Final Pain

Nero passed through the doors with hesitating steps. He looked around uncertainly as he headed down the aisles with items. He wondered to himself what he was doing there. But before he was able to change his mind and walk back out, a girl crossed the corner and looked at him. Her curly hair bounced still around her flawless face as she recognized him.

"Nero?" the raven head shifted uneasily; averting her eyes. "What are you doing here?" she sounded hurt. Nero bit his lip and met her gaze.

"I wanted to apologize. For being an asshole." Amelia simply looked at him. Her eyes were unreadable.

"Thank you." She said finally. Nero let out a deep sigh, but didn't relax.

"I know that I didn't make much sense… I just have some issues to work out. And I believe it would be better to work them out alone." Amelia sighed deeply and pushed a few strands of curly dark hair behind her ear.

"I get it." Nero watched her uncertainly. She smiled stiffly at him. "Not everyone is fit for a relationship. It's okay." She frowned and watched him as if he'd hit her. "I just wish you wouldn't be so self destructive. You have to see it yourself; I know you do." She gently stroke his shoulder. "Just promise me you'll find someone eventually who will be able to patch you up again. Don't follow this road you're walking right now." She smiled briefly and passed by him. Nero blinked, then turned to see her disappear down another aisle.

The snow started to fall as he headed home. Large white flakes landed in his ebony locks and made Nero feel like a sugared muffin. He pushed his scarf up over his nose and stuffed his cold hands into his pockets. Winter was coming rather quickly this year. Nero jogged the last way and pressed the doorbell as he arrived under the roof. By then the snow had soaked him to the bone. He waited patiently and listened to the footsteps heading down the stairs. He felt his heart race in chest, and a weird excitement brewed inside him. He swallowed as the door opened and Bianco's black eyes met his. He pulled down the scarf from his face and smiled nervously.

"Hey." Bianco opened the door wider and gestured for him to come inside.

"Want some tea? You look cold." Nero kicked off his shoes and sighed with relief as warmth filled him yet again.

"Sure." The white head went back upstairs and Nero could hear the sounds of porcelain against glass as he followed. There was out burned candles on the coffee table and stains of paint still covered the floors. He could see Bianco had been painting again; there was pencils and crumbled newspaper on the floor. A large glass of discolored water still remained in the middle of the living room beside a heavily used ashtray. "Busy day?" the smell of sweet steamed peaches filled the room and Bianco handed him a hot cup of newly brewed tea.

"Something like that." He answered and turned on the TV as he sat down in the couch. Nero sipped carefully at the hot liquid and took a seat next to him. They stared at the screen aimlessly for a long time as snow fell silently outside the window. Nero closed his eyes and felt strangely calm. He sipped the sweet tea and leaned back in the soft couch; letting his body be refilled with new energy. As he opened his eyes again, he could feel Bianco's gaze at him. "How's school?" the other teen asked. Nero frowned.

"It's… well. I'm not failing completely." A brief smiled crossed Bianco's lips.

"Getting any closer to that doctor's degree you were aiming for?" the raven head scowled at him unamused.

"I will be a doctor. Or a lawyer." Bianco laughed then. It was a wholehearted laugh, like normal people laughed. Nero liked him when he was normal.

"You have a great imagination; I'll give you that." Nero elbowed him gently.

"Shut up." He muttered and drank his tea. It was getting damp now. "Just wait and see. I'll sue your ass when I'm trough law school." Bianco chuckled, then smacked his hand. The tea cup spilled onto his chest and Nero winced as the liquid scolded his skin. "Fuck!" he quickly pulled at the fabric and cursed again.

"Oobs. I guess you'll have to take it off now." Nero stared at him accusingly, but pulled the shirt over his head regardless. He would get a nasty burn if he didn't remove it.

"That's dangerous!" he exclaimed as he tried to ease the pain. Bianco put down his own cup with a smile.

"I'm sorry. Let me make it better." He pushed Nero back on the couch and climbed on top of him. The raven head swallowed nervously as Bianco pushed his hands above his head; holding his wrists tightly. He watched him with strangely dark eyes and leaned down to kiss his chest. Bianco gently let his tongue grace his skin over the burnt area. He caressed his collar bones and neck with damp sweet kisses. As their gaze locked again, Bianco smiled strangely. "Where were you after school ended?" Nero stared at him blankly; feeling his face drain of all color.

"What do you mean?" the white head tilted his head and let a finger slide down the side of Nero's face.

"You used an awfully long time to get here. I know when classes end." Nero frowned and shifted uneasily under him. Bianco leaned closer to his face and smiled again, but only with his mouth. Nero didn't like it when he wasn't normal. He really didn't like it. He stared at him for a long time before answering.

"I went to see Amelia. I wanted to apologize to her." the other teen's expression didn't change. He didn't look surprised.

