Chapter 3: Showers for mood swings

When Biff had calmed down a bit he looked up at Top's face, he looked extremely uncomfortable. He was standing stiffly and gently patting Biff's back. "Why…? No actually how can I make this stop?" asked Top very seriously, he raised one of his hands to maybe pet Biff's head but his eyes were drawn to the bruising on Biff's face and he seemed to change his mind.

Biff wiped at his eyes and hiccupped a bit more feeling a rush of more tears on their way, Top really cared about him. "umm… I just needta calm down… hic! I could take a shower?"

Top nodded and lifted him up like if he was made of delicate china and cradled him like a baby in his arms.

When they made it up stairs Top asked hesitantly, "did I do that to you?" and Biff threw his arms around Top's neck and hugged him tightly.

"'course not lil biddy I was just happy. You can put me down now?" Top set him down but he looked very skeptical.

"Weren't tears an indication of grief, sorrow or pain?" he pressed perturbed, was he worried he didn't have the language down pat?

Biff shrugged not really wanting to talk about it, as embarrassment started to settle in. he was a grown man! A grown man that is in charge of a kind of successful farm, well successful enough to not be in debt and support his dad. So he shouldn't break down and cry at the drop of a hat.

Biff hurried into the washroom leaving Top to stand awkwardly in the hall, and looked into the mirror, he was a mess. His hair sticking up every which way, his face red his eyes looked too big and watery his nose was red and he was five purple spots where Top had hurt him.

Four on his left cheek from the fingers and one big one on his right cheek right under his eye. But for some reason instead of scaring Biff, looking at them was a comfort. Top had marked him as his own, many times he thought with a blush and striped down to examine his ass that had clear dark purple bruising from Top's hands groping him.

Was it twisted that he was excited by Top's strength? And intimidated by his intelligence?

Oh god he was going to burn in hell for eternity, for just liking a man to begin with so might as well not worry about the minor details. Biff took a quick shower then hurried to get to his afternoon chores. While he was driving his corn harvester along his fields Biff thought about what it meant to belong to Top.

What does Top want from him? Food evidently… but is there anything else? Biff blushed remembering the kiss. Is Top even a fag? For all he knew maybe kissing is an alien greeting. He didn't want Top to be, didn't want to think of him like that, not his biddy, no Top wasn't perverted. Wasn't damned. Or diseased! And hopefully he wouldn't corrupt Top into sin. Like he could even do that! Compared to Top's tall dark and handsomeness Biff was short and plain, nothing really special about him. And for once he was glad of it, there's no way he could live with dragging Top down to hell with him.

Could aliens go to hell? Well he did say he was nearly human so it could go either way…

Biff just wanted Top to be happy, he'd do whatever he could if it would please him. Come to think of it, Top had looked kind of down when Biff last seen him, so maybe he could make him something nice? Like pie.

Pies always made Biff feel better about life, maybe he could make an apple pie for desert… and a casserole for supper.

When he was done for the day, Biff hurried back to the house and looked for Top, but the house was empty so he got to cooking. He lovingly prepared a casserole like his grandmother used to make and after putting that in to cook he prepared the apple pie for baking but put it in the fridge so it could be eaten fresh.

"Top!" he called looking outside, "Top supper's almost ready!"

"I'm coming." Top called from upstairs, startled Biff went to see what he was up to. He was in his grandfather's study sitting in his large cushioned chair reading a large book. When Biff stopped at the entry way Top acknowledged him without looking up from his page. "I'll be done in a moment."

"It's fine." Mumbled Biff. This room has always intimidated Biff, from the walls of books and white and black pictures of people he didn't know he felt like it was stuck in its own time, never to move forward because it would never be His study. His father had barely used it, only putting important papers in the desk and keeping his nice scotch in the glace cabinets. So it would always be his grandpa's or his great grandpa's, since he was the man that made the room so fancy for important meetings and stuff… but never Biff's, no one had ever bothered to even tell him what was hidden in those books, or who those people were. So this room would never be his like the kitchen was, since his grandma had taken the time to teach him all her recipes and then some… and Biff had loved her for it, even if it was woman's work as his father would say. But never making the room his own didn't allow for him to neglect it and now he was glad for all the dusting and varnishing he's done since it's like the room was waiting for Top to enjoy it.

