Orphans Will Chapter 11

Crack! Snap!

Electricity fired out from Ketsuo's fingertips like a beam and detonated like a web. Hmmm, Ketsuo thought, A technique that makes a beam, and another that makes a static web, interesting.

Ketsuo brought his palm back and after taking deep breaths, shot his palm upward. Focusing all of his concentration and making a beam like an extension of himself, he was able to control the beam and not have it dissipate to a web. The electric beam flew into the atmosphere and faded away when he dropped his concentration.

"Ryuu-san, did you see that?" Ketsuo shouted in immense pleasure. Ryuu who had been watching the whole thing grinned, "Very good. Soon I will be throwing targets at you to hit, but for now, just keep on shooting and concentrating your resonance. Only until Yoshiro is finished building his armor with Fujimoto."

Ketsuo slumped his shoulders and looked at Yoshiro angrily, "Hey hurry up over there!" Ketsuo then walked off and continued his training by shooting off electrical beams for a few more hours.

"He's finished!" Fujimoto called out, "With this armor, Yoshiro should be one of the best wind resonators around!"

Yoshiro stepped out of the armor closet.

Yoshiro looked much taller. His boots had a ruby red primary color with a gray secondary line going down the boots. He wore dark red sleeves that had slivers of titanium on them. the sleeves ran down his arm all the way to the edge of his knuckles to form titanium gauntlets. His front and back were protected by a tight sleeveless titanium mail that looked too much like regular clothing. Yoshiro's hair blew as with activation of his resonance, the gray and red glowed for a brief second, and Yoshiro was moving at incredible speeds. Speeds so fast that he couldn't control it and almost hit a tree.

"Granted you still need work, but you're speed problem is now fully accommodated. Ketsuo," Fujimoto flipped his ice white hair back and pointed at Ketsuo, "You're up."

Ketsuo walked to his master and asked, "Master, may i grab 22 of your thinnest titanium spears?"

Fujimoto rose his brow, "I thought you were going to give it up. You cannot resonate with the weapon that is holding you back."

"I want to put 22 titanium spears into the making of the sword so that I can never forget my beginnings, and I can leave them behind at the same time."

"Clever. Go ahead," Fujimoto sighed, "Restore your energy, grab the spears, and come back. It is impossible for me to engrave the 22 on the titanium, but I can go so far as to make the hilt and melt the spears for you. You will put the spears in and power me to smith the sword with your resonance."

Ketsuo grabbed the spears from the weapons box, looking at the shiny, sturdy, featherweight spears with a frown, "This is the last time I will ever use you like this," His frown began to turn to a smile, "But it will mark the beginning of new uses with you." He remembered the future he saw going to the portal, when he saw himself hunting with a spear, The future is ever changing isn't it? He questioned himself.

"Ketsuo, are you ready?" Fujimoto had the hilt still heated, "Put the spears into the slot right over there!" Ketsuo dropped the 22 spears into the melting pot. The titanium on the spears slowly began to melt until it was a thick, creamy looking substance. Fujimoto poured the liquid titanium into the frame of the broadsword, and both watched and waited for the titanium to slide down the frame and kiss the head of the hilt.


Ketsuo knew his goal. Embed his resonance into the hot titanium before it cools.


Ketsuo put his hand over the hot of the metal and forced his hand over the liquid and shot out a seemingly endless barrage of Lightning Beams. The metal started to glow a faint blow as he was constantly shocking it.

I have to get stronger! Ketsuo thought, I need to prove to people that someone like me, with nothing, can go as far as I want to! I am going to find my peak… And surpass it! Ketsuo looked into his reflection in the metal and saw his pupils spark blue as the rest of his eyes went black.

He did not look away.

Ketsuo shot the last of the resonance that he could muster through the metal, having lightning overcome the titanium and light up the night sky. When they finished, Ketsuo was panting heavily, on his knees.

"Bravo, boy!" Ryuu-san laughed and patted Ketsuo on the back.

"Great job bro. I knew you could do it!" Yoshiro grinned a deep smile.

Ketsuo laughed as well through the panting, looked up at his master, and asked, "How did I do?"

"Incredibly well. You're sword…" Fujimoto took the sword out of the frame, and exposed it to everyone.

A broadsword, with a more purified look than anything Fujimoto has ever seen. The blade sparked every once in a while, causing Ketsuo's master to proceed with caution. Fujimoto noticed something that surprised him however. The hilt was crafted to near perfection, and had something engraved on it.

"You're sword… It has the number 22 on the hilt…"

To be Continued…