AN: This is a mature story. Which means if you aren't an adult you shouldn't be reading it. It has quite a few warnings. Including non-con, mentions of underage sex, humiliation, cane beating, curse words, M/M sex, BDSM themes, drug addiction, stabbing (or the aftermath of) and this is just the first chapter. If any of these things bother you don't read.

Also, I'm not that great with grammar please just ignore mistakes.

"You're a survivor not a victim," I said to myself in the mirror of the half bath I was locked in. I poked my chest, the one on the mirror. "You're name is Tanner. It's not slut." Me and mirror me both nodded. "And you're not a boy… no you're a man." I leaned forward and ran my hand over my peach fuzz covered face. "A man who doesn't have facial hair yet," I mused. I heard the click of the door being unlocked and went to cower in the far corner of the small room. I didn't say I was a brave man.

"Come here," he said. I kept my head down and slowly walked toward him. Once I was close enough he pulled me out into the living room by my arm.

I'm not even sure what I did this time. But his fist landed straight into my gut like a caress. Well the closest thing to a caress I got anymore. I collapsed to my knees nearly vomiting all over his new rug. Thankfully I was able to hold it in, I couldn't imagine what he'd do if I ruined it.

I whimpered when his hand gripped my hair. "Do you even know how pathetic you are?" he asked. It was a rhetorical question, just like any question he ever asked me.

"Please sir… what…" I tried to beg only to have him slap me hard across the face. He started to drag me by my hair toward his bedroom. I started to calm down a bit. If he took me to his room that meant whatever he had planned would be quick. It also meant that I hadn't done anything, he'd probably just had a bad day at work. After he beat me he'd feel better and be able to face another day as a plastic surgeon to the rich and famous. Fucking bastard.

He wasted no time tossing me onto the bed when we got to the room. I stayed still and in the exact spot I'd fallen in. "You're a good boy," he praised me moments later. The tension in my shoulders increased just before I heard the soft swish of his cane as he swung it through the air like a batter loosening up his arm right before he takes the plate.

The first strike came hitting me on the meatiest part of my ass. I screamed into the mattress muffling the sound as much as possible. The second strike hit my thighs just above my knees. This time not only did I scream but I instinctively pulled away. He grabbed my ankle and put me back into position without comment. The next two blows came one after the other. I tried to pull away from him but his grip on my ankle only increased. "Don't make me tie you down, you know that'll make it that much worse."

"I'm sorry Sir," I whimpered just as he swung the cane again. I sobbed into the mattress when it landed on my left ass cheek. He hit me several more times until my body finally went limp. The pain passed by this point, I was in another place. Sub space he calls it. I call it hell.

Finally I heard the cane drop to the floor. It wasn't over though, now he'd fuck me. "Very good boy," he praised running his hand over my ass. I shivered, suppressing a sob. "You gonna give me that hole now?" he asked. Again it was rhetorical.

I listened to the sound of the side table drawer opening and closing. Lube and condoms. He was a doctor after all and he was a clean freak, it was a silver lining to my hell.

The bed creaked under his weight. He was tall and built like a brick wall. He was one of those men that grunted at the gym. His cock wasn't proportional to him thankfully, another small silver lining for me.

"Beg," he snapped slapping my already sore ass.

"Ahh… fuck, please…" I moaned trying to find my voice. It was so hard to talk after being beaten. I don't recommend it.

Cold lube landed on my ass and I gasped. "Yeah," he breathed his fingers finding my hole without issue. They'd been there plenty of times they knew the way. Two of them were forced in, I relaxed my body I'd stopped fighting long ago.

I heard the tear of the condom package. He always used his teeth. He dropped the now empty package on my back before grapping my hips and moving me into a better position for him to screw me. "You're my slut boy, you hear me?"

"Yes," I replied. His cock was pressed against my inner hip I tried to find that space again but he always managed to pull me out of it.

"Yes you are," he moaned lining up with my entrance and pressing in. He never went too quickly. He said he didn't want to rip me and put me out of commission. My silver linings keep adding up, I may as well be the prince of England.

"You can cum if you want," he moaned out as he began to fuck me faster. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd cum, and tonight wouldn't be the night I broke that streak. My cock was as soft as the feather pillow he slept on.