"Okay." He said and nodded slowly. "Okay." He let go of Nero's hands and grabbed his jaw; urging his face upwards. He then kissed him hard on the lips. Nero gasped and parted his lips. He felt hunger grow inside him again. Anticipation. Lust. Then a sharp sting of pain shot through him and his eyes fluttered open. Black blood boiled from his bottom lip and ran down his cheek. Bianco grinned and clicked his tongue playfully. "I forgive you."

Amongst the metallic smell of blood stains on the white sheets and the bitter aftertaste of curse words; hung a sweet release of tension in the air between them. Bianco chewed on a half burned cigarette and watched the snow still falling outside the bedroom. Nero glanced at him through tired eyes and felt as if all his strength and been surgically removed from his body. He pursed his lips and brazed himself to ask a question that had been bothering him for a while.

"Bianco?" the white head didn't react at first. He blinked, then slowly turned his head to meet his eyes.

"What." Nero hesitated but asked before he could change his mind.

"That woman you were with… when you walked in on my date with Amelia. Who was she?" Bianco didn't seem to recall at first. When he did, a gleeful smile spread across his face.

"Are you jealous?" Nero frowned and turned his face away.

"I'm not the jealous one in this relationship." Bianco raised his eyebrow, stomped the cigarette and turned to his side.

"You're saying we're in a relationship?" Nero glared at him.

"Stop avoiding my question." The white head chuckled and smiled sweetly. Nero felt something stir strangely in his chest then.

"She's my mother." Nero felt his jaw drop and he sat up straight in the bed.

"What? She's like… twenty!" Bianco shrugged and sat up straight as well.

"Not exactly. But you're not far off." when Nero didn't look any less surprised, the other teen shook his head and laughed. "She had me at an early age. I admit she looks very young; although I didn't think she could be mistaken for my date…" Nero sighed and bumped his head gently against the wall.

"I don't know why I'm relieved…" he muttered silently. Bianco smiled and kissed his shoulder.

"It's because you love me." Nero looked at him with frightened eyes.

"I don't… what?" he shifted uneasily. The other teen titled his head and ran a hand trough his bright white hair.

"Of course you do. You keep coming back even though you want to run away. Isn't that love?" Nero frowned as he reached for his T-shirt. He averted Bianco's eyes.

"That's not… I mean, love is supposed to be something else? Something… I don't know. Good." He got dressed and noticed his hands were trembling. He felt Bianco's eyes on him as he sat with his back turned. A heavy silence fell over them, and he started to feel strangely uncomfortable. "Do your parents love each other?" he was surprised by his own question. It seemed to come from nowhere.

"Yes." The white head answered with certainty. "They harbor the kind of love that is impossible to find." Nero turned his head only slightly.

"I think my mom loves my dad. She said once that he used to be a very kind man." He pursed his lips; feeling the sting from the earlier bite. "He's hit her and hurt her for a long time, and still she goes back to him. She believes he will get better. Like he used to be. But he will never be like that again, and she refuses to see it. That's not love." Nero met Bianco's gaze. "That's stupidity."

Nero hadn't seen his father for a long time. That fact didn't bother him the slightest. He hated the man, and would rather have nothing to do with him ever again. Once he had thought that his dad was a cold hearted psychopath. He knew now that he wasn't worthy of that title. He was a sad, miserable man who hid inside a bottle. Nero thought he wasn't scared of anything. He'd hated on people and his parents, his education and society for a long time and thought that the hate would remove what little fair he had left. But he was wrong. When he saw his father stand in the doorway of his apartment with a stern face looking as if nothing had happened the last couple of years, he felt terrified. He clutched the door handle so hard he thought his hand would burst open.

"Hey." His voice was so much deeper than his own. Still, his hair was ebony black and his jaw was as defined as his own. Nero could see he had been a handsome man once, although the heavy use of alcohol had taken its toll his facial features. Nero swallowed and didn't answer. "May I come in?" at least he was sober. Maybe his mom had been right; maybe he'd finally pulled himself together. He shook his head hesitantly.

"No." he whispered. The man shifted from one foot to another.

"I'd like to talk." Nero shook his head again; more sure of himself now.

"No." he repeated.

"Your mom and I are back together." His father continued. "I would like to start over with you as well." Nero shook his head once more.

"Leave. Please." He was about to shut the door, but the man put a hand on the handle.


"Leave." He whispered again, and then he forced the door shut. He locked it and waited for his father to leave. Then he slid down onto the floor and started shaking. He shook so badly he started to cry, and when he did he held around himself; digging his fingers into his skin until they left marks.

He called Bianco later and asked to come over. The other teen said he needn't ask such stupid questions. Nero grabbed a coat and his scarf as it was snowing heavily outside. He ran parts of the way, but was still very cold when he arrived. He trembled as he waited for Bianco to open up. When he did, the white head arched an eyebrow and smiled queerly.

