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Chapter 1

The sound of the wind howled out like a lone wolf looking for its pack through its song as a young man with auburn hair trimmed just above his ears to slide back into a V on his neck line stood in an old, damp room. The pounding of millions of drops of rain hammered against the rotting wood of the decrepit building as the smell of mold and decay burned at the man's nose. His eyes blinked open to reveal a burning red right eye and a mystic violet left eye blinking out in the darkness.
The floors creaked and moaned in distress as the young man moved into a thin stream of light somewhat bewildered by his surroundings. He could hear his breath echoing loudly in his ears long side the thud of his heart beat pulsing through his veins as the light revealed him wearing a navy blue blazer. He pulled gently at the collar to reveal a first year pin pricked into the delicate fabric as lighting danced across the sky in brilliant flashes.
Looking around he could spotted a rotted door hanging on to the door frame by a few stray splinters that had stubbornly kept themselves hooked within the hinges. Knitting his brow the young man walked through the splintering frame into a long hallway that was not much better off than the room he had been in previously. Within the hall was remnants of the buildings past life painting the picture of what it once was. It was lined with now shattered windows with rows of doors each entering into a room similar to the one he had just excited. He was inside an old school building that was slowly being swallowed up by nature forgotten by its once proud creators.
Further down the hall he noticed what seemed to be a black blob which was trying to form into something as the boy craned his neck to get a better look. With each bright flash the blob formed more and more into the a humanoid shape. As the flashes came more frequently the shape became more solid and different colors and tones formed on its black surface. The boys eyes widened as he saw the shape form into a young man around his age standing a good half a head taller than he himself.
Swallowing hard only to have it back fire as the thick and sticky saliva caught in his parched throat making him cough uncontrollably. Taking a few steps forward, his eyes watering, and his hands up to his throat with a pained grimace contorting his face a loud and obnoxious ringing cut a rift through the space between he and the male form. Startled the young man stumbled back only to trip and fall through the rotten floor boards into a thick, black, inky space. He silently screamed as everything went from the inky black to a blinding white.
"Ray wake up will you! You're going to be late for your first day of high school at this rate!"
A strong feminine voice cut through his silent scream as Ray opened his eyes bringing his hands up to his face with a groan. It was all one vivid dream that sent shivers down his spine with the reality etched along its edges. A cold sweat glistened on his skin coming off on his fingers as he whipped his hand down to get rid of the slick, sticky feeling.
He peaked his violet left eye through his fingers to see the face of a young woman glaring down at him. She wore a creamy white turtle neck that hugged her pregnant belly with a cream colored poncho that was a part of the turtleneck. Her long, wavy auburn hair fluttered onto her chest as she smiled at him her right blue eye and left light green eye gleaming playfully. Seeing he had roused properly she hit his alarm clock to stop the incessant beeping it was making and moved to the other side of the room humming. She bent down awkwardly and gripped the sides of a laundry basket that sat beside the desk next to the bedroom door.

"Morning to you to Kii. I see you're as chipper as usual at this ungodly hour."

Kii came back up to her full height and gave Ray a half smirk as she hoisted the laundry basket into a more comfortable position on her hip. Turning she rolled around to the other side of the door as if to go out only to stop and face him once more.

"What can I say little brother, It's my job as your big sister and guardian. Now get your little booty in gear, get dressed and stumble you way down those stares to eat some breakfast. Like I was saying earlier today is the first day of your first year in high school. Your blazer is hanging up on the wall next to your closet."

Kii gave one final smile to her little brother before slipping out the door as Ray just rolled his eyes groaning has he pulled himself up to a sitting position. Blinking the sleep from his eyes he looked to the hook screwed into the wall next to his closet and saw the same navy blue blazer with year one pin hooked into the collar that he had worn in his dream. Scowling at the blazer Ray rubbed his face violently to wake himself up then flipped his blankets off of the lower half of his body.