He continued to plough me getting rougher and rougher until he finally came with a grunt. He pounded me a few more times before pulling out and getting back off the bed. I laid still my body shaking now that the ordeal was over. "Don't fucking cry," he warned slapping my ass. "Go to your mat. You're done for the night."

As quickly as my used body could go I got off the king sized bed and headed toward the walk in closet. My 'mat' was an overstuffed dog bed. I collapsed on to it and closed my eyes. He draped a light blanket over me before shutting the door to the closet with a sharp snap. At least he'd given me a blanket.

I sighed opening my eyes and staring at the shadow that was his shoes. I touched my cheek wiping away a tear. "You're a survivor not a victim," I whispered.

The knock on the door made me jump. It was barely eight in the morning for one thing, and for another, no one ever came to the condo. I looked up from my cheerios at Julius who was sitting at the table in the kitchen while I was kneeling on the floor. Pets don't get the luxury of chairs. Of course I'm not a pet I'm a man. A man sitting of the floor eating cereal.

Julius got up with a growl. "Stay in here and stay silent… or else," he said pulling my hair as he walked by me. Jerk.

Fuck that, I hadn't seen a different human face in nearly two years. Well besides on the television. I crawled quietly to the doorway of the kitchen after placing my cereal on the ground and looked carefully around the corner. It was a girl. Like with boobs and stuff. I don't get out much. Well ever.

She was holding a small dog and talking about a mile a minute. I heard something about a tennis racket and a nose. I didn't know people could talk that fast. I really couldn't see how it was humanly possible. The girl was most likely an alien. Yep, that was my conclusion at least.

Finally Julius was able to get in a word and he led her down the hall way toward the living room. I backed further into the kitchen to avoid detection, then remembered my cereal and how hungry I was and went back to it pushing all thoughts of the talkative girl out of my mind.

Moments later Julius came back into the kitchen and looked down at me. "I have to go into the office. I am going to trust you to stay in here until I return. You can eat whatever you want. Are you gonna be a good boy for me?"

I nodded. This was going to be the first time he didn't lock me up before leaving the condo, and I had a feeling it was because he didn't want the girl to see me. Suddenly I loved the over talkative alien with boobs.

"You run and I will find you." He warned me before leaving.

I sat silently waiting to hear the door shut. Once I heard the deafening click of the lock being engaged I continued to sit silently for another five minutes. Then I got to work.

I pushed myself off the floor and headed to the bedroom. I had one pair of clothes. They were what I was wearing the day I met Julius. He had them in a box on the top shelf in the closet. I had to get up on to my tip toes to reach it and even then I barely could with the tip of my finger. Slowly but surely I was able to move it until it dropped with a crash onto the floor. I cringed looking down at the mess. It was gonna piss him off when he got back. Suddenly I remembered I didn't care.

I grabbed the jeans and shoved them on as quickly as possible. I remember my mom giving them to me for the last Christmas I was there. I pushed away thoughts of the woman who didn't miss me. A woman who believed I was sin.

My wallet sat in the mess from the box along with a key chain that had a key to my parents' house on it. Like I'd ever need that again. I quickly pocketed the wallet but left the key on the floor. I did take a small friendship bracelet that I'd gotten from my best friend in the fifth grade. It slipped over my wrist easily enough.

I grabbed the shirt and sighed when I looked at it. Julius had ripped it in the process on taking it off me. I open one of his drawers and pulled out one of his oversized tee shirts. I put it on and looked down at my feet.

Shoes were another issue. He'd tossed mine out because they'd been caked with mud. I looked at his tennis shoes and frowned. They were about two sizes too big for me. I went ahead and put them on and tried to walk. I took them back off and slipped out two pairs of his thick socks then put them back on. That was better.

The last thing I did before leaving my prison was take the take out money out of the cookie jar in the kitchen. Three hundred dollars could get me somewhere. At least I hoped it could.

Just like that I walked away from my two year stay in hell. As I sat on a bus two hours later I cried against the window. Los Angeles had been hell maybe San Francisco would be heaven?