"Maybe I should get you a key." Nero looked at him with blank eyes. His hair was soaked as well as his clothes. "Well come on in, don't stand there shivering like that." Nero reached out his hand and touched Bianco's cheek with cold fingers. He then dug his hand into his soft white hair and kissed him. Bianco hesitated; obviously surprised by his sudden actions. When the kiss broke, the white head's eyes were heated. "Okay… I'm happy to see you too." He pulled him inside and Nero let him push him against the wall. His scarf was ripped off and as their lips clashed together, his coat was unbuttoned. He felt Bianco's hands on his body; hot against his chilled skin. He moaned as the other teen's fingers grazed his groin. "Come." He demanded and pulled at Nero's shirt. He followed him up to the bedroom in complete silence. As the door smacked shut and he fell back on the bed, he felt steaming hot. As if the cold snow and wind outside had been drained from his body. Bianco crawled on top of him and tugged at his belt as he kissed his now naked torso. Their lips met again; their tongues grazing each other. Nero sighed deeply at the soft wet touch of his lips. Without thinking he tugged at Bianco's T-shirt and pulled it over his head. His mind was a blur, and he didn't care. His pants were pulled down and Bianco pushed his knee up against his stomach. The white head was breathing heavily against his neck as Nero unbuttoned his pants. Bianco frowned and looked at him with a brief smile. "Are you sick or something?" Nero bit his lips and simply kissed him again.

"Shut up." He whispered hungrily. Bianco swallowed, then spread his legs.

"Alright." He slid his fingers inside him and Nero hissed at the sudden touch. He closed his eyes and let his head slip backwards; electric pleasure stirring up inside him. Bianco kissed his torso and let his teeth sink into his skin. They kept touching each other and the room was filled with sighs of pleasure and deep groaning moans. Nero wrapped his hand around the other teen's erection and felt excitement as Bianco shivered helplessly above him. The white head lowered his hips and entered him slowly. Nero hissed and put his arms around Bianco's neck. They rocked against each other; slowly at first, then faster. The raven head turned his face and bit into the pillow as every cell in his body was feeling the vibrant pulsating pleasure shooting through him. Bianco looked down on him through clouded eyes as pearls of sweat trickled down his forehead. He turned Nero's head and kissed him hard on the lips. Then his teeth grazed the other teen's skin and he bit down hard on Nero's bottom lip. The raven head flinched and groaned as he drew blood. Drops of crimson red ran down Nero's chin and their eyes met. It felt like the world stood still for a moment. Nero blinked; his grey eyes wet with tears he couldn't explain. Bianco touched his facial scar so tenderly it felt like a feather was stroking him. His white hair dangled back and forth; following his movements. Nero touched his cheek and leaned up to kiss him. The pain from the bite stung as their lips clashed together once more and time began to move again. Bianco moaned as he reached his climax and squeezed Nero's shoulders so hard his fingers left red marks.

Nero lay watching the other teen's petite profile. Bianco's eyelashes were long and black and matched his eyes perfectly. It was the first time Nero had thought his eyes looked pretty. Bianco turned his head and looked at him suspiciously.

"Did something happen?" he asked in a way that made him sound like a parent. Nero only shook his head; maybe a little too fast.

"No… I just-" he shrugged. He didn't know what to say. He shuffled closer to Bianco and rested his head close to the other teen's face. Nero could see him swallow, and it made him wonder if Bianco was ever nervous in his presence like he sometimes was. He wanted to find out. He blinked, and moved just a little closer, so that their noses almost touched. Bianco frowned but didn't move.

"What are you doing?" Nero shrugged. His expression didn't change.

"I'm being what you want me to be." Bianco gave him an uncertain look.

"And what is that?" Nero smiled, but only barely.

"Your boyfriend." He'd never seen Bianco's face change so drastically before. He felt like he'd accomplished something groundbreaking. His eyes dilated, and he shifted back as his eyelids twitched rapidly. Then his cheeks changed color, and he averted Nero's gaze. Bianco swallowed again as he turned around on his back. Nero couldn't help but snicker to himself.

"When-" he cleared his troath and sighed. Bianco's voice was trembling and he took a moment to collect himself. "When did you come to this conclusion?" Nero slowly sat up straight in the bed. The blanket slid down from his naked torso and folded itself around his hips.

"It doesn't matter." Bianco finally looked at him and his gaze was uncertain. A light blush was still present in his face. Nero let both his hands run through his pitch black locks of hair before he started dressing. The white head watched him the entire time in silence. Before leaving the room Nero glanced back at him with a queer smile. "See you later." He left the door open and as he walked down the hallway he heard Bianco follow him.

"Nero?" he looked back. Bianco wore only his boxers. He didn't seem to be able to finish the sentence. Instead a look of shame grazed him and he bit his bottom lip. "Never mind." He frowned and swallowed once more. "Call me if you need anything." Nero only nodded. Then he left.

