A Perfect Angel

You walk ahead

Holding up your head,

High and proud like a peacock

But never as arrogant as one.

You run, you run as far as your legs take you

And even further.

Hiding your face as we chase you

And beg you, "Hey, Angel! Come on, show us your face!"

After long hours when we catch you,

You still cover your face.

We look at each other annoyed but I laugh.

We pry your hands from your face with great effort

– greater than Hercules!

And your hands revealed a childlike face.

The little girl we were chasing was caught!

You struggled to keep your gales of laughter in,

Like keeping agitated bubbling soda in a bottle.

Our mission wasn't over yet, apparently.

We pried your hands to reveal your face.

But now we had to pry your eyelids open to reveal your eyes!

"Oh, no!" we said. "Quack," you said.

"Angel, please open your eyes."


"Angel, please!"

"Quack! Hahahahaha!"

Raising our voices didn't help

You just laughed right through.

Our heads drooped and we were really sad.

Then, you opened your eyes.