Colin came home from work, on a warm Los Angeles evening night and asked Amanda his High School Sweetheart to marry him? She graciously accepted, and they would talk in the week to arrange the big day, whenever it would take place.

"Our parents will be over the moon,' Colin joyfully expresses.

Amanda sure has butterflies in her stomach, but she also seems anxious, when Colin even suggests talking about the big day. Colin rushes to the phone to make a call to his Mom and Dad, Peter and Grace. Amanda immedialtly raises to her feet and hurries to pull the phone from his ears and places it back down o the reciever. Looking at his fiance confused he stops pressing the numbers and fears, that she could be changing her mind in a matter of seconds.

"Sorry, was I too fast? Colin wonders. 'As far as I remember, you were over the moon a minute ago.'

"How about Las Vegas?' Amanda abruptly speaks.

"You wanna get married in Las Vegas? Colin second guesses.

"Why not? A lot girls who are madly in love, get married in Vegas," Amanda figures.

"Are you suggesting we elope?" Colin suspects.

Amanda hesitates for a few second, trying not to put doubts in her long time love's mind. She even tries to force a smile on her face to attempt to lighten his mood and encourage him into her quick thinking.

"OK, I admit, I desperatley want you all mine forever, A.S.A.P,' Amanda chuckles.

"I don't know," Colin shrugs, leaning turning a placing his hands on the kitchen counter. "It's kinda rude, to be getting hitched without our family being present."

Amanda's face drops to disapponitment, as her suggestion seems to quickly fly out of the window. They are both twenty eight years old, been together for over a decade and not once has marriage been mentioned. Sure, the two of them are in love, but Amanda feels in her heart, that both of them, should have been man and wife, a long time ago.

"I know I asked you to marry me, but I didn't expect you to expect us to do it, abruptly,' Colin whispers, with his back to her.

"OK, I'm sorry, it was just an idea,' Amanda shrugs, picking up a magazine and pretending to read it.

Colin then smirks to himself and walks over to her and holds her close.

"You know what I think?" Colin answers.

"What's that?" Amanda disappointingly sighs.

"Fuck e'm,' Colin smiles.

Amanda looks up to Colin confused and he strokes her hair and places his passionate lips on hers.

"You mean?..."

"If my girl, wants to get married in Vegas, that's what she gets," Colin assures.

"But, I don't want to rush..."

"Look, I asked you to marry me remember?" Colin reminds her. "We've been together for so long now, I want you to be efficially my wife forever. I want to spend each moment with you and I'll make you the proudest wife and mother."

"Well if I'm rushing you into getting hitched right away, who am I to deny you a baby," Amanda laughs with excitement.

"I love you Amanda Baker,' Colin declares.

"And I love you too Colin Stance,' Amanda answers.

Colin lifts her up and swings her around the house and kisses her. They head to the bedroom to make love.