After skipping school for weeks Nero decided to collect himself and get his shit together. He went to school and actually studied. It was the end of the semester, and he had an exam coming up. The days were dull and he had lost a lot. He didn't know his classmates anymore and the teacher gave him weird looks as if she didn't think he was actually there. But he tried hard and eventually caught up with the rest. He would be damned if he didn't pass on this exam. It didn't bother him much that no one talked to him anymore. He hadn't been friends with anyone either way. At the moment all he wanted to focus on was pass an at least try and plan his future.

Bianco helped him with homework and studies and Nero realized the other teen was very smart. He knew all the topics even though he had been expelled long ago, and it made Nero wonder why he didn't have better grades. The white head had just been average in the class. When asked, Bianco just shrugged.

"I just didn't put enough effort into it. Was too busy painting." Nero sighed and his gaze returned to his work sheets.

"Wish I had a brain for this stuff. Everything just seems to slip away." Bianco chuckled and stroke the back of his neck. He was sitting next to him on the couch. Nero put down his pencil and sighed again. His brain was hurting. He felt Bianco stare at him for a while, but he didn't want to meet his eyes. He was sure the other teen would kiss him then and no studying would be done like that.

"Want to go out tonight?" Nero glanced quickly over at him.

"I… I have to study." Bianco smiled vaguely and let his fingers grace Nero's cheek.

"Tomorrow's Saturday. You have to take breaks once in a while, right? Come drink with me. I'll pay." Nero pursed his lips. Getting drunk did sound tempting. He leaned back in the couch and sighed deeply yet again.

"Fine. As long as you'll pay."

They went to a place they hadn't been before. It was a more mature bar, and most of the customers were over thirty-five. The interior was warm, brown and very British. Most people went out on Saturdays so the place wasn't packed. However, there were quite a few people there, around the pool table and watching the games on the various screens and the room. The bar disk was huge displaying a variety of alcohol on the class cabinets behind the bartender. Nero frowned as he saw this.

"Isn't this an 18+ place?" Bianco nodded as they took their place in one of the boots draped in dark red leather.

"I've got my fake leg." He said as he dangled the ID in front of Nero's face. "Always works." Bianco then went to order. They started easy with a couple of beers. They sat in the calm part of the bar but could easily hear voices and noise from the screens. Bianco sipped his beer as he looked softly over at Nero with a curious gaze. Nero noticed and narrowed his eyes.

"You've been looking at me weirdly lately." Bianco shrugged lightly.

"You've been acting weird." Nero averted his gaze and took a large sip from his beer.

"What do you mean?" He cleared his throat and scanned the area. Bianco tilted his head and tapped his fingers gently against the glass.

"Well, you did admit we were in a relationship. You referred to yourself as my boyfriend. And you were acting weird that day, and you've been acting weird ever since. What's going on with you?" It was a genuine question. Bianco wasn't teasing around like he normally would. Still Nero couldn't answer.

"You said once that one shouldn't reopen old wounds." They looked each other again. Bianco pursed his lips.

"Sounds like something I would say." He sounded almost annoyed with himself. Nero smiled briefly.

"It's nothing, really." Surprising himself Nero touched Bianco's hand. They both glanced down at their hands as their fingers grazed across each other. Nero turned away slightly embarrassed and withdrew his hand. He mumbled an apology although it wasn't necessary.

"If you say so." Bianco returned to his beer. Nero glanced across the room once more just to not look at the other teen. Then he noticed someone at the pool table which made his blood run cold. He stared at the man for a few very long seconds before quickly turning his head to stare at his beer. "Anyway, you crashing at my place tonight? I'll help you study some more tomorrow." Bianco glanced up at him and frowned upon seeing his expression. "Nero?"

"We need to go." Nero grabbed his jacket and stood from the booth.

"What about the beer?" The raven head ignored him and swiftly slipped his hands through the leather jacket, quickly looking over at the pool table again. Something caught his eye. He swallowed hard and grabbed Bianco's hand to make him hurry. The white head tried finishing his beer but had to put the glass down before choking as he was pulled from his seat. "What the hell!" But the man had noticed him. Their eyes had met, and now he was coming over. Nero headed towards the door and Bianco had to hurry after.

"Nero!" The voice made the both of them stop and turn. Bianco looked back at a middle aged dark haired man with a clean shaved face and glassy eyes. It wasn't hard to see the resemblance. "Nero." He repeated and the raved head turned to look at him warily. The man smiled stiffly. "I wanted to talk to you." Nero simply shook his head. His father looked disappointed.

"Bianco, let's go." The white head hesitantly followed his while staring at the older man. His father followed.

"Come on, you can't keep running away like this. Please." They all headed out the door unto the paved streets and the afternoon light that was about to vanish completely. "Nero!"

