All we are is static

A constant buzz

from the radio

in the attic

Our song never plays

and the dust collects


day after day

What I hear

are a hundred


coming in clear

It's the melody

of silence between enemy

and the pain of

which has no remedy

For all we are is stagnant

when we used to be magic

Our song was beautiful

and now it's tragic

Through the white noise

I hear

the sound of

your old voice

It sings along

to a song only we knew

A land of wishes

in a garden we once walked through

It's the echo

of a hundred laughs

that once filled this room

It's the letters,

and poems, and the cards

our hearts once consumed

It's a song

of a thousand rhymes

a true passage through


And so I know

if the silence

is ever too much to bear

I'll simple turn on our song

and we'll be found there