I don't know why I thought San Francisco was the answer. I guess my brain was hoping the stereotypes were true. That maybe I'd show up to the land of the gays and be treated like a prince. I wasn't. Most of my nights were spent on the street or in shelters. Finding a job was proving difficult. For one, I didn't even have a GED and for another thing I wasn't dressed for interviews. My life was like a downward spiral heading straight to death. Many nights I considered finding my way back to Julius. At least with him I'd been fed and warm and clean. Here on the streets I was none of those things.

It was on one of the nights that I was thinking about Julius that I met Riley. He was sitting in an alley beside my favorite dumpster. It was outside a clothing chain so it didn't smell nearly as bad as say the one outside the pizza joint five blocks down.

Riley was shaking when I walked up on him his face held a nice black eye and there was blood trickling down his lip. Usually if I came upon another street urchin like myself I'd find a different spot to bunker down for the night, but I didn't want to find another spot this night. My feet hurt and my eyes were burning. I just wanted to sleep. I stopped in front of him and he looked up at me licking the blood off his lip. "Is this your spot?"

"I'm homeless I don't have a spot," I replied.

"We could share?" he suggested.

I thought about it for a moment. He was the same size as me, and wounded, so he didn't appear to be a threat, and even if he was it's not like I had anything for him to steal. Plus the extra body heat would probably do us both a lot of good. Without answering I sat down beside him and scooted close. He smelled awful, but I suppose that it could have been me. We sat in silence for a while with just our arms touching. He sniffled a few times but other than that there was nothing.

"Riley," he finally said as I was just drifting to sleep. I opened my eyes and turned my head toward him.

"I'm Tanner."

"It's nice to meet you Tanner," He groaned out. I turned further toward him to and that's when I noticed one of his hands was gripping his side and there was blood pouring through his fingers.

"Fuck, you need to go to the hospital!" I said standing suddenly.

"No, I'm fine. It's not as bad as it looks." He said leaning his head against the brick wall and whimpering. It looked pretty bad.

With all my strength I pulled him up. He cried out in pain from the movement. "Sorry, but you need help, and I'm not letting a guy die on my watch."

It was still early so there were a few people left on the street when Riley and I emerged from the alley. The first five people I asked for help ignored me totally the sixth was a young girl maybe around seventeen. She helped us to her car and took us to the nearest ER.

He was taken straight to surgery and I was left in the waiting room. I was worried about my new friend but I couldn't help but be happy about having a reason to sleep in the cushy waiting area for the night.

It was the early hours of the morning when three men marched into the ER. I sat up to look at them. They screamed confidence. They were beautiful and one of them winked at me before following his friends to the counter. I heard one of them ask for Riley.

I literally fell off the small sofa I'd been lying on and the magazine that I'd been reading landed on the floor in front of me. When I went to get up off the floor I slipped on the stupid thing and fell back onto my ass once again. I looked up to see the three gorgeous men staring at me. Two had slight smiles on their faces but the other was frowning. He was the first to turn back toward the woman at the counter.

"I'd like to be escorted to his room right away," he said with authority.

"I know sir, but there are protocols... I'll have to get the Doctor's approval that Mr. Samuels is up for visitors."

He leaned over the desk so he was closer to the woman's face. "He's been alone for far too long. Tell me where his room is!"

"Kale, calm down. She's gonna get you in there you just gotta give it time," one of the other men said to his friend.

I very slowly got to my feet. I didn't want to fall a third time, and then I just stood there awkwardly. I wasn't sure what to do. Obviously Riley didn't need me anymore, so I was now free to go. But I kinda didn't want to. I'd only just met the guy and saved his life. I didn't want to just walk out. And who was this Kale guy anyway? He reminded me of Julius in a way, big, bald, and beautiful. I wondered why Riley was out on the street if Kale cared so much.

Then a horrid thought came to mind. What if Kale was Riley's Julius? It was then I decided I wouldn't be leaving. Riley may have just called Kale because he had no one else, well now he had me. A scrawny kid with no self-confidence what so ever. Wow, wasn't Riley a lucky man.

Kale turned away from the help desk and ran his hand over his bald head. He took a deep breath before his eyes fell on me. I took a step back. Oh yeah, I was so gonna protect my new friend from this guy.

"You're the one who brought him in I presume?" Kale asked taking a step toward me.

I nodded. "Yes."

"Did you do it?"

I assumed he was asking if I had stabbed Riley. "No."

"Do you do drugs as well?"