"Why don't you piss off." Bianco spoke to him as if he were an annoying child. Nero looked horrified at the younger teen. His father noticed his tone as well and finally acknowledged his existence.

"Stay out of this. I'm trying to speak with my son." Bianco smiled sarcastically back at him.

"A conversation requires two people. He clearly doesn't want to participate." Nero took a few more steps back. He could never talk to his father like that. It scared him that Bianco did. The man frowned and took a few steps towards him, staring daggers down at the white head. Bianco didn't flinch an inch. He just glared back up at him with eyes Nero would be intimidated by.

"Back away kid. I'm warning you." Nero swallowed and quickly walked over, grabbing Bianco's hand.

"Come on. Let's just go." He whispered desperately. His father glanced down at the way he held Bianco's hand and tugged on it. An expression of disgust crossed his face.

"What, are you a fag now? Come on Nero that's not how I raised you." Nero then glared up at his father.

"You didn't raise me. Mom did." The man just shook his head.

"Of course she didn't. That bitch can't do shit." His drunk slurs were starting to show.

"I didn't say she did a good job." He then forcefully dragged Bianco away from there while adrenaline was still pumping through his veins. His father followed them for some more but they were far faster and far soberer.

They crossed a block fifteen minutes away from the bar and Nero took a huge breath after all the power walking they had done. His eyes were glossy in the cold winter air. He cursed himself for wearing a leather jacket. He shook even though his chest and head was hot with fear and he leaned hard against the alley wall they had hid behind.

"Nero. You can let go of my hand now." Nero looked at him as if he didn't understand. Then he noticed he was still clutching Bianco's fingers and he quickly let go of him.

"Sorry." He whispered and noticed his voice was mushy. As if acid had taken a bite off of his vocal cords.

"Are you okay?" Nero just shook his head and wiped his nose and eyes as they were both wet from the cold weather. He stared into the powdered ground and simply concentrated on breathing. "Nero. Look at me." Bianco cupped his cheek and forced his face up from the ground. "You're fine now. You're safe." Nero shook his head once more and sniffed as he started shaking.

"No… I'm not fine." He crouched down unto the ground. "I think I'm having a panic attack…" He whimpered softly against his cold hands. Bianco crouched down before him and grabbed his face with both hands.

"Yes you are. I promised you, didn't I?" Nero met his gaze. He wasn't sure when, but tears had curled up behind his eyelids and started to make their way down his cheeks. "As long as you're with me I won't let you break." He then kissed him softly on the lips. Nero closed his lips and let his mind go blank against the other teen's damp cold lips.

Bianco let his hands run down the damaged hard skin. The wounds had healed nicely but there would be some very visible scars there for the rest of his life. He smiled briefly, knowing that Nero couldn't possibly forget him now, even if they parted ways. He'd marked him for life. Knowing that gave him a strange kind of pleasure. Nero shifted closer to him under the sheets and let out a soft sigh. He had fallen asleep with his back turned towards him. Bianco shuffled up to kiss his neck and wrap his arm around his torso. It felt good sharing a bed like this. He'd never really done it before, not in the way he was now. Feeling like a couple. He smiled briefly against Nero's skin before shutting his eyes.

Nero just barely passed his exam and as he got his results it felt like a few tons had slipped from his shoulders. He grinned genuinely happy for the first time in weeks. As he got home he pulled out his phone to call Bianco, but he stopped as he reached his number. Suddenly he felt his face glow warm as he realized the other teen was the first he'd thought about telling. And then he realized that there was no one else to really tell. He sat down in the couch and frowned. Did he really have no other friends? He pursed his lips and dropped the phone on the table. He'd lost touch with all his classmates. Not that he'd really ever have any friends amongst them. Just casual accomplices, people who invited him to parties or folks he would hang out with very rarely. But now there was none. None except for Bianco. He chewed on his bottom lip for a moment and grabbed his phone again. He would attend university, and gain friends there he thought. No big deal. Easy, really. He stared at Bianco's phone number and finally decided to call him. Just as he did the doorbell rang and he stood from the couch while listening to the ringing. But as he opened the door he let his hand fall along his side.

"Hello." Bianco picked up at the other end. Nero stared yet again at his father in the door way. Why wouldn't he leave him alone? Was it really that hard? What could he provide to this man? He frowned more confused than scared this time. "Nero?"

"What are you doing here?" His father looked sober, but he couldn't be sure.

"Let me in." He demanded then walked right through him. Nero stared accusingly at him when he was pushed out of the way.

"Get out." He was getting mad now. The older man looked around the apartment with a monotone expression. Then he headed for the kitchen and looked through his cabinets. "What are you doing! Get out!" Nero stormed to the kitchen clutching the phone in his hand. His father opened a soda can completely disregarding him. Nero didn't know what to do. He started to get scared again. He hated it, but couldn't do much about it.