Looking at Top siting in his grandpa's big chair, all that was missing from the scene would be a nice suit, a watch and a beer to make it one of those fancy beer commercials. He looked so cool with his dark hair in casual disarray, legs crossed with one foot over the thigh of the other, and his full lips moving a bit as he read.

Blushing Biff retreated back downstairs, he always felt inadequate, big and stupid in that room. Maybe it could become Top's study… if he had a space of his own maybe he wouldn't want to own the whole world.

When Top followed him downstairs he was deeply in thought and distracted. So distracted that he didn't even notice Biff putting the pie in the oven.

"I gotta go to the mall tomorrow, ya gonna come with me?" he asked when Top just dug into the casserole as soon as Biff served him.

"Sure." He answered not even putting down his fork before eating more.

Biff waited in silence trying to come up with something that might get Top talking to him, and he settled on; "Whut were ya readin'?"

"Some history books, you have quite the collection up there. I was in the middle of learning about the First and Second World War, real horrific I can't imagine my people fighting against each out like that let alone doing a holocaust or dropping bomb that damage the planate and everyone's ability to live on it. The nuclear bombs would have to go first…" he said seeming to be lost in thought.

Biff was content to sit quietly he didn't want to pester Top with the dull details of his day, what alien would like to hear of a cows lazy tit? Or that he's on time with his harvesting? But he was glad that Top wasn't upset anymore though he wanted to thank him for being so kind this afternoon.

When they were done eating Biff started to clear the table. "I've got a surprise for ya." He grinned and Top focussed on him for the first time since lunch time.

"Why?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well ya looked down 'n I wanted to give you a lil pick me up." He smiled remembering how Top had picked him up.

To look incredulous, "Me?! I was… how about you! Why the hell were you crying?" when Biff hesitated he continued angrily, "and you'll tell me now Biff or are you a liar? Did you lie when you said just this afternoon that you'd do anything for me?"

"I wadn't tellin' a story!" Biff protested embarrassed.

And Top just waited green eyes looking into Biff's soul. "I donno I was just happy… I've never felt like that before… it was tears o' happiness, honest. I was just… I'm glad to be yurs." Biff admitted blushingly but he was happy he'd said it, because it's true and Biff had thought that he wouldn't have had anyone to love ever so it felt nice to admit it when he had the chance.

"Oh" Top looked uncomfortable with the whole thing so Biff just brought out the pie. He thinks Top liked it because he ate more than half… but he didn't say. When they were done Top went to shower first wile Biff washed the dishes.

Biff walked out of the washroom with a towel around his waist, Top was in the hallway pacing, "so tomorrow you said we'd go to the mall is there a library there? I need…" he stopped midsentence as he concentrated on Biff, then he looked down and bit his lip before giving his head a shake, "I need to do some research to plan how I'm going to go about dominating the world." Then he gave Biff a hard look and muttered forlornly, "Because I can't go the easy way and kill everyone in charge."

Biff nodded going to his room to dress, "yeah, they've got about ever'thang ya need there, and I'm… real happy ya don't." he grinned at Top before closing the door.

When Biff was done he went to see if Top was settled in his room for his first night of sleep but he still seemed tense and agitated.

"You ok Top? ya want some warm milk or somethin'?"

"No" Top said angrily and walked past Biff to get out of the room, "I don't like this room, I will sleep in yours, with what is mine." He seemed pleased with that idea and picked up Biff when he didn't immediately jump to obey.

Biff yelped when Top lifted him and started to struggle a bit against Top's chest, "Top my bed ain't very big, we'll be squished together, I should just sleep here than."

"Nope." Top said simply and laid Biff down before switching off the lights and joining him.

It was a queen's bed so they weren't that squished together but nonetheless Top laid down along Biff's back and draped his arm around Biff's waist. By night time Biff is usually beyond tiered and falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow but with Top at his back, feeling his heat his heart beat and every minute shift makes him too conscious of Top to relax.

Then Top moved his hand onto Biff's stomach, feeling up his abbs before sliding his hand upwards to Biff's chest. He was rubbing at Biff's pecks when Biff felt something hard poking his ass. "Top?"

"mmmn?" Top slid his hand back down to push up Biff's shirt then started to play with one of Biff's bared nipples.

"I'm fixin to go to sleep." Biff gasped as Top positioned himself more firmly against his butt, his breathing becoming harsher as his hand left the bit of peaked sensitive skin to play with the other nipple.

