Orphans Will Chapter 1-10 Collection

"Katsuo! Yoshiro! You ungrateful pests, wake up! You have fish to catch!"

Katsuo Takeshi slowly opened his eyes. His room was pitch black, but the candle faintly blinking from Ms. Tetsuto's shaking, old, cold hands cast a slight shadow over her morbidly ugly old face. Katsuo was a 16 year old teenager (turn 17 in the next month) who has long black hair, and is tall. Yoshiro is very similar to him in that he turns 17 in three months and has short black hair and is just as tall as Ketsuo.

"Ms. Tetsuto, please can we at least sleep until sunrise? Even those bloody fish are sleeping right now. Sure, Katsuo, can catch fish with his spears, but I need bait to fish and the store will be closed until sunrise."

Katsuo heard the groggy, borderline cranky voice mutter across the room. Yoshiro doesn't seem to happy to wake up this morning, Katsuo thought, agreeing with how his friend felt.

The boys got up, and left the small orphanage. They didn't care what they looked like going out, because they would be scolded, beaten, and verbally abused regardless of how they looked. In their small island village of Gin, orphans are a disgrace. None of them had ever known their parents, and Ms. Tetsuto didn't know a damn thing either.

"Why does everyone have to be an asshole towards us, like what did we ever do to them?" Yoshiro asked nonchalantly as they waited for the Sun to awaken for the day.

"You know," Ketsuo grunted as he chopped wood to make his fishing spears, "We have no parents, no honor, no one to love us. They think that because we have no one, they can do whatever they want to us-"

"Again with another 'we will show them speech'. Just hurry up and chop the wood. You can create spears on the boat. I want to catch these fish quick and early and go back to sleep." Yoshiro interrupted Ketsuo with a slight grin on his face.

Nothing is more boring then a fishing trip with no fishing trip, Ketsuo thought, sharpening the wood that he chopped into 22 sharply crafted spears. Yoshiro does not like to be interrupted while he fishes so Ketsuo just kept to himself. Ketsuo's upper body strength was off the charts due to all of the chopping he had done his whole life and there was something about using spears, and making 22 of them, that would make his day. As hated as he was in the town, all of the townspeople agreed that Ketsuo was a marksman, as well as a skilled lancer with his 22 spears. 22 being his favorite number, and spears being the one thing he always hunted with. As Ketsuo waited for the fish to swim by his boat, he went into deep concentration. Ketsuo pictured the spears being a part of him. Like an extension of his arms. He took in deep breaths.


"Got ya!" Ketsuo had threw two spears simultaneously into the water, the spears so sharp the water didn't even slow them down. They pierced the heads of 2 large catfish.

"What the freaking hell?! Let me catch one for once Dammit!" Yoshiro shouted, pissed that it wasn't he who had caught those large fish.


Thunderclouds had gathered, the wind was blowing hard and strong, the boys had never felt anything like this before.

"What kind of storm is this? The winds are too strong for us to get back to shore!" Yoshiro screamed over the loud pounding of the waves on their little fishing boat, "If the lightning hits our boat, we're screwed!"

"I know that, we're going to have to ride this one out and just hope for the best." Ketsuo muttered. He had a feeling of fear, but also felt tranquil. He knew that if he were to die there, no one would miss him, so there was no point in him trying to survive. But the fear of losing the only friend he had was also conflicting. But at that very moment, he felt a shock of energy, almost like lightning, strike down his body. Without even thinking, he grabbed two more spears and chucked them at the sky, where they met the lightning in mid air and had exploded into a thousand splinters. What was that? What did I just do? Ketsuo thought to himself, shocked by that energy as well as his accuracy. Yoshiro ignored the waves and the salt water stinging his throat, and sat there petrified at what his friend had just done. "What the hell was that?" Yoshiro asked over the thunder and waves. "I don't kn—" Ketsuo never got to finish that sentence, a large tsunami like wave engulfed their tiny fishing boat.

Ketsuo and Yoshiro wake up on a small island, roughly about the size of their house. What they see in front of them is Portal about 60 meters in height and 10 meter in length. The portal looks both eerie yet fascinating.

The time portal was a large intimidating stature. The opening to it was transparent. Ketsuo and Yoshiro stumbled towards the portal curiously. Ketsuo's spears had scraped both his and Yoshiro's hands when their boat was crushed. The dark red blood had made a small trail from the white sandy beach that they had crashed upon.

"Where are we and what is this thing?" Ketsuo had asked, cautiously inspecting the grand portal.

"I don't know, but a better question would be what is that on the end pillar?" Yoshiro pointed towards a flat screen stuck horizontally to the end pillar statingThose with the potential, are allowed to enter a new world.

"Those with the potential…" Ketsuo stuck his hand out, now blanketed and sticky with blood onto the flat screen surface. He took a deep breath, and thought of the flat surface as a part of his own body, like how he treated the spears. A scan showered the flat screen and eyed him with approval, and the portal was activated. A blue glow emitted from in between the two end pillars and the glow began to swirl like a whirlpool.

"Ketsuo, don't go in there, what will happen if you die?" Yoshiro asked, with a small tinge of frantic.

