Preface: Introductions

You know most don't believe in magick. The real kind. But I know better. I can't help but know better. It's in my nature after all. I am a sorceress. Hi my names Bong, ya that's not a joke…no not one at all. It means mythical bird or something…my parents were old fashioned. That unlike magick is no secret. Things to know about me is that I don't take crap from people…so don't stand in my way. Now I think it's time to educate you about magick. Seeing as you are my new book of spells.

There are four kinds of magick. Not just black or white. Theirs also blue, and red. Blue magick causes sorrow, regret, negative emotions. White magick causes positive emotions and things to happen. Black magick causes the absence of others almost draining things if you will, and lastly Red is a mixture of black and white.

I know that seems hard to grasp, but you aren't a magick user so I doubt you'd grasp it easily. Theirs also different types of magick : static, wiccan, and Dolo. I prefer dolo. It's most powerful. Wicca is great when it comes to long term effects but it doesn't give you instant results. Static is nothing but black magic, and quite frowned upon. Dolo is a practice of all kinds, it gives you immediate effects and is even visible. When most people think magick they think Dolo, not wicca, not static, just dolo. But Dolo isn't the only kind of magick there is. IT shouldn't be considered the only kind yet for some reason it is…But that is from non magick users so I assume I shouldn't be surprise.

Us sorcerers have enemies though. We are enemies with magicians. Ya I know sounds silly. But theirs a reason for this. Magicians fake magick. They do magic tricks rather than the actual thing. IT's incredibly offensive. Their illusionists while we're the real deal. Its very upsetting. Theirs even been cartoons about it. It's quite sad.

I know I keep talking about magick, but if your going to know my life you better know about that part of me as well. Now lets begin todays journey.