down properly, always… Then the screen went blank! "Uh, oh!" he said. He tried turning it off and on again, but it only exploded!

When Santa got back, one of the elves was a computer expert. He was so smart, he fixed it! Even HE was in difficulties when he tried to fix it!