"Don't worry, you said it yourself. We wouldn't be missed. People despise us and treat us like garbage as is. There is nothing for us to leave in this world other then this world itself." Ketsuo took a deep breath and walked through the portal, forcing the portal to instantly close as he left the Old World.

"Ketsuo… You idiot! We had each other! Dammit!" Yoshiro screamed in anger, and threw down his bloody hand onto the flat screen scanner. Yoshiro focused on all of the frustration and anger of being hated, and was able to be approved by the scanner. As he waited for the portal to open, he jumped in, only to knock into Ketsuo.

"Ketsuo what the hell?!" Why were you just standing there?!"

"I was waiting for you to come."

"How did you know I would come?"

"I'm not stupid you know. You're my best friend, and we're always gonna hang by each others side till the very end." Ketsuo said with a grin.

Yoshiro sighed, " Well, that is true. So where are we?" They had landed in an empty wasteland. The sky had a pinkish hue to it, the grand was all a light shade of dirt, and it looked like it could have stretched for miles, but in front of them was a Portal.

"Look, another portal all of the way over there," Ketsuo had said, " Let's go through, maybe it'll lead us somewhere cool."

"I'm guessing approximately a 200 meter walk." Yoshiro groaned. They slowly walked towards the next portal. The portal showed pieces of their future. Ketsuo saw an older version of himself, taller, and much more confident looking. The older Ketsuo looked to be hunting with a steel spear. Yoshiro had seen the older version of himself. The older Yoshiro wasn't wielding anything, but was shown sitting and meditating. Both of their futures showed promise, peace, and happiness, but the meditating was something Yoshiro was appalled by.

"Can you believe this nonsense? Me meditating? If this is the future me, then I must be boring as hell."

"It looks like we won't need to get scanned by the portal because we're already inside," Ketsuo tightly gripped a spear in his left hand and tossed another spear to Yoshiro, "We have no idea who will be behind this portal waiting for us. Be prepared." They nodded in agreement, and simultaneously jumped through the portal.

Where they landed was in a facility, with 30 armored, soldiers pointing their guns at them, yelling at them to put their hands in the air, drop their weapons, and get on their knees. This was not like the future they had seen from the portal at all.

"Get on your knees! Drop your weapons! Put your hands up!" Soldiers were barking orders at the boys.

"What the hell is going on here?" Ketsuo screamed in terror, "We didn't do anything wrong, we're completely innocent!"

"Silence you fools!" A voice boomed from behind the curtain of soldiers surrounding Ketsuo and Yoshiro.

The soldiers lowered their weapons and had made way for the Brigadier General.

"Allow me to introduce myself children. I am Lance Ackerman, Brigadier General of the United Alliance Military as well as the head of Resonator Team 1. What business have you in this time period? State your reasons if you have any!" The general glare at Ketsuo and Yoshiro with calculating eyes, but his voice sounded as if he had pitied them for accidentally travelling forward in time, "We haven't set out for soldiers from your time period."

"We were shipwrecked sir, and we found this portal on the island we were on. It was either this portal or death." Yoshiro shouted, "I have a question however. Why is there a portal like this in the first place?"

The general softened his gaze. He looked at the portal, then to the boys in disbelief. "You boys opened that portal? That is a Sector 7 portal, meaning that only the strongest, and most well experienced group of soldiers can open that portal. The United Alliance could always use more soldiers, and I can explain everything to you boys in a more private location, perhaps brunch tomorrow morning?"

Ketsuo snapped at the general, "As if we would join you to fight as some dog. We don't want any part of a military we know nothing about!"

"But you boys have nothing. I can see it in your eyes. You were hated since birth, and in turn, you've hated everyone else back. I was once like you, I was headed for a dark path where only pain and destruction awaited for me. But I enrolled in the military, and honestly, it changed me," the brigadier general gave a slight grin, "I'll fill you in on everything you've missed that's important from the past five or six years, then I will train you to be the most elite soldier that you could possibly be."

Ketsuo took a quick glance at Yoshiro, who was deciding what to do. Both had already agreed to leaving the past because they had nothing to leave. They nodded in agreement, there was no turning back.

Ketsuo stood up and put his hands in his pockets, "Alright Sir, you win." Yoshiro took a sigh and stood up as well, "We're in."

Explosions and fire lit up the night. Ketsuo and Yoshiro stormed the broken battlefield. Their ears rang with screams of their fellow soldiers, and were one of the two-hundred soldiers currently alive. Spear in hand, Ketsuo sliced at an enemy soldier's ankles, shoved him in front of another soldier, and pierced both of them with his medium sized, metallic spear. The crimson blood sprayed Ketsuo in an what seemed to be an endless spray. Meanwhile, Yoshiro is bashing a soldiers face in with his fists. From the light of the wildfire going on around them, Ketsuo saw the soldiers face turn into nothing but a blood pool. Ketsuo shouts and screams at Yoshiro to leave him and press on, but his voice was drowned out by the amount of soldiers screaming for their mothers, wives, and children. Yoshiro, looks up at Ketsuo, with black, lifeless eyes, lifeless, empty eyes glaring through Ketsuo's very soul. Ketsuo turned to run, but saw himself standing in front of himself, with black lifeless eyes.