"So sleep" he said unconcerned and propped himself up on his free arm and repositioned Biff so he was laying on his back. Top straddled his legs so he could grind against them, then slid his hands up from Biff's waist to his nipples and pinched them both.

"AH! T-Top, is there anythang I could do to help ya sleep?" he asked as he felt like there was a current of pleasure between his over sensitive nips and his achingly hard cock. Top ignored his words seeming entranced by Biff's chest, touching groping everywhere, leaving Biff too turned on to think past they shouldn't be doing this! "Is there any-anythang you want me to get ya?"

This seemed to agitate Top, he took hold of Biff's shoulders and shook him hard against the bed. "I don't… fuck, Biff I don't know… I'm going out of my mind and this weird human body wants something!" he said punctuating this point by rubbing his huge cock against Biff's leg.

"You… what?" asked Biff uncomprehendingly and holding the sheets in white knuckled grips to not hasten oh who was he kidding Biff didn't want to stop what was happening.

And Top leaned down and growled "just lay still I'm trying to figure this out." before ravaging Biff's mouth with a rough kiss of soft lips, sharp teeth and an impatient tongue.

Then Top left Biff's gasping mouth to lick and suck and bite down Biff's neck to his nipples again, it felt like Top couldn't get enough of Biff's flesh in his mouth or hands at any one time. And everything Top was doing was making Biff's heart pound, it was just too much! Biff felt such an overload of sensations that when Top moved on to the other nipple leaving the first nip swollen red and hard, the cool air on it felt way too good and the pinching fingers that followed even better, Biff was close to the edge moaning nonsense and out of his mind with need so intense that the pain of Top's sharp teeth biting the nip he was sucking on pushed him to climax coming hard in his pants. "Top! Oh… fuck!"

Top stopped what he was doing startled by this turn of events he backed up and looked inside Biff's pants. Upon finding Biff's cum covered cock that was still hard and swollen Top leaned down to smell and taste his new prize. "No… sleepy…" moaned Biff his exhaustion catching up to him all he wanted was to sleep and not worry about anything else.

But Top didn't even bother shushing him, "mine to do with as I please." he growled slowly and licked and sucked Biff's cock clean before looking up at Biff again, "just sleep if you're so tiered."

"Can't oww…" Biff whined as Top nipped him before moving lower and finding something under Biff's balls that seemed to capture his interest.

Top flipped Biff over and lifted up his hips high to be able to examine Biff's ass. He licked and kissed all of the bruising before biting the swell of Biff's ass and Biff's sleepy mind wondered if Top could tell the difference between hunger and horniness. "Top I aint yur chew toy…" he grumbled then gasped when Top started to lick between his cheeks.

Long flat licks sending tingles up Biff's spine had him writhing under Top's attention. He felt his hole twitching and had to bite the pillow to not start begging for something anything be put inside. But Top must have felt it too because he started tongue fucking Biff so suddenly that Biff screamed into his pillow and tried to squirm away. Thankfully his efforts went to no avail, Top used his forearm to hold Biff up which granted Biff's hard on some kind of delicious friction, he then reached down with his other hand to mess with a swollen nip. Dazed with pleasure Biff let go and came with a strangled scream, his orgasm almost violently passing through him being drawn out by the tongue in his ass that he was squeezing and pulsing against. When he was done he fell limply in Top's arms and dropped in that state in-between sleep and wakefulness. It was in that dreamy surreal state that he felt Top lay him down on his own come and started to thrust a long fat dick in-between Biff's ass cheeks against his swollen hole for what felt like both an eternity and a few minutes, before hot liquid hit his lower back.

Biff woke up feeling sticky, sweaty and crushed under a heavy weight on his back. The heavy weight was mumbling in his sleep and slobbering on Biff's neck… Biff felt kind of happy for some strange reason to be laying like this but even so Biff could see the pale dawn light shining through the window so he needed to be up and about. When wriggling out of under Top was made impossible by Top's strong arms holding him in place, Biff elbowed the big man in the ribs… a few times. "Wake up! I knows you're tiered biddy but its mawning aint it?! I've got thangs to be adoin'." He hollered with another elbow to the ribs.

"Mmmn" Top lifted himself up and peeled himself off of Biff's back Biff groaned in disgust at the feel of the dry semen stuck to him on both sides of his torso reminding him of exactly what they did to cause this mess. He looked up at Top accusingly and Top just smiled smugly down at him, "well aren't you an angry little thing in the morning." He leaned down and kissed Biff's nose before Biff could swat him away.

