Princess society

the snowflake line

Adam snowflake

You wake up. Silent. Not speaking. Only to see a golden sun above you. You turn towards your friends. They are crying it's too late.

You wake from the dream in cold sweat. This was not pleasant. You check your watch. Crap your late for your new boarding school. You get up. Put on a peplos, as common for people in your kingdom, and head to the school.

You sigh, the fact that every article of clothing in your kingdom was genderd had always pissed you off. You were genderfluid after all. Your sometimes a boy sometimes a girl. Sometimes both sometimes neither. But if clothes weren't gendered it would help you greatly. You sigh to yourself. As you walk into the lounge of your new school.

There you see several other royals from other kingdoms. You see a middle eastern girl wearing a hijab, holding the hand of another, a white girl with short red hair. You see a young girl East Asian,and wearing a tuto. A non royal which is strange given the school. She's dressed with Enoby black hair, red fish nets, and lastly several piercings. She's scary you think..Lastly you see another. She's missing an arm, an amputee no doubt. You decide to approach one of the girls.

You approach the girl in the hijab and her partner.

"hi" wow. You blurted that out. Yes, you look totally casual right now. like so normal. Like totes normal. It's hard to believe that anyone thinks your awkward at all! That was sarcasm. They move away from their conversation giving you a side glance.
"what's your name!"
Again your so subtle! And by subtle I mean not at all.
The girl in the hijab turns towards you.
"I am princess Abia Aly and this is princess Alex Aly."
She gestures towards her friend.
okay again with the screaming what is up with you? Like seriously I know you have anxiety but Jeegus.
Princess Abia gives you a faint smile?
"and your name?"

You say your name in a blurt of anxiousness. Fun.
"well nice to meet you" the white girl finally speaks.
"are you new to Royal high?"
hmm, ya. So not awkward. Like your definitely doing good here. -_-
"well we best be off, the meetings soon."
true. It was soon. Then again given your status. …you decide to go to the meeting anyways.

You quickly run after the two girls. Finally being able to catch your breath. You follow them into the meeting room. It was plastered in gold. It had pink lining. And many princess' stood there in wait. You decided to have a look around. The girl with the tuto runs up to you.

wow she seems ecstatic all those exclamation points.
"hi" you say back.
"your that boy girl thing right?"
"your not, are... like genderqueer right?"
you hate that she used that term given she's clearly cis.
"genderfluid ya..."
"so like how does that work?"
"you know what were you born as?"
"I don't think that matters much."
You decide to walk away from the girl. Just walk away, mid convo. She runs up to you.

You continue to walk. She shouts at you for no apparent reason. What a fool right? Who in there right mind would do such a thing? Certainly not you hardy har har.

You continue your way to the meeting. A women appears out of smoke. She's a halis no doubt. You know what halis' are. They're like witches only more powerful with visual magick. Yes magic with a K. Were doing that.

"hello princess' one and all"
great -_-

"I am your instructor "
wow what a pathetic attempt at a name. This author clearly sucks!
"you have joined Royal high. Which means you wish to be the queens of your land. This is the royal requirement before becoming such. Then again you all probably know that."
I'm pretty sure she's just giving exposition. ksuh
"now you must group yourself with several other princesses. This is to ensure your mission will be a success"
Wait. Mission? what mission?

You didn't know anything about a mission when you joined this program! You hear muttering, you ask Abia about the mission.
"oh that's right"
she says in her English ascent.
"we have missions. To put it nicely its to see if were qualified for the thrown. I'd be happy to be in a group with you and Alex."
Alex began to turn bright red. You suspect these two are more then friends.

You see the girl in the Tuto run over to you. She's with a chubby East Asian girl, and a boy with bright blue hair no doubt dyed. She is ecstatic.
"wana be in a group?"
"with you?" you hiss.
"no I do think it would be good."
Abia states unsure. She pulls you to the side.
"I'm not on good terms with Ming and I need to be lets join this group with her and her friends"
"okay" is all you manage to say.

You decide to introduce yourself to the others. You talk to the girl with the short hair and bandana, who like Ming is East Asian. You approach her. "Hi"
"oh hi"
"My names...what's yours?"
"Florist, Florist Chang"
"nice to meet you florist" wow a quivering voice. You are so good at talking to people. Like your obviously brilliant. Huh of course.
" don't seem to be a royal"
"no I'm on here on official business"
"I am the leader of the revolution I think its fine to say that given no one in this kingdom is even aware of my country"
"your country?"
"I'm American."
Americans no one knows much about them. Ever since the year three thousand they seem to have vanished right off the map. It's funny how that works...For the record I the narrator am American yeehaw. America! hmph decide to talk to the pail boy with blue hair..

he stares off into the distance almost as if monologing to himself inside his head...oddly specific I know. Have you even read any of the books this game is off of? no you haven't even heard of specialsnowflakebooks? Well dear player I am very disappointed in you. Heres our tumblr .com silly plug I know. haha I'm hilarious. :P

You and ask him his name after you tell him yours.
"Blue, my names blue"
"oh odd name but okay."
"odder then Florist?"
"good point"

You agree with him looks like you to will be getting along. You continue conversations. Everything goes well. Then the halis appears to you.
"this is your mission the golden sun" Ms. Berry (who is the halis) looks at you.
"I trust this is in capable hands?"
"yes" you respond with your voice croaking. Your really bad at talking aren't you?