Ketsuo woke up in a cold sweat. Sitting up in his comfortable bed, he stumbled to the bathroom to check the mirror. His eyes were the normal brown color that they always were. Taking in a sigh of relief and realizing it was just a dream, he ran his hand through the his his incredibly short buzzed hair.

"Yoshiro, wake up, we have to meet the General today," Ketsuo grabbed a pillow and hurled it at Yoshiro, "Get dressed, we need to be at the Classic American Diner in about 20 minutes."

It was a cool, rainy, April morning in New York City. The rain was nonstop and cold, and thunder erupted with loud booms and echoed throughout the city.

"I could hardly sleep last night," Yoshiro snuggled in his warm, dark purple rain jacket, "I can't stop thinking about what that Ackerman guy was saying about us being soldiers," Yoshiro eyes were barely visible through his long blond hair, "Is there a war going on or something?"

Ketsuo put his hands in the pockets of his emerald green sweatshirt and stared at his shoes, "I don't know. I had nightmares of us killing people. We killed so many people," Ketsuo looked at Yoshiro and muttered, "No matter what happens, even if there is a war and we are thrust into the front lines, we cannot lose our humanity."

The General met the two boys at the Classic American Diner. Ackerman was ordering just about everything on the menu and was chowing it down at an incredible speed. The boys ate just as fast, considering the fact that the only thing that they ate all their life was either fruit, catfish, or bread. After their expensive massacre of the kitchen, Lance had ordered three cups of coffee, and the conversation began.

"So, General, please explain to us why we are here in the first place." Ketsuo had first asked.

"We are currently in a third world war. Japan, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom allied themselves to form the United Alliance. The United States defends their part of the North America, Europe is currently scanned by the United Kingdom, and Japan watches over Asia. Russia, China, and Mexico have formed the Grand Pact to fight and defeat the United Alliance for natural resources and to be the planet's main authority. Mexico was was defeated not too long ago, however, currently, Russia and China are holding their own against the United Kingdom and Japan. The real explanation to why you're both here has to do with some history on the portals. The United Alliance was closing in on Moscow, and a victory in the capital of Russia would have forced the Chinese to surrender as well," Lance took a sip of his coffee and sighed, "But just before the UK could clean sweep the war, Russia and China had either found or created those portals in the Himalayan Mountains and a hidden base under Moscow. Resonators from the past came to the future and helped the Grand Pact drive us to a current stalemate."

"Resonator? What's that?" Yoshiro asked, "And how do you know that the base is under Moscow?"

"We found a hidden bunker when we thought we were doing our last raid before claiming victory, but they had resonators hidden underground in the hundreds. If a soldier has enough resonance, he or she has no need to worry about bullets. Their resonance will completely negate the bullet, and some have enough energy to incinerate the bullets themselves. A resonator is someone with an abnormal amount of energy surrounding them. The amount of resonance in one man's body is decided by the amount of potential that person has."

Ketsuo froze where he sat. He remembered the small passage written on the portal, Those with the potential, are allowed to enter a new world. Did that make him a resonator.

"The United Alliance is tired. We want to end this war once and for all, and Russia and China have no intent on signing a peace treaty." Ackerman yawned and stretched in his seat.

"One final question," Yoshiro pressed on, "Why are you offering to help us, and why are WE gonna be soldiers? The portals can be opened so you can recruit all of the super soldiers you want. Ackerman laughed, "I have been the head of 1st team of resonators so I can totally sense the amount of potential radiating off of you boys. The 2nd team is going to need a set of leaders to stay in check." Ackerman winked. The general stood up, his clean cut, grinning face suddenly turned into a frown. His slightly long hair,flipped back and his eyes looked cold and calculating like the day they first met, "Now get up boys, we have work to do."

"Urghhh!" Sweat coated Ketsuo's shirtless body as he was sprinting in personal training. Yoshiro was tagging right behind him, panting heavily, "We've been running for 3 hours!"

"Shut up Yoshiro if we get through this training, we can further understand who we really are inside," Ketsuo gasped for air after speaking. The two boys finished running and walked to where Lance was.

"Lance, we finished our cardiovascular exercise, what next?" The two boys had been under the tutelage of Brigadier General Lance Ackerman for the past three months. They have been doing nothing but running, "You need to have both mental and physical stamina if you are to become a resonator. Both of you haven't even tapped into a tenth of your potential." Lance had said one day after the boys ran.

"Good, now we can actually get to work. You two are clueless in the resonance field. Tell me, what feels most connected to you? What are you're personalities really like? What were you particularly good at in the past?" Lance, Ketsuo, and Yoshiro, walked into his house. Lance lived in a nice little farm house. He paid people to take care of the crops because of his military service, and he has flats all over the country and in Japan and the UK, but he prefers his farmhouse. Ketsuo and Yoshiro sat down while Lance had prepared homemade energy drinks for them, "Ketsuo, you will start off by telling me what you think of Yoshiro." Lance grabbed a pen, and a notebook.

