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Chapter 1: Welcome to Regius!

I sat there, watching the bright light shining from the gate. Cackling filled the air, an unpleasant, grating sound. The words I'm sorry flitted through my head, and I collapsed into the darkness.

I sat up in bed, startled out of my dream by the Classical music blaring through my alarm headphones. I turned the volume down so it wasn't blasting holes through my poor inner ear. I lay there for a while, just listening to the music. Then I hear my father yelling at me from downstairs

"Adolpha, get up! You're going to be late for the train!"

"Coming, father!"

I had been having a lot of these sort of dreams lately. Flood of water, people drowning, and then I wake up in a cold sweat. The oracles say that having many of the same dreams means that the gods are at work within you, trying to tell you something.

"Adolpha Opulens!"

"I'm up, father!"

I got dressed, putting on my new school's uniform. Today would be my first day of boarding school at Regius Academy International, and I would be taking a train halfway across the country to its campus. Today was finally the day, I thought. After a year of applications, acceptance letters, linking my laptop and tablet to the school system, and registering my daggers for combat, my elective, I would finally actually be going to the most prestigious boarding school in the country.

I brushed my teeth and washed my face, thinking about the strange dream. Then I threw my headphones into my messenger bag and ran downstairs into the dining hall. My father and mother were sitting in the dining hall, frowning.

"What took you so long, Adolpha?" asked my father.

I couldn't tell them about my dream. I just couldn't. "Nerves, I guess, father."

My father sighed. "Just eat."

I did as he asked, munching on my honey-glazed bread and fish as fast as I could. Then I sat up and grabbed my bags. I stepped into the pod and rode to the train station with my family.

When we arrived, we heard a man calling out, "Regius Express right here! We'll be leaving in ten minutes!"

"Have a good time at school," said my mother.

"I will," I said and waved goodbye. I pulled my bags into the train with me. I found my friend Fatima in a compartment close to the door and sat down with her.

"Where's Cassia?" I asked.

"Probably late, as usual," said Fatima.

The conductor announced, "Regius Express departing in five minutes!"

Cassia came running up a few minutes later, dragging her bags behind her. She boarded the train and sat down next to us.

"I made it!" she said. 'And with three whole minutes to spare!"

I rolled my eyes. "That's not really a lot, Cassie."

"At least I made it, Dolpha!"

"Regius Express departing in two minutes!" said the conductor.

"So close," I said. "Why can't they just take off already?"

"I bet some people aren't here yet," said Fatima.

"That's their fault," I grumbled.

The train finally left the station at 9:00 am sharp. We chugged through the countryside and cities, picking up students along the way. We arrived at Royal's at around 2:00 pm. Fatima, Cassie, and I stepped off the train and joined the throng of students walking toward the Academy.

It was amazing, the Academy I mean. I could see high, swooping, glittering turrets; both sky trains and ground trains looping around campus, and impressive gardens scattered around the school.

"Wow," I breathed.

"Wow is right," agreed Fatima. We both came from wealthy families like everybody else who attended Regius, but even our houses were nothing compared to this.

A fourth year wearing a teacher's assistant badge on her dress shirt came walking towards us.

"Hello, students," she said. "My name is Arista, and I will be leading you on your tour of Regius Academy. Follow me." She turned on her heel and began walking to the nearest sky train station. We all followed in her wake.

When we boarded the sky train, Arista began giving us a tour of the campus.

"Regius Academy is the largest boarding school in the country, boasting 70 square kilometers of campus. It is separated into different sections for different years, with the Houses and other building shared by multiple grades, such as the auditorium, in the center of the campus and the classrooms fanning out in different directions based on which grade will be using each section."

I listened intently to Arista as she gave her tour because I didn't want to have to rely on the map too much on the first day of classes, as that would probably make me late. However, I could see other students turning their attention to each other and the campus outside the windows.

About an hour later, we students stepped off the train and walked to our designated classrooms to receive our schedules. I waved goodbye to my friends and walked over to room 117.

When I got there, I took a seat in the front row. Students continued to trickle through the door. When everyone was seated, the teacher took roll, and then introduced herself.

"Welcome to Regius Academy. My name is Ms. Wang, and I will be teaching some of you math this year. Right now, I will be handing out your schedules and maps of the campus." She began passing them out. I looked at the map. Even though for most of the year I would only need to be in the first years' section, it still looked huge. My thoughts were then interrupted by Ms. Wang.

"If you look at the back of your schedule, it should have your House and room number. Look over that for a minute, and then you all are free to go."

I flipped it over. Sure enough, the back read:

Adolpha Opulens, Lupus House, room 17

I looked up from my schedule. People were getting up and heading out the door. I tucked my schedule and map away, and headed for my House.

I joined the line of students at the front desk in the common room, all of them waiting to check in. When I reached the front of the line, two fourth years, a boy and a girl, asked to see my schedule. I handed it over, and the boy stamped the back. The girl handed me my schedule and a badge with my name and on the back and a wolf on the front.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Your ID," said the girl. "You scan it to get into your room, to get food from the snack cupboards in the common room after classes, and to get into facilities on campus such as the pool. It also serves as a name tag and to tell everyone which House you're in."

"Oh. Thanks," I said, and began walking up the stairs to the girls' rooms, lugging my bags behind me. I walked into the room, and saw that I was the last person to arrive. There were four loft beds in each corner, and two of them had bags on the bed and the desks. A girl sat on the third bed, reading. The girl heard me enter and looked up.

"Hello," she said.

"Hello," I said. "I assume that everyone else has already arrived?"

"Yes," she said.

I hefted my bags over to the fourth bed and began unpacking and putting away my things.

"By the way, I never heard your name," said the girl.

"Adolpha," I said. "Yours?"

"Libora," she said.

"Nice to meet you, Libora."

"You too, Adolpha."

I finished unpacking, then asked Libora, "What exactly do we do today?"

"I heard it's free time until dinner."

"Oh. Are we allowed to use the gyms?" Yes, the school was so large they needed multiple gyms.

"I think so."

I smiled. I had done gymnastics for quite a bit at home, and heard that the school had equipment in the gym. I changed into a leotard, jacket, and sweatpants and threw some snacks and a bottle of water into my messenger bag. I began walking toward the door.

"See you later, Libora."

"Later, Adolpha."

The gyms were all close to the Houses. So close, in fact, that I didn't need the map to get there.

When I stepped through the door, I saw that they did have equipment. A runway and a table for vault up against a wall, two competition bar sets as well as other practice bars on the opposite sides, beams opposite from the door, and the floor right in the middle. There was a giant trampoline in the corner, and next to it was various blocks for drills. The tumble track was next to the bars, and looked long enough. It even had a foam pit on one end and mats stacked on the other.

And there was boys' equipment too, rings near the floor and the runway, and parallel bars and high bars next to that. In short, it had everything.

"Wow," I said. Even the gym I went to at home wasn't this big.

I placed my bag and my jacket in one of the compartments next to the door, and went off to the floor to begin stretching. When I finished, I stood up and asked myself out loud, "What should I do first?"

I replied out loud, too. "Well, since I'm already here, I'll start on floor."

I began with tumbling. Roundoff back handsprings, front handspring step-out cartwheels, all in rapid succession, one after the other. After a few passes, I decided to take a break. I heard the beep of the scanner, and the door swung open.

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