He could feel that his hair was sticking up horribly in the back as he absentmindedly shuffled into his bathroom. Flipping on the light he looked at himself in the mirror and gave a cheeky smile as he stared at him in his PJ's. He wore checkered boxers and a loose fitting white t-shirt that was crumpled from his constant shifting all night. Making faces at himself in the mirror he pulled out a brush and smoothed out all of the tangled bits and pieces sticking up on the back of his head.

Satisfied with his hair he continued to brush his teeth and wash his face before turning back and heading out into his room. Turning to his closet he yanked open the doors to reveal a row of hanging shirts and pants all neatly pressed and organized. The lower half of the closet was rows of shelves with one corner having a hole where an empty laundry basket sat below it waiting to be filled. He reached in and grabbed a fresh pair of boxers before stripping off his night boxers and shirt and tossed them into the fresh hamper. Pulling down his school uniform he quickly slipped on his boxers before putting the uniform on and dragged out some sox that were sitting next to his bed and slipped them on.

He stood in the middle of the room and wiggled to adapt to the new clothing before slipping his tie on over his head with a sigh. As he headed for the door he noticed out of the corner of his eye a brand new black book bag hanging off of his coat rack. Hooked onto the side of it was a silver R and L standing for his initials Ray Lumion.

Smiling at the bag Ray pulled it off of the hook and slipped it over his head before running out the hall and down the stairs. The stairs let out into the living room which was connected to the kitchen and dining room. Inside the living room there was a medium sized cream colored sofa with matching chairs and a flat screen TV propped up on the wall. In the corner of the room was a quaint little stone fire place which was normally a blaze during the winter months to cut down on the heating cost.

Entering into the dining room Ray sat down at a large oak table that could sit six people comfortably. On the table wait bacon, eggs, toast, orange and apple juice, jam, and hash browns. A man sat leaning back at the other side of the table with a paper flipped open and his eyes scanning the stories with a steaming hot cup of coffee sitting next to his elbow. His hair was black and slicked back with blue eyes and a relatively pale complexion. A gold rind was slipped onto his left ring finger which was pulled up to scratch his lightly whiskered chin with a audible scritch sound.

The man looked up from his paper to see Ray sitting down and gave him a gentle smile as he folded the paper and sat up properly.

"Good morning sleeping beauty. Your sister was pacing miles worrying about you being late for school."

Ray gave the man a friendly smile as he reached out and pulled some bacon and toast onto his plate where his eggs lay in wait for him to bite into.

"Good morning to you to Otto. You know I love my sister but I don't know how you can stand being married to her sometimes, I mean right now she is somewhat neurotic. Especially being in her last term of pregnancy."

Otto gave Ray a "don't go there" look as the sound of footsteps echoed from the hallway. In minutes Kii came bursting through the door into the dining room from within the kitchen humming happily as she joined them at the table. She looked from Otto to Ray with her brow raised as the two continued to stare each other down.

Slightly annoyed Kii cleared her throat snapping the two out of their stare down to look to her.

"That's better. You two really should choose your time to fight for male dominance better. Especially considering in this house I am queen you understand. Now Ray tell me have you had any dreams that need to be taken note of?"

Ray flinched as he chocked a bit on egg yolk that he had just stuffed into his mouth as Otto sat giving a slight chuckle. Kii raised her brow noticing the change in her brothers demeanor and leaned back in her chair folding her arms over her chest. Ray looked to his sister with apprehension his thoughts straying back to last night's dreams along with one other dream he had locked away since the beginning of summer. Swallowing hard he looked up at his sister with a goofy smile stretched on his lips.

"W-what might you be speaking of oh honorable sister of mine. There is no such troublesome things appearing within my nights."

Her eyes narrowed at her brother before she sighed letting the tension that had built between them settle as she leaned forward. Resting her arms on the table in front of her she looked back at her brother her eyes now filled with worry.

"Ray this isn't something to joke about. Being from the Lumion family means your body is different from that of ninety-eight percent of humanity. Those dreams, that power that resides within you it all comes out through those dreams so you can't take them lightly. Especially when you're just beginning to get them and not to mention your going through your final stages of puberty here. It's during this time that your body de-"

Kii was cut off in the middle of her word by Ray slamming his hands against the table. Knitting her brow Kii opened her mouth preparing to speak again only to be stopped before she started by the crying of a child from up stairs. Gritting her teeth Kii picked herself up and turned towards the stairs stopping only to speak quickly over her shoulder.