"Um, well, Yoshiro had been my only friend for as long as I can remember. We lived in the same orphanage, and since everyone hated us, we only had each other." Ketsuo glanced at Yoshiro, then back at Lance, "Yoshiro is very strong willed, loud-mouthed, and arrogant. However he uses those traits to mask how incredibly clever he is. He can assess something much quicker then I could, and he makes the logical decisions most of the time. I was the one who pushed him to go through the portal with me. He never used any weapon of any sort except his hands. When we were growing up, absolutely nobody could tame him but myself. He rebelled and despised the people that hated us while I had kept it bottled up."

"Interesting…" Lance was writing in his notebook, highly concentrated in what he was doing. He looked up, "Yoshiro, its your turn now."

Yoshiro gulped down the last of his energy drink, let go a sigh, glanced at Ketsuo and nodded, "Ketsuo was quiet growing up, but there was always this type of aura that he had that made me follow him wherever. I would probably be in the town jail if it weren't for him leading me another way. He knows how to push you to your limit and beyond. With time he went from being shy, to being dominant. Through his sheer talent as a marksman, and the power that he could put behind a spear, he earned a little sliver of respect from the townsfolk. He influenced me to join him in the portal after all."

"Hmm I see…" Lance jotted down the final piece of information into his notebook and set it aside, "As a special military operative, it was my duty to understand what resonance an early recruit may have based on personality and actions. Yoshiro, you have wind resonance. You do not use any weapon but your hands. Like Ketsuo said, you are hard to tame, kind of like wind. Wind is impossible to catch, but air is all around us. You are willing to stay behind your friends, like the wind blowing at their back, giving them a slight push into the right direction."

Yoshiro was so shocked by what he had just heard that he had a gaping mouth and derp eyes, "I guess you're right Lance. I've never used anything but my hands whenever I would get into fights as a kid."

"Ketsuo," Lanced cleared his throat, "You're expressions of dominance, leadership, influence, power, and willpower grant you lightning resonance. You strike with accurate, powerful blows to gain the respect of your peers and your enemies. The way Yoshiro had described you with how you gained respect of the townsfolk proves your power. Also the way you described yourself as bottling emotions shows you have lightning resonance. You said you were more than above proficient in the use of spears, but I am here to teach you the basics. You will learn how to be a master of hand to hand combat as well as your resonances. In time, you will learn to incorporate both."

"Question sir," Ketsuo asked with deep authority in his voice, "What resonance do you have?"

Lance pulled his bangs away from his face so that the boys could see his warm, yet so cold face. He had a golden smile, the smile of a man in his late twenties. He possessed a muscular face, and through his facial features alone showed that he was among the elite in the United Alliance. His eyes were lukewarm, like he had witnessed much loss and despair, but also that he had seen much happiness, and was like a rock: nothing would shake him, "The earth feels like the extension of my body. I am immovable and peaceful until I decide to attack. No matter how much pain I see, I will never give in. I specialize in terrain resonance."

The boys grinned at their instructor, and nodded in complete admiration and agreement, "So what are we gonna learn now?"

"You boys will learn how the basics of hand to hand combat, and then exertion of your resonance. Work hard and the fruits of your training will pay off beautifully!" Lance boomed as he walked out the house with the boys at his heels.

Ketsuo and Yoshiro stood as straight and tall as the pillars of the portal as they were skeptically examined by Lance.

"In a fight with resonance, the person with the best body structure wins. Your body must be that of a bamboo, although if you become an aggressive fighter, then leaning forward will help you." Lance paced back and forth, walked over to Ketsuo, and through a punch directly at his face. The fist flew to Ketsuo like a rocket, and Ketsuo had barely enough time to block it, but as he did blocked Lance's right hand, Lance's left hand punched him right in the gut. The pain was heavy, and made his whole body ache, "You're first lesson is to increase your reaction times, as well as counter attacking as soon as possible. Do not give your opponent a chance to attack. You two will pair up," Lance sat down in his chair, grabbed a juice box out of the cooler, drank it with a little kid face, and then boomed in a manly voice, "BEGIN!"

Everything went silent. Even the wind stopped blowing. They stared at each other, figuring out, when and where to attack. Yoshiro knew that he was obviously more experienced in the hand to hand combat category because he never so much as touches a weapon and Ketsuo knew that he was faster then Yoshiro and would be able to counterattack more fluently. Ketsuo, sprinted towards Yoshiro and threw his hardest punch at Yoshiro's face, Yoshiro jumped to the right, and tried to kick Ketsuo in the rib cage, which was temporarily open. Ketsuo grabbed Yoshiro's leg and threw him a few feet into the muddy ground. Yoshiro decided to take the offensive and lunged at Ketsuo. Yoshiro thrust a barrage of punches at Ketsuo, but Ketsuo was using his speed to dodge every blow without fleeting from his position. A low sweep kick went towards Ketsuo's legs, and as he jumped to dodge, Yoshiro pounced on Ketsuo and heaved his strongest punch. The blow landed, but as soon as he punched him, Ketsuo, grabbed Yoshiro by the neck, yanked him down, and headbutted him so hard that the both of them were knocked unconscious on impact.