I made another assumption that Riley was some sort of addict. "No… you know paying the rent for my cardboard box gets in the way." I had a habit of being sarcastic in stressful situations.

Kale narrowed his eyes. "You're cute."

I took another step back. The way he'd said the words had been like a predator.

"Dylan, why don't you take our new friend out to eat? Maybe let him take a shower at the hotel?" Kale said to the friend who'd calmed him down earlier.

"Sure," Dylan said taking a step toward me and holding out his hand. "I'm Dylan."

I slowly took his hand and gasped when he gripped mine. "Tanner," I said pulling my hand back. "And it's not necessary. I don't want to be a bother."

"Nonsense, I insist."

He took me to eat first, which was really nice. I was starving. Still as I sat in the booth across from the brown hair hottie I felt like a bum. Oh yeah, I was. I tried to choose the cheapest thing on the Ihop menu but he wouldn't hear of it.

"Pick a real meal or I will pick for you," he warned.

I ordered blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon and eggs and a large glass of chocolate milk. He got a coffee.

"So how long have you known Riley?" he asked as I was stuffing my face.

"Just met him last night," I said with food in my mouth. Starving people have no manners.

He took a sip of his coffee and studied me. I felt myself blush. "You're very shy."

I shrugged.

"Why are you living on the streets Tanner?"

I swallowed my food before answering this time. "When I came out to my parents it didn't go over too well."

"Same here," he smiled sadly. His hand came across the table and gently touched mine. "It's not fun being alone. I know that first hand. Why don't you come back with us?"


"Small place. About three hours away. It's kinda like a commune… only different."

All I could do was blink and take another bite of food.

"What sort of commune?" I asked after a moment.

"Well, we're all gay, we live together on a piece of land. We take care of each other… It's more like a big family really."

I spun my straw around my chocolate milk. "And the catch?" I pressed.

He shook his head. "So young and yet so jaded."

I gave another shrug and took another bite of my bacon.

"We will discuss the catch at the hotel," he said finally.

Suddenly I didn't have an appetite.

I made sure the lady at the reception desk of the holiday inn saw me when we got there. I actually struck up a conversation with her. Telling her I loved her black rimmed glasses. Dylan didn't seem to think anything of it.

Eventually he got me onto the elevator though and we headed up to the third floor. I was antsy in the elevator. Tapping my fingers against my leg and slightly shaking. So much so that when he took a step toward me and placed a hand on my back I let out a yell like he'd just hit me.

"Shh..." he murmured into my ear. "You're okay. I'm not gonna do anything to harm you." He pulled me back against his chest and wrapped his arms around my waist. "Everything's okay," he whispered gently kissing my cheek. "Just let me take care of you," he continued. One of his hands slipped under my shirt. It was warm against my stomach.

I was surprised that I felt calmer. Dylan felt so warm and gentle all the worry seemed to just slip from me. This man was nothing like Julius.

"That's better," he said when I relaxed against him. "There's a good boy."

The door to the elevator opened with a ding and he pulled me along the hallway to his room. I followed a bit dazed now.

He slid the key into room 305 and let me go in first. When inside I stood staring at the two queen beds and biting my lip.

"Why don't you take a seat and we can discuss that catch."

I sat at the small table in the room because I didn't want to mess up the beds with my dirty clothes. He sat on the bed closest to me and propped his foot up onto his opposite knee.

"What do you know about werewolves?"

I raised my eyebrow. "Are you a werewolf?"

He laughed. "No. They are fictional animals. I mean, from myths. What do you know about them?"

I shrugged. "You kill them with a silver bullet?"

"No… well possibly. But like their hierarchy. Like their packs and how they are arranged. "

"Oh, umm… well they have like a pack leader?" I didn't know I was more of a classics kinda guy and I'm pretty sure the old werewolves didn't live in packs.

"Yes called an Alpha. Well the leader of our commune kinda uses that hierarchy. He's the Alpha… there are five Betas and the rest are Omegas…"

"Hmm…" Was all I had to offer him.

"I'm a beta. So are Kale and Landon."

I assumed Landon was the other beautiful man from the hospital.

"If you come with us, you'll be an Omega. Which may sound scary to you, but just because you would be at the bottom doesn't mean you won't be cherished."

