life in jest

is anything serious?

rules to live by

words to live by

arbitrary for a quiet life

domesticated and submissive humans

why? because eye say so

who is i?

it's me

and don't ask why

me is lovely


whether i wrote on the dotted or solid line

or not

i cry and rage an awful lot

no, follow the rules kid

nod, sit, stay, give kisses, shale paws

. . . hands . . .

build humanic houses

cubes of grey and dull

forget these earthly hands

they're not acceptable

look up

look down

no i contact

because eye said so

oh, you don't know eye?

yes you do

eye see all

eye'm in the back of your mind

shaping and molding and changing

the "supposed to's"

until instinct becomes a laughable dream

occasionally real . . . maybe

is it what you feel?

or the world stepping on your heels

not the world


eye lie

don't tell

forget you know

but remember me in your uncertainties,

guilt, and regret

forget me in your dreams

don't live them. sleep them all.

and no waking recall.

but . . . uncertainty and longing for a few moments

then force myself back to reality


i mean, society

NO! eye mean reality