"Very interesting. Very interesting indeed. They are equals in near every aspect except what Ketsuo did at the end was highly advanced in reaction time and quick thinking. Not a bad fight from either. Of course they will both need to bring up their reaction speed, as well as their fighting strength. Yoshiro has the potential to be truly outstanding, but Ketsuo…." Lance paused, staring in bewilderment, "I can't see his potential yet. His power is clouded. Will he even have a peak in the first place?"

Ketsuo had found himself in a similar nightmare, except they had already retreated. Ketsuo was walking down the hallway of an abandoned school that his squadron had taken shelter of. Lance and Yoshiro were no where to be seen. Most of the squadron were injured and crying. The air was so cold that even the fire felt like ice. Ketsuo huddled up into the trench coat covering his special resonator uniform. As he went to walk to the bathroom, all of the soldiers, injured or not, stood up and saluted him as he walked by. Even though Ketsuo had never met these people prior to his nightmare, he felt warm tears creeping down his cheeks as his mind was screaming for someone to explain to him what is going on, and to help him. He walked in to the bathroom, and it was so cold that there wasn't even a stench. He looked into the mirror, and dazed into his hazel brown eyes as he could hear voices telling him that he will always be alone, and he will always be hated. Ketsuo closed his eyes to try to block the voices out from his head, but when he opened his eyes, they white part of his eyes were black with a blue circle glowing in the middle. The next thing Ketsuo knew, he was being swallowed by an avalanche that ate the school…

Ketsuo awoke in an ice bath. His body was sore from moving around so much in his fight with Yoshiro. Across from Ketsuo, Yoshiro had just came to.

"Ketsuo, I think you won that fight." Yoshiro admitted defeat.

"No, you landed the first hit, therefore you won." Ketsuo insisted.

"How about you two just call it a tie?" Lance walked in, "You guys will have about an hour longer in this bath, and then its back to training. You two won't be fighting until your reaction speed is reduced and you two both find a way to neutralize the opponent as quickly as possible."

"Damn General give us a break! We know what we have to do so don't pester us!" Yoshiro shouted, getting frustrated quickly.

"I am giving you a break. You have one more hour," Lance smiled and then his eyes started to glow red in a comedic satanic glow. A purple aura flared around him, "Get up after an hour, and I will KILL you both." Lance quietly walked out of the room, and slammed the door shut.

All Yoshiro could do was just stare in terror and slowly wiggle his way into the ice water for protection against the Brigadier General.

"Hey Yoshiro, I've been having these really strange dreams lately. I don't understand them at all." Ketsuo explained the dream to Yoshiro, who in turn said, "I can't explain them either. Maybe all of the feelings of hatred you had bottled up from the past is coming full circle. Let go of everything we did and everything we were from the past, accept who you are."

Ketsuo stared down into the water that he was soaking in, clenching his fists and teeth, not from the cold of the bath, but from pure anger and frustration.

"I can never forget the past Yoshiro."

"The past is the past!" Yoshiro shouted at Ketsuo, "You shouldn't be held accountable for them hating you. It's not your fault!"

"But do you expect me to just forget what had happened to us for the past 16 years?" Ketsuo rose up, "Do you expect me to just forget how those assholes treating us? Publicly beating us in public, stealing our hard earned food, calling us worthless scum all the time?"

Yoshiro paused. He instantly remembered all of those memories that he left behind in the past, "But that past isn't apart of us anymore! The General cares about our well being more than anybody at home ever did. Wounds heal man."

Ketsuo turned his back to Yoshiro, and showed him the scars on his back. A thin line ran diagonally across his back, "You're right about how wounds heal. But scars don't heal Yoshiro. The past will always be apart of you. It's what makes you who you can try to change all you want, but it won't matter in the end."

Yoshiro grinned as Ketsuo walked away, "Good, the anger is releasing itself slowly" Yoshiro thought, "Releasing the energy trapped within the bottle, how genius am I?" At that moment, from outside he heard a boom, "Get out of the bath Yoshiro you're dead!"

Yoshiro for the first time felt an actual fear of death. Crying in fear, he jumped out of the tub of ice water and ran out the door. He left his towel for he knew that it would slow him down. He was running up the stairs when Lance, who was at the top, noticed Yoshiro had no underwear or towel on. They both paused and stared at each other in silence.

"WHAT THE FUUU-" Lance's scream was drowned out by Yoshiro slipping and falling down the stairs, covering his private parts.

After that ordeal, they went outside to train. They worked on footwork, played sports, and sparred some more to increase their reaction speed. Their reaction time had decreased by 60% which is an unheard of number even for prodigies. They had learned to sense another's resonance, no matter how low it might be. Sensing resonance helps with fighting a fast opponent, you just need to follow their resonance. The next week, Lance decided to teach them to actually resonate.

"Alright, today you will learn to focus your energy to resonate out from the palm of your hands. Ketsuo, you mentioned that you had a feeling like this when your ship got wrecked?"

Ketsuo nodded, "I felt this surge of energy rising inside of me. What I thought I did was instinct. I threw my spear a couple feet in the air to protect us from the lightning that was going to hit our ship."

