Underneath the tombstones
There lie the lover's bones
You knew this day would be here
You both knew that it had grown near
He left for war
You could do no more
But to sit and hope for the best
Your days are longer, your nights are shorter, there is no time to rest!
By yourself with the baby
You are hoping that maybe
He will come walking through that front door
You want him back, you want him home, you couldnt ask for more
But then you are reminded by the sweet whispers
Spoken by ladies that still have their misters
"He was shot, now he's gone." "She's alone, poor dear."
"Shush up, be quiet. I think she can hear!"
But your feelings dont matter, no, they dont care
They dont understand he wont be brought back by prayer
You were both so happy, it was all going right
but it was all taken away on that one night
You are told to keep living, told to try
As if you are not alone, as if he didn't die