The voice of Reason isn't something

we always like

to hear.


we spend most of our time denying it,

shutting it out

and nailing the dog door for good measure

but it's THERE.

Waiting just outside.

And sometimes I wonder:

Can you hear me?

Because I hear you and what I hear


It hurts like a train going past your window at three in the morning;

It's painful,

the way being left behind is like a cookie-cutter punched through the soul;

and I hear all of this.

Maybe not all, but enough

and aren't you tired?


am tired.

So while you may not want to hear me I'll stay.

I'll sit on the stoop by the back door and wait,

wait for you

because what good is the voice of Reason is there's no one

to reason with?

Let me be frank.

We need each other in a way neither of us though possible,

to break

and to heal

and to grow.

I will break you and scar you and leave you in your own filthy mess

but I won't go far.

You will curse me and stone me and call me a g*ddam liar

but we know the truth.

We hurt alone but we are alone together

and that

sounds like a promise.

We've heard our fair share of promises,

haven't we?

Many of them never came to fruition when we needed them most and Reason

told us it was a foolish dream from the start.

But let's dream anyway.

Let's listen to Reason and take it at its word because reason is more than just rational

Reason is purpose.


So maybe we unbolt the door this one time.


we listen.