Let the sea swallow me, the foam rushing through my being.

The sand will be a soft bed for me to sleep in, slumbering serenely

In tune with the tide. I do not mind, for my eyes will find all

Of the beauty in the world that, before, I dared not believe in.

Believe me, this is what I need. You can feel it in the breeze that

This is the only possibility for me. I must seize this fleeting

Moment before it is lost unto the wind, wildly wandering around,

Waiting for a time that can no longer be. The time is nigh for me to fly

Deep underwater, where the waves cease their warble and

Even the sirens stop their song, too fear stricken to breathe properly.

The stars cannot shine this far into the brine where I'll reside

Enclosed inside my mind. Do not fear for me, for the sea will be

The home I never had. The heavens will not compare to the

Darkness of the depths, the dreamland of the damned,

The place where I can finally drown my demons in debris.

My veins will fill with seawater, the salt stripping me of

Humanity from within. I will wither away in the ocean breeze,

And when I thankfully cease to exist, I will finally sleep peacefully.