"You will start first then," Lance gaped at Ketsuo, "I haven't fought in a while, so I might be rusty, at least produce me some amusement, and show me what you can do."

Lance launched himself at Ketsuo. Ketsuo aimed a kick straight at Lance's neck, but Lance dodged and put both hands on the floor. He used his earthly connection to form terrain spikes that were advancing towards Ketsuo. Ketsuo was dodging each one of them, and jumping backwards each time, but he kept his eyes on Lance. Ackerman formed his signature terrain gloves, which are gauntlets formed from the earth, and made into a substance as heard as steel from his resonance.

A small flashback into Lance's back story shows how he created the terrain gloves. It was similar to how he is training Ketsuo and Yoshiro to how he was trained by his master. Sensei Fujimoto, a Japanese resonance legend, trained Lance when he was 17. Fujimoto was a legend because of his ice spear. He was incredibly skilled as a spearman and the fact that he was only 26, granted him a lot of respect. Lance could never beat him, but he learned how to resonate from straight up combat. The gloves were made to directly combat the spear. and prevent frostbite from the ice coldness.

Ketsuo was dodging the gloves heavy, but quick swing. The blades at the end of the knuckles were dulled so that Ketsuo would not be killed, but it looked hard enough to easily break a few ribs.

Lance snarled at Ketsuo, "Come on Ketsuo, hit me! Fight me! This is your training! You won't get any better if you don't have experience! You said you were hated when you were in the past correct?! Does this mean that you wanted to run away? The past is the past! Don't just run away! Don't run away like you did to the past!"

Ketsuo felt the wave of energy overcome him like it did when their ship got wrecked and remembered the anger that was bottled up inside, and decided to let it out in one punch.

"Shut up!" Ketsuo's electric resonance wrapped around his right arm like and sent a chill down Yoshiro's back. He watched in awe as his friend charged in aggressively and fearlessly punched the right gauntlet straight up knuckle to knuckle. The resonance fled his arm and exploded on impact with the gauntlet. A shock wave from the impact surrounded them and like a bubble it popped. Yoshiro was flown back many feet as well as Ketsuo and Lance. Lance stood up, bruised but not harmed enough for anyone to win. Ketsuo charged up both arms, and advanced on Lance. Lance was dodging and weaving and then counterattacked Ketsuo by blocking his kick and punching him in the face, however Ketsuo surprised Lance by grabbing his arm and using it as leverage to do a flip kick in the same direction. Lance managed to duck under that one and throw Ketsuo, but Lance could see this boy surpassing him in the next few years.

"I guess I have to end this before you end up hurting yourself even more. Well done." Lance motioned at Ketsuo to come at him with all he had, and Ketsuo charged up his right arm only, and put in all of the resonance that he knew he had into that arm. He charged at Lance. Lance felt the hair on the back of his neck tingle with the amount of power that the kid had, and he isn't even really tapping into the vast ocean of potential that he has.

Lance clothes-lined Ketsuo to the ground as he was running towards Lance, and was knocked out on impact. "You still have much to learn. Your power runs on your anger, but what will happen when you run out of hatred? You need heavy meditation young one."

Yoshiro was flabbergasted. He just witnessed a resonance battle. He saw his best friend unlock his resonance, only to get knocked out by someone far stronger. What scared him the most was that he was NEXT.

Yoshiro paced back and forth, praying to God that he doesn't get his ass kicked, "You just knocked Ketsuo out! I doubt I'll be able to do anything!"

"Bravery. Fearlessness. Those are the traits to being a soldier, as well as a hero." Lance pointed his glove at Yoshiro, "There are some things in life where you will have to hit things head on regardless of whether or not you win or lose. Now…" Lance used the Earth to propel himself foward, terrain gloves on and all, and was in an instant in front of Yoshiro, "Let's see what you're capable of!"

Lance launched a barrage of punches at Yoshiro, who was able to block each hit. From watching Ketsuo's fight with Lance, Yoshiro knew that he would have to be able to hit Lance on the side of the wrists in order to minimize damage while blocking. Yoshiro, knew he had wind resonance, but he did not know how to activate it. Yoshiro thought back to all the times he was stubborn, and remembered every success and loss that him and Ketsuo had as boys. He thought of how his pride stood up for them growing up as orphans. He performed his first counterattack on Lance. Yoshiro grabbed Lance's wrist, and palmed his chest. Once the palm of his hand had made contact with Lance's chest, a gust of wind exploded and thrust Lance several meters.

"I did it!" I awakened the power like Ketsuo!" Yoshiro then proceeded to do a victory dance until his mentor arose.

"Impressive. Very good indeed Yoshiro. Now use your resonance with your hand to hand combat knowledge." Yoshiro nodded and started to cautiously send slices of air at Lance through quick kicks and bursts of punches. Yoshiro was going much slower then his normal attack speed because of his inexperience in resonance. Lance grinned and was effortlessly dodging the the attacks. "I've trained you well in hand to hand combat, but you still lack in speed!" Lance sped up his movement to the point where Yoshiro was seconds slower than his master. "You're going to have to be a lot faster if you are going to fight in the United Alliance Resonator Team!" Yoshiro was knocked to his feet, "Yoshiro, you still show fear. You are afraid to use your abilities to your full potential. Don't worry about anyone else! Go all out!"