"I followed you from school one day. You went home to this mansion link apartment. Got yourself some good friends, huh?" Nero frowned and took a step back.

"You followed me…?" His father shrugged like it was no big deal.

"I saw you making out with him. He's got a nice car too. Must give you some pretty nice gifts, right? Where are they?" He raised his eyebrows and put down the soda can. "Where are they Nero?"

"What are you talking about? Gifts? Just get out of here or I'll call the cops." Something changed in his father's eyes and before Nero could react the man had grabbed his collar and shoved him into the wall.

"Don't talk shit to me son. Your mother wants you back in our lives. Now I couldn't give a shit, as having you in our home would make me lose my appetite either way. But the least you could do is provide a little for your mother. Do you know how much she's struggled since we broke up? Huh? She was in fucking rehab Nero. And now I see you waltzing around with a rich ass fag. It's disgusting. So I ask you again. Where's the shit he's given you? Is it money? Jewelry?" Nero stared in disbelief at the man before him. His father tightened the grip on his collar and hit him once again against the wall. Nero winced and grabbed the man's hands to try and pry them off.

"Stop it… he didn't give me anything."

"Liar." His father fiddled with something in his pocket. Nero's phone fell to the floor and he noticed he never hung up. The minutes were still ticking in since he had called Bianco. "No son of mine would willingly be fucked up the ass unless you got something from it, right?" Nero just shook his head. The logic was flawed and he had no answer that would satisfy him. He was just about to make some excuse when his father pulled a pocket knife and shoved it up in his face. Nero flinched at the sight and felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Stop…!" He then tried pushing him away and squirmed away from the sharp blade now pressed against his unscarred cheek.

"I didn't want to do this. You remember the pain, right?" His father didn't smile. He just looked annoyed and angry at his presence. "You were the most annoying kid ever. It's time I got even anyway." He grabbed Nero's throat and pressed his head back as he poked the blade into the corner of his mouth.

"Please, stop it!" Nero thrashed around and tried to kick him away. He felt a sharp sting as his lip started to split.

"Just tell me where you've got your money stacked up, and I'll forgive you. Come on Nero." Blood trickled down his chin and panic groped his heart.

"I don't have any money!" His father's hand shook slightly from anger and Nero shut his eyes as the familiar pain struck him again. More blood ran from his lips. "Please…!" The open door creaked and someone else walked into the apartment. Nero's father twirled his head around, panic in his eyes. Nero glanced in the same direction and saw Bianco walking towards them. He looked out of breath as if had ran the entire way, however his car was parked hastily outside the apartment. He stared at the older man with clear hatred in his eyes. Without speaking a word, he pulled a gun from a pair of shoulder holsters. Nero felt his heart skip a beat as he saw it. He had no idea Bianco owned something like that. His father quickly dropped him to the floor and raised his hands.

"Hey now, relax, will you?" Nero clutched his throat. He hadn't noticed how hard it had been squeezed. "I'm putting down the knife. Easy." He slid it up on the kitchen counter. He tried hard to remain calm. Bianco's hand twitched a little as he gave signs for Nero's to stand. He did, and turned to look at his father, still shaken by what he had done.

"Did he hurt you?" Bianco asked still staring at the old man. Nero shook his head.

"I'm fine." Bianco quickly glanced at him, then touched his face and turned it both ways. He quickly noticed the blood from the little split in the corner of his mouth and looked back at Nero's father again.

"You did hurt him." He took a few steps towards him and the old man backed away. Bianco's voice was but a cold chill. His hand shook now.

"Bianco…?" Nero looked nervously at him. "Put down the gun." The white head took a deep breath and steadied his hand. He blinked once, then pushed the trigger.

His father crashed into the kitchen counter as the bullet penetrated his chest. The man's eyes grew wide and he fell to the floor trying to grab something to keep standing. The soda can he'd opened fell on top of him and soaked his jacket. He wheezed as if he couldn't breathe. Bianco still held the gun on him as he walked over to him then crouched so that they stared into each other's eyes.

"Only I can hurt him." The old man couldn't speak. He heaved for air that didn't seem to exist. Bianco tilted his head then stood to his feet again. "Only I'm allowed." Then he raised the gun again and fired it into the man's abdomen four more times before finally letting the gun fall at his side. He went over and picked up Nero's phone. He glanced at it before handing it over to Nero. "You dropped this." The raven head stared at him, his expression unchanged since he entered the room. Nero felt his whole body tremble. Bianco's eyes were black like cowl and still like the water. He couldn't fathom how dissolved he seemed from the situation.

"What… did you do?" Nero could only whisper. His voice was hoarse and stuck somewhere. Bianco's lips parted then closed again.

"Go to my place." He handed him keys. "Wait there until I get home. Don't go anywhere. I will fix this." He sounded incredibly reassuring. Nero simply shook his head in disbelief.