She walks away.

discuss with the mission with the group
Bolt out of there and take yourself

You take the mission scroll from the halis. You go up to to the group. "Guys or girls...or...whatever look I have a scroll"
They all stare at you, Blue speaks "I'm not a girl"
"sorry" you notice he has a high voice when he's offended.
"I know that I just...sorry"
You discuss the mission.

"So we have to get this orb from another palace?"
Florist asks?
"Ya but unfortunately it looks as though we must steal it" Princess Abia states.
"okay I'm up for anything" Ming says with a smirk.
"good. We should go.." You push your long hair to the side. You adjust your peplos. (that's a Greek thing shhhhh) and head out the door with your new "companions" bleh your not exactly the doctor here...obscure reference #1! HAZA!

As you head out the door you notice the girl trying to hard to be goth and her friends, the people you noticed from earlier gathered round.

She approaches you. Not wanting to talk to this awkward girl with poor spelling you make a dash for it. Eventually leaving her behind. You make your way out of the school. You note several female guards all built, like not just built but really really really…..built. Ya I know annoying narrator is annoying :P You examine them. One of the women takes note of you.

"what the heck are you doing?" she asks.

"your just…strong" again with the whole not awkward thing, god do I love you. Oh oops your greek…sorry meant gods. Ya…that's what I meant…yep…totally.

"what's it to you?" she is bitter in her tone.


"best be moving along then"


You stop staring. You lead the team out. I bet you thought that passage was going to go somewhere? Well, you were wrong. Honestly don't expect this book to make much sense it is based off a game after all. You continue with your ….companions….all the way out of the city. You note several horse drawn cariges. Ming mutters to herself. You ask her what she is talking about.

"its just so not modern in this place"

"what?" you ask confused raising a brow.

"its just…I come from a kingdom that's way more advanced then this place!"

Wow…loud and spoiled. Who would've thought. You don't like this Ming you think. Then again she is completely out of character here, so I don't blame you. Oh ya that's right you probably didn't realize, all of these characters are from other books, and or stories your wonderful narrator has written. :D I know I'm so evil mwahahahaha. See I got the laugh and everything. You continue your convo.

"what do you mean, this is modern technology!"

You look at her in awe. Ya were using that word. Totes going there.

"no if anything its medieval" this thirteen year old is starting to piss you off. You gather your "composure" if we can say you have that, probably not given the passages you just read, and you continue to walk. There you notice a man carrying, several bottles. You approach him.

"hello" he says in a raspy voice with a huge smile on his face.

"hi" you say. Wow you sure like talking to people you must be the leader or something? Hah.

"would you like..a villllllllle?"

"why would we need these?" Abia asks.

"for your soulssssSssss" he really likes to draw out his words doesn't he?

"no thankyou" Alex puts her arm around alex and continues walking away.

The man protest. "pleeeeeaaaasseee. Take one for you soul."

Alex pulls abia back in a protective manner. "Fine if we do, will you leave us alone?"

"yessssss" wow he's a weirdo you think.

He takes out a vile that is glistening pink, and hands it to you.

"best of luck royals" he walks away. He is…unsettling. Or at least that's the intention, if your not unsettled I have failed THEE! For that I apologize.

You continue walking. Alex plays with the bottle in hand. You notice as she tosses it between her fingers the color of clouds that it turns different colors. Her pail hands look odd against it's harsh pink.

"hmm" you state. "what?" Mink asks.

"it's just it changes color.."

"what does it do exactly?" Florist asks.

"we should ask him" Alex says in an authoritative voice. She turns to go back to him however he's missing. Almost as if he disapered. Oooooh spooookyyyyyy. Ya he's so not unsettling. Ksuh.

You find the carriages and take refuge within them. You spend three nights traveling to by carriage to the kingdoms when you take a break by a mountain side.

"all seems to be going well" Alex says with a pleasant grin.

"appears so" Abia flirts.

"Yuck" Ming states. Florist scolds Ming. Nothing eventful happens when you hear a swift noise. You hear it coming from the carriage, you see that the driver has gone missing. "everyone stay put" You speak loud and commanding. Huh I am pleasantly surprised. Even though I am the one writing this, but still. Pleasantly surprised.

You gather the group as you begin to search the mountain side for the driver, after all you can't leave without her. Then after you split up the group you make your way towards a path. You notice a person huddled over another figure. They're making knowing noises. You approach cautiously. You turn towards them. "excuse me person" the person stops. They get up and slowly turn their head towards yours. It's not human…

It's bones, with skin plastid on top of it. You can see rot, beginning to form. You can tell that its sown on there. The eyes are missing merely sockets, with skin plastered above. You begin to walk away when the wind blows knocking you down. It seems to hum a bone retching tune through the creatures body It seems to hum a bone retching tune through the creatures body. You attempt to scream but your to far away from your group. The creature comes towards you. It puts its lips on your insides begin to ache in pain. You watch in horror. Staring into its skin linked sockets. Then you hear a splash. The creature falls to the ground. Ming is standing behind it. She offers her hand.

"try to stay out of trouble" a thirteen year old just saved your life…let that sink in.

Okay! So you've let that sink in. Good you should, because as everyone knows, thirteen year old girls are the future. To not respect a girl of that age would be terrible. Good thing you let that sink in huh?