"I'm not afraid!" Yoshiro shot a blast of wind at Lance, causing him to side roll away from the blast. Yoshiro jumped up, "My pride is strong enough to overcome my fear!" He imagined himself as the wind itself, able to move freely wherever it wanted, "I have no need to be afraid in a world that is not as hard as the one i was raised in!" Yoshiro sprinted at Lance, grinning, "I have no fear!" his speed increased as the wind pushed him forward and he used all his resonance to aim right at Lance's stomach. Lance caught the punch, but the air was so strong that it shattered the palm part of the glove. Lance lifted his knee and brought it up against Yoshiro's chin. yoshiro flipped back and was knocked out, as limp as a rag doll. The remaining gauntlet slipped off of Lance's muscular arms. He walked over to his chair, sat down, and grabbed a drink from his cooler, a juice box.

"Both of you boys have more than enough potential and resonance to surpass me." he glanced over at the unconscious boys, "When you wake up tomorrow morning, the training will only intensify now that you have completely unlocked your resonance. You will need to learn how to control your power completely." After his drink, Lance took out his cell phone and dialed a number, "UART Code 1022. Please phone me in with the Vice Admiral."

The battlefield was vacant, no bodies remained, but the weapons used were still stuck in the still exuded from each blade in the ground to make a shadowy ruby color. Ketsuo had looked down, a sword was in his hand. Confusion coiled around him like the lightning that shot through his arm when he trained against his master. Where were his spears? He couldn't fight to his full potential without them. The sword felt very different. It was a far reaching blade. Ketsuo eyed the sword with amplifying curiosity. The handle was comfortable, and easy to grip, and the blade, looking sharp enough to make air bleed, was a fresh, sparkling steel. He was able to see his reflection off the blade, and saw those black eyes with the blue electrifying pupils. The sword was released by his hand in shock. Ketsuo looked around, scanning the area for SOMEONE that he knew. He saw terrain gauntlets laying in the soil. The sun was beating a scolding heat on Ketsuo as he looked everywhere for anyone.

But then the sun was gone.

Ketsuo gazed up as the sun took refuge behind the clouds. The air grew cold and stale, then Ketsuo felt it.

He saw the light swamp around him, bright orange flames began to flicker. Ketsuo felt a heat hotter then that of the sun. He turned around, only to see an explosion of orange flame overcome him completely….

Ketsuo freed his eyes from the nightmare that he had just witnessed. Yoshiro was passed out drooling on the window seat, as Ketsuo was sitting in an aisle seat. Ever since I started training, these nightmares come back to me. Why? Thought Ketsuo as he he rubbed his temples in stress, And they've been getting worse and worse ever since I had opened my powers.

"Hello, this is your captain speaking," Ketsuo woke Yoshiro as they listened to the captain, "We are now entering Tokyo. We hope you enjoyed your flight, and we hope to see you again."

Both boys trembled in fear as this was their first plane ride. They fainted as they flew up, and when the plane landed, they screamed all the way.

"Whew! Thank god that horror was over! Twenty something hours on one of those things was too long." Yoshiro stretched after they got their bags.

Its been a month since they both unlocked their powers. They did not need to use emotion to activate their powers. Ketsuo and Yoshiro you could use their power at will. Lance told them that the Vice Admiral will oversee them as they train with his old master. "Lance said that after we do advanced training with his master, we will be instantly assigned to a resonator team by the Vice Admiral himself," Ketsuo envisioned, "And then we will be the best there is, and we will be known throughout the ages as heroes!"

They walked out of the airport where they saw a large man holding a sign that said Yoshiro and Ketsuo.

"Hello, we are Ketsuo and Yoshiro." Ketsuo said to the man.

This man towered over them for he was well over 6 feet tall. The definition of his muscles stood out from the long black button down shirt he was wearing. His short black hair was gelled flawlessly. Both boys knew that this man was the Vice Admiral instantly. "Indeed you are. Brigadier General Ackerman mentioned what you two looked like," the Vice Admiral broke out into a grin and held out his hand, "I'm Vice Admiral Ryuu Asahiro. Welcome to my home country, and soon, welcome to the military."

Ketsuo grabbed his hand to shake it, and Ryuu felt the hidden power almost instantly. Wow, Ryuu thought, Who would've thought that a 17 year old boy would have this much power.

"We lived on an island close to Midway." Ketsuo said lightheartedly.

Yoshiro stepped forward, and although there wasn't a breeze, Ryuu felt a chill down his spine, This one as well?!

When they got into the car, a fancy Cadillac, Ryuu spoke the plan, "You two will be set to a team very much like yourself. We have military personnel training the other people that will be on your team. You are to meet with Lance's old master for a little bit. He will help you forge a weapon of your choosing, and proceed to train you on how to integrate resonance into the weapon."

"We don't need to make weapons," Ketsuo responded, "I just have to sharpen up 22 spears and I'm fine. Yoshiro doesn't use weapons."