I stood up and walked to the window. I peered out the curtain. "What kinda requirements do Omegas have?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like are we sex slaves or something?"

"If you wanna be."

I looked at him with a face of disgust. "And if I don't?"

"Then you won't be…"

I huffed in disbelief turning back to the window. I didn't believe him and I didn't want to be someone's pet again. I also didn't want to live on the street anymore. I was stuck.

I felt his hands snake around me once more. "Let's get you out of these clothes and in a bath," he suggested. I pushed his hand away.

"I don't wanna be a slave..."

"Okay, you won't be."

"So that means you won't take me then? That I get to go back to the street?" I said turning again.

"No. That's not what I meant…" his fingers pulled my shirt up. "Come on, you'll feel better after a bath."

I pushed his hands away again. "Then what do you mean?"

"Omega's have choices. Some want to be slaves… some prefer it. We have one who just wants to be cuddled all the time. It's your choice how you are treated. It's your choice who touches your body. If you don't like to give head you won't. If you hate to have someone touch your ears they will be off limits. It all gets ironed out in a contract…"

"Like a Dom sub thing?"

He nodded. "Yeah. Man, that's how I should have explained it. I'm not that great with explanations."

"What if I don't want to give up any control at all?" I said. That's what it was all about after all, control.

He shook his head. "I already know that's not the case, and so do you. Now, take off your clothes so you can have that bath."

I didn't move.

"Now," he said stepping closer to me. I hooked my thumbs into my shirt and slowly pulled it off. He grabbed it from me and tossed it near a small trash can then teased one of my nipples with his thumb. I looked down. "How about you give me a safe word?"

I was kinda surprised that he was giving me that option. "I…umm…" I saw an ad some sort of health shake sitting on the desk. "Smoothie?"

He used one finger to raise my chin and I met his eyes. He smiled warmly. "That's a good one." He let go and turned toward the bathroom. "I'm going to go run your bath. You meet me in there when you're ready."

I realized that I could leave. This was my chance, I could walk out and forget I'd ever met Riley or any of these men. Instead I finished taking my clothes off until I was only wearing my friendship bracelet. He'd left the door to the bathroom open so I was able to hear the water running.

I'd like to say that I walked into the bathroom with confidence in all my naked glory, but I didn't. I kinda scooted in sideways holding my hands over my soft penis. It wasn't erect and it looked really tiny.

Dylan was kneeling by the tub checking the water temperature. He smiled back at me. "Don't be shy. Let me see."

I shook my head. "No… I was just going to you know wait till you left then…"

"You think I'm leaving? While you bathe?" he asked. No I didn't, especially not now.

He stood up. "You walked in here freely," he pointed out grabbing my right wrist and pulling it away from my groin. I backed up running into the vanity. My breathing increased. He was right, I walked into the bathroom naked of my own accord. He met my eyes. "Put your hand on the sink."

"You're holding it," I replied looking at my right hand.

He took a breath. "You're left hand."

I closed my eyes and very slowly moved my left hand to rest on the sink behind me. "Good boy," he praised gently patting my cheek. His hand slowly made its way down my neck stopping at the middle of my chest. I started to shake.

"Hey, look at me," he whispered. I opened my eyes and looked into his. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"No you just want to control me," I spat.

He narrowed his eyes. "You walked in here naked. You have the power to use one word to stop everything. So tell me Tanner, who is in control?"

"If you put it in that roundabout scenario… me," I said looking back at the ground.

"Such a smart mouth," he hissed suddenly gripping my cock and balls in his hand. I gasped and tried to pull away, but I had no place to go. He released his grip and started to fondle me instead. "Get hard for me and I'll let you get in the bath."

I leaned my head forward onto his clothed chest as he took my cock and began to tug it to life. I felt his lips kiss the top of my head. "That's a good boy." I let out a shaky breath. "Alright, get your pretty ass in the tub."

He pulled away from me still holding my wrist and tugged me toward the bath. I carefully stepped in. The clear water immediately started to turn brown. Nothing like stepping into a bath to make you realize how filthy you are.

"Sit," he insisted when I just stood there staring at the water. I slowly lowered into the water and watched as he rolled up a towel. He kneelt back down and pushed me to lay down placing the towel under my neck like a pillow. "Just relax and let me take care of you," he said bending forward and kissing my forehead.

