Any Last Words?

Hi. My name is Amy. Amy Marie Grant. I live with my parents in Salem. Yes Salem as in Massachusetts. Its not as bad as it sounds though. Until recently. I've been hearing yelling in the attic. Running of children in the halls. And don't forget that game they play. They show it in The Conjuring. Hide & Clap. Sure its fun when you play but when you hear the spirits? Nah. This is the story of the witch children that died in the Salem Witch Trials outside in the yard. And yes, I live in that house.

It started out three months ago. My sister, Whitney, was playing Hide & Clap with my other sister, Miranda. And I was doing the dishes in the kitchen. Then I heard them ask me for graham crackers and Nutella, which is their favorite snack. So I go and tell them to wash their hands then come back to get it on the table. So I finish before they come back so I continue on the dishes when I see them playing with their jump ropes out in the drive.

I walk out of the door.

"Your snack is ready! If you want it make sure you wash up first!" I yelled to them and they came running up the drive and the stairs.

"We get a snack?!"

"Well duh, you asked for it."

"No we didn't. But thank you!" The twins said in unison. Weird.

The week after that I was home alone when the phone rang. I went to answer it and nobody was there. So I put the phone down and went back to watch television. Then I heard running upstairs. Was Miranda and Whitney still here? Did my parents forget them?

I go up stairs to see a thin but pretty lady standing at the top of them.

"Can I help you? Are you lost?" I asked nervously.

She replied with walking down the stairs and out the door. I followed. She walked out to the giant oak and willow trees. She pointed.

"What are you pointing to?" I asked and went to go around her to look to see where her eyes where looking. But when I looked her eyes were pure white and her cheeks were more sunken in than they were before. But I look in walk in the direction that she is pointing.

When I get to the trees I see a man standing there looking at her and she looks completely like a normal woman would from the trail times. But the man doesn't seem to see me. I watch as he walk to her and pulls a rope out from in a large bag he is carrying. Then he spoke.

"Any last words you disgusting excuse for a human. Disgusting witch!" He spat. And I passed out.