And the Wolf Saved Me

October 1st. 1908. My name is Henry Ford. I was on a mission to make history at its finest. And for the most part I did just that. I built a car. But not just any car. The Model T. But that is not all I did. Behind the scenes it was a different story. I still built the car but you don't know how. This is the story.

One very cool and foggy night, I was walking along that disgusting dirt road when I heard rustling in the brush along side the opposite of me. I continued along my way, but faster. I heard it again. I looked nervously at the bush.

"If you don't show yourself I will get the authorities." I spoke calmly to not show how shaky I really was. The bush kept moving and shaking so I ran. Then I heard it. I heard the guttural growl and moan of the beast. It came from behind the brush. The beast was huge and stood on all fours with pointed ears. It was a wolf. But it had human like eyes. I kept running until I heard the blood curdling scream I ran to where I was a man covered in blood but also in the nude.

"What ARE you? Are you an animal? Human? I want to help you." I spoke carefully.

"I am neither. But both. You see I turn." he sat up cautiously. "When the moon rises like it did at tonight's dusk, it happens. Im not sure why, but it does and I cannot do anything to stop it. But you cant help me but help the humans. Not many of us can pause the hunger like me. They kill. Protect your kind and I will try to stop mine in return." and with that he changed and went.

I need to build something. Although that man was nice and kind he was a killer.

I left and put random things together and thus made the first car. My friend Thomas Edison did help although he lived down in Milan, Ohio and I Detroit, Michigan. We decided to base the company in Detroit. The creature pulled though as did I. I tried my best to keep people off roads as he did stop them from getting killed.

The creature saved mankind not only from knowing about them but also their lives.