I closed my eyes and did as he said. It felt nice as he gently ran a wet wash cloth over my chest. "I'm going to let out the water and start some new." I opened my eyes and was beyond embarrassed at how black the water had turned. "It's okay," he said caressing my cheek then undoing the plug.

I watched him as the dark water disappeared. He was very pretty. He smiled when I noticed I was staring. "You okay sweetheart?" he asked.

"A little cold now that the water is gone," I admitted.

He grinned. "How about you come join me in a shower and I'll warm you up." He stood up and took off his shirt. I did my best not to drool. He held out his hand and helped me up out of the tub. He walked me over to the walk in shower. "Get in, I'll be in in a second."

I walked in and stood against the wall. My mind flashed to what showers had been like with Julius and I started to shake from more than just being cold.

Dylan came into the shower now naked and pulled me to him. He wrapped one arm around me as he flipped on the water. We stood out of the spray for a few moments until the water heated up then Dylan pulled us into it. My shivering didn't stop despite the warm water that was now cascading down my body.

"Hey, Tanner, look at me," Dylan said gently. I looked up and he wiped a tear from my cheek. I hadn't even realized I was crying. "You're okay. I'll protect you now." He bent down and captured my lips in a chaste kiss then pulled back and looked into my eyes. "Have you been hurt? Sexually I mean," he asked.

I don't know why but I decided to lie. "No."

"Are you frightened that it may happen? I mean if you come with us?"

"A bit," I admitted.

"It won't," he promised running his hands down my back and pulling me closer. "It's your body. You say one word and no one will touch it."

I nodded and found myself leaning my head against his shoulder. "I like you," I laughed.

"Oh, and I like you," he leered backing me up until he had me pressed against the shower wall. He kissed me again this time it wasn't chaste but needy. I submitted to him. Enjoying the feeling of his tongue massaging the inside of my mouth and of his hands roaming all over my body. "I want to fuck you Tanner, you think you're ready for that."

I hesitated for a moment then nodded. He flipped the shower off and pulled me out into the bathroom, before grabbing a towel and wrapping it around me. "Dry off," he commanded. I quickly did just that and he did the same. Then before I knew what was happening he was carrying me back into the main room and dropping me on the bed. "You're going to give me control, but remember, you have that word. If I do something you don't like, or you change your mind, just say it and I'll stop."

"Okay," I responded.

"Call me sir."

I bit my lip. I didn't want to call him sir. But I did it anyway. "Yes, sir."

He smiled. "Lay flat, and spread your knees out. Show me what you have to offer, my new little slut."

"Please don't call me that sir," I begged.

He nodded. "You don't like that. You like nicer pet names?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay, my new beautiful gift, show me what you have to offer."

I laid down flat on my back and spread my knees. I felt overly exposed. Especially since he was just standing at the end of the bed staring down at me. I would have thought he was uninterested except for the clear erection that rubbing against his stomach.

"Oh, you really are a beautiful gift," he praised crawling onto the bed between my knees. Instinctively I tried to pull them back together but he prevented that by grabbing my ankles and pushing them over my head. He let my feet rest on the forearm of one hand while he used the other to examine my hole.

"So tight," he observed running his finger over the ring of muscle. "I'll loosen it up," he promised. I attempted to pull away. Not really meaning too, just suddenly scared. He gave me a light pat on the thigh. "You're okay," he promised looking at me seriously. After a moment I nodded.

Dylan let my leg fall onto either side of him then reached for a bag that was on the bedside table. "Are you a virgin?" he asked pulling out a bottle of lube and a condom. I shook my head.

"Tell me about your first time then," he challenged. But I couldn't because my first time had been with Julius. So I made up another lie.

"My best friend in high school," I showed him the bracelet on my wrist. "He died two weeks after…" I trailed off. I hoped that the fact that my first time was shrouded with sadness with deter the man from asking any further questions.

"I'm sorry my gift," He replied sadly pouring a glob of lube onto his hand and warming it. Julius had never warmed it.

Dylan brought his hand back to my entrance and massaged the lube all around my tight ring. He kept his eyes on me as he worked and I blushed only to let out a whimper when one of his fingers finally breached me. "Very tight," he moaned. He added more lube and fucked me slowly with his finger all the while never taking his eyes off me. Soon he added a second finger and not long after that another.