"Let the professional truly be the judge of that." Ryuu said rigidly

They arrived to the small house. The house was of traditional Japanese make.

Master Fujimoto was meditating on his porch, "I knew you would come." He said acting all philosophically.

"Master, we told you that he was coming." Ryuu's soldiers slumped.

"That's how I knew." Fujimoto stood up, a slender man, no taller then the boys. It's been a while since I had last trained somebody, Fujimoto thought. Perhaps they will be the crown jewel of everyone I've tutored.

"We will start right away," Fujimoto led them to the backyard, where he had his blacksmith area. "A little medieval yes, but bullets do not affect us resonators. Have you two ever used a weapon? I use a spear," Fujimoto withdrew the spear from the strap on his back, and showed a titanium long spear. In just a second it turned into all ice.

"I use a spear as well!" Ketsuo shouted gleefully, "But I can only use 22." Ketsuo picked up a handful of steel spears, and a strap. "I am best with twenty two spears."

"You can only create one weapon. Not twenty two."

"Sir, I am going to have to disagree with you there. I am near flawless with spears of this amount and quality." Ketsuo responded. He wanted to learn how to resonate perfectly with his spears. He wanted no other weapon. However he kept on thinking about the sword from his dream.

"Fine, boy," Fujimoto sighed and then grinned, "Allow me to prove you wrong."

"Sensei, the last thing I want to do is attack you," Ketsuo frantically stated, "I was just stating a fact: I am a master spear wielder."

"Boy, have you used spears in the past?" Fujimoto asked as he grabbed his long, white glossed spear from a nearby shelf and started swinging it around.

"It is. I realized that I can never forget the past, so I will never use another weapon, to remember who I was before. Yoshiro and I were born with nothing. We were hated on the island, both in the orphanage and out. This is all of I have at not forgetting the amount of abuse that we took. Scars don't he—"

Master Fujimoto exploded in speed at Ketsuo, with Ketsuo only having a slight moment to react. Ketsuo grabbed one of the 22 spears out from his hip pouch and and managed to parry the swing just in time. Sparks illuminated the air around them as Ketsuo was pushed to the defensive. Fujimoto used his Ice Resonance to transform his spear in mid swing. Ketsuo went to parry, and his spear shattered. Shocked, Ketsuo grabbed another spear from the pouch and parried against the ice spear, only to have it shatter again. He back-flipped and grabbed another spear, "Damn, how much was that? 2 already? He's going to take all of my spears out, but I don't have a choice. I can't resonate with a weapon yet." Ketsuo gritted his teeth. Trying to get a little more of an offensive edge, Ketsuo surged to Fujimoto. He sliced his spear at Fujimoto, only for Fujimoto to smash it with his spear. Ketsuo grabbed four spears, and while circling around Fujimoto, began to heave his spears at Fujimoto. The master easily crushed all of them with a single 360 degree twirl.

"Damn!" Yoshiro exclaimed, "So this is what resonance weaponry is?! Vice Admiral Ryuu, Ketsuo doesn't stand a chance against Master Fujimoto at all."

"Well of course," Ryuu gave out a small chuckle,"Fujimoto was among the first of the resonators to come to the past. In the past he was a weapons specialist who had lost his family in a war that he was fighting. After that he said he traveled the world in search of enlightenment. And that's how he found the portal. He trained the Brigadier General how to fight,and you know how strong Lance Ackerman is."

Ketsuo was back on the defensive and was dodging instead of parrying. Damn, I only have two spears left… Ketsuo thought. At that very moment, Fujimoto lifted the tip of his ice spear, and it flashed a pure white light so bright that it blinded Ketsuo. All Ketsuo could do was fiddle the spears into his hands and use his last two to block the oncoming attack. If it wasn't for Ketsuo sensing the incredible resonance of his new master in front of him, he would've been sliced apart. The force of the blow was strong enough to not just disintegrate the last of his spears, but to smack him down into the ground.

"As someone who came from the past, I understand what you are feeling. I was once a man who used many weapons, but I had to leave my old ways of living. You are right in that scars don't heal, but they can fade you know," Fujimoto helped Ketsuo up, "You could not resonate with spears because they are the last of what is holding you back. They are your reminder. It is time for you to leave the past behind. If what you said was true, then there is nothing for you there, and that is not bad. Remind yourself of the past by living a good life in the future."

Ketsuo shut his eyes, thinking of everything that had happened from the moment he fearlessly stepped into that portal until now. How was I so willing to give up everything, and no I'm not. Good things are happening to me now, I might as well take advantage of it.

"Master, I think I'm ready to create my weapon of choice." Ketsuo spoke up as Fujimoto was walking away.

"What would that be?"

Ketsuo remembered that dream he had. A broadsword that was the cleanest steel he had ever witnessed. He remembered those eyes of his that made a chill run down his spine like a waterfall. A sword with the number 22 embedded in the hilt, crying his name through his dreams, into the his head. He felt re-energized just thinking about it. Fujimoto stared at him, studying Ketsuo's expressions.

"I want to make a broadsword. And I want to put the number 22 on the hilt."

To be continued...