"Am not, its yur dang fault for sleepin' on me, aslobberin' on me 'n… an' c-creamin' on me!" Biff squeaked out before hoping out of bed and attempting to run to the bathroom. Attempting being the key world as his pants were around his ankles and so he fell face first into the floor, much to Top's amusement.

He made a choking sound trying to hold back his laughter, but was pushed over the edge by the very manly squeak Biff let out when he pulled his pants on properly and was reminded of exactly where he had jizzed first. Biff glared without much conviction at the sight of Top holding his stomach as he laughed and tried to calm down only to look at Biff's indignant face and lose his shit again.

"See if I make you any whipped cream today!" he said petulantly then blushed after realizing the double entender and decided to just retreat with what little dignity he had left, he marched bowlegged to the washroom.

"Stupid Top!" Biff threw his shirt and pants in the hamper grinning a bit at the image of tall, strong and shirtless Top laughing like a school boy on Biff's bed. Lord have mercy he'd never be able to stay mad at his biddy. He went to the sink to wash his face and was shocked to see hickeys and bite marks all over his neck, chest and shoulders. Turning around he saw his butt was much the same and there was a big dark bite mark on the back of his shoulder, it looks like it almost broke skin and Biff wondered when did that happen? He couldn't recall being bitten but he could barely recall what happened at the end so that was probably when.

Biff was standing in front of the mirror turned at an awkward angle to examine the interesting marks on his ass when the door opened and Top barged inside. Biff tried to cover himself absolutely mortified that Top had caught him. "What?"

"C'mon we're going to shower together." He playfully pulled Biff inside the shower stall and turned on the water, "that's a morning after, human thing to do isn't it?" he smirked.

"Huh?" Biff felt unbalanced and overly crowded in his usually spacious shower. Biff tried to ignore him since Top was just showering, and tried not to think of 'last night' the last night to end all last nights. It had felt amazing, had given him the real meaning of multiple orgasm and he figured he wasn't a virgin anymore (probably?) but it wasn't supposed to happen! How the hell did he manage to seduce Top without even realizing it?

He was scrubbing his stomach with a soapy loofa when Top started to scrub his back for him, and succeeding in badly startling Biff.

"What's wrong Biffy?" asked Top a grin in his voice.


"You'll tell me latter."

"Yeah." Biff agreed he'll have to tell Top that he wants him and that he's sorry for seducing him eventually so that Top can realize that liking Biff like that is bad. And it won't happen again… even if Biff wants it to. God how was he supposed to live such a sexless life after experiencing Top? And his tongue! Lord have mercy would he dream of Top's tongue!

But he must be strong for Top's immortal soul.

Top scrubbed over the really big bite mark causing Biff to flinch.

"I'm sorry." Top said seriously before gently kissing the black and purple mark. "Your skin is so fragile, I don't know what came over me but I should have controlled my strength more. I'm sorry, I don't mean to leave marks on you every time I touch you." Top apologized sounding ashamed. And Biff was too shocked to respond for a moment.

It was the hot water pouring on him rinsing him off that shook him from speechlessness. Biff turned around and hugged Top. "Oh biddy you don't hafta say sorry! Seeins how I'm yurs an all." Biff grinned backing up so Top's now twitching dick wasn't pressed against him.

"I usually take good care of what's mine." He says defensively, eyes intense. "You deserve better care."

Biff looked away embarrassed about what he was going to say, but knowing it needed to be said. "What if I like you markin' me up?" he mumbled.

And Top clenched his jaw for some reason what Biff said seemed to upset him,"Then we'll discuss this latter. If you're lying or making excuses for me I won't be pleased." Top said harshly before pushing the shower curtains and stepping out.

Biff stood there under the shower and fretted that he'd pissed Top off. But it was true, all these hickeys and bruises make him feel truly Top's, and maybe because he'd felt alone for so long… much longer even than the time he'd spent actually alone, he needs this reassurance that Top can't help but touch him. And the marks, though their embarrassing and in a few days will fade into ugly greens and yellows, they make him feel special like a Christmas tree or something. Going from a plain old Biff to someone that was lovingly decorated, by Top, like if he was loved by Top. He felt warm all over just remembering how Top lovingly decorated him and left the shower feeling all too pleased with his small world.

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