Chapter IV: Breakfast With A Weirdo

She opened her eyes slowly peering into the darkness of her room. The shades were closed but little rays of sunshine that managed to seep through the holes of her curtain danced around her room. She glanced at her clock. Only six...she still had another thirty minutes before she really needed to get up. She sighed. Yawning, she pushed herself into a sitting position, stretching her soar limbs.

There was a bright flash of light as she turned her head and she covered her eyes. The clear gem on her desk had captured the stray sun rays and was throwing them around her room in a beautiful display of colors. She had never seen so many. There were colors even she couldn't name!

She slowly got out of bed and turned on the light. The colors promptly vanished and she sighed again. Opening her bedroom door she made her way down the hall and to her kitchen.

As she passed Alaric, she couldn't help but think she was insane for taking him in. He was definitely an older man and, to anyone else, he would seem absolutely psychotic. What was it about him that made her trust him so easily?

She rolled her eyes at herself. Ridiculous.

She looked down at his sleeping form on the couch. She could hear his quiet snoring. He seemed so calm and relaxed. He looked as though he had just shaven that morning. His face was smooth and clear of an stubble. She reached out her hand, curious to see if his skin really was that smooth.

A hand darted out fast. latching onto her wrist and pulling her. She shrieked falling in front of him as he leaned closer.

His eyes were dark and full of sleep as he grumbled, "What're you doin'?"

She gulped and tried to calm herself due to their current proximity. She quickly composed herself and glared, "I was waking you for breakfast."

He blinked a couple of times and released her hands. Sitting up, he looked around and ran a hand down his face. "Right." She couldn't breathe. As the blanket that had been draped over him fell from his shoulders she saw that his torso was very much bare. She felt her face heat up. It wasn't her first time seeing a shirtless man. I mean, she had an older brother that had moved out only a couple of years before and she had seen Blake and Josh countless time because of how often Blake liked to drag them both to the beach to "scope out the hot chicks". She took a deep breath turning away from him. "Well, a-anyway..."

She stood and stomped to the kitchen still slightly flustered, "Is an omelet fine?"

"A what?"

She set the eggs she had just pulled out of the fridge on the counter and turned to smirk at him, "Do you not have those where you come from?"

He shook his head.

She pulled an egg out of the egg carton and held it up for him to see. He stepped into the kitchen still shirtless and she had to force herself not to stare at his perfectly sculpted body. She was one-hundred percent sure now that if any of the girls from school saw him, they'd be all over him. She hated to think about it. She shivered and got out a frying pan setting it on the stove.

He watched transfixed as she worked.

She cracked two eggs into a bowl and mixed them together.

Alaric picked up an egg, "I have never seen an egg so small."

She looked up at him and rose a brow confused and intrigued, "How big are the eggs you've seen, usually?"

He set down the egg and held his hands out to indicate the size, "About this large."

Her jaw dropped, "That's the average size for an egg where you come from? Are they just everywhere?"

He nodded. According to him, his usual breakfast choice was an ostrich egg!

She shook her head in bewilderment and went back to preparing their omelets.

He ate his so called "omelet" in happy bliss. It was amazing. This girl, uh, what was her name, oh right, Arabella, was an amazing cook. The eggs were quite small though.

After she had finished her cooking she had walked back down the hall to her room. He took the time to look around her home. It was most definitely different from where he came from. And this world seemed to be completely void of magic. At first when she had lit the fire to cook, he thought that was magic. But when she explained it, it was apparent that it most definitely had nothing to do with magic. It was as mundane as queen Lorens kingdom back home.

He had to get home, and soon.

He stood and began walking down the hall to her room. When he opened the door Arabella wasn't in there. Instead he heard a faint humming from behind a closed door. He could see light beneath it, signifying someone was in there.

He walked to the desk and grabbed the gem and scroll. He turned on his heels and was about to walk out when he heard her start to sing. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at the closed door. She had a beautiful voice. One he believed even an angle couldn't compare to. Her voice was soft and sweet and seemed to lull him into a daze. He couldn't believe any voice could sound so pure.

He shook his head smiling bitterly to himself. What was he thinking?

He was just stepping out of her room when Draco slipped from his pocket and darted for the door. He grabbed for the dragon, but the tips of his fingers only just barely brushed its tail. "No!"

He went after it and lunged for the door just as the beast spread its wings and slipped under the door.

There was silence for a brief moment and then...


The door burst open hitting him in the face and sending him flying backwards onto his rear. He rubbed his face and looked up to meet the gaze of a very pissed off looking female. She was dressed much different as compared to wen they had first met the night before. She wore a big, black, loose jacket and dark jeans that hugged her legs.

She pointed to her shoulder where Draco was happily perched rubbing hid head against the side of her neck, "What," she screeched, "is he doing in my bathroom?"

"He slid under the door. I'm sorry, he's never done that before. He usually hates strangers."

She huffed and crossed her arms glancing at the dragon happily snuggling up into her jackets hood. She sighed and mumbled a "whatever". Then she loked back to him, "And why are you in my room? When did I give you permission to come in?"

She held up the gem and scroll, "I was only coming to get these so that I could start trying to get myself out of here."

She sighed again. She seemed to be doing that a lot around him.

She walked past him and said, "Well, you'd better keep a better eye on him while I'm gone."

"Gone? Where are you going?"


He stared at her genuinely shocked, "Human females go to schools here?"

She glared at him, "Yes, geez, and what do you mean human girls? Are you not human?"

He shook his head, "I am only half human. My father was human, my mother was of elven blood."

Her eyes widened, "Elves like, tiny little people that wear pointed shoes and work for Santa Clause or elves like really tall beautiful people that live in trees and stuff." She was pretty sure which one would be the answer, but still...Elves!

He laughed, "Closer to the second option, only, we don't live in trees."

She opened her mouth, about to ask another question before her doorbell rang.

She turned from Alaric and opened the door. It was Josh and Blake.

Her eyes widened. Oh no. They can't see Alaric. What would they think?

"Um, hey guys, uh - hang on, I'll be right out."

She closed the door and ran to her room to grab her school bag. she took Draco out of her hood which deserved her a nip at the finger and an angry swish of his tail. "Oh, hush" then she grabbed her shoes and was heading back into the living room. She froze in terror. These guys never listened.

"Um, so, Arabella." Blake rose an eyebrow and looked at her accusingly.

Josh piped in, "Who's your friend?"

Alaric turned around to look at her, still shirtless, and she groaned. Could this really get any worse?