Chapter 1: Top

The box appeared in the field early in the morning. Biff was going through his morning chores humming tunelessly as he fed his animals, he was walking out of the barn to get the slop for the pigs when there was a sudden thudding noise coming from the corn field and sure enough when Biff went to investigate there was a giant metal box in the middle of a small crater, that it must have made when it fell.

"Well I'll be… whut in the world…" wondered Biff as he looked up wearily for other falling metal boxes.

But the sky was as crisp and clear as dawn on a clear autumn day tended to be.

The box was about seven feet tall and nearly a four feet wide, uniformly sleek metallic with only one mark on it. Biff leaned on his tippy toes to inspect the word. Frowning in concentration Biff raised one hand to cover most of the word when he was sure he left only the first swimming letter visible he attempted to read it.

"t-T" he sounded then moved his hands to only see the second letter, "o, t-to" and then finally the last letter, "p-P! TOP!" he exclaimed proudly, that was a word he was familiar with, a stupid proof word as his dad would say. "Top."

Grinning Biff rubbed at his eyes to relieve the tension, then patted the box. "Hello Top!" As Top didn't do anything, was too big to lift and didn't have any obvious ways to open Biff gave up inspecting it and went back to finish his morning chores.

That day Biff took his lunch out to eat next to Top. He sat with hit back pressed against Top and found it was pleasantly warm, a lot warmer then what it was when it first… landed.

"See, so penny she," Biff laughed remembering the piglets shenanigans. "She was up to hidin' again, but she aint as small as she thinks see, so her backside wadnt covered! She was so s'prised when big ol' Biff sprayed her clean." Biff prattled on about his day he tended to talk to himself more and more since his dad had moved into town and Biff was left to spend whole weeks without any company. But for some odd reason he felt like Top was listening to him and he humored the idea that Top had been bored during the day and enjoyed his stories. So when evening came around he went back into the field with his dinner and a lantern to talk to Top.

"'evenin' Top," he sat with his back against Top and enjoyed how hot the surface had gotten which was nice but weird since the sun wasn't warming this time of year and it was setting! While Top was acting like it was high noon in the summertime.

"So I got a call from pop's earlier and he wants me te mail 'im the paper work again this month." He admitted sadly, last time he was over to visit, his dad had pre-prepared a few envelopes to send over so that he wouldn't have to take the long drives over to the farm so often. And though Biff was worried about his dad's health he missed him terribly. "Whut if he don wanna see me no more?" Lamented Biff. "I've been thinkin, see, that I'll go in see him next week, If I work extra hard and hire someone te feed my animals I could make a day out of it! He'll be mad to see me slackin but…" Biff sighed shaking his head no, Biff would never hear the end of it if he was caught slacking. He racked his hands in his short blonde hair, maybe he'll see his dad for thanksgiving than! surely going to visit for thanksgiving isn't slaking off.

"But it's my fault Top, see if I wadn't such a deadbeat son Top, he wouldna gone." Born dyslexic, Biff was a constant disappointment even more so now that at 20 he didn't go to college let alone have his GED, but at least he could work the farm his family had owned for generations. But that wasn't so bad since that was the plan anyways, now if his dad found out that Biff was a damned faggot to top it all off he'd probably never see him again. That's why Biff was determined to live his life alone, not very hard when there isn't a soul around. Maudlin Biff sat quietly and finished his beer.

It was fully dark outside by the time Biff got up to go back inside.

He turned to say goodnight to Top when he noticed that Top seemed a little smaller than it was earlier. He rubbed his eyes and shook his head, can't be.

"g'night Top." He grinned up at the swirling word sadly and went back inside his home.

The next morning when he went to check on Top, Biff was shocked to see the box was definitely getting smaller! it's corners were rounder, it's base more of a rectangular shape as oppose to a square.

Biff rubbed his eyes and wondered if this was a trick his eyes were playing on his mind. Was he getting worse? Were things going to start swirling, wavering and switching places like his letters were? He rubbed his eyes again but there was no change.

"Whutcha doing Top?" he asked nervously but when nothing changed he decided to let it go, there was work to be done and… Top was so heated up maybe it was melting.

Biff felt kind of down for the rest of the day, double checking everything doubting his own eyes in a way he hadn't since he first started learning to read. But luckily nothing else seemed to be shrinking on him… still he avoided looking at Top again till the evening when there was nothing left to do that day.

Top was even more narrow on the side and oval in the front with the word in the center of the widest part, and the bottom still flat on the ground. "Hey Top, you're not gonna go disapear'n on me are ya?" he sat on a stool tonight and watched to as he ate.

"Are you hollow in there? Is that where you're meltin' to? Where'd you come from Top?" He asked glancing up at the empty sky and taking a gulp of his beer.

When there was only silence to answer him he sighed and concentrated on his meal. "I'm thankful, y'know, that you'd come an' dropped by!" he chuckled at his joke, "got me out of the house a bit see, it's been so quiet in there since the old mutt died. Don't worry she passed peaceful like, it was her time, I just haven't had the heart to go replace her yet. But maybe I will soon, I could get a golden retriever, Or one o' those fancy Dalmatians! Wouldn't that be something? Eh Top I'd be like a firefighter!" he rambled on about the funny things he could teach his Dalmatian. When it was time to go back inside the metal shone like silver and seemed to flow like liquid around itself slowly getting indents.

