Prologue: Enter, the Inquisition

The sun was sinking below the horizon, turning the sky a bright orange, which mixed with various shades of red and yellow, creating a brilliant sunset.

As the sky darkened, turning into night, the crunching of leaves signaled the approach of people. The fall sky gradually darkened, covering up the red, yellow, and oranges of the leaves. Amount the peaceful forest, a voice rang through the trees, emanating from a large white structure that broke the otherwise untouched scenery.

"It's finally time. As the Inquisition of Manaheart, we must silence the darkest wizards forever. No immortality spells or zombie familiars. Only justice: anyone who fails these demands shall be executed in the name of the holy light." ordered the leader, his deep voice echoing through the marble meeting hall.

"WE ARE THE INQUISITION! THE GUARDIANS AND THE BLESSED OF THE LIGHT!" chanted the other members, including a young girl, the daughter of the leader.

She had light, silvery-white hair and deep violet eyes that nearly anyone could get lost in. They stared reverently at the leader, a fire in her eyes to be the good in the world. She held on to every word, determined to prove herself worthy to her otherwise doubtful father.


"PURIFY!" roared the members of the Inquisition, holding up their right hands. Behind them glowed a stylized golden sun, set ablaze by the dying sunlight.

With that, the meeting adjourned, and the leader's voice bloomed one last time. "Nala. Meet me in the office at once." He was met with a hushed silence as the young girl wove her way through the crowd to the opposite side of the meeting hall where the office was located.

Soon, the white noise of laughter and mindless chatter filled the hall, creating a deafening roar as the girl closed the door to her father's office. She stopped a few inches in front of the closed door, her posture straight and proper and head bowed in respect, "I was summoned, father?"

The man, a heavy set fellow with light brown hair and dark brown eyes, sat behind his desk. Dark circles were obvious below his eyes and he looked at the girl tiredly, yet the same, stern look Nala had grown to hate shone in his eyes.

"Nala. You have been training for quite some time now. It is time to prove your worth. And carry on the family name," Nala felt her heart rising in anticipation. "I'm sending you to Faustum, the land of sold souls, the land of the devil. It's an ancient, dark town near the edge of the country. There have been rumors that the dark wizards from all corners of Manaheart shall be there in a week's time. You will lead a force of Inquisitors there and destroy them."

Nala raised her head, looking her father straight in the eyes. A determination burned deep within her eyes as she saluted.

"You have your orders. You leave before sunrise tomorrow morning, and not a moment later."

Nala bowed her head before turning and exiting the room, forcing herself to suppress her childish instinct to scream in excitement. After the door closed behind her, she punched the air in victory before taking a deep breath to calm herself. Only a handful of people remained in the room, and they all turned to face her at the sound of the door closing.

The oldest of the group, a man the age of twenty, walked up to her. "You are Nala, the commander of Operation: Faustian Deal?" he spoke in a serious tone.

She nodded, making her voice equally as serious, "Yes. We leave before dawn."

"Targets apprehended. One person remaining." Nala reported to her father over a magic comlink.

"Good. Remember, leave no survivors." spoke her father over the link.

They stood in the town hall, which was littered with dead bodies. Some of them were stuck to the wall in a crucified fashion; others were burnt beyond recognition. One similarity was shared between all of the victims: they were all dark wizards. The stench of the dead floated in the air.

She glared at the sole survivor, a tall boy around her age, with black hair similar to the dark wizards she recently killed.

"Father... Mother..." whimpered the boy as he stared at his dead parents, tears running down his face. "No... PLEASE COME BACK!"

"They're dead." hissed Nala, standing in front of the rest of her Inquisition squad. "You're dead-"


"It's killed our comrades. I know everything about it."

"YOU SICKEN ME!" burst out the boy as he twisted around with a pitch-black knife in his hand. "GO TO HELL!"

She narrowly sidestepped, feeling the intense shadows in his hand. It's definitely darkness magic... but something's off about it... either way it's evil!

Immediately, three Inquisitors pinned him to the wall, burning his skin with intense light from their hands. "Permission to execute the target?" they asked, watching him carefully.

"Permission granted." Nala stated, without a moment of hesitation in her voice.

As the soldiers swung their holy weapons at him, she felt a sense of dread. It felt as if everything would go horribly wrong. She realized she was staring into his eyes, and that they were the source of fear.

They were colorless and empty.

"Chaos Bite." hissed the boy, his voice heavily distorted as he sliced the trio of Inquisitors around him in half with one arm.

He marched towards the remaining forces, grinning maniacally as the people behind him turned into nothingness. His teeth were as sharp as a tiger's, hungry and powerful.

Instinctively, Nala jumped through the window, tumbling onto broken glass that cut into her skin. She thought about her cowardice as she ran away from the town hall, but the next moment made her glad she chose her action.

"Chaos Ravage." the bestial voice rang out.

As she looked back, her eyes widened as she heard the screams of her comrades, swallowed up by unnatural silence. She stared at the brutal carnage as a sphere of nothingness devoured the whole hall before disappearing.

A faint voice whispered in the back of her head as she stared at the event unfolding before her eyes. "NALA, RESPOND!" burst out her father's voice, finally shocking her back to reality. "WHAT HAPPENED!?"

She exhaled, trying to calm herself down. Under oath she was required to tell the truth. Yet she didn't want to tell her father about her failure; she in fact feared even mentioning the incident.

Her duty won out as her eyes failed to find the one survivor's body.

"We failed our mission. We purified the dark magicians except for one person. He massacred us." she said, tears beginning to run down her face.

"How are the others?" he asked over the magic comlink.

She began sobbing violently as she recalled the scene. "T-they're all dead. K-killed by t-the only s-survivor." she managed to choke out.

"Damn... are there any bodies we can recognize?"

She knew why he was asking. The Inquisition blessed their dead before burying them, therefore sending their soul to Heaven for fighting for good.

There was nothing left of Faustum's town hall. A crater was the only sign to show that it ever existed.

"No bodies." she reported, finally gaining a hold on herself. "T-the last wizard had some odd magic. He turned three Inquisition members into n-nothing before killing everyone else the same way. Nothing. N-not even ashes."

Her deep violet eyes widened as she heard a long sigh from the other end of the comlink. "Nala, come back to HQ. Now."

"Yes sir." she replied, closing the comlink. She began shivering, her silvery-gray hair swirling around her.

She knew her father was beyond rage at her. Everything had gone right for her when she got to lead the mission, but she lost it all at the last second. All because of that one boy.

I swear, when I find you, I will personally torture you. Even if we're separated like heaven and hell, I will stay with you, making you rue the day you killed my comrades. she thought as she began moving again, away from the tragedy at Faustum.