A Love Letter Lovelies Story
by Glee-chan


The hour was late, so there were no customers using the baths by the time Kaori and Shiho made their way to the hotspring. Regardless, after they had undressed and entered the bathing area, Shiho locked the doors behind them so they could have some privacy. Kaori couldn't help but stare at Shiho's naked form now. The wine had dropped her defenses and she wasn't doing a good job at being subtle now. Shiho didn't seem to mind, as she seemed to be in the same mindset.

"Let's wash up real quick. I want to take you to the spring." Shiho suggested.

Kaori did as she was told, though if she was going to describe the scene more accurately, it was more or less the two of them groping each other with slippery suds than it was them actually washing. It was all Kaori could do not to touch Shiho down below, so she settled kissing her.

After the bath, they went for a soak in the hotspring proper. Shiho cuddled up to Kaori under the water and held her. Kaori did the same, looking up at the stars overhead. This really was a romantic spot. No wonder Shiho wanted to come there.

"I love you." Shiho whispered.

Kaori hadn't expected it. She wasn't thinking about confessing at that moment, and Shiho just coming out and saying it almost shook her. She looked down at Shiho, who's eyes weren't looking at the stars, they were looking at her.

"I know I'm setting myself up saying that." Shiho went on, not giving Kaori a chance to reply. "Sometimes I miss Sora and think I'm being unfair to you. But mostly all I can do is think about you, and how sweet you've been with me up till this point. And when you kissed me the other day in front of that guy, I knew you were making a statement. You wanted me to know that you were turning him down and were going to be mine for now on. And I found myself loving that. So… you don't have to say it to me in return, but I love you, Kaorin."

Kaori lowered her head and kissed Shiho. Her lips were trembling a bit, but were soft and inviting. When she pulled away Shiho was still pink faced, but not from the wine or her confession.

"To be honest… I thought I'd be the one who'd say it first." Kaori gave a tiny laugh. "I thought you'd need more time to get over Sora… But I was going to tell you how I felt today anyway."

"Did I ruin your moment?" Shiho also gave a small laugh. "Damn."

"I think you already know how I feel about you." Kaori told her. "But I want to say it, to make it official."

Shiho stood up, crossed in front of her, then sat down on Kaori's lap, wrapped her arms around her neck. "Okay. Here I am. Tell me."

Not being able to take it, Kaori laughed again, while wrapping her arms around Shiho's waist. "You're so funny sometimes. I'm trying to be serious you know."

"I won't kiss you unless you say it." Shiho gave a fake pout.

Kaori went in for a kiss, teasingly, while Shiho pulled her head back, equally teasing her. They did this a while until both of them were giggling. Then all at once the mood got serious. Kaori's whole body felt warm and light. Shiho must have felt the same way. She was breathing slightly fast, waiting to hear Kaori tell her what she wanted to hear.

"Shiho… I love you."

Shiho smiled. It wasn't out of relief, it was a satisfied smile. She nodded, as if the way Kaori had said it was acceptable. "I like that you dropped the honorific."

"Did I?" Kaori hadn't even realized she did. "Is that okay?"

Shiho didn't answer. She pulled her face in and kissed Kaori. For the longest time the two of them were there, kissing until they both got lightheaded. It was a combination of alcohol, lack of air, and hot water. But they kept kissing regardless. Both of them didn't want the moment to end. After a while, however it needed to stop, so Shiho pulled away.

"I want to do it." Shiho told her.

"Wha?" Kaori was shocked by this. "Are you sure?"

"Why do you think I've been so nervous up till now? I wanted our first time to be perfect." Shiho turned away to hide her shyness. "I thought it would be in my room, but Nanami-chan messed that up…so a guest room will have to do."

"Are you sure you're ready?" Kaori asked. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I want to. You don't even know how bad I do. But I don't want to push you to do something like that. Not so soon after Sora…."

"It's been over five months now." Shiho said.

"Yeah but-"

"I want to." Shiho interrupted her. "Not just to get over her, but I want to be with you. I've wanted to even before you kissed me in front of that guy."

For some reason, Kaori felt nervous now. For the longest time all she wanted to do was to rip off Shiho's clothes and go at it. Now that Shiho was agreeable to the idea, she felt scared. After all this time, what if Shiho regretted doing it? What if it made her think about Sora and they'd be back to square one?


"You're so sweet." Shiho was studying her face. "I love that you worry about me, but it's time." She paused then ventured something else. "Please. I want you to touch me."

Her heart pounded. She still didn't know if she could. She felt frozen in place, unable to move. Shiho took one of Kaori's hands and pulled it downwards to her lower body. Then she pressed Kaori's hand onto her sensitive area. Kaori's eyes widened as she felt Shiho between her fingers.

"Please… I want you so bad Kaorin." Shiho whispered.

That's all it took. Kaori became a slave to her passions after that. The first time they did it, both of them were soft and tender with each other. They took a good long time with foreplay and were particularly gentle when the actual act began. After they both had finished, the next round was more along the lines of what Yui and Nanami had been doing, with Shiho as the aggressor. Kaori's masochistic side loved that. She loved Shiho taking control and telling her what to do. She loved making Shiho orgasm more than orgasming herself.

At some point in the night, they ended up in Nanami's unused guest room, and continued there. Shiho sometimes could be rough and aggressive, then other times she was shy and tender. It was so amazing that Kaori found herself lost in endless pleasure. At some point both of them had passed out. When Kaori woke up in the morning, she found her head in-between Shiho's legs still. So she woke the girl up by having sex again.

"I wonder how far Nanami-chan and Yui-chan went last night." Shiho pondered after they had finished, and now were cuddling on the futon together.

"That's what you're thinking about?" Kaori laughed. "I just got from licking you down there."

Shiho pushed her a bit. "I'm not being mean. You know I loved it."

"Sure you did." Kaori pouted it.

"Aw, don't be like that." Shiho smirked. "If I had the energy I'd crawl down there and give you some service as well."

Kaori blushed. For some reason hearing Shiho talk dirty was embarrassing. "Yeah well…"

"Kaorin." Shiho kissed her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too, Shiho."

The End.