Izumi and Shiho

A Love Letter Lovelies Story
by Glee-chan

A Word from the Author.

The following is a sequel to both Kanojo no Sukeban and The Love Letter Lovelies. While I, the author, do not think it is necessary to have read either previous works to understand what is taking place, the fact of the matter is that certain backstories won't be elaborated on because of this issue, or else something that seems unimportant might be explained to great detail for seemlying no reason. Keep that in mind when reading this.
As mentioned previously, this story is actually two stories grouped together. The first story are the first two parts from Izumi, which takes place two years after the events in The Love Letter Lovelies. This features the character Izumi Kato from that story. The third part is the start of a new story, Shiho, which is a year after the events in Izumi. This one features Shiho Inoue from The Love Letter Lovelies and continues her story at university. Both stories also feature a character named Kaori Goto, a very minor character from Kanojo no Sukeban, who's protagonist was Manatsu Goto, her sister.

While this story is a sequel, I took great pains to keep both of them self-contained. I was not keen on readers having to back track and do a research in order to understand what was going on. I hope that the experience of reading this is more like reading two semi-short stories in that is rich for those who've read the previous works, but at the same time interesting to those who haven't. Both stories are lesbian romance centered and stand on their own, as well as act as companions to each other and the previous works.

SO, with all of that explained, I hope you enjoy.