"You killed him…" Bianco frowned as Nero grabbed his phone. He slowly started backing off towards the door.

"Just go to my place Nero." Nero didn't listen. He headed out the door and then started running. And then he ran till he couldn't run anymore. He found himself in a neighborhood he hadn't been before, and he started pacing down the road as he gasped for air. His lungs hurt and sweat plastered his hair to his forehead. Nero had never felt this way before. Adrenaline, panic and anxiety raced inside him like thunder. He had seen someone die. His father was dead, and someone he thought he cared about had killed him. And he did it like it was nothing.

Nero woke up in a more miserable state than he had been in for quite a while. Not wanting to go to Bianco's place, and definitely not back to his own, he fell asleep on a bench as he couldn't think of anywhere else to go. With only a hoodie and few old newspapers to keep him warm he woke up with a sore throat, blue lips and at the verge of hypothermia. He sat up shivering like a leaf in the newly fallen snow. He peeked at his phone and noticed it was five in the morning. It was still dark outside and there wasn't a sound around. He'd gone to the park not far from his house where he used to visit as a kid. It was a little close to the crime scene for comfort, but at least he knew it was a safe area. Nero slowly rose to his feet and started pacing back and forth to warm up his muscles again. His teeth were clattering and his whole body was stinging from the cold. His scars were itchy but he had no time to think of them now.

He started walking down the main street around the park while clutching his arms and skipping towards uncertainty. It wasn't before the headlights were on him that he heard a car approaching. He walked on, waiting for it to pass but as it drove up beside him it slowed down to his own pace.

"Nero?" He quickly looked at the car and noticed it was a Ferrari. Bianco looked at him from the open window. The white head almost looked scared as their eyes met. He clearly hadn't slept. Nero hesitated only for a second before he started sprinting down the road. "Nero!" The car sped up and Nero took a sharp turn into the naked woods heading for the park again. He heard the car door open and close, and then footsteps behind him. His legs were still stiff after being so cold for so many hours, and Bianco quickly caught up with him. They broke through the forest edge just as Bianco grabbed his hoodie and they both fell flat unto the snow. Nero kicked him as hard as he could in the side and he heard the other teen wince in pain. He pushed back towards the lake and tried standing up again, but was too late. Bianco grabbed his sweater, pulling himself on top of him and tried to hold his hands still. Nero hit him in the kidneys and the white head was visibly hurt, but still didn't jump off.

"Let go of me!" He shouted and tried rolling to the side. His feet were kicking franticly and it wasn't before Bianco served him a sharp fist to the face that he finally fell still and started panting. They stared at each other exhausted.

"What the hell are you doing!" Bianco gritted his teeth in pain. It looked like he wanted to hit him again, but refrained from doing so.

"What do you think? I'm running away from a murderer!" He spat the words like poison and stared furiously up at Bianco. The white head took deep breaths and simply shook his head.

"You're mad…?" Nero sniffed and rubbed his eyes which were glossy with tears again.

"You shot him! Like it was nothing; like killing someone was normal! What kind of person are you?" Bianco seemed to try and collect himself. Nero had never seen him so serious before. He didn't answer for a long time and Nero eventually pushed him off and stood to his feet. "Stay away from me." He twirled around and started walking away. Bianco stood to his feet as well.

"I did you a favor!" He shouted after him, making Nero glance back at him. "I did what you wish you could do. He ruined your life and was about to do it again." Bianco walked towards him with a tired expression on his face. "I don't feel bad for killing someone that made your life miserable. You don't need to be scared anymore. I promised I would keep you safe, to keep you from breaking, and it was the only thing I could do!" Nero shivered. Not only because of the cold weather, but because he knew if he stayed to listen to Bianco that he would probably forgive him. And he couldn't do that. He felt like something was wrong about the other teen, something that scared him immensely.

"You didn't need to kill him…" He stuttered through shivering teeth. Nero had already started to weaken in his presence. Bianco swallowed and brushed white hair from his eyes. He sighed deeply, pursed his lips and looked outright miserable where he stood.

"I have never killed anyone before. Not ever. And I wouldn't, if it wasn't for you."

"Don't you make this about me." Nero pointed accusingly at him. "You held the gun and I asked you to drop it. You chose to pull the trigger. You killed my dad." Bianco shook his head in disbelief.

"He wasn't your dad." He walked up to him now, only a few steps away. "A father loves his child. You said it yourself, he didn't raise you. He didn't love you. You don't hurt the one you love." They fell silent and stared at each other. "And I won't hurt you anymore either." Nero frowned. He didn't know what he meant by that.

"What do you mean?" Bianco licked his lips and let his gaze fall on the icy lake.

"I'll help you start a new life. Away from here. I'll give you everything you need to never return." He swallowed and looked at Nero again with regret in his eyes. "To never see me again." Nero shifted uneasily, slowly shaking his head as if he didn't believe him.