"g'night Top" he patted the warm dry surface then took off his hand as if he was burned at the feel of what felt like a heartbeat. Biff shook his head and picked up his stool. "don't go disappear'n when I'm sleapin', k?" Biff nodded and went inside.

His home was wooden with a wraparound porch, Biff always kept everything clean and in working order but the decoration hasn't changed any since his mom passed away when he was little. So although it looked outdated it was well cared for.

Biff rekindled the fire in the chimney and went upstairs to his room, not the Master bedroom but the one he grew up in with his name nailed to the door in big red letters that like to hop around when he approached.

Rubbing his eyes for the umpteenth time that day he striped his clothes in the laundry basket and went to take a shower as he enjoyed the hot water Biff wondered at the strange heartbeat he'd felt in Top, that wasn't the feeling of a hollow core. Definitely not an echo, since he hadn't heard it… somehow Top was alive. Could Biff take him inside than? It's couldn't be comfortable out there standing in the field like a scare crow.

But it was still too heavy and large, too awkwardly shaped to budge… maybe tomorrow it would be small enough to fit inside a wheelbarrow, Biff could move it to the barn.

Biff stepped out of the shower and towel dried himself he was muscular from the hard labor and tanned from spending so much time outside Biff patted down his sun bleached blonde hair and examined his face in the mirror blue eyed and bristly jawed he wondered if he was attractive. He was kind of short at five foot six but maybe that could be ok? He flexed and wondered if, if he would ever even meet another fag to even find out if he was appealing. With his luck he wouldn't be and the man wouldn't like him… Biff shook his head there wouldn't be a man to like him anyways.

When Biff woke up the next day he went to check on Top right away, but Top hadn't changed much since last night, it just became narrower in places like an inch or two above the word and around the bottom half was becoming concave. It looked almost like it was getting a head and feet, Biff shrugged and gave Top a hug to feel the pulse again and sure enough Top was warm and something was beating inside but outside he remained metallic silver, and unbudgeable.

"It's ok top I'll be gettin' you inside, you're gettin' so small you're gonna be a movin' sooner than latter!"

He patted Top's wider side and went to work.

By lunch time he ran to see if there was any change and sure enough Top was starting to look like a silver Oscar's trophy with its arms crossed in front. Well like a nearly seven foot tall silver Oscar trophy. "Top are you a man than?" he reached up and touched the "face" where there was indents where eyes would normally be. If top was a man he was still under a thick layer of magic disappearing silver. Everything looked globy thick and there wasn't any finger indents in the "hands".

"maybe you'll be awalkin' inside on yur own than?" Biff wondered what Top would look like under all that silver, would he be alive? Well he sounds alive but… what kind of man would survive days being encased in magical disappearing silver? Maybe top was eating it. Maybe he's sucking it in and that's where it's going… maybe it's actually an egg and Top was born in the sky to land in Biff's field.

He laughed at that idea and walked around Top to see if the other side was looking like the back and not another front. Top had a wide back and small backside and bird shit on his shoulder. Annoyed Biff ran inside to get a wash cloth a bucket of soapy water and one of clean water to rinse.

"Don't worry Top you'll be clean 'n shinny again." He comforted Top and got to cleaning Top up till he shone brightly. "There aint that better." Biff said satisfied and got back to working humming tunelessly all along.

That evening Top had lost another inch or so of silver so he was looking more and more like a statue of a man and had lost two inches of height. Biff watched him oddly proud of how quickly and well he was coming out. "You're doing good there Top! Soon you'll be free of the stuff, n'… n' you're welcome to stayin' with me if you need it!"

He settled on his stool and took a sip of his beer, "won't that be something! You could help me around the ol' farm, oh don't worry its easy work. Stupid proof, see even a retard like me can do it so… you'd probably be an expert. Would you like that Top? I'll show you my penny she can be a handful but you'll love 'er too. I aint gonna sell her so it's ok, cuz she's gonna be a breedin'! So I'll have my hands full with them babe's all skirmin'! Oh they're so cute, you'll like them too won't you Top?" He asked happily. But as always there was only the sounds of his farm to answer back.

When it was time to go back inside Biff was reluctant to go, what if Top hatched when he was sleeping? What if Top would be scared? Biff should be there for him… but Biff needed his sleep if he was going to be awake at dawn ready to work. He sighed and looked at Top sternly hands on his hips, "don't you be going anywhere while I'm asleep Top! It aint safe out there for… newly hatched biddy's like you! You see?" when he was satisfied Top wouldn't move Biff hugged him and went inside.

He woke up early the next morning and ran to make sure Top was still where he left him, he was looking more and more like a man with finer details appearing like eyelids and fingers and… cock. Eyes drawn down to the large cock Biff blushed embarrassed for Top and ran back inside to find something to cover him up a bit he finally settled on an old flowery apron that could hang on Top's head and be tied around his waist.