"Otto will walk you to school today no if, ands, or buts you understand. I really wish you would just trust me and tell me what's going on in your mind Ray."

Taking a deep breath she left the room heading up the stairs to sooth the crying child as Otto folded his paper taking one last sip of his coffee before standing. He watched as Ray cast his gaze to the table only to shake his head and reaching out to grab the apple juice and chug it down.

"Well then shall we get going. Don't want you to be late on the first day of school."

Nodding in agreement Ray pulled his bag up from the ground and slipped it over his shoulder as he followed Otto out of the kitchen and into the living room. They stopped at the front door to slip on their shoes and slipped out of the door onto the front porch. The house was large with a decent sized fenced in front yard that was full of flowers, bushes, and medium sized herb boxes screwed in under the windows. It made it hard to believe that a family of legal murderers would be living in such a quaint and lovable home.

The two walked a ways in silence which felt thick between them as Ray kept his eyes cast down in a mixture of shame, and fear. Noticing the somber look contorting his otherwise cute looks Otto nudged Ray to get him to look up. Once Ray's eyes were focused on him he gave a gentle smile and spoke.

"You know your sister is just worried about you. She doesn't want you to make the same mistakes she made when her own dreams started to come to her. Your family's abilities are considered one of the world's greatest treasures but it's also a curse. You should really let her help you to lighten your burden don't you think?"

Ray scratched his head looking away as if the answer would come to him from the gray wall to his left. Sliding his hand back to his neck he groaned before turning back to his brother-in-law."

"How, tell me how I can tell my sister that I am the first to have a same gender partner after a hundred years of normal pairs? How can I tell her that today is the day I dreamt of at the beginning of summer and just last night a new dream of my partner in our second fate?"

Otto ruffled Rays hair playfully as he pulled the boy into a brotherly hug. He could feel the fear pulsing in the young body as he kept a strong hold on him.

"Listen Ray, you of all people should know exactly what kind of person your sister is. Be this a curse or a blessing she will stay by your side and even fight kin to protect what's important to her, and you are definitely one of her most important treasures. She will fight the other families and even the government of every nation for her blood and kin. So trust her, you need to tell her everything after school today, promise me Ray that you will tell her everything."

Ray nodded as he sniffled giving his brother a shy smile before straightening himself up and fixing his clothes. Smacking his face then violently rubbing his cheeks he walked briskly with his eyes closed and his head held high not realizing that just around the corner was the open gates to the school.

Otto himself had realized that Ray was walking blindly towards the open gate and picked up his pace to try and catch up to the boy. The school grounds were a buzz of excitement as a tall graceful young man prostrated onto the school grounds wearing the same blue blazer with a year two badge pinned to his collar. He wore sunglasses which hid his hazel eyes wild blond and brown hair which fell gracefully around his well chiseled features. He smirked moving with the grace of a model his long legs and strong body gliding together with ease.

The buzz of excitement was short lived as female screams of horror screeched across the yard as Otto turned the corner to find Ray toppled over his legs twisted together with the blond boys. It was easy to tell that he had slammed into the boy taking them both down to the ground. If that wasn't enough to add insult to injury the two boys lips were plastered together in what seemed to be a passionate kiss to the untrained eye.

Rays face went completely pale as she quickly stumbled to his feet and shuffled over to Otto's side hiding behind his brother-in-law. Otto turned a concerned face to him as the boy looked up at him his face going from the pale white to an embarrassed pink blush color.

"T-that's what happened in my dream, I can't believe it actually happened."

Blinking in surprise Otto looked back at the boy his jaw dropping as he realized exactly who he was. Giving a huffy chuckle he patted Rays back smiling.

"Looks like even if you don't tell her your sister will catch wind of this."

Ray just cocked his head curiously as Otto pushed him out from behind him and towards the school building as girls glared daggers at him.

"Good luck little brother-in-law."

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