"How…" His voice got stuck in his throat.

"Just come with me. You're freezing to death." Slowly Nero followed Bianco back to his car still in denial. But the sharp sting of winter and his promising words made him follow him back to his apartment.

Bianco did what he promised and more. Nero stayed at his house for a few days while his apartment was sold without him lifting a finger. He was provided a new credit card and a new identity. A new life. He chose to keep his first name but changed his last. And as he wrote down what he wanted to be named, Bianco frowned and smiled briefly.

"That's plain." He noted and Nero nodded in agreement.

"That's the point." He got a new passport, and a bank account to make anyone jealous. Technically what he did wasn't illegal. Changing once name was a pretty common affair. It was when Bianco managed to change his grades to slightly better ones that things were heading into the grey zone.

"I want you to be able to study whatever you choose." He said as if it was as simple as anything. But Nero didn't object. His grades were horrible.

Nero was watching TV one day about a week after the incident when Bianco returned home with a couple of tickets for him. He threw them on the coffee table in front of him. Nero glanced at the destination.

"Those are train tickets to two different destinations both containing good universities. And they're far from here, both big cities." Nero took them hesitantly. Then he looked up at Bianco.

"Thank you." Bianco shrugged, averting his eyes.

"Tell me when you've decided on where to go and I'll fix you up with an apartment. Can't promise a mansion though." Nero quickly shook his head.

"You don't need to do that."

"I want to." They both fell silent. Nero stared at the tickets. He'd always wanted to start his life anew. Like someone else in a place he didn't grow up in, where all the bad memories didn't come back to him. Where no one knew him. This is what he wanted, and still he was reluctant to go. It was stupid. He wouldn't say that aloud though.

"What if-" He glanced up at Bianco again. "What if I can't stop hurting myself?" The white head slowly sat down beside him in the couch. He sighed softly and glanced up at the muted TV.

"You need to remember why you do what you do. And what you are trying to accomplish. Then ask yourself if it's worth it." Their eyes met and Nero felt a sting in his heart as he saw there was mixed feelings in the other teen's face. Then Bianco smiled one of his usual smiles. "If that doesn't work, then think of me and all the things I've done to you. Maybe you feel like jerking off instead." Nero elbowed him and put the tickets back down on the table.

"I guess this is it then." He muttered after a while. Bianco nodded solemnly.

"I am not sorry for what I did. I would have done it again if it came to it." Nero glanced at him sideways.

"I know. That's why I won't think twice about leaving."

The weather was especially cold the morning Nero arrived at the train station. Snow had fallen heavily lately and he was dressed head to toe and thick winter wear and a giant green scarf given to him by Bianco. He had with him a single bag with identification, a toothbrush, a computer and some other small stuff which came in handy during travel. And then he had the wrapped painting which he had received from Bianco as a birthday gift. He blew frost from his mouth and watched it dance towards the clear pale sky. There were few people on the station as it was a Tuesday and after rush hour. The train arrived in five minutes and he felt himself growing nervous. He was going somewhere he had never been. It was refreshing, but all the more terrifying.

"Got everything you need?" Nero glanced back at Bianco. He had parked the car to see him off. Nero nodded with a vague smile.

"Think so." They stared at each other for a while before the speakers announced the arrival of his train in three minutes.

"I'll miss you." Bianco suddenly said as people emerged from inside the station to catch the upcoming train. "I don't care if you'll forget about me, but I'll miss you." Nero frowned and placed his hands in his pockets.

"Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could forget you." The white head looked at him for a while and seemed restless. His eyes flickered towards the sound drumming softly against the train tracks. Then as the train finally arrived, he stepped up to Nero and kissed him. The raven head didn't object. He let their lips press softly against each other and it was as if he felt the other teen's pain. He didn't care if people were watching. He opened his mouth and let their tongues clash together for the last time, let himself enjoy the other's raw lips. Then it broke and the world returned to them as the doors opened and people in coats and hats streamed off the carts like ants. Bianco let his fingers trails across his scar and sighed softly as he was going to miss it.

"You better go." Nero nodded. He grabbed his bag and the wrapped painting before turning around and heading towards the still open doors. As he entered he turned around and looked at Bianco again; smiling.

"I'll put this up in my new apartment." He said as he waived the painting. Bianco smiled genuinely at him with soft eyes that contained nothing but compassion. Then Nero entered the train and soon after the doors closed shut. The raved head watched Bianco from the window until the other teen vanished behind buildings and the drift of the fresh powder snow. The sky drifted by and Nero thought it was amazingly blue. It was as if he could stare right into the universe. He didn't know if he wanted to see Bianco again or not. He knew that he wouldn't, but there was a sense of strange mixed feelings about it all. However, he was comfortable knowing that even though he would never see him again, they were living under the same sky.