When he got back he covered up Top's front and admired how well Top was doing, the silver layer now looked nearly paper thin and he was turning out to be a handsome man with all the right human parts, minus hair and his eyes were shut. "K, I've gotta go now Top but I'll be back soon so don't you be walkin' about!" Biff hugged Top for a moment listening to his heart beat and feeling how warm he was, he impulsively kissed Top's shoulder (since Top was at least a foot taller) and ran to get his work done.

Biff was filled with nervous anticipation and worry, so he tried to keep an eye on Top as much as he could. What if Top never moved? What he died? So Biff was scared but wanted to hope for the best so at lunch time he took a piece of yarn out and measured Top with it. He measured his waist, his legs, around his wide shoulders and his big feet, cutting the yarn so that the clerk could find out Top's measurements. Then he gathered up the pieces and took the chance to drive to the local super store.

"Umm hello ma'am I'm a here shoppin' for a friend o' mine." He said to a matronly woman, then holding out his yarn he said, "I didn't know his size see so we measured him." he felt dumb and out of place handing his yarn to the lady so she could figure out Top's size, but there was no way he could have done it on his own.

She took out a measuring tape and jotted down the sizes as he told her what piece measured what place.

"Thank you ma'am." He said flustered.

"It's no trouble sir, what would you like to get your friend?" she asked as they went to the mens section of the store.

"Well he'll need some pants, shirts 'n some boxers. 'n a jacket." He added as an afterthought what if Top gets cold? She gave him a weird look but helped him pic out the right sizes. Top's shoulders were so wide most of the shirts were extra-large but his waist so small they had a hard time finding something with long enough legs. They ended up getting something a bit short with a belt to hold it up. As well as ordering some pants that will fit right. It ended up being pricey but Biff barely spent his money on much of anything anyways.

Then he did a mad dash across empty country lanes to get back home before Top did anything.

When he got back he found Top exactly where he left him but looking significantly different. He no longer looked like someone dipped him in silver chocolate, now he looked like he was made of silver… like if someone had carved him out including eye lashes and a hair that curled a bit on the ends.

He was beautiful like a god. Biff chuckled well like a god in a flowery apron.

Biff rushed through all his tasks that day always going back to the field to see if Top had moved, then telling him he better not move and running back to do something else. It was one of those times that he realized that Top was moving, had been moving.

He was coming from all different directions but he always saw Top's front. His heart jumped in his throat and Biff ran up to Top to get a better look. When he approached he saw that Top's eyes were open, watching him, they looked like stars like if there was flashlights in Top's head lighting them up from the inside. Biff grinned happy that Top could move! That he wasn't dead.

But when he got closer he saw that there were no emotions on his face. It was as impassive and cold as a silver statue should be.

"t-Top," he stammered, "when didya… wake up? Are you ok?" he reached up to feel if Top was still warm to the touch and Top moving too quickly for the eyes to see roughly grasped his arm.

Top held on even tighter and Biff feared his arm would snap like a brittle tree branch, but instead of breaking it Top pulled him forward almost but not quite lifting Biff off of the ground. Biff cried out at the pain in his shoulder and arm. But Top didn't let go, instead he positioned Biff less than a foot away and looked down at his mouth. Top opened his own mouth as if to speak but no sound came out.

"wha… Top yur hurtin' me." Top looked down at himself and noticed the apron, he used his right hand to tear it off like if it was a wet tissue paper. Dropping it on the ground Top then grabbed Biff's butt with bruising strength and lifted him so he was pressed against Top's exposed front. It was only then that Top let go of his arm and grabbed his other cheek. Scared of falling and wanting to relieve the pressure of Top's hands he spread his legs to grasp Top's hips.

"t-Top p-put me down please. You're hurtin' me" Biff gasped as Top roughly groped his ass. But Top was so concentrated on Biff's mouth that he didn't even seem to notice Biff was talking.

Slowly Top lowered his head at a bit of an angle and parted his lips, "T-Top !?" exclaimed Biff as hot dry lips gently pressed against his own, before kissing him with bruising force. For a long while Top forcefully kissed him fucking his mouth with his tongue, claiming him. And although it was scary and he hurt from Top's man handling Biff felt himself harden against Top's abbs.

Then Top abruptly pulled away and the silver on his mouth seemed to tarnish and fade away to show a pink mouth with wide soft lips. Biff watched astounded as all the silver tarnished and faded away leaving only soft pale flesh and dark black hair. His cheeks were flushed and his mouth held slightly open as his eyes lost their other worldly glow to instead turn dark mossy green.

When the transformation seemed to be complete even the word "Top" was disappeared leaving a strong very male chest that was only marked by a light smattering of dark hair.

Shocked and very much afraid Biff tried to push Top away, tried to get down, but Top had other ideas. He pulled Biff closer and hugged him with one of his arms, while the other one gently held him up. Top rubbed his face against Biff's neck and seemed to take his first breath of air to scent him.

Then Top spoke his first word in a deep gravelly voice, "MINE."

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