"Please sir," I begged finally. He had three fingers inside of me and he was brushing up against my sweet spot on every third thrust. It was driving me mad.

"I thought you'd never ask," he teased pulling his fingers out of me and putting on the condom. He leaned over my body and lined his cock up with my waiting hole. He pushed in half an inch then pulled out. Then repeated only going in a full inch. It was nice and frustrating at the same time. I just wanted him to fuck me.

Slowly but surely he impaled me with his cock. He bent forward over my body and gave me a deep kiss before he started to thrust. "I want to hear you Tanner. Let me know if you're enjoying it," he said his eyes never leaving mine.

I yelled in pleasure for him. His cock brushed up against my prostate with every thrust. I had never enjoyed sex like this. Even the few times I'd hooked up with someone after my ordeal with Julius. Dylan knew exactly how to fuck a man.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Dylan moaned and I knew he was coming. I let out a gentle whimper because I wasn't there yet then forgot about it when the door to the hotel room suddenly opened. I watched with wide eyes as Landon walked in and shut the door.

"Having fun?" he asked winking at me. I couldn't form words or even nod.

"He is," Dylan assured the other man pulling out of me and disposing of the used condom.

"That's clear to see," Landon teased pointing to my still rock hard member. "Can I join in on the fun?" he asked me with a raised eyebrow.

I looked toward Dylan my fear from earlier returning. His hand came to my cheek. "It's your body, and your choice. But if you'd like a recommendation, I'd let him join."

I looked back at Landon and bit my lip, then I nodded. His grinned and began to undress while Dylan got on the bed behind me and let me rest my back against his chest. It gave him the perfect angle to run his hands all over my chest.

"Open those knees for him," Dylan whispered in my ear. I did and watched as a now naked Landon climbed onto the bed a condom already firmly in place on his cock. I groaned when Dylan's hand swept over my stomach but avoided my needy cock. "In good time," he whispered against my cheek as Landon got in position between my legs.

Landon entered me without issue. His fingers dug into my hips as he began to thrust. "Shit he's tight," he said obvoiously talking to Dylan.

"I know," Dylan laughed. All I could do was close my eyes and let them use me. It felt so good. "Do you wanna cum?" Dylan whispered in my ear.

"Yes, please sir," I moaned. Finally his hand gripped my needy cock and began to stroke it. "Oh yes, please don't stop." Pleasure was coursing through me. I was aware of every part of my body that was being touched by one of these beautiful gods. It came as no surprise to me when my orgasm hit me suddenly. My cum landed on mine and Landon's chest and all down Dylan's arm. "I'm sorry," I muttered.

"No need to be sorry love," Landon said switching up his hold on my hips and beginning to pound me. "You feel so good."

I started to scream with every inward thrust. My body was now over sensitized and it all felt like too much. It didn't last long though. Soon Landon was filling the condom inside of me. He pulled out and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. "Let's get you cleaned up?" he suggested jumping out of the bed and heading toward the bathroom.

I laid my head back on Dylan's shoulder and relaxed. I felt very warm and safe. "You did a great job. Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes," I replied letting my eyes droop.

"You wanna come home with us then?"

I opened my eyes. "What if I get there and decide I don't like it?"

"Then you will be free to leave. We will set you up in a more normal home for boys. Tristan, he's the one in charge, he does a lot of charity work for runaway and homeless young people."

"Is he rich?" I asked dumbly as Landon came back to the bed with a wet washcloth.

The blond got on the bed and began to gently clean the drying cum off my chest and Dylan's hand. "Yes, he's very rich," he said. "He was a trust fund baby. Then he got into the porn industry. Which can pay a bit of money if done correctly. Then he bought the Ranch, which is what he calls it, and he began hosting BDSM retreats there. So yes, he's very well off."

"We are too… I mean not us much as him," Dylan said behind me. "He pays us correctly. Like, if we are in one of his videos or if we help with a retreat. Actually helping with retreats is required…"

I was only half way listening. Dylan was talking too softly that it was effectively making me sleepy. Before I knew it he was moving out from behind me and tucking me into bed. I closed my eyes and fell to sleep vaguely hearing him say something about me being safe now.