It's the morning after the best day of their lives and Colin and Amanda begin their second day of married life, with a stroll in a Las Vegas park. The loved up pair, flirtaciously glance at one another numerous times, still living the dream of becoming permanent soul mates and not regreting the way they went about the wedding. Of course it will be a shock to each of their parents, but they are willing to face the fury, once they return to Los Angeles. Amanda and Colin smile at children whizzing past on their bikes, hoping that one day it will be their own kids, they will learn to ride a bike.

"This is the life, huh, babe?" Colin sighs, with relief.

"Couldn't have asked anymore of our perfect moment," Amanda grins.

"Except for kids," Colin adds.

"Well, we haven't got that far yet," Amanda reminds her new husband.

"After last night, I don't see why we shouldn't have," Colin figures.

"Don't get too far ahead of yourself, cheeky," Amanda rolls her eyes. "I haven't decided if we should rush into it."

"Of course you're still on birth control," Colin groans.

"Don't get shitty about it. I seriously want to have your babies, but lets find our way in married life first," Amanda encourages.

Colin feeling annoyed turns away from his Amanda, who can see how anxious he is to improve his already improved step into family life. Colin lowers his hand partially off Amanda's hand, as he goes slightly cold on her. Amanda feels slightly hurt by this, so she tugs on his arm and they sit on a bench, where Colin sits with a frown.

"Cmon sit down," Amanda says.

"Jesus Christ, I thought this is what you wanted. I take by the tone of your voice, you are gong to carry on, using it, until you feel like it," Colin raises his voice. "I always get it fucking wrong."

"No you don't," Amanda assures, gripping Colins hand tightly and desperately. "We are already one step ahead at family life. Lets enjoy this moment for now and in a year, we can make our plans."

"I thought this would have been a perfect time," Colin sulks.

"Colin I love you and you love me, that's all that matters right now. I promise you, I want your children one hundred per cent. But, lets take our time, Jesus, a double bombshell on our parents will confuse them."

"I guess your right in that department, but why should we owe them anything?"

"I'm not saying we should, but after all, they did teach us right from wrong and in some ways, we been a little harsh on them."

"Now, wait a minute, it was your pleading to get hitched this way and now I ask for something, it's too much trouble."

"You've never been pregnant," Amanda argues.

"Neither have you," Colin counters.

"No, but my cousin Chanelle has," Amanda states. "It's no plain sailing."

"No matter what I say, it won't speed up the process?"

"Please, honey, just be patient, we'll get there."

"I grant you the quickest unplanned wedding in the Universe and you won't let me fertilize you as a gift in return. Shit!"

"Sorry," Amanda whispers.

"Tell, you something, I'll be writing your promise on a calender, one year?" Colin queries, feeling frustrated.

"One year," Amanda winks, kissing him on the cheek.

Amanda stares at Colin, as he looks down at the floor, when parents pass with their children. Amanda rubs his shoulder in an attempt to cheer him up. Colin never wanted to give the love of his life, the cold shoulder, but even though married life came so quickly, it's made him realize how much Amanda means to him and that being a father to her children sends butterflies to his stomach. Looks like he will desperately have to be patient.

"I'll tell you what, how about a consolation?" Amanda offers.

"A baby would be better," Colin mutters.

"Oh shush, I mean for today, just for today by the way."

"Go on."

"You can, try and win us some luck. After all a year from now, a bit more cash in the pot, would be helpful if we are going to be Mom and Dad," Amanda hints.

"You mean...Cas..?

"Casino, yes, but don't go thinking, this is gonna be a permanent hobby. I don't want no asshole Mafia's harassing us," Amanda orders.

"I accept your offer, I promise I will win big for our children."

"And us?"

"Oh yes of course."

"Oh yes of course, shithead," Amanda sarcastically says.

Colin kisses Amanda on the lips and they embrace. They rise to their feet and before she knows it, Amanda is dragged hurridly through the park by Colin, who